Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 7







Part 7


Silence was surrounded around me. Neither he talked nor did I want to. I just closed my eyes to get some rest but back of my mind all the day events and the design for the project was what still running in my mind. Suddenly I felt a tug on the shoulder where my Saree was pinned which I surged it off thinking it must be accidental tug but then it was happening every now and then. Every time he changed the gear I would feel that tug reason my saree’s pallu was between the gear handler and his hand. He was testing my patience apparently which always ran out of stock in front of him, my husband. I turned towards him to give a reply when he shifted the gear again and the sudden pull made me fall on him.


“I didn’t know I will be rewarded like this if I came to pick you.” He said with that smile on his face which only increased my irking feeling.


I abruptly got up and settled correctly with buckling the seat belt which I had earlier missed. But couldn’t stop answering his question with vex “why do you care? Do you even know what all I went through today? You didn’t even call me to check how I was all day?”


Before Geet could continue he interrupted saying “what you do in office is not my concern wifey. Yes, if someone is troubling you tell me I will take care of them?”


“What if it is my boss?” Geet questioned having one of that naughty smile as she could get even for today’s trouble.


“Then it is even simpler to deal with.” He replied with a smile which confused Geet.


“How can that be simpler? Came an instant reply from Geet.


“You leave that boss of yours and join my company as co-md.” Was his reply with a wide smile on his face.


“You want me to give up. Just like that even without trying.” Geet asked little disappointed with the words of her husband.


“Geet if you have decided not to listen to me then why do you ask. However tell me when was the last time you actually followed my words?” He mocked at her.


“No I am not a rebel but then with you I turn into one.” She innocently accepted what was happening with her somewhere guilty to have heard those words from him.


“I can help you if you are willing to build a dream castle but not if you are trying to dig your own grave.” He said as there talks turned suddenly serious and also bringing quite distance between them.


Seeing her gloomy made him more guilt of vanishing that glitter off her eyes. He only wanted to put smile on that face; happiness flourishing out of her is what he wanted. Then to think about it, if he was able to take that happiness out then he was the only one who even know how to bring that smile back too. One of her weakness was she was very ticklish a slight brush over her waist would make her dance. That was it; he deliberately changed the gear in a way that he had to brush his elbow over her waist. Geet shifted more towards the door giving him plenty of space to drive without those touches but what can she do when her husband was hell-bent to make her laugh. After some unsuccessful attempts the car did echoed with her fits of laughter as his fingers made its way on her waist.


“Pl….Please stop” Geet pleaded but then how could he ever stop that laughter.

“Promise me you will share with me everything that’s going on your mind” He whispered into her ears as he had already leaned over her placing a kiss over her forehead.


But then his mind was fast enough to turn naughty as he slides his finger over her arm to rest it just above her heart as he again whispered “And also in your heart.”


Both were ready to dive into some other world when they were brought back with the loud sound of horns of the vehicles, making them realise they had just stopped in the traffic signal and now it was there turn to move.


“Prem… we should move…” Without any delay he rolled over.


“Geet… you didn’t answer me…” He asked Geet as she had turned silent again.


However he forgot he was asking Geet, who will never easily accept other words without any hanky panky but definitely she was back to her naughty self as she asked “I was just thinking if you could complete my 3 project works tonight.”


“Only 3, I could easily do that but if tomorrow your boss asks you to do presentation how will you manage.” As stated earlier he did saved her how she was digging her own grave here.  


“See this is how you help your wife.” Geet pouted and started her complains “Babaji he never listens to me. Always he does what he wants and then will say I… Geet never follows him. He always likes me to be in trouble.”


Same time Geet felt him poke her shoulder as he opened the door for her and said “Geet, I don’t mind staying the car for the night with you but Maa would be worried for you, so can we go in.”


“Did you see babaji, still he doesn’t leave a chance to taunt me.” Geet again complained.


And before Geet could say anything more he just took her in his arms as he walked into his home. He was worried not because of her blabbering but she had some many things lined up for the night and she was not understanding the depth of repercussions if she failed which he never intended for her. It would be his failure not hers.



Once they were inside Maa had been relived to find her children safe and sound. Everyone had their dinner early and Geet was the first one who ran to her room as food entered her stomach so did her brain started to work making her realise she was yet to prepare the designs for her so-called mad boss. And he wouldn’t mind slaying her with his words or even with his that look which makes her tongue-tied.


Geet’s patidev entered their room only to witness his wife drowned into the files while she was scribbling the some things in a note pad. He called her “Geet…” but then as his expectation she didn’t even move he actually wondered did she even hear him. Shaking his head he slowly went behind her, made himself comfortable behind her on the bed and leaned over her shoulder to look at what she was looking deep into.


