Speculative Curse – Part 13 (Last)

Speculative Curse

Part 13


“Papa, here is your file.” Geet said handing over the file.


“Geet, I asked for the red one. Not this one, don’t worry I will get it myself.” Ravindar said and got up to get his file.


“But I thought you would want to look into this one.” Geet said knowing very well her papa will not accept.


“If I had not reviewed it before then I would have glanced it Geet.” Ravindar said determined.


“Then you know what this is?” Geet asked coldly.


“Yes I know.” Ravindar accepted.


“Why Papa, you know everything still you did this to your own daughter. How can you just get me married with anyone? Haven’t we discussed this issue before too at that time you just agreed to do these things behind my back?” Geet questioned.


“I had clearly told you that time Geet. I will only agree for now not for ever.” Ravindar stated.


“You could have at least told me before doing all this scheming.” Geet said at least she would have escaped it from this trap.


“I asked you Geet the other day we have another family asking for your hand. And you mercilessly said no, so we planned it all without you knowing anything.” Ravindar told her reminding the other day how he had asked her.


“But you said you want me in the registrar office for property registration.” Geet questioned more as the helplessness feeling was building inside her.

“I never mentioned it Geet. You just seemed to presume that it was a property registration.” Ravindar reminded her about her presumption.


Geet felt like bursting into tears hearing her Papa went against her wishes. How could they only think of her daughter momentary happiness? But she needed to know everything before accusing anyone. How she wished she could go back in time and change things. Her blind trust on her parents has landed her in a deep trouble. Why did she have to sign those papers? Her one mistake has pushed Maan into danger. The thought of Maan made her frenetic, she ran to get her mobile; she had to know if he was fine.


She dialled his number but then it was unanswered making her fume more against her parent’s deed and at the same time she was scared out of her wits. She shivered with the mere fear that now that she is married could bring harm to Maan; no… no…. nothing should happen to him. She repeatedly said to herself that he is safe but then her heart wasn’t at peace. A tremor passed through her as her calls were unattended.


Silent spectators to the whole change of Geet emotions were her parents, who were amazed to see this side of her. Disappointment on break of trust by her parents to a living nightmare to assure her self that he is safe and sound. Unable to look at those tears and trembling figure Keertana tried to calm her “Geet… Geet… How could you think evil about him? He is your husband.”


“Maa… Don’t call him like that or else his life will be in danger.” Geet said still freaking out but not leaving her attempts to reach him.


“Geet… Why are you thinking all negative? Why are you so much worried about him? He will be just fine.” Keertana tried to assure her.


“How can I not worry? He doesn’t think about himself but I have to because I love him Maa I love him. How can I put him under threat? Why did you do this Papa? Why?” Geet was getting uncontrollable by her parents.


Just when Geet thought she would take up some serious action her world got back its harmony. The serenity was filled in her heart when she heard him “Geet…” She turned to look back at him to ensure he was fine and no harm was touching him.


Maan couldn’t be in peace knowing her parents had decided to disclose the news of their marriage in first thing in the morning to her and they didn’t want him at that time. Geet may not want to speak with him in front of her. And her reaction to that was what he had been dreading. Without bothering about anything he just made his way back to Geet’s house. But as he entered he was blessed with hear her confession that she loves him, somewhere he knew her madness which was also a reason why still he was unable to get those words out from her mouth.


Hearing him Geet ran to ensure his well-being. “Maan… Why didn’t you pick my call?”


“I was driving Geet; I didn’t hear my mobile ring.” Maan said calming her.


Once Maan was in front of her, she realised why she had to face this nightmare. “Maan, you knew everything then why did you take this devastating step.” Geet yelled on him.


“I know what I have done Geet. It is my wish to marry you and have you as my life partner. You are one who could be in my every up & downs of my life. You are one who could mould yourself to me without any hitch. You are the one with whom I can spend entire life and still I wouldn’t feel I had enough of it. You are the one whose smile would make me energetic.” Maan went on explaining Geet what position she holds in his life but she was not in the condition to listen to them.


“How can you be so selfish? You only thought about your happiness. Do you have any idea how I would live with you. Every second I would live with a fear, fear of losing you. This marriage could have made you mine but I reality I am married to the fear of losing you. Fear of feeling that any harm towards you is because of me. It doesn’t matter whether anyone would accuse me or not but I would know it that the main person responsible is me. And me only.” Geet wailed reasoning out her reservations.


