Speculative Curse – Part 8

Speculative Curse

Part 8


Geet settled for breakfast wishing her parents “Good morning Papa”, “Good morning Maa”. Nowadays everything was good for Geet, no tension about anything. Only happiness Parents were happy with her decision and in relation to Maan that was never a thing to worry about why to worry about something which is never hers. She was all smiling and getting her break fast when her father interrupted “Geet, are you going to think about your marriage decision again.”

Geet hands stopped in mid while she replied “Papa, I thought we have talked about that already.”


“I know Geet, we have but still I wanted to ask you one last time.” Ravindar said “As someone came asking for your hand so before I replied them anything wanted to know your opinion.”


“Papa, I am and will always stick to the decision of not marrying anyone.” Geet replied confidently.


“Okay, as you wish from now on I will never ask this question.” Ravindar concluded that topic there.


“Thank you again Papa. You are the best.” Geet answered back feeling happy.


Geet was all set to leave when Ravindar again interrupted “Geet, I almost forgot today too. I need you at the registrar office day after tomorrow.”


“But Papa, you always brought things in Maa’s name, why do you need me?” Geet questioned.


“Yes, but since you decided not to marry I will have to get things in your name too. To make sure your future is also secure.” Ravindar stated.


“Papa, I will buy them in future when I have enough savings with me.” Geet cribbed cutely to make her Papa agree to her wishes.


“Geet, Let me complete some wishes atleast, you can take your time and explore in detail” Ravindar managed to say putting as stern face as possible so that she would oblige.


“Okay I agree this time only.” Geet said while taking her hand bag.


“Don’t worry Geet, this one is the best. You will cherish till the end.” Ravindar stated proudly at his choice.


“But I can’t take whole day off I have many appointments with patients.” Geet told confused and worried too.


“You take off for an hour and you can leave the moment it is done. Anyways there will not be too much of formalities. I would talk to the officials there and will get the things moving faster.” Ravindar assured Geet.


“That’s great Papa, I will some how make that hour free. Now, I am getting late bye see you soon.” Geet rushed out saying so, while Ravindar & Keertana who was the spectator till now left a sigh seeing her.


As soon as Geet left Ravindar started “Keertana, you be ready day after tomorrow and make sure everything runs smoothly.”


“Yes, I will keep all the papers ready.” Keertana replied.


An hour of leave means Geet had to make changes in her schedule and also thought to take help of Dr. Anu. “Anu, are you free I need a favour.” Geet said as soon as she saw her coming to Geet’s cabin.


“Yes, Dr. Geet tell me. How can I help you?” Anu asked.


“Well I need some time to go out day after tomorrow. Could you cover it up for me during that time?” Geet asked Anu.


“Doctor, don’t mind but can I ask you to meet whom you want to take off.” Anu tried to tease as she had noticed Geet being single and still not ready to mingle.


“Anu, you can help or not tell me other than that; it is none of your business.” Geet said in anger.


“Geet, why are you scaring the poor soul?” Maan replied as he came in along with 3 cups of coffee came behind him.


“Maan, now don’t support her. She needs to know her limits.” Geet warned them both.


“Why Geet what did she ask that you are getting angry. Have this cup of coffee it will reduce your anger.” Maan said with it automatically a smile formed on Geet’s face.


“Wow… Dr. Maan you vanished Dr. Geet’s anger in a second.” Anu said giving a look towards the duo.


“Okay, now tell me what is the problem?” Maan asked.


“Nothing much I was asking if Anu could handle the patients for an hour and half. Papa needs me at that time. Anyways I have moved all the appointments just any walk-in she has to handle.” Geet said her problem to Maan.


Maan gave a shocked look at Geet then at Anu and replied “Geet are you sure, I don’t think we should leave patients in the hands of Anu. Poor patients would suffer from her hands.”


Anu made an O and started searching something in to hit Dr. Maan for making such a comment on her. But then stopped hearing to the musical sound of Geet as she couldn’t control her laugh seeing how easily Maan teased and troubled Anu. While Maan’s position was not required to be said as he was lost in that beautiful and whole hearted laugh.


Geet was turning red due to that laugh but then when her eyes went towards the both of them she tried to control herself. “Sorry… sorry… but I couldn’t control myself.” Geet apologised.


“Maan, that is not right. She is really hard working & dedicated doctor.” Geet supported her junior.


“Well I can’t say much with you ladies, now if you two beautiful girls excuse me. I have appointments to attend.” Maan said as he walked out of Geet’s cabin.


“Anu…” Geet stressed to help her.


“Don’t worry Maam I will fill in.” Anu finally spilled the beans bringing a million dollar smile on Geet’s face. Anyways these two had developed closeness in these few days that they used to have some kinds of silly teasing’s. But still Geet couldn’t share her secrets with her.


Sometimes Geet even thought to bring Anu & Maan together but then restrained herself saying she need not become cupid for anyone. If destiny wants to pair them they would defiantly be one day. And how much ever you are friendly they are too personal things to be interfered by third person.



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