Speculative Curse – Part 7

Speculative Curse

Part 7


“There can’t be we if I am there…” was ringing in his mind as he walked out of her cabin. It had been only a week he had joined Shekar’s Hospital and was very happy to get into this institution but just one night duty all his happiness and contentment everything as gone out of him. Today he proved himself right on choosing a right life partner but still he couldn’t stop himself cursing his luck too; for making her stubborn for doing this to him.


But before taking any step further towards her Maan had to speak to his parents, not that they were against his choice. Actually they would be very happy with his choice but then it was a relation which even they had wanted to get fixed and that rejection did sadden them. Any parents would get disappointed with pointless refusal.


And once Maan had informed to his parents about the real reason for that refusal they were very happy to agree with the proposal. Furthermore about the curse attached to her was something which they didn’t bother about as life is happiest with its mysterious string bound to it.


That was all he needed to fuel his heart to gear his mission bewitch Geet in his terms. To set this mission on rolls he needs to first befriend with her and need to enchant her in to his charms. How long could she resist Maan’s charismatic personality? It was not hard for him to get the schedule of Dr. Geet’s appointment. All thanks to centralised online system of appointment opened for the patients to obtain the appointment for there doctors off course there would be some walk-in’s but that was rarely entertained by the hospital authorities.


Now that he had known her schedules before hand, he could always plan his schedules accordingly. Night duties was synced as much as possible well that was not a big problem as he was heading his department and he could change it according to his wishes. It requires time to mend her but then he was ready to give all the time she needed too. In the midst of his patients to find time was difficult but when he was had to bewitch her he had to make way for it too.


Like wise Maan made sure all his free time was spent with her initially Geet was pretending as formal as she could portray but then she was back to her normal talkative and bubbly nature of hers as the days passed by. They did nothing but talk to each other and the topic varied from the hospital to Maan helping Geet in her research to the recipes they could cook to their favourites to pranks they had played on others. All in all they were both in a phase where they could easily share secrets with each other but then exceptions to that were feeling what they had harboured for each other.


Yes, Geet after a certain time started to enjoy his company and even understood how well they could gel together but the more she fell for him the more she felt to be away from him and hide those thoughts. Geet believed those thoughts were only dreams which she could cherish for the life time and wouldn’t last long. Every time Maan was late to visit her, she used to sense a tug in her heart may be today is the last time he would come. May be he moved on with someone else to spend time with but then her mind was fast enough to console her that one day that had to happen. Not bind him with herself; somewhere with someone else he would be living happily was the only thing which would make her normal & her happy self would be back in form.


Everything was going on fine until the New Year started and a new junior doctor was appointed that too in Geet’s department as her assistant. She was Dr. Anu who had recently finished her degree and had joined Shekar hospital. Every time Dr. Maan came to visit Dr. Geet; they were joined by Dr. Anu too. Geet could see how well these two got along so soon as if they knew from a very long time. Sometimes it’s so happens that they both would talk and Geet becomes that mute spectator.  


Maan did notice Geet being silent sometimes like observing him & Anu while they chatted. He sometime did observed some gloominess in her eyes but that lasted only for seconds making him wonder did he really saw something or not. He was lost in his thoughts as he was moving to his cabin when he heard a little cry and he knew who that was. He rolled his eyes as he witnessed Dr. Anu had fallen on the ground with her twisted ankle and was trying to walk holding on to the walls. Without any second thought Maan stood before her asking what is she doing & how this all happened. For which Dr. Anu pouted slightly and said “I was walking on the heels which resulted in twisted ankle and it is paining a lot.”


“If you don’t know how to walk in the heels why do you buy them?” Maan questioned.


“Here I am in trouble and you are taunting me only.” Anu cribbed.


“Okay, let me get you a wheel chair then.” Maan suggested.


“I am not sitting in them; yuck that is so not me.” Anu cried.


“Then what else would this princess wish for.” Maan taunted again.


“Maan, if you can’t help me then leave now. I will manage” Anu said disappointed and crying in pain.


And next moment Maan lifted her in his arms and took her to Geet’s cabin to get the medication for Anu. Geet was shocked to see them like that she stood numb at the level of comfort they both were sharing.


“Geet just check Anu once, she has twisted her ankle.” Maan said without looking at her.


Geet silently followed to treat her, she could see the care and concern for Anu. “Could she be the one for Maan.” Was all she could think of?


Maan was leaving when Anu held his wrist to stop him & placed a kiss on his cheek and wished “Thank you.” for which Maan just smiled at her and brushed his hands over Anu’s head and left.

That was enough to nail the coffin, Geet was sure Maan would move on with Anu. She was what he had always wished for. A part of her rejoiced that her love would be happy but a larger part of her heart screamed to have lost him.


Maan just walked out of Geet’s cabin shaking his head wondering how Anu can be such a kid even now. Just few steps he was away from his cabin when he saw one familiar face who was waiting for him. Maan knew who that was the next instant he asked him to join in his cabin. Things were not moving in right pace and seeing him Maan didn’t know what to do.



7 thoughts on “Speculative Curse – Part 7”

  1. Nice update….but I hope anu does not have any soft feelings for maan…waiting to see geet opening her harboured feelings to maan…

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