“Geet, listen to me…” Maan pulled her to make her look into his eyes. “I love you… I … Love… You… And it doesn’t matter to me if I live for a day or for ever but I want only to be yours and only yours. Further about you being curse to me would have harmed me long back as I had accepted you as mine long back. These signing off of the papers are only a formality. You can’t just disgrace our love Geet. Fine let’s accept your terms of understanding the future, according to you as you are my wife I will not live long right and being my wife it becomes your duty too to fulfil my every wish.  Then fulfil my last wish till my last breath never ever make me feel I am at my death-bed.” Maan nailed finally at her vulnerable point.


“Maan…” was all she could utter as her hand still rested on his lips when he had uttered those worst words for any wife. How could she fight when Maan says anything like this but laying down her arms accepting to his wishes.


“Geet… We are waiting for your answer. Will you marry me with all the rituals? Will you give the happiness of being a bride to your parents? Will you accept me as your husband from your heart without any absurd customaries?” Maan probed Geet to voice out what was in her heart. “My life would be ecstatic with you only if you are part of it and without you I will have to live a cursed life. Would you want me to me to live a cursed one.”


“No… I would never want that for you. Any pain any curse it has to be for me only mine. This is my promise no matter what happens I wouldn’t let any harm near you. I would be your shield to all your problems.” added Geet with difficulty as tears clouded her vision barring her to see the happiness of her the acceptance.


With her acceptance everyone was happy and Maan wanted to just kiss her but then he was aware of his surroundings both her parents were keenly watching them so he controlled his urges with just pulling her into his embrace.


Without any delay Keertana dashed into kitchen to get sweets while Ravindar took his mobile to share this happiness with Maan’s parents. Unknowingly it give the privacy to the newly wed couples as Maan sealed the deal till eternity with his kiss on those rosy lips which had accepted him just few seconds before.





Speculative Curse – Part 12

Speculative Curse

Part 12


Today had been really wonderful for Geet was that because of gifts or was for the special attention by Maan or moments with him or was that because of the awareness of the love story of Anu. Everything seems to be quite pleasant but still there was some kind of trouble alert which Geet was sensing. She would have thought more but then Maan came and all those alerting sense took a nap and she expected him to come up with yet another thing to trouble her but to her surprise he was quite and happy self as he usually will be.


A little disappointment she felt as her expectations were not met, seeing him quite she just chided herself to anticipate more from him. And why should he anyways give her at first place why did she expect it. She was here to just capture moments from far not to force herself into him. Her all complains vanished as Maan started took out food that was Geet’s favourite and he shared it with her too. So that it self was enough for her to be happy and decided not to get affected with these things as in future there could be more than this.


Even for dinner only these two were there as Anu had left early that day. But when these two were together they never needed anyone else too. Maan called Geet to the couch to discuss some of the latest journals that was the usual way they used to spend the night. That’s how they always started and ended up with speaking all kinds of topic and when the night would turn into a day they would have not even known.


But today it was different they chatted, they teased, they fought but before even knowing Geet droopy eyes won and she just slept resting her head on the couch but that wasn’t comfortable and slowly she started to search that comfort spot and at last she did found that his shoulder. What more can he ask for his love was next to him and with full trust she had slept on him. First she just rested her head on him then slowly her hands to made way to support herself from not falling. He just held her and just cherishes that feel of her thinking “Who knows what brings the first light of next morning? Will she accept their doings or just walks out of him?”


Maan was never in the favour of getting into trouble with her but when elders planned everything he couldn’t have said nor done anything. They had given him some days to make her change the decision but Geet didn’t budge. A week ago Geet’s Papa had come to visit him to tell his final decision but Maan had convinced to give the effort a little more time. For which Ravindar had said “Maan, next week I would ask if she wants to marry and if the answer is No. I won’t hear a word from you or Geet. You both will have to do what we elders have planned.”



“But uncle it’s your daughters life, how can you just plan a collusion against her.” Maan said.


“Maan, if she is stubborn then we, her parents are nothing less. If she could take decision for her self for not marrying without even consulting us for our happiness then we can also think of her happiness and take decision for her. When you came with your parents the other day asking her hand even after what she had done to you that time itself I planned to give her hand to you. But knowing Geet I have to plan this with your parents.” Ravindar had given his decision on that day. Remembering Geet’s Papa’s words Maan just slipped into a deep slumber still somewhere worried about morning sun.




