Speculative Curse – Part 10

Speculative Curse

Part 10


The plan was set but when Geet was about to enter the offices she got a call from Anu and she couldn’t have ignored that call so she picked it immediately.


“Yes Anu… any problem.” Geet asked hearing a tensed voice at the other end.


“A very big problem Dr. Geet, I have just postponed the issue but we need you here in another 30 mins or else a volcano would erupt here.” Dr. Anu said little scared


“Why Anu… what happened.” Geet asked little worried.


“Oh … that Mrs. Mehra is here and she wants to see you and is not letting anyone else to treat her. But some how I convinced her to get a scan by which Dr. Geet would be back from her emergency.” Anu explained the situation.


“Okay, I will leave right away.” Geet said as she kept her mobile only to witness her parent’s worried faces.


“Papa, Maa I will have to leave now. There is an emergency that patient is quite cranky and she has turned up all suddenly.” Geet said apologetically.


“Geet, just a few signatures which would take just 5 minutes by which even Dr. Maan would also come then you both can leave.” Ravindar suggested.


“Okay Papa… but please hurry up. I need to rush out.” Geet told.


Just then a boy came with papers which had to be signed and Geet did that promptly and they were sent to expedite the procedure and while they waited; Maan was also back.

 “Geet, you are hungry come there is a canteen on top floor we can have it there.” Maan said as he saw her literally chewing her nails.


“Maan, I am in no mood for your jokes here. I want to reach the hospital before that Mrs. Mehra comes back. I don’t know what Anu would have to face if I don’t reach there on time.” Geet said but this time her nails were safe.


“Okay then come we will check inside and know the status. Anyways we can reach in just 15 minutes as I have got my bike.” Maan said as he extended his hand for her.


Geet gladly took his hand and walked beside him but the pathway to the office inside was a long one as they went past many cubicles each one of them with an official surrounded by some people. They took a turn towards right to see Ravindar and other official getting the paper work ready.


“Papa…” Geet called out as she entered.


“Oh… Geet… Maan you both… came inside, I was about to come out.” Ravindar said.


“No problem Papa… is everything done can we leave.” Geet said little hesitant.


“Get the photos done first then take your seat. I need one last signature in this book.” The official said as Geet sat he continued looking at Maan. “Why are you standing you can also sit down boy.”


Once they sat down pictures were clicked while the official commented “Girl, you can atleast smile for the photo. Get another photo and sit straight”


Geet just followed the instructions and signed the papers in a flash and asked “Is it done. Can we move now?”


“Yes, Geet it is done. Where is your Maa? You left her alone there. Just get her here and then you can leave.” Ravindar said showing his little disappointment on leaving her Maa alone there.


“Oh… sorry Papa, I was in tension so I missed it. I will bring her right away.” Geet ran from there to get her Maa.


And once Keeratana was inside both Maan & Geet left but only after Ravindar saying “Drive slowly and be careful Maan and take care of our Geet. She is our princess.”


“Papa… he will take care. Can we leave please?” Geet almost pleaded and once they got the nod. They just flee from there.


“Geet, keep this certificates with you and be careful or else Anu would get it done from me only again. And I definitely don’t want to come in this crowd again.” Maan said as both settled on the bike. “Thank god you are not in saree today; see how comfortably you can sit.”


Geet just gave a pat on his back with the same certificates laughing at his comment while Maan said “Careful don’t crush the poor certificates with your anger.” And went on troubling her as Geet settled behind him and they raced carefully to the hospital.


Geet left all her guards for a while as she captured every moment of Maan. She had already thought to cherish all this memories down the lane of her life. When ever she is alone she had to just rewind back to these memories. Her every moment of happiness was securely captured and kept for her perusal when the need of a companion was felt and not in exist. These would save her from any loneliness but she just hoped that moment she never has to face. She was still in her thoughts when she felt a jerk making her realise what her position was Geet had completely leaned on Maan as her head rested on his back with the certificates file in between them and her one hand was on his shoulder supporting her on the ride.

“Geet we are here…” Maan spoke but that felt like alien as words were not even falling in her ears. For another second she was blank then she realised Mrs. Mehra was waiting and she was back to her patients.


As Geet entered her cabin even Mrs. Mehra followed her wave of relief passed through Geet & Anu as everything was settled in time. And the happiest was Mrs. Mehra to find there lovely doctor all bright, happy and as energetic as she always will be. Once she was treated her cabin doors were banged and in came the Dr. Maan with his wide smile announcing the lunch break.


“Sorry senior doctors I have lunch date in the canteen with Dr. Shekar to discuss regarding my scholarship for post graduation so if you could excuse me.” Dr. Anu said leaving the cabin but then barged in quite immediately asking “Dr. Maan, my certified certificates please.”


“That’s with me, here you go and yes all the best.” Geet said and smiled as she witnessed Anu running away.


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