Speculative Curse – Part 5

Speculative Curse

Part 5


It was all the more confusing; he decided it was better for him if he didn’t indulge in her matters. Then he remembered he wanted coffee, so headed towards the pantry. But again and again his mind was going back to her. Finally his curiosity won over his conscious and he wanted his answers so he took 2 cups of coffee and walked back straight into her cabin.


Geet wanted to not think about them and so was trying hard to immerse her self into the books. Her efforts were not helping her as tears were blocking her view. That’s when she heard a knock and she hurriedly composed herself. She knew it was not any nurse as they never waited for her answer but since the person didn’t barged in she stood up, went and opened the door. The sight welcomed her was a doctor whom she had behaved rudely with him 4 months back was having a cup of coffee in each of his hand. She didn’t want to recognize him but she couldn’t forget each and every detail of relations which came for her.


“Hi… Can you join for a coffee….? Actually I was feeling sleepy but didn’t want to. So can we talk for a while?” Head doctor said “It wouldn’t look nice if I ask the nurse to give me company and as you were here so thought to bother you.” He said with that cute smile that even she couldn’t have said no but did smile hearing him and that fresh brewed coffee was required to clear her mind too. She moved giving him way to come in.


Both sat down and were having their coffee but silence prevailed as none spoke a word after that. They just sat in front of each other. He cleared his throat to gain her attention and started.


“Hi… I am Dr. Maan Singh Khurana… And you are?” that was the exact way he had started that day too.


“Hi… I am Dr. Geet Sharma…but we knew that before too.” She replied.


“Well I thought even the name could also have been changed.” he said bit sarcastically indicating her opposite words at their last meet.


“Okay, if you want to talk about that day then I think you should leave now.” Geet came to point.


“Don’t I have the right to know the real reason why you rejected me the other day?” Maan asked. “Your words had broken my belief that someone could stand beside me against all odds to fulfil my wishes.”


“Dr. It had nothing to do with you, I am just not interested in getting married you can get many girls like you wish, you can select form them. So move on.” Geet stated.


“How can I? When I see your mocking face; every time that question is asked to any one else.” He questioned.


“It is too personal to share it with you. I guess your sleep has gone now. And I have to leave now. So if you could excuse me.” Geet replied and stood up to take her belongings to move out.


“Fine then, I will get my answers from your father. I will ask him.” Maan said getting up making his way towards the door.


“No, you are not asking anything to him.” Geet stated hurriedly as she didn’t want her parents to get any clue of her actions.


“If that gives me answers, so be it. Or else least I would show your real face to your parents that would defiantly satisfy my ego.” He pressurized so that she can speak out. He did notice the sadness in those hazel eyes which said something which he was still not able to relate to.


“Okay I will tell you the truth but you shouldn’t tell anyone.” Geet put her conditions.


“You really think you can put forth any conditions” Maan said clearly indicating who has the upper hand.


“Then I am not telling you anything” Geet replied in full anger.


“Okay then bye Geet, be prepared to answer your dad’s questions then.” Maan smirked while he got up.


“Wait… I will tell you.” Geet made a pout but then started to tell him every thing from the day of her marriage till he confronted her today. “Now tell me am I wrong in thinking like this. What they did was for my happiness and now I am doing this is also for their happiness only. They will the first ones who would be sad if anything worse happen to my future husband. And people will first curse me and my own family, which I would never want in my life.”


“And who told one can be happy only if they get marry. I am happy; yes I do have regret that I am hiding things from my parents. Apart from the interviews my life is as pleasant as it was actually even better than pleasant as I can now live and fulfil all my dreams. Dream to serve, dream to make a mark in the medical field. You know now I get so much time in these night shifts that I have started my research work too” She disclosed each and everything for the first time after more than a year and that too an unknown person.


“If that was what you wanted then why don’t you speak to your parents? Why are you hiding things from them? You have to confront them on day or the other then why are you delaying?” Maan questioned.


“First, I had thought to delay it but now I want to tell them but now I am scared to confront them, what if I fail to convince them, what if they get more worried, what if they compel me to do something against my wish. There are too many ifs now hanging around me that I have started to run away from those questions.” Geet put forth her fear that she was harbouring in her heart.


“But Geet running away is not a solution; you will have to face them. The more you delay the more they would get hurt as to why you didn’t share these with them at the beginning itself.” Maan said and questioned. “You want me to speak to them?”


“No… No… I would speak to them. You don’t have to take any trouble. Thanks for hearing me out.” Geet thanked him whole heartedly as she did felt heart light after sharing it.


“No problem, you need any help you can count on me. I think I should leave now.” He got up and when he was about to open the door he continued “We could be a good companion Geet.”


“There can’t be we if I am there…” Geet killed the thought itself before he could think about them.



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