Speculative Curse – Part 4

Speculative Curse

Part 4


Two months has passed from the day Geet had stepped into the hospital and from that, thing has turned her way as she spent most of her time here. It was in her final year when in one of the seminars her professor had introduced her too Dr. Sheaker and he had readily agreed to fill the vacancy here. So it wasn’t difficult to get a job here, he had appreciated Geet’s calibre and dreams to serve the people at that time itself.


Things in her home were easy to handle as her time was mostly taken by her patients. One day Keertana had questioned about gradual change in Geet’s attire.


“Geet, why are you not wearing any of the ornaments, it doesn’t look nice.” Keertana commented.


“Maa, I wouldn’t have removed it but see all those things are infectious to patients, we use sterilized instruments for that reason. I will have to take out all these before I attend to them and I don’t want to keep all these things in hospital, I may forget or lose them if I didn’t safeguard them so it is better I don’t wear them to hospital.” Geet sighed explaining her Maa, who looked quite satisfied.


Her heart cried to hurt her parents but that was the only way to keep them safe from worries. No one in this world is perfect, each and every fault are not identified in dear ones and when you are binding yourself to others but now when she wished the contrary. She had no other choice to hunt for excuses which would save her from seeing others in pain.


Days always flee faster than we expect, now she is rejecting giving an insight to her parents that she demanding a perfect person in her life but as the year’s rolls down people would find faults in her and her parents will stop pairing with anyone. They may feel let down but at that time it would be easy to make them understand that it was her wish to live like this.


One night duty was assigned to each of the doctors in one week and she being her helpful self used to end up taking the night duty of others thereby staying most of the time in hospital.


She was planning to take a nap when there was knock on the door and before she could answer a nurse came running in.


“Doctor, there is an emergency and there is no one to support the head doctor. Can you support him?” Nurse informed the situation to Geet.


“Give me two minutes I will be there in emergency ward.” replied Geet and rushed to attend the situation.


It was an accident case, the glass pieces had pierced the skin of the patient and the head doctor was removing the glass from his skin. Looking at the case she started to give the appropriate instruments and gave her helping hand. He even before voiced the next requirement she was ready with them. The injections were placed in hand the moment he stretched to keep the surgical instrument. The moment he cleared those pieces she was read with needles to give a stitch, clean and dress the wounds. She didn’t glance around to look who was there and who weren’t but was immersed in her job. With a junior doctor to attend even the head doctor was revealed sooner.


But looking at a Geet the head doctor enquired “who is she” to the nearby nurse as he moved away from the ward.


“Doctor, she is the new doctor from xyz department. I knew she would be there at this time so called her to assist you.” Explained the nurse.


“She was on night duty today.” Head doctor concluded.


“Actually, you will find her every other day, she very much understands others problems so many exchange their duty with her. I even heard her the other day saying, if any emergency we can call her as her home is just two lanes across the hospital.” Nurse replied and went to her lounge while he reached his cabin.


It was all to confusing for the doctor to hear an arrogant person had transformed into such a humble lady, who would help each and every person next to her. Yes, he still remembered even after what like 4 months how she rudely behaved with him. Just because he asked her to be his side while he performed his duty as a doctor. He had always thought a doctor only can fathom that kind a desire to serve but she had brutally killed that belief of his.


If he come to think of the incident just a while before was it a junior doctor helping him rather than a intern that made things easier or was it the understanding level that sub consciously which bound them.


He thought to take a cup of coffee to clear his mind and also to keep himself awake. He was a sleepy head who needed full 8 hours of sleep to wake up after every time he slept. So he always opted to not to take a nap in his night duties.


He was going to pantry when his attention was taken by a sweet angry voice and his steps freezed. It was Geet who was talking on phone. She had a book in her hand and the phone on that book.


“Papa… What is this you are awake at this time.”


“How can I sleep when my princess is staying up?” Ravindar complained.


“Papa, you are not in your teens; to stay awoke whole night. You need to sleep or else what you will do in your office meeting tomorrow. Snore in front of your clients.” Geet teased her Papa.


“Geet… You should sleep or else you will get dark circles under your eyes, then the boy who would come tomorrow will get scared” He added while Geet twisted her lips as if she interested in this boy but she had to still think on how to escape from this situation.


Then after a second her face beamed with happiness “Papa… See I am awake tonight then tomorrow I have full duty and I will get tired so let’s cancel tomorrow’s program.”


“Ok but I am calling them this weekend arrange your work accordingly.” Ravindar agreed and continued “Geet do you love someone.”


With that question asked two person held there breathe anxiously to know what she would say. The answer which came was spontaneous.


“Yes Papa.” Geet replied smiling. “I love you, I love Maa and I love my patients…. Actually I love everyone. Now that you got your answer go to sleep even I am sleepy.”


Relieved with her answer Ravindar could sleep peacefully but tears spilled from those hazel eyes. She picked her mobile where her parent’s photo was there and pleaded sorry.


“Sorry Papa…. sorry Maa… I am hurting you guys unknown to both of you. But I can’t marry anyone. I just can’t.” she cried her heart out unknown of the another person who just heard everything.



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