With the crisping bird sound coming from her mobile Geet woke up feeling a little ache on her neck as she looked around to have found herself on Maan. How could she have just slept on him? Usually they used to be so busy with chatting that sleep never knocked anyone but what was it that yesterday they slept and that to her on him. She thanked the heavens above for making him a sleepy head and her act could be hidden from him. It would have been so embarrassing for both.  Offcourse she knew his efforts to make her agree for being his better half but she can be only bring bitter not better things.


She moved out collecting her bag as she had to go her home to freshen up. And as if missing her aroma he got up only to find himself alone in Geet’s cabin. “Oh… where did she run away?” Maan thought as he grabbed his coat and reached his bike. Her house is near and must be on the way as that was her regular time to leave after night duty.


Geet had just stepped out and was walked a few steps when a bike stopped next to him. She was already embarrassed to have seen her self on the morning and if he does these things how was she to keep her little heart under control. Before she could say or do anything she heard him say “Hop on, I will drop you home.”


“It’s just next lane, you don’t have to take the trouble I will walk.” Geet said.


“Geet, don’t start morning itself. Hop on.” Maan said and looking at his worried face she didn’t want to argue more and just followed his words.


Next moment she was in front of her home and she got down slowly and was walking away without looking at him when she felt him hold her wrist and handing another gift pack in her hand. Before she could gauge that he had left her to ponder about it.


Now she was all the while smiling as she sat on the swing to check the pack and she found a pair of sparkling anklets in them. Without any hesitation she tried that too now as there was no one to look at her.


She entered her home all bright and breezy to find her papa busy with the newspaper as she wished him “Good morning Papa.”


“Good morning Geet, how was your night duty?” He enquired.


There was a little pause she answered “Wonderful Papa. I will move to get ready”


“Geet, can you get the red file from my study.” Ravindar asked.


“Sure Papa.” Geet said and went to look for the red file in the study but as she took that there was something else which caught her attention. Her photo was inside another file which was below this red file.


Curiosity took over her and she opened the file to read the words “Certificate of Registration of Marriage”. Furthermore to that she couldn’t read a word her eyes was struck to only one thing photo’s printed on them. It was a picture of Maan and Geet’s taken together.


She didn’t have to read a word but understood the rest. Who all could be a part to the conspiracy against her? Only tears made their way out while she took the file in her hand to get her answers from the person who was the in charge to whole plot.


Speculative Curse – Part 11

Speculative Curse

Part 11


First light of sunlight had started to emerge when Dr. Maan dropped Dr. Geet at her residency after their night duty. It was less than 24 hours and Geet had already finished her second ride on his bike and from 1st ride to second one thing didn’t leave her; that was the bright smile which was plastered on her face. Geet lazily walked till the swing feeling the morning breeze remembering her last day how Maan had made it very special for her.


It was at the time of lunch when Maan had broken into Geet’s cabin with his lunch bag and Anu had run away saying her date was waiting for her. This was not the first time they were having lunch together but certainly after a long gap as after Anu joined they never had got this chance. Geet did notice Maan being extra happy & smiling today so she thought to enquire it.


“Maan, what is that which has made you extra happy today? You don’t seem to stop that smile.” Geet questioned.


“You want to me to tell you the truth or …” Maan raised his doubt and leaving that in mid.


“Maan, if you want to share it tell me or else you don’t have to lie to me.” Geet said bit disappointed at his withdrawal as they were now in terms of sharing many secrets.


“Okay I think I can share it with you, actually you are looking breath-taking beautiful today in salwar. Why don’t you wear them regularly? Not that you look less ravishing in Sari’s but still you look more lively and young in this.” Maan said with his dazzling smile.


“Not again Maan, I am fine this way; I didn’t get time or else today too I would have been in the same attire. I am here to treat not to worry about my looks” Geet replied rolling her eyes as he had yet again brought this topic but this time she replied as earlier her mother was just next to him. What would her mother think when someone comments on her daughter’s attire.


“All right I will not talk that now but undoubtedly afterwards but now I wanted to give you this.” He took out a pair of ear drops shining in the bright light. “The moment I saw them; they cribbed to me saying they wished to adore your empty ears. So I got it for you.” He placed it in front of her.


“Maan, I can’t take this.” She outrightedly rejected it.


“Geet, see it is matching your dress too. And look at these how sad they are feeling being rejected.” Maan made a face showing how gloomy the earrings became.


