Speculative Curse – Part 6

Speculative Curse

Part 6


Just sharing her fear with a stranger gave Geet a relief as if someone took away heavy weights off her. If she could share it with a stranger then defiantly she could with her parents too. Only thing that she has to worry is to convince them her point which if not today can be done tomorrow but it had to convey to them at the earliest. Finally thinking so Geet decided to open up with her parents before any other stranger puts her under any threats. Some where she did felt light and determined that’s why she was prepared to face them today. The time was right to spill the beans as she saw her papa sitting in their study with the newspaper in one hand while the other held the coffee mug in the wee hours of the day. She poppled herself next to him wishing “Good Morning Papa”


“Good Morning finished your night duty.” Ravindar enquired.


“Yes Papa, Actually I have something important to discuss. Can we talk now?” Geet asked.


“Sure Geet, from when did you have to ask us to tell anything?” Ravindar questioned.


“But this is something I haven’t told you from past more than a year” Geet added.


“Geet, what is it that you had to be so secretive about.” Ravindar asked confused.


“It all started when we went to that puja. I was too shocked with turn of events” Geet started then she went telling her point of view till date how she decided to break every alliance that came for her and as she felt things were starting to go over board as her parents didn’t stop bringing good alliance for her.


“Papa, I wanted to disclose these before too but then I couldn’t gather enough courage till today.” Geet added that meekly.


“What special did happen today that you got this courage.” Keertana asked Geet who had heard there conversation.


“Last night I met Dr. Maan in hospital, he confronted me to know why I portrayed the contrary to what I am. I wouldn’t have told him anything but then he threatened me that he would question directly to you guys. And I didn’t want anyone else coming in between us. I didn’t want to hurt you more than what I had already done.” Geet stated.


“Where did you meet him, did he come all the way to question you?” Ravindar questioned.


“Head doctor of that department had quit last week. May be he was recruited for his place.” Geet replied while joining the dots of his presence all of a sudden. “Papa Maa…. I am really very sorry but I don’t want to marry anyone.”


“Geet, that was only for your well being. Don’t you want your parents to witness their daughter settled with family.” Keertana asked.


“Maa … How can you say I am not happy or will not be happy if I won’t get married. I will be more than happy living with my parents. And you guys are and will be my one and only family.” Geet said


Ravindar & Keertana both were sad looking at their child who had hid so much for such a long time. They both knew forcing their decision on Geet could be disastrous as she was more adamant girl. She rarely makes any decision but once she has determined to something then she would never let go of that either.


“Geet we can think about an alternative.” Ravindar started only to be interrupted by Geet.


“But Papa…” Geet interrupted while Ravindar showed his hands to let him complete.


“However for now we will go with your decision.” Ravindar concluded.


“Thank you Papa…” Geet hugged him feeling overwhelmed of the fact that from now she has nothing to hide or feel guilty about. Just then the clock struck at 8:00 making its humming sound. “It is already 8; I have to rush to hospital soon. Maa… Papa… Thank you once again.” Geet saying so sprinted out leaving behind her parents to think of a solution.




Anyone who looked at her would guess it that she was the happiest person. There wasn’t any difference in her dressing or even in her mannerism; then why did she look different. It was the smile that adored her face; it added the extra charisma to her personality. Her eyes held a new flicker in it. The tension lines on her forehead were long gone. She looked cute with that dimple which had formed on cheeks due to that big smile.


Time was running really fast but that didn’t matter as she was attending to the each and everyone in her way taking her sweet time speaking to them. She had just finished one of the patients dressing and summoned the next patient, while she went in to sterilize her hands to check the new patient. She heard someone coming in so she said “Please sit down I will come, by the way what has happened to you.” But there was no reply from the other end. She thought may be the person has not heard her.


She came out wiping her hands and was shocked to see Dr. Maan Singh Khurana spreading his lunch box out on her side table and giving her that cute smile of his but she did plaster a formal smile on and greeted him.


“Doctor, you here at this time. I don’t have anything else to spill. And actually I have patients to attend today. So could you please give us some privacy?” Geet explained calmly.


“Oh Geet, you don’t have to worry. Everyone in our department has gone out for lunch but as I had got the lunch box; I thought not to go with them. And when I checked you had finished your morning appointments so thought to have lunch with you. As I had seen you get lunch from the home yesterday. Don’t hesitate come join in. I am damn hungry” Maan said so and started to have his lunch not even waiting for Geet.


Sighing Geet got her box and joined him but not before confirming that the previous patient was indeed her last patient for the morning session. Well who knew this lunch could give way to more meeting between them as days rolled down morning coffee, afternoon lunch, evening coffee, night dinner when they had night duties and midnight coffee was the things which made them both to spend time with each other and know about the other. But always it had to be Maan who had to take initiative not that she didn’t wait for him but never did she want to give him any hopes. Nevertheless things can’t stay same for a long time as these meetings were getting noticed by many and few who could change the course of these two people too.




2 thoughts on “Speculative Curse – Part 6”

  1. loved the update glad geet came clean with her parents and loved that maan is trying to be her friend and people are noticing both are always together thanks for the pm.

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