Speculative Curse – Part 12

Speculative Curse

Part 12


Today had been really wonderful for Geet was that because of gifts or was for the special attention by Maan or moments with him or was that because of the awareness of the love story of Anu. Everything seems to be quite pleasant but still there was some kind of trouble alert which Geet was sensing. She would have thought more but then Maan came and all those alerting sense took a nap and she expected him to come up with yet another thing to trouble her but to her surprise he was quite and happy self as he usually will be.


A little disappointment she felt as her expectations were not met, seeing him quite she just chided herself to anticipate more from him. And why should he anyways give her at first place why did she expect it. She was here to just capture moments from far not to force herself into him. Her all complains vanished as Maan started took out food that was Geet’s favourite and he shared it with her too. So that it self was enough for her to be happy and decided not to get affected with these things as in future there could be more than this.


Even for dinner only these two were there as Anu had left early that day. But when these two were together they never needed anyone else too. Maan called Geet to the couch to discuss some of the latest journals that was the usual way they used to spend the night. That’s how they always started and ended up with speaking all kinds of topic and when the night would turn into a day they would have not even known.


But today it was different they chatted, they teased, they fought but before even knowing Geet droopy eyes won and she just slept resting her head on the couch but that wasn’t comfortable and slowly she started to search that comfort spot and at last she did found that his shoulder. What more can he ask for his love was next to him and with full trust she had slept on him. First she just rested her head on him then slowly her hands to made way to support herself from not falling. He just held her and just cherishes that feel of her thinking “Who knows what brings the first light of next morning? Will she accept their doings or just walks out of him?”


Maan was never in the favour of getting into trouble with her but when elders planned everything he couldn’t have said nor done anything. They had given him some days to make her change the decision but Geet didn’t budge. A week ago Geet’s Papa had come to visit him to tell his final decision but Maan had convinced to give the effort a little more time. For which Ravindar had said “Maan, next week I would ask if she wants to marry and if the answer is No. I won’t hear a word from you or Geet. You both will have to do what we elders have planned.”



“But uncle it’s your daughters life, how can you just plan a collusion against her.” Maan said.


“Maan, if she is stubborn then we, her parents are nothing less. If she could take decision for her self for not marrying without even consulting us for our happiness then we can also think of her happiness and take decision for her. When you came with your parents the other day asking her hand even after what she had done to you that time itself I planned to give her hand to you. But knowing Geet I have to plan this with your parents.” Ravindar had given his decision on that day. Remembering Geet’s Papa’s words Maan just slipped into a deep slumber still somewhere worried about morning sun.




With the crisping bird sound coming from her mobile Geet woke up feeling a little ache on her neck as she looked around to have found herself on Maan. How could she have just slept on him? Usually they used to be so busy with chatting that sleep never knocked anyone but what was it that yesterday they slept and that to her on him. She thanked the heavens above for making him a sleepy head and her act could be hidden from him. It would have been so embarrassing for both.  Offcourse she knew his efforts to make her agree for being his better half but she can be only bring bitter not better things.


She moved out collecting her bag as she had to go her home to freshen up. And as if missing her aroma he got up only to find himself alone in Geet’s cabin. “Oh… where did she run away?” Maan thought as he grabbed his coat and reached his bike. Her house is near and must be on the way as that was her regular time to leave after night duty.


Geet had just stepped out and was walked a few steps when a bike stopped next to him. She was already embarrassed to have seen her self on the morning and if he does these things how was she to keep her little heart under control. Before she could say or do anything she heard him say “Hop on, I will drop you home.”


“It’s just next lane, you don’t have to take the trouble I will walk.” Geet said.


“Geet, don’t start morning itself. Hop on.” Maan said and looking at his worried face she didn’t want to argue more and just followed his words.


Next moment she was in front of her home and she got down slowly and was walking away without looking at him when she felt him hold her wrist and handing another gift pack in her hand. Before she could gauge that he had left her to ponder about it.


Now she was all the while smiling as she sat on the swing to check the pack and she found a pair of sparkling anklets in them. Without any hesitation she tried that too now as there was no one to look at her.


She entered her home all bright and breezy to find her papa busy with the newspaper as she wished him “Good morning Papa.”


“Good morning Geet, how was your night duty?” He enquired.


There was a little pause she answered “Wonderful Papa. I will move to get ready”


“Geet, can you get the red file from my study.” Ravindar asked.


“Sure Papa.” Geet said and went to look for the red file in the study but as she took that there was something else which caught her attention. Her photo was inside another file which was below this red file.


Curiosity took over her and she opened the file to read the words “Certificate of Registration of Marriage”. Furthermore to that she couldn’t read a word her eyes was struck to only one thing photo’s printed on them. It was a picture of Maan and Geet’s taken together.


She didn’t have to read a word but understood the rest. Who all could be a part to the conspiracy against her? Only tears made their way out while she took the file in her hand to get her answers from the person who was the in charge to whole plot.



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