He slowly slides his hand next to her waist and took her notepad without making his presence noticed. Looking at the scribbling of Geet, he wanted to bang his head. Without realising where he was sitting he said “what do you think you are doing?”


Geet was startled and fall back only to get herself safe in her prem’s arms. “You scared me.” she complained as though it was said in normal tone the proximity between them was so less that she got scared.


“Why are you wasting my night with all these papers?” He questioned Geet.


“What… I am wasting your night…. here I am tensed how to finish the drawings but rather than helping your wife you are telling me that I am wasting your night.” Geet told him feeling very bad at the situation she was struck at.


“Then what else should I do, you are neither working on completing the project nor letting me have my sleep.” He said as he took the papers from her hand. “Actually after looking at these notes, I think you would be a very good Secretary.”


Geet looked at him shocked to hear him say something like this after doing her interior designing degree. “I am an interior designer not some secretary.”


“Then why are you drafting the minutes of the projects rather than designing” He said pointing out the right way.


“But we actually do it this way. First minutes then draft after that final design.” Geet said her usual procedure that they follow.


“Situation now is different; if you want to follow those methods then it will take a week to complete these many files. Good luck for that and since you have plenty of time keep all these things aside and come let’s sleep now.” He said yawning.


“If that’s what wanted, I could have designed 2 projects by now.” Geet said but as she looked her tired husband she continued “You sleep, I will join you in a while. Tomorrow at 10 I have to handover these, so I have plenty of time left now.”


“Okay, if you could manage it, I would get some sleep. Let me help you settle these in study.” He replied while picking up the files for her.


Mean while Geet was busy with settling the bed for his sleep. As he came out of study to complete atleast one design for the night ends for her. And to her surprise, drawing board was set, all the necessary equipment set for her use. Who else could think other than her prem. A sticky note was attached to it which said: Make it fast…. I need you next to me ASAP.



Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 6



Part 6

From today I am assisting Sasha in designing and she being a broad minded lady welcomed me and my ideas. We hadn’t been into any informal chats yet but definitely some day we would then I could find out where she gets those patterned cotton saris. Well I had only a month more to find that as my elder sister Rajani’s birthday is approaching fast. And I had to gift her some of those saris to her. Only one issue was here that was time, it just flees here as your hands are so occupied with the work that with the start of the day you will find the night too. No mercy is shown even if you are short of breathe or short of spice in life.

Tired of these modus operand I thought to lighten up everyone’s mind. And the very first person who needs to taste this medicine was our own MB. But how the next was question and as they say where there is a will there is a way. And one good opportunity to play awaited for me.

“Geet… I need a favour from you, fill these details and complete the formalities I need to rush for a briefing.” Minal said as she was hurriedly picking all the drawings and notepad.

“But what are you filling…” I questioned

“I will tell you later. Please fill it up before the window expires.” Minal sprinted away leaving me behind to crib about mad boss who will blast her if she was not punctual.

As I started doing Minal’s work, my brain just gave a marvellous idea it was the blind date site and I filled in all the details for Minal and also another profile of our dearest mad boss. And now I just have to wait for the already mad boss to erupt on finding my little twist. It didn’t take more than few minutes for the eruption also as all of them could hear the voice of our boss roaring at people who called. Well his reaction was also justifiable as in his profile I had specifically mentioned as only boys, girls excuse. The whole office was actually lightened up with talks as each one of them had there own speculation about the new fuss about the boss and his irritated calls.


Client was in dire need of presentation and I hadn’t still reviewed them. So Arjun, Adi and Minal were waiting for me in the conference room and as Minal started to lay the drawings my mail box started to flood with mails and the same time even my phone started to get numerous unwanted nonsense calls. At first I was patient but when it increased I couldn’t hold back myself from blasting them.

Once it can be a mistake but then these many times can’t be a coincidence. Taking this matter up I asked Arjun to finish the discussion and I came back to my cabin to check the source of my new trouble.


The first mail said thank you for registration Mr. MSK, then someone had done this deliberately as all the details in the profile was correct. To find the culprit was not a big task to the well known MSK…


First thing first I checked the CC TV coverage to know any suspicious activity. But everything was normal and then I checked the video of the time when I received the first mail.


Second thing which I checked was the report from the IT department to known from which computer system accessed the said website… It didn’t take more than a few minutes to know who was behind it.  It was Geet… I marched out to show everyone I am the boss here and nobody dares to defy’s it.

“Geet…” I screamed out her name.