Having enough of drama Geet accepted that ear drops and pushed it inside her bag when Maan again started “Geet, wear them please.” Now she didn’t know why but saying no to him was becoming difficult for her. Thinking he would stop his pestering she wore them but whom was she judging. The moment he was done he complimented her but again complained that these ear drops are being missed by a pendant attached in the mid of a chain. He took that out a matching pendant and placed it before her cutely asking her to wear them and keep the heart of the small ear drops.


After a long time after debating with him she finally took that delicate chain in her hand and securely fastened around her slender white neck. This time Geet started before Maan started any of his further emotional blackmail “Maan, my appointments are waiting.” Off course even Maan’s were also waiting so he reluctantly left her again to meet her at coffee break.


Once Maan left she thought to take them out but her hands were just not in a position to part with those. And then Anu was also back and even she complimented them as she was for the first time witnessing Geet with any jewels.


“But Dr. Geet still there is one thing which is missing, you know what?” Anu asked for which Geet cutely replied a no.


“A bindi on your forehead, wait I have it then you would look perfect.” Anu said and immediately ran to get one from her bag. Even before Geet could say something Anu had placed it in middle of her eyebrows.


 If Anu was less Maan was back with his coffee break to trouble her more as he had got yet another thing for her and that was a set of bangles that too were matching with her set. Geet was now getting suspicious about how he got all for which Maan easily told the truth “Geet, yes they are all came in pack. I am just giving in instalments.”


“Maan, what is it? Why are you giving me all these? I can’t take these?” Geet finally said what’s running in her mind.


“Geet, I am just too happy today so just giving gifts to all whom I adore. You know I got things for even Anu.” Maan said making Anu to jump in happiness but was short-lived as he continued. “But then thought Avi is there for gifting Anu. So I left them at the shop itself.”


“What??? You didn’t get me gifts. Avi will get me a gift that’s different but you are also supposed to gift me.” Anu said pouting cutely.


“Who is Avi?” Geet questioned.


“Avi aka Avinash… Anu’s love interest and my best friend in school.” Maan said as Anu turned bit red remember Avi.


“You both knew each other before it self.” Geet enquired.


“Unfortunately Yes.” Maan said making a sad face for which Anu came back with files to beat him and Maan continued “I pity Avi… he will have to bear this beast.” That was it Maan had to face the wrath of Anu for teasing her. After the initial shocks Geet recovered and supported Anu “Maan that is the limit, our Anu is too innocent and cute. You can’t call her as beast but a beautiful doll.”


“Okay if you ladies team up. What can poor boys do? Meet you lady again at the dinner.” Maan said as he bid bye and walked out.


Speculative Curse – Part 10

Speculative Curse

Part 10


The plan was set but when Geet was about to enter the offices she got a call from Anu and she couldn’t have ignored that call so she picked it immediately.


“Yes Anu… any problem.” Geet asked hearing a tensed voice at the other end.


“A very big problem Dr. Geet, I have just postponed the issue but we need you here in another 30 mins or else a volcano would erupt here.” Dr. Anu said little scared


“Why Anu… what happened.” Geet asked little worried.


“Oh … that Mrs. Mehra is here and she wants to see you and is not letting anyone else to treat her. But some how I convinced her to get a scan by which Dr. Geet would be back from her emergency.” Anu explained the situation.


“Okay, I will leave right away.” Geet said as she kept her mobile only to witness her parent’s worried faces.


“Papa, Maa I will have to leave now. There is an emergency that patient is quite cranky and she has turned up all suddenly.” Geet said apologetically.


“Geet, just a few signatures which would take just 5 minutes by which even Dr. Maan would also come then you both can leave.” Ravindar suggested.


“Okay Papa… but please hurry up. I need to rush out.” Geet told.


Just then a boy came with papers which had to be signed and Geet did that promptly and they were sent to expedite the procedure and while they waited; Maan was also back.

 “Geet, you are hungry come there is a canteen on top floor we can have it there.” Maan said as he saw her literally chewing her nails.


“Maan, I am in no mood for your jokes here. I want to reach the hospital before that Mrs. Mehra comes back. I don’t know what Anu would have to face if I don’t reach there on time.” Geet said but this time her nails were safe.


“Okay then come we will check inside and know the status. Anyways we can reach in just 15 minutes as I have got my bike.” Maan said as he extended his hand for her.


Geet gladly took his hand and walked beside him but the pathway to the office inside was a long one as they went past many cubicles each one of them with an official surrounded by some people. They took a turn towards right to see Ravindar and other official getting the paper work ready.


