Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 8


Part 8



Geet grabbed her bag, files and not to forget the most important designs which she designed almost all night that too troubling her husband. And today she was very late that breakfast was skipped, helping her mother in law with packing lunch had to be omitted, coffee chat with the news update with father in law was let to pass over and the most precious time with her husband while taking out his things for the day was left out as she had slept longer than her usual time today.


She pressed the elevator button four times in a second but that was actually testing her patience level as that was taking its sweet time to get down to her level. Rather than waiting she thought to take the stairs while she prayed to her babaji that let her reach the office in time and let the day turn into a pleasant one. Nonetheless even before her request reached her babaji and he could grant her a wish; bang….she directly collided with the trouble itself.


Her toe got struck in her own saree making her trip and bump into a person as all her files fell off from her hand, somehow she stabilised herself by taking the support of the wall beside her.


“Babaji, you didn’t hear my plea.” Geet murmered but that was quite audible to the person in front of her. “Can’t you look and walk, you made all the files to fall and now you are not helping in picking the files.” She went on cursing and as she got up picking the last file her mouth was left open looking at the person in front of her who stood with his arms crossed over his chest.


“Boss…” She said as a little fear was gulped in.


After staring at Geet with those big eyes which clearly showed his anger as he said “In my cabin now.” and walked into the big doors of the office.




In about 15 minutes Geet was back in her seat after the review of her designs; reason of her early departure from her boss’s cabin only made her fury. Without a second delay she dialled the number of that person who was responsible for her problems today.


In the first ring her source of trouble her hubby took the call of Geet and asked “Hello…. Geet… what happened? You are calling me today?” actually he was shocked to receive the call from her for the first time. She never did disturb him during office hours before.


“What happened you are asking me? Where were you in morning? Why didn’t you wake me up? Because of you I had to skip my breakfast and now I am hungry. How am I supposed to work with empty stomach?” Geet started her complains.


“Geet… I know you have a very busy day ahead but you looked so cute while you slept that I didn’t had the heart to wake you up. And morning I had an urgent meeting so was away early itself. But how did Maa let you out without having breakfast. I am sure you must have cooked some story to her. So only she let you go without.” He said clearly knowing the tricky mind of his wife.


“Well, this time I used the terror named boss name to even scare Maa that she had to let me go.”  Geet said proudly blaming everything on the boss.


“Geet… only you can do such a thing. So what are you doing now?” He asked Geet laughing off her mischief.


“Now… oh yes this reminds me, why I called you? Last night when I made the designs I wanted to show you them first and not only that I had specifically left some basic lines for you to draw it for me. But by the time I finished with designs you had slept off, so thought to show you in morning you but then you had disappeared and as I was very late that my attention was not on the design and its incompleteness of it. In that hurry I showed the same to boss just the way with those mistakes making his anger to reach much higher notch. And now I am completing those mistakes as before I could explain anything I was showed the door.” Geet said as she was placing the drawing sheets on the table.


“Geet… I told you to speak up and not just simply listen. How will he know until you don’t actually convey your view?” Geet heard his advice.


Geet was still busy with her call and the designs when a loud ring next to her caught her attention. And the same time she heard her hubby ask her “Geet is that your extension phone ringing?”


“Oh yes it is.” She said and pressed the speaker button as her hands were already busy with pencils & stencils to hold the receiver and she spoke “Hello…”


“Geet… where are you… How long would you take to complete them? I have many more appointments to deal with.” Maan’s voice echoed in whole room.


“On my way boss, I am just pulling the sheets out of the boards.” Geet said and disconnected both the calls.

Without a second delay Geet knocked the door of boss’s cabin. After continuous review finally first design was finalized after what 3rd review by boss. He would point out one or the other portion and would ask to correct them. After the second review of the design boss even asked Geet to do the final trimming and shading part along with some of his suggestions on his drawing board in his cabin to save time.  Well that was not at all surprising as many times during the review employees did use them.


“Prepare the presentation for this design and present it before me tomorrow.” Maan said


“Okay boss, shall I arrange the next design on the board for your review.” Geet asked as she noticed boss was packing his things already.


“Other two designs…. They are already finished and moved to archives. Find them from there and compare it with your drawings. Understand what all you have missed. I have some site visits today so check with Jenny and get yourself a slot in tomorrow morning for reviewing this presentation. Along with that I need a self evaluated report with your designs against the archive files. So next time before planning any prank you will remember to pay more than you dig for others.” Maan said as he left his cabin with his winning smirk on while leaving a stunned Geet.




Geet reached her seat baffled of what happened in the cabin. She spent almost half a day on understanding things and so much energy went on thinking a design, drawing them accurately was not a child’s play either and more over she missed so many things for this which held so much of importance over this work. She forgot her daily work and family time for these which were not even glanced once.


“Geet… Come let’s have lunch. It is already late.” Jeeny called out breaking the trance of Geet. Without a word Geet followed Jenny while she heard her say “Geet…don’t play pranks on boss. You just are lucky that he left you with only work or else only god would know your fate.”


“You knew those files were completed ones.” Geet asked as she understood they knew the truth.


“Yes… but then we were not allowed to speak against boss.” Jenny admitted.



Geet just kept all those things aside as she concentrated on the presentation God knows what will happen if she didn’t prepare them on time. Again today she immersed herself in the project file and Minal came to call her while leaving “Geet… it is 6. Come we will move there is a rally planned today at the xyz road so traffic will be diverted in an hour. You will get struck if we don’t move now.”


Before Geet could reply her mobile rang apparently she had not kept that on silent as her husband had persisted. Name flashing always brought a smile on her face no matter how anger or disappointed she was a smile never failed to form on that lips.


“Where are you Geet…?” He asked.


“Where else I would be? Still working in office itself.” Geet replied.


“Okay… pack your bag and come down in 5 minutes.” prem replied.


“Yep see you in 5 minutes.” Geet said and turned only to find Minal with a teasing smile.


Looking at the glow on Geet’s face Minal had guessed whose that was and the moment Geet saw her she replied “You aren’t joining me today also then.”


Geet nodded while she packed her bag without any delay. And both left the place together while Minal didn’t leave a chance to tease her as prem was coming to pick Geet. But there was no time for Minal to wait for him as the traffic diversion would start in a while and she had to reach home before that.


As Minal left a car stood infront of Geet waiting for her. And without a delay she sat and started her Ramkatha to eat her husband’s head. She went on narrating each and everything pin to pin so that he gets irritated but that was his wish to hear her just like she said everything to her babaji. Knowingly or unknowingly she just was fulfilling his wishes.




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