I was shirked out of my thoughts as I heard my boss roar out my name.  He marched in towards me as a hungry lion ready to pronounce on the poor deer. I gulped in as he called out my name again with whole staff witness the commotion.


I felt like running away from there but the intensity with which that dark orbs looked at me numbed my legs. If only I could have kept my gaze locked with his for few more seconds I would lost track of my own as drowning into those depths was not difficult. That would have invited more trouble for me so to save myself I had only one option that was to bow my head and listen. And all I could do was mentally cursing my luck to have lost the scuffle without even raising a finger.


His words were like daggers slitting my heart, how can someone be so heartless. I had only intended to relax everyone from being a machine. May be my timing was wrong; indeed very wrong as he went on declaring his work load which is still impending his glance over them. And I am being so silly to have wasted his precious time. My vision was getting blurred as tears started to form in my eyes hearing him unleash his frustration of work on me.  I could feel the anguish in that voice like I let him down which slit through my heart resulting in more grief. Against my will a drop of tear made out of my eyes but I managed to rub it off before making it evident. That’s when I heard a more determined voice of him declaring the verdict.


“Sasha get the x, y and z files ask Geet to finish them of today. It seems she has plenty of time to waste. Lets us utilize some for our work.” Maan declared his verdict and within seconds 3 bulk files were in front of Geet while he continued “I need the sketches for all the 3 projects on my table by tomorrow morning and you are not taking any help from anyone. Hope I am clear with it.”


Geet could just meekly nod at him as she was wondering who was she to read all these files understand the requirement and also think a design for them. Invariably her head went towards the roof complaining to her babaji. Typical Geet sharing her troubles with her babaji even before trying to think of a solution. But she was brought back to reality with her boss’s thunder.


“What are you all looking at? Get back to work.” Maan said looking at the crowd which witnessed the show. And with his one word everyone was more concentrated on the work rather than the things around them. His gaze went towards Arjun who had come out of the conference hearing Maan roar. However it looked like Maan wasn’t ready to spare anyone today.


“Arjun… Is the file ready for presentation?” Maan questioned him glaring.


“Almost Boss…” Arjun said gulping in while increasing the temper of Maan.


“I need that in 15 mins on my table.” Maan roared again before he left to his cabin.




It was 30 minutes past 8 and neither her son nor Geet, her daughter-in-law showed there faces yet.  And as if hearing to her plea, she was graced by her son’s face walking in while speaking on his mobile.


One look at his maa, he knew there was some trouble as worry was written all over her face.


“Maa what happened? You look really pale. Where is papa?”  He had a long list of questions for her while he looked around to find his Papa & Geet.


“Where were you guys? If you both had plans to stay out late couldn’t you give us a call?” His Maa complained then continued. “Now where is Geet? Why is she taking long time to come in?” Maa looked behind trying to find Geet behind her son.


“What Geet is not home yet?” He questioned and before he could hear any answer he was already calling Geet’s mobile.



Here in office Geet was all engrossed in the file x. Page after page were turned while she made note of the important details in a notepad. She turned another page when some sound got her attention. That was the sound of her mobile vibrating under some papers. Quickly she got hold of her mobile only to hear a frantic voice of her husband.


“Geet where are you? Did you even look at the time?” He started his grilling session.


“Oh my dear swami, calm down, I am still in the office working on x file. And don’t you know how to check time that you are calling me to know it.” Geet replied while she glanced over her watch to inform him the time as “It is 9 only…what already 9? I thought it is just six now. Minal did ask me while leaving but I thought I would finish looking into this file in another 30 minutes and would leave office. Oh you are already in home; I had planned to prepare snacks for the evening. Maa would be waiting. Today we had to try masaledar vada, you know all our planning went in drain.” Well Geet would have continued with her cribbing had she been not interrupted by her hubby dear.


“Geet, pack your bag & come down. I will be reaching in 5 minutes.”


“What you are driving while speaking to me?” Geet enquired him showing her anger but quietly did pack her bag.


“Who said I was speaking… I was only listening to my wife’s cribbing.” smirking as he stated how much quite his wife is.


“Now where are …?” before she finished her question a car stopped right infront of her and the front door was opened.


“Continue your cribbing in the car.” He said as she settled inside the car.


But the memories of the day had not left her mind in mid of all these talks and she had her bag full with files. How can she disobey her boss be it however impossible task to satisfy his requirement; she has to give it a try; push as far as possible to get it correct. Citing her zeal down and withdrawn all of a sudden; he thought to peep in to her mind but then she leaned against the window and closed her eyes may be feeling tired and hungry also. However he smirked again as he had more plans to divert her mind.