“Papa…” Geet called out as she entered.


“Oh… Geet… Maan you both… came inside, I was about to come out.” Ravindar said.


“No problem Papa… is everything done can we leave.” Geet said little hesitant.


“Get the photos done first then take your seat. I need one last signature in this book.” The official said as Geet sat he continued looking at Maan. “Why are you standing you can also sit down boy.”


Once they sat down pictures were clicked while the official commented “Girl, you can atleast smile for the photo. Get another photo and sit straight”


Geet just followed the instructions and signed the papers in a flash and asked “Is it done. Can we move now?”


“Yes, Geet it is done. Where is your Maa? You left her alone there. Just get her here and then you can leave.” Ravindar said showing his little disappointment on leaving her Maa alone there.


“Oh… sorry Papa, I was in tension so I missed it. I will bring her right away.” Geet ran from there to get her Maa.


And once Keeratana was inside both Maan & Geet left but only after Ravindar saying “Drive slowly and be careful Maan and take care of our Geet. She is our princess.”


“Papa… he will take care. Can we leave please?” Geet almost pleaded and once they got the nod. They just flee from there.


“Geet, keep this certificates with you and be careful or else Anu would get it done from me only again. And I definitely don’t want to come in this crowd again.” Maan said as both settled on the bike. “Thank god you are not in saree today; see how comfortably you can sit.”


Geet just gave a pat on his back with the same certificates laughing at his comment while Maan said “Careful don’t crush the poor certificates with your anger.” And went on troubling her as Geet settled behind him and they raced carefully to the hospital.


Geet left all her guards for a while as she captured every moment of Maan. She had already thought to cherish all this memories down the lane of her life. When ever she is alone she had to just rewind back to these memories. Her every moment of happiness was securely captured and kept for her perusal when the need of a companion was felt and not in exist. These would save her from any loneliness but she just hoped that moment she never has to face. She was still in her thoughts when she felt a jerk making her realise what her position was Geet had completely leaned on Maan as her head rested on his back with the certificates file in between them and her one hand was on his shoulder supporting her on the ride.

“Geet we are here…” Maan spoke but that felt like alien as words were not even falling in her ears. For another second she was blank then she realised Mrs. Mehra was waiting and she was back to her patients.


As Geet entered her cabin even Mrs. Mehra followed her wave of relief passed through Geet & Anu as everything was settled in time. And the happiest was Mrs. Mehra to find there lovely doctor all bright, happy and as energetic as she always will be. Once she was treated her cabin doors were banged and in came the Dr. Maan with his wide smile announcing the lunch break.


“Sorry senior doctors I have lunch date in the canteen with Dr. Shekar to discuss regarding my scholarship for post graduation so if you could excuse me.” Dr. Anu said leaving the cabin but then barged in quite immediately asking “Dr. Maan, my certified certificates please.”


“That’s with me, here you go and yes all the best.” Geet said and smiled as she witnessed Anu running away.


Speculative Curse – Part 9

Speculative Curse

Part 9


It was the day when Geet had to be present with her parents at the registrar office. She was in her white full sleeves salwar with a bright red veil adoring her neck as her Maa had insisted saying that registration documents will have her photo’s and the registrar would take pictures at the time of registration so she should be more presentable and since the document would be also preserved for long picture should be clear & beautiful. She had never accompanied before so it was kind of a weird to be there. Well for Geet this was first time she even undergoing all those procedure so she was quite unknown to all these facts and hence just thought to oblige her dear Maa. So many people running around, shouting in loud voices at others, long queues. She witnessed mediators approaching public to help them for extra commission at the entrance itself.


Government offices are always a problem; there will not be a place to sit properly nor stand and even if she got some place that would not be hygiene and not to forget the stinking smell. Well she can’t even blame it on anyone as there will so many offices under one roof and so many people coming here for various works, to maintain neatness everywhere is not an easy job too. But even then she had never liked that government office nor would ever like it. Those lazy people who always make others wait and ask them one or the other things; make us run behind them until they get there bribe is so disgusting.


They all came to the reception when Ravindar suggested “Geet, Keertana you both wait here. I would check with the officials the status and progress of everything. I would come once they ask for you. It is very crowded there better if you both could wait here itself.”


“Okay Papa, that’s actually better just tell us how to reach the office we will come when you call us.” Geet said.


“Geet, I can’t guide you as all the offices are interlinked and because of the new Government all the name plates are getting replaced and reprinted so even the names are not there so you may just get lost. So I will come and fetch you.” Ravindar suggested.


