Speculative Curse – Epilogue

Speculative Curse




Geet felt a bit relaxed after her nap in the afternoon and first thing her eyes stopped at the frame of their wedding on the bed post. She couldn’t help but to take that in her hand as she rested them close to her heart. How she wished to hold him in real, how she wish to get lost in those strong arms which always had made her believe that she is secured from all the harm. A tear escaped from those hazel eyes as she missed him more than her breath. That’s when she noticed her mobile next to her bed and involuntarily her hands went to message Maan. Geet could only type one line…. “I miss you!!!!.” furthermore restlessness was added to her heart when she didn’t receive a reply from the other end. It had been 20 days before when she had received the last message. Another tear fell out of her eyes on realising she didn’t know the where about of Maan anymore.


Yet another drop of tear fell on the face in the frame which sends her back to the memory of the day she could never forget all her life how Maan had religiously became hers. But things never remain same just like from the day she got to know about her tricked wedding. On that day when their parents were busy in fixing the date, venue and even menu for each of the events at one side while at the other end ladies were discussing about the shopping arenas which is best for jewellery, dresses and not to forget gifts. Seeing the huzzle buzzle, elders asked us to freshen up as we had just returned from our night duty. I had led Maan to my room as we were reminded of our very first conversation but then we had come long way from there. Now we were married and still going to be married too.


“Maan would you mind; if I use the wash room first.” Geet said as she broke the silence as she needed some time alone of all these things at one side and at another the assurance that he is safe.


He just nodded as he was still absorbing things around him. But I could feel his gaze on me as I was moving towards the dresser to pick my change of clothes.


I picked one of the light blue Saree of mine as I kept it over the partition and turned to move towards the wash room but then Maan wasn’t there in room. I wondered where he went just then I heard him answer his mobile in balcony. A sense of calmness again settled in me though I promised not to get affected by my fear, it was beyond my control to not worry about him. He was a part of my heart from a long time which I had wanted to oppose even to my own self. As associating him with me even in my mind could invite trouble.


Once in washroom drops of tears fell off the rim of my eyes as it no longer could stay hidden in those eyes. A little time alone would always help but I still doubted whether I would fulfil that promise to forget my fear so easily. Today I took more time to complete my shower than usual but still the heaviness in my heart had not reduced a bit. Accepting him was not difficult but overcoming the constant fear which rose right from the bottom of the heart was definitely difficult everytime he would be away from my view.


As I stepped out, I could feel him follow my moves but without meeting his eyes I rushed into the dressing room. How could I leave my clothes at the dresser and come out in the bathrobe but when I was about to close the door of the dressing room a hand stopped me from doing so. With a slight push he was inside with me alone in that small room bringing in another fear of anticipation. My hands shivered a bit and eyes downcast afraid to view something which she may not be able to fulfil but he surprised me with his words this time.


“Geet…look at me.” His fingers raised my chin making my face clearly to him but I had my eyes closed. “Will you accept another wish of mine?” 


A sense of accepting his words had already seeped in and involuntarily my head nodded without hearing what he may ask for. I felt his hands pressing mine with something in between. My eyes flew open to check what that was, only to find my salwar suit in front of me. “Wear this for me, no more those pale sarees. You look marvellous in these suits.”


It was one of those suits which I had bought it on Maa’s persistence but never wore it. And when Maan asked how I could deny him. 


“Geet will you promise me another thing” Maan asked.


She wasn’t in a position refuse any thing and again just nodded.


“Geet, my few words or your promises wouldn’t make those fears vanish from your heart and though you may not make it obvious to anyone I know you hide that turmoil behind tears but hiding it would only hurt you rather would haunt you. So I would want you to let them out if not to others atleast to you could share it with me. And most importantly I don’t wish to share my place with anyone in your heart.” Maan said and thought exactly how that was to be done now that there weren’t many barriers left. Ever thing can be sorted out with just his love.


As those words left his lips I covered that little distance in between them melting into his embrace and letting out all those what had been concealed deep within my heart. Speaking out everything would pay way to sheer understanding and also develop this relation with strong base. After our little confrontation to give a positive start we were back to our family to know that 20 days are left for our weddings.


Downstairs the elders were ready with their plan and they didn’t impose any restrictions of not meeting before marriage as they knew we work at same place and being doctors we don’t get too much of leave. Along with the preparations so did our relation start on an official note. We spent most of our times in serving patients in morning hours but our regular breaks were used in building a relation or soothing my heart. Yes the fear did lurk around me everytime still but then a constant message or call did make my heart to be at peace. Maan started to plan and inform the schedule to me in advance so that I may not get any worry about him. And when at emergency time I was always informed beyond his regular time. Night duties were a blessing in disguise which actually helped in being together. Sleep which was a very short affair for so many years now in his secure arms felt even shorter as I didn’t wanted to move away from him.

Days passed faster and we were married even religiously and as we dreamt we worked to serve the people together we made a pair with which things were falling in place but all things change their course in due time. Exactly the same happened as I started to feel ill and tired but I never did skip being with him nor did he stop me. As still I couldn’t have let him go alone nevertheless even that days had to pass and I was back to my routine. He was being little more careful with me; I could feel it in his actions. Knowing him and his whereabouts always kept my fear at bay and gradually Maan not being infront of me would make me miss him more than worrying about his safety.


485 days 6 hours and we were inseparable but after that here I am bound to be here where as he is away from me. Not a word I have heard from him in past 482 hours, I haven’t been able be with him now. How I wish I could follow him even now just like before. And every minute away from him feels like my life is drained out of me. Before I could think anymore I felt a pang in my heart and next second a cry was left out. However the cry brought more happiness as my life came back to me. Yes, my son cocooned safely in Maan’s arm as he tried to put our 20 days old son back to sleep.


Without a second delay I held him in my hand to quench his hungry. And within some more seconds he his back to his deep slumber. While I smile at Maan as he take our son to settle in the crib. I close my eyes feeling content of living this life with Maan had I sticked to the plan of mine I would have missed so much of happiness. A hand rested over my arm involuntarily my head is rests over his shoulder while my hands clutched his arms and with my eyes closed I hear him “Geet… You must be tired, sleep for a while.”


I turn over him as I rest my hands over his waist not letting him go away from me even for a second but not a word comes out from my lips either. Making him wonder what’s wrong with her, Geet and listening to his words that too without a fight.


“Geet, are you fine??” Maan enquired but was surprised to hear not a word from her but she just pressed her self more into Maan. Geet always did that when she wanted to hide something or not wanting to answer him. And he knew how to make her speak too.


“Geet, you have changed… nowadays you don’t share anything with me.” Maan complained as always.


Geet smiled as he started with same sentence everytime he had to make her speak. But today she wanted to just hear him, feel him. She could cherish this time only until their son wakes up for their attention. In last month they have not got a minute properly, first it was his conference and next once their son was born; one or the other relative would disturb them. Can anyone believe 20 days and they didn’t get a second alone nor was given a oppurunity to speak. Either I would have slept due to tiredness or he would be out on night duties as our prince needs my attention even during night-time.


“Geet… Geet…” Maan again called to get any response.


“I missed you…” Geet said as she snuggled more into him if it was even possible. “It has been 484 hours and we haven’t spoken to each other.”


“You left adding 43 minutes Geet. I missed you too.” Maan said.


“Liar… then why didn’t you reply to my message.” Geet cribbed.


“Which message?? What message?? Let me see, pass my mobile from that lamp stand next to you.” Maan said suggesting he had not seen