Speculative Curse – Part 9

Speculative Curse

Part 9


It was the day when Geet had to be present with her parents at the registrar office. She was in her white full sleeves salwar with a bright red veil adoring her neck as her Maa had insisted saying that registration documents will have her photo’s and the registrar would take pictures at the time of registration so she should be more presentable and since the document would be also preserved for long picture should be clear & beautiful. She had never accompanied before so it was kind of a weird to be there. Well for Geet this was first time she even undergoing all those procedure so she was quite unknown to all these facts and hence just thought to oblige her dear Maa. So many people running around, shouting in loud voices at others, long queues. She witnessed mediators approaching public to help them for extra commission at the entrance itself.


Government offices are always a problem; there will not be a place to sit properly nor stand and even if she got some place that would not be hygiene and not to forget the stinking smell. Well she can’t even blame it on anyone as there will so many offices under one roof and so many people coming here for various works, to maintain neatness everywhere is not an easy job too. But even then she had never liked that government office nor would ever like it. Those lazy people who always make others wait and ask them one or the other things; make us run behind them until they get there bribe is so disgusting.


They all came to the reception when Ravindar suggested “Geet, Keertana you both wait here. I would check with the officials the status and progress of everything. I would come once they ask for you. It is very crowded there better if you both could wait here itself.”


“Okay Papa, that’s actually better just tell us how to reach the office we will come when you call us.” Geet said.


“Geet, I can’t guide you as all the offices are interlinked and because of the new Government all the name plates are getting replaced and reprinted so even the names are not there so you may just get lost. So I will come and fetch you.” Ravindar suggested.


Geet & her Maa sat patiently and started to catch up with each other’s life as even though they lived under the same roof it had been a long time they could talk. Geet was always busy with her patients and as the guilt was there in her, she even avoided being in front of her parents.


“Geet, tell me beta how is your work and study going on. Nowadays you don’t even have time for your mother.” Keertana complained.


“It is not like that, I am just too held up with the work that I can’t even talk properly with you both. You know how much I miss to speak and work is really good.” Geet said.


“So, who all are there in your department?” Keerthana asked.


“Maa, we are 6 of us in our department and only me and Anu work as a team, as she is still a fresher. I am guiding her so we share our responsibility and have fun too. She is really good and sweet too” Geet replied.


She was still engrossed in talks with her mother when her attention was drawn by that man whom she every moment wishes to see and be infront of her even though Geet did see him in every 3-4 hours of intervals with the excuses. Her heart wasn’t at peace until Maan graced it with his presence. Well this little stare didn’t go unnoticed by Keertana as Geet’s concentration shifted was magnetic. Words stopped from her mouth, hands halted in mid, eyes freezes at him but one thing which was in motion was her heart that was throbbing in her chest.


Her legs had just stirred when Keeratana interrupted “Geet… Geet… what happened? Why did you pause? Whom are you seeing?”


“Oh… Maa… Do you see a man there in that purple shirt having some papers in his hand? He is Dr. Maan, he was the one who had blackmailed me and I had told everything to you guys.” Geet replied while her eyes still struck to him.


“Then I should thank him, can you call him here.” Keertana asked her.


“Sure Maa…I will call him now itself.” Geet said as she pulled out her mobile dialling him immediately and asked him to come to reception where they were present.


“Hey Geet…you are here today? And you look so young in Salwar… I had always seen you in those pale color saree. You seriously need a change in your wardrobe.” Maan went on when he saw Geet in those white salwar.

“Maan… can you keep quite for a while. Meet my Maa” Geet introduced her Maa to Maan as she had hid behind Geet before.


“Hello Aunty… How are you? Sorry I didn’t see you earlier.” Maan enquired.


“Hello Maan beta… I am fine… how are you… heard from your mother that they have almost finalised a girl for you.” Keertana enquired. “By the way I had thank you and also ask sorry to you for all the trouble that my Geet created.”


“Oh it is absolutely fine Aunty…” Maan replied.


Before they went on with her talks Geet thought to change the topic “Maan how come you are here.”


“Well Anu had appointment here for getting her certificates certified by the local sub-registrar. And since you had put her on duty she gave it to me.” Maan replied politely.


“She could have given it to me. I could have helped her.” Geet said bit disappointed at Anu took help of Maan but not her.


“Did you tell her that you were supposed to be here at your off duty?” Maan questioned her with a smirk.


“Oops… I hadn’t told her right.” Geet said realising. They stood conversing when Ravindar joined in.


“Geet… come we are up next… you need to get back to hospital too right.” Ravindar suggested.


“Well Geet you can finish your work then we can go together to hospital” Maan suggested as he would finish his work soon.


“That would be really good.” Keertana seconded.

The plan was set but when Geet was about to enter the offices she got a call from Anu and she couldn’t have ignored that call so she picked it immediately.



2 thoughts on “Speculative Curse – Part 9”

  1. Maan and Geet have now become good friends and geet has gotten comfortable with him. Waiting to see what the next step of maan is going to be to get her to accept their relationship as something more than friends and that her curse is nothing and has no meaning for him.

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