Geet & her Maa sat patiently and started to catch up with each other’s life as even though they lived under the same roof it had been a long time they could talk. Geet was always busy with her patients and as the guilt was there in her, she even avoided being in front of her parents.


“Geet, tell me beta how is your work and study going on. Nowadays you don’t even have time for your mother.” Keertana complained.


“It is not like that, I am just too held up with the work that I can’t even talk properly with you both. You know how much I miss to speak and work is really good.” Geet said.


“So, who all are there in your department?” Keerthana asked.


“Maa, we are 6 of us in our department and only me and Anu work as a team, as she is still a fresher. I am guiding her so we share our responsibility and have fun too. She is really good and sweet too” Geet replied.


She was still engrossed in talks with her mother when her attention was drawn by that man whom she every moment wishes to see and be infront of her even though Geet did see him in every 3-4 hours of intervals with the excuses. Her heart wasn’t at peace until Maan graced it with his presence. Well this little stare didn’t go unnoticed by Keertana as Geet’s concentration shifted was magnetic. Words stopped from her mouth, hands halted in mid, eyes freezes at him but one thing which was in motion was her heart that was throbbing in her chest.


Her legs had just stirred when Keeratana interrupted “Geet… Geet… what happened? Why did you pause? Whom are you seeing?”


“Oh… Maa… Do you see a man there in that purple shirt having some papers in his hand? He is Dr. Maan, he was the one who had blackmailed me and I had told everything to you guys.” Geet replied while her eyes still struck to him.


“Then I should thank him, can you call him here.” Keertana asked her.


“Sure Maa…I will call him now itself.” Geet said as she pulled out her mobile dialling him immediately and asked him to come to reception where they were present.


“Hey Geet…you are here today? And you look so young in Salwar… I had always seen you in those pale color saree. You seriously need a change in your wardrobe.” Maan went on when he saw Geet in those white salwar.

“Maan… can you keep quite for a while. Meet my Maa” Geet introduced her Maa to Maan as she had hid behind Geet before.


“Hello Aunty… How are you? Sorry I didn’t see you earlier.” Maan enquired.


“Hello Maan beta… I am fine… how are you… heard from your mother that they have almost finalised a girl for you.” Keertana enquired. “By the way I had thank you and also ask sorry to you for all the trouble that my Geet created.”


“Oh it is absolutely fine Aunty…” Maan replied.


Before they went on with her talks Geet thought to change the topic “Maan how come you are here.”


“Well Anu had appointment here for getting her certificates certified by the local sub-registrar. And since you had put her on duty she gave it to me.” Maan replied politely.


“She could have given it to me. I could have helped her.” Geet said bit disappointed at Anu took help of Maan but not her.


“Did you tell her that you were supposed to be here at your off duty?” Maan questioned her with a smirk.


“Oops… I hadn’t told her right.” Geet said realising. They stood conversing when Ravindar joined in.


“Geet… come we are up next… you need to get back to hospital too right.” Ravindar suggested.


“Well Geet you can finish your work then we can go together to hospital” Maan suggested as he would finish his work soon.


“That would be really good.” Keertana seconded.

The plan was set but when Geet was about to enter the offices she got a call from Anu and she couldn’t have ignored that call so she picked it immediately.


Speculative Curse – Part 8

Speculative Curse

Part 8


Geet settled for breakfast wishing her parents “Good morning Papa”, “Good morning Maa”. Nowadays everything was good for Geet, no tension about anything. Only happiness Parents were happy with her decision and in relation to Maan that was never a thing to worry about why to worry about something which is never hers. She was all smiling and getting her break fast when her father interrupted “Geet, are you going to think about your marriage decision again.”

Geet hands stopped in mid while she replied “Papa, I thought we have talked about that already.”


“I know Geet, we have but still I wanted to ask you one last time.” Ravindar said “As someone came asking for your hand so before I replied them anything wanted to know your opinion.”


“Papa, I am and will always stick to the decision of not marrying anyone.” Geet replied confidently.


“Okay, as you wish from now on I will never ask this question.” Ravindar concluded that topic there.


“Thank you again Papa. You are the best.” Geet answered back feeling happy.


Geet was all set to leave when Ravindar again interrupted “Geet, I almost forgot today too. I need you at the registrar office day after tomorrow.”


“But Papa, you always brought things in Maa’s name, why do you need me?” Geet questioned.


