Speculative Curse – Part 11

Speculative Curse

Part 11


First light of sunlight had started to emerge when Dr. Maan dropped Dr. Geet at her residency after their night duty. It was less than 24 hours and Geet had already finished her second ride on his bike and from 1st ride to second one thing didn’t leave her; that was the bright smile which was plastered on her face. Geet lazily walked till the swing feeling the morning breeze remembering her last day how Maan had made it very special for her.


It was at the time of lunch when Maan had broken into Geet’s cabin with his lunch bag and Anu had run away saying her date was waiting for her. This was not the first time they were having lunch together but certainly after a long gap as after Anu joined they never had got this chance. Geet did notice Maan being extra happy & smiling today so she thought to enquire it.


“Maan, what is that which has made you extra happy today? You don’t seem to stop that smile.” Geet questioned.


“You want to me to tell you the truth or …” Maan raised his doubt and leaving that in mid.


“Maan, if you want to share it tell me or else you don’t have to lie to me.” Geet said bit disappointed at his withdrawal as they were now in terms of sharing many secrets.


“Okay I think I can share it with you, actually you are looking breath-taking beautiful today in salwar. Why don’t you wear them regularly? Not that you look less ravishing in Sari’s but still you look more lively and young in this.” Maan said with his dazzling smile.


“Not again Maan, I am fine this way; I didn’t get time or else today too I would have been in the same attire. I am here to treat not to worry about my looks” Geet replied rolling her eyes as he had yet again brought this topic but this time she replied as earlier her mother was just next to him. What would her mother think when someone comments on her daughter’s attire.


“All right I will not talk that now but undoubtedly afterwards but now I wanted to give you this.” He took out a pair of ear drops shining in the bright light. “The moment I saw them; they cribbed to me saying they wished to adore your empty ears. So I got it for you.” He placed it in front of her.


“Maan, I can’t take this.” She outrightedly rejected it.


“Geet, see it is matching your dress too. And look at these how sad they are feeling being rejected.” Maan made a face showing how gloomy the earrings became.


Having enough of drama Geet accepted that ear drops and pushed it inside her bag when Maan again started “Geet, wear them please.” Now she didn’t know why but saying no to him was becoming difficult for her. Thinking he would stop his pestering she wore them but whom was she judging. The moment he was done he complimented her but again complained that these ear drops are being missed by a pendant attached in the mid of a chain. He took that out a matching pendant and placed it before her cutely asking her to wear them and keep the heart of the small ear drops.


After a long time after debating with him she finally took that delicate chain in her hand and securely fastened around her slender white neck. This time Geet started before Maan started any of his further emotional blackmail “Maan, my appointments are waiting.” Off course even Maan’s were also waiting so he reluctantly left her again to meet her at coffee break.


Once Maan left she thought to take them out but her hands were just not in a position to part with those. And then Anu was also back and even she complimented them as she was for the first time witnessing Geet with any jewels.


“But Dr. Geet still there is one thing which is missing, you know what?” Anu asked for which Geet cutely replied a no.


“A bindi on your forehead, wait I have it then you would look perfect.” Anu said and immediately ran to get one from her bag. Even before Geet could say something Anu had placed it in middle of her eyebrows.


 If Anu was less Maan was back with his coffee break to trouble her more as he had got yet another thing for her and that was a set of bangles that too were matching with her set. Geet was now getting suspicious about how he got all for which Maan easily told the truth “Geet, yes they are all came in pack. I am just giving in instalments.”


“Maan, what is it? Why are you giving me all these? I can’t take these?” Geet finally said what’s running in her mind.


“Geet, I am just too happy today so just giving gifts to all whom I adore. You know I got things for even Anu.” Maan said making Anu to jump in happiness but was short-lived as he continued. “But then thought Avi is there for gifting Anu. So I left them at the shop itself.”


“What??? You didn’t get me gifts. Avi will get me a gift that’s different but you are also supposed to gift me.” Anu said pouting cutely.


“Who is Avi?” Geet questioned.


“Avi aka Avinash… Anu’s love interest and my best friend in school.” Maan said as Anu turned bit red remember Avi.


“You both knew each other before it self.” Geet enquired.


“Unfortunately Yes.” Maan said making a sad face for which Anu came back with files to beat him and Maan continued “I pity Avi… he will have to bear this beast.” That was it Maan had to face the wrath of Anu for teasing her. After the initial shocks Geet recovered and supported Anu “Maan that is the limit, our Anu is too innocent and cute. You can’t call her as beast but a beautiful doll.”


“Okay if you ladies team up. What can poor boys do? Meet you lady again at the dinner.” Maan said as he bid bye and walked out.



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