Speculative Curse – Part 13 (Last)

Speculative Curse

Part 13


“Papa, here is your file.” Geet said handing over the file.


“Geet, I asked for the red one. Not this one, don’t worry I will get it myself.” Ravindar said and got up to get his file.


“But I thought you would want to look into this one.” Geet said knowing very well her papa will not accept.


“If I had not reviewed it before then I would have glanced it Geet.” Ravindar said determined.


“Then you know what this is?” Geet asked coldly.


“Yes I know.” Ravindar accepted.


“Why Papa, you know everything still you did this to your own daughter. How can you just get me married with anyone? Haven’t we discussed this issue before too at that time you just agreed to do these things behind my back?” Geet questioned.


“I had clearly told you that time Geet. I will only agree for now not for ever.” Ravindar stated.


“You could have at least told me before doing all this scheming.” Geet said at least she would have escaped it from this trap.


“I asked you Geet the other day we have another family asking for your hand. And you mercilessly said no, so we planned it all without you knowing anything.” Ravindar told her reminding the other day how he had asked her.


“But you said you want me in the registrar office for property registration.” Geet questioned more as the helplessness feeling was building inside her.

“I never mentioned it Geet. You just seemed to presume that it was a property registration.” Ravindar reminded her about her presumption.


Geet felt like bursting into tears hearing her Papa went against her wishes. How could they only think of her daughter momentary happiness? But she needed to know everything before accusing anyone. How she wished she could go back in time and change things. Her blind trust on her parents has landed her in a deep trouble. Why did she have to sign those papers? Her one mistake has pushed Maan into danger. The thought of Maan made her frenetic, she ran to get her mobile; she had to know if he was fine.


She dialled his number but then it was unanswered making her fume more against her parent’s deed and at the same time she was scared out of her wits. She shivered with the mere fear that now that she is married could bring harm to Maan; no… no…. nothing should happen to him. She repeatedly said to herself that he is safe but then her heart wasn’t at peace. A tremor passed through her as her calls were unattended.


Silent spectators to the whole change of Geet emotions were her parents, who were amazed to see this side of her. Disappointment on break of trust by her parents to a living nightmare to assure her self that he is safe and sound. Unable to look at those tears and trembling figure Keertana tried to calm her “Geet… Geet… How could you think evil about him? He is your husband.”


“Maa… Don’t call him like that or else his life will be in danger.” Geet said still freaking out but not leaving her attempts to reach him.


“Geet… Why are you thinking all negative? Why are you so much worried about him? He will be just fine.” Keertana tried to assure her.


“How can I not worry? He doesn’t think about himself but I have to because I love him Maa I love him. How can I put him under threat? Why did you do this Papa? Why?” Geet was getting uncontrollable by her parents.


Just when Geet thought she would take up some serious action her world got back its harmony. The serenity was filled in her heart when she heard him “Geet…” She turned to look back at him to ensure he was fine and no harm was touching him.


Maan couldn’t be in peace knowing her parents had decided to disclose the news of their marriage in first thing in the morning to her and they didn’t want him at that time. Geet may not want to speak with him in front of her. And her reaction to that was what he had been dreading. Without bothering about anything he just made his way back to Geet’s house. But as he entered he was blessed with hear her confession that she loves him, somewhere he knew her madness which was also a reason why still he was unable to get those words out from her mouth.


Hearing him Geet ran to ensure his well-being. “Maan… Why didn’t you pick my call?”


“I was driving Geet; I didn’t hear my mobile ring.” Maan said calming her.


Once Maan was in front of her, she realised why she had to face this nightmare. “Maan, you knew everything then why did you take this devastating step.” Geet yelled on him.


“I know what I have done Geet. It is my wish to marry you and have you as my life partner. You are one who could be in my every up & downs of my life. You are one who could mould yourself to me without any hitch. You are the one with whom I can spend entire life and still I wouldn’t feel I had enough of it. You are the one whose smile would make me energetic.” Maan went on explaining Geet what position she holds in his life but she was not in the condition to listen to them.


“How can you be so selfish? You only thought about your happiness. Do you have any idea how I would live with you. Every second I would live with a fear, fear of losing you. This marriage could have made you mine but I reality I am married to the fear of losing you. Fear of feeling that any harm towards you is because of me. It doesn’t matter whether anyone would accuse me or not but I would know it that the main person responsible is me. And me only.” Geet wailed reasoning out her reservations.


“Geet, listen to me…” Maan pulled her to make her look into his eyes. “I love you… I … Love… You… And it doesn’t matter to me if I live for a day or for ever but I want only to be yours and only yours. Further about you being curse to me would have harmed me long back as I had accepted you as mine long back. These signing off of the papers are only a formality. You can’t just disgrace our love Geet. Fine let’s accept your terms of understanding the future, according to you as you are my wife I will not live long right and being my wife it becomes your duty too to fulfil my every wish.  Then fulfil my last wish till my last breath never ever make me feel I am at my death-bed.” Maan nailed finally at her vulnerable point.


“Maan…” was all she could utter as her hand still rested on his lips when he had uttered those worst words for any wife. How could she fight when Maan says anything like this but laying down her arms accepting to his wishes.


“Geet… We are waiting for your answer. Will you marry me with all the rituals? Will you give the happiness of being a bride to your parents? Will you accept me as your husband from your heart without any absurd customaries?” Maan probed Geet to voice out what was in her heart. “My life would be ecstatic with you only if you are part of it and without you I will have to live a cursed life. Would you want me to me to live a cursed one.”


“No… I would never want that for you. Any pain any curse it has to be for me only mine. This is my promise no matter what happens I wouldn’t let any harm near you. I would be your shield to all your problems.” added Geet with difficulty as tears clouded her vision barring her to see the happiness of her the acceptance.


With her acceptance everyone was happy and Maan wanted to just kiss her but then he was aware of his surroundings both her parents were keenly watching them so he controlled his urges with just pulling her into his embrace.


Without any delay Keertana dashed into kitchen to get sweets while Ravindar took his mobile to share this happiness with Maan’s parents. Unknowingly it give the privacy to the newly wed couples as Maan sealed the deal till eternity with his kiss on those rosy lips which had accepted him just few seconds before.





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