“Yes, but since you decided not to marry I will have to get things in your name too. To make sure your future is also secure.” Ravindar stated.


“Papa, I will buy them in future when I have enough savings with me.” Geet cribbed cutely to make her Papa agree to her wishes.


“Geet, Let me complete some wishes atleast, you can take your time and explore in detail” Ravindar managed to say putting as stern face as possible so that she would oblige.


“Okay I agree this time only.” Geet said while taking her hand bag.


“Don’t worry Geet, this one is the best. You will cherish till the end.” Ravindar stated proudly at his choice.


“But I can’t take whole day off I have many appointments with patients.” Geet told confused and worried too.


“You take off for an hour and you can leave the moment it is done. Anyways there will not be too much of formalities. I would talk to the officials there and will get the things moving faster.” Ravindar assured Geet.


“That’s great Papa, I will some how make that hour free. Now, I am getting late bye see you soon.” Geet rushed out saying so, while Ravindar & Keertana who was the spectator till now left a sigh seeing her.


As soon as Geet left Ravindar started “Keertana, you be ready day after tomorrow and make sure everything runs smoothly.”


“Yes, I will keep all the papers ready.” Keertana replied.


An hour of leave means Geet had to make changes in her schedule and also thought to take help of Dr. Anu. “Anu, are you free I need a favour.” Geet said as soon as she saw her coming to Geet’s cabin.


“Yes, Dr. Geet tell me. How can I help you?” Anu asked.


“Well I need some time to go out day after tomorrow. Could you cover it up for me during that time?” Geet asked Anu.


“Doctor, don’t mind but can I ask you to meet whom you want to take off.” Anu tried to tease as she had noticed Geet being single and still not ready to mingle.


“Anu, you can help or not tell me other than that; it is none of your business.” Geet said in anger.


“Geet, why are you scaring the poor soul?” Maan replied as he came in along with 3 cups of coffee came behind him.


“Maan, now don’t support her. She needs to know her limits.” Geet warned them both.


“Why Geet what did she ask that you are getting angry. Have this cup of coffee it will reduce your anger.” Maan said with it automatically a smile formed on Geet’s face.


“Wow… Dr. Maan you vanished Dr. Geet’s anger in a second.” Anu said giving a look towards the duo.


“Okay, now tell me what is the problem?” Maan asked.


“Nothing much I was asking if Anu could handle the patients for an hour and half. Papa needs me at that time. Anyways I have moved all the appointments just any walk-in she has to handle.” Geet said her problem to Maan.


Maan gave a shocked look at Geet then at Anu and replied “Geet are you sure, I don’t think we should leave patients in the hands of Anu. Poor patients would suffer from her hands.”


Anu made an O and started searching something in to hit Dr. Maan for making such a comment on her. But then stopped hearing to the musical sound of Geet as she couldn’t control her laugh seeing how easily Maan teased and troubled Anu. While Maan’s position was not required to be said as he was lost in that beautiful and whole hearted laugh.


Geet was turning red due to that laugh but then when her eyes went towards the both of them she tried to control herself. “Sorry… sorry… but I couldn’t control myself.” Geet apologised.


“Maan, that is not right. She is really hard working & dedicated doctor.” Geet supported her junior.


“Well I can’t say much with you ladies, now if you two beautiful girls excuse me. I have appointments to attend.” Maan said as he walked out of Geet’s cabin.


“Anu…” Geet stressed to help her.


“Don’t worry Maam I will fill in.” Anu finally spilled the beans bringing a million dollar smile on Geet’s face. Anyways these two had developed closeness in these few days that they used to have some kinds of silly teasing’s. But still Geet couldn’t share her secrets with her.


Sometimes Geet even thought to bring Anu & Maan together but then restrained herself saying she need not become cupid for anyone. If destiny wants to pair them they would defiantly be one day. And how much ever you are friendly they are too personal things to be interfered by third person.


Speculative Curse – Part 7

Speculative Curse

Part 7


“There can’t be we if I am there…” was ringing in his mind as he walked out of her cabin. It had been only a week he had joined Shekar’s Hospital and was very happy to get into this institution but just one night duty all his happiness and contentment everything as gone out of him. Today he proved himself right on choosing a right life partner but still he couldn’t stop himself cursing his luck too; for making her stubborn for doing this to him.


But before taking any step further towards her Maan had to speak to his parents, not that they were against his choice. Actually they would be very happy with his choice but then it was a relation which even they had wanted to get fixed and that rejection did sadden them. Any parents would get disappointed with pointless refusal.


And once Maan had informed to his parents about the real reason for that refusal they were very happy to agree with the proposal. Furthermore about the curse attached to her was something which they didn’t bother about as life is happiest with its mysterious string bound to it.


That was all he needed to fuel his heart to gear his mission bewitch Geet in his terms. To set this mission on rolls he needs to first befriend with her and need to enchant her in to his charms. How long could she resist Maan’s charismatic personality? It was not hard for him to get the schedule of Dr. Geet’s appointment. All thanks to centralised online system of appointment opened for the patients to obtain the appointment for there doctors off course there would be some walk-in’s but that was rarely entertained by the hospital authorities.


Now that he had known her schedules before hand, he could always plan his schedules accordingly. Night duties was synced as much as possible well that was not a big problem as he was heading his department and he could change it according to his wishes. It requires time to mend her but then he was ready to give all the time she needed too. In the midst of his patients to find time was difficult but when he was had to bewitch her he had to make way for it too.


Like wise Maan made sure all his free time was spent with her initially Geet was pretending as formal as she could portray but then she was back to her normal talkative and bubbly nature of hers as the days passed by. They did nothing but talk to each other and the topic varied from the hospital to Maan helping Geet in her research to the recipes they could cook to their favourites to pranks they had played on others. All in all they were both in a phase where they could easily share secrets with each other but then exceptions to that were feeling what they had harboured for each other.


Yes, Geet after a certain time started to enjoy his company and even understood how well they could gel together but the more she fell for him the more she felt to be away from him and hide those thoughts. Geet believed those thoughts were only dreams which she could cherish for the life time and wouldn’t last long. Every time Maan was late to visit her, she used to sense a tug in her heart may be today is the last time he would come. May be he moved on with someone else to spend time with but then her mind was fast enough to console her that one day that had to happen. Not bind him with herself; somewhere with someone else he would be living happily was the only thing which would make her normal & her happy self would be back in form.


Everything was going on fine until the New Year started and a new junior doctor was appointed that too in Geet’s department as her assistant. She was Dr. Anu who had recently finished her degree and had joined Shekar hospital. Every time Dr. Maan came to visit Dr. Geet; they were joined by Dr. Anu too. Geet could see how well these two got along so soon as if they knew from a very long time. Sometimes it’s so happens that they both would talk and Geet becomes that mute spectator.  


Maan did notice Geet being silent sometimes like observing him & Anu while they chatted. He sometime did observed some gloominess in her eyes but that lasted only for seconds making him wonder did he really saw something or not. He was lost in his thoughts as he was moving to his cabin when he heard a little cry and he knew who that was. He rolled his eyes as he witnessed Dr. Anu had fallen on the ground with her twisted ankle and was trying to walk holding on to the walls. Without any second thought Maan stood before her asking what is she doing & how this all happened. For which Dr. Anu pouted slightly and said “I was walking on the heels which resulted in twisted ankle and it is paining a lot.”


“If you don’t know how to walk in the heels why do you buy them?” Maan questioned.


“Here I am in trouble and you are taunting me only.” Anu cribbed.


“Okay, let me get you a wheel chair then.” Maan suggested.


“I am not sitting in them; yuck that is so not me.” Anu cried.


“Then what else would this princess wish for.” Maan taunted again.


“Maan, if you can’t help me then leave now. I will manage” Anu said disappointed and crying in pain.


And next moment Maan lifted her in his arms and took her to Geet’s cabin to get the medication for Anu. Geet was shocked to see them like that she stood numb at the level of comfort they both were sharing.


“Geet just check Anu once, she has twisted her ankle.” Maan said without looking at her.


Geet silently followed to treat her, she could see the care and concern for Anu. “Could she be the one for Maan.” Was all she could think of?


Maan was leaving when Anu held his wrist to stop him & placed a kiss on his cheek and wished “Thank you.” for which Maan just smiled at her and brushed his hands over Anu’s head and left.

That was enough to nail the coffin, Geet was sure Maan would move on with Anu. She was what he had always wished for. A part of her rejoiced that her love would be happy but a larger part of her heart screamed to have lost him.


Maan just walked out of Geet’s cabin shaking his head wondering how Anu can be such a kid even now. Just few steps he was away from his cabin when he saw one familiar face who was waiting for him. Maan knew who that was the next instant he asked him to join in his cabin. Things were not moving in right pace and seeing him Maan didn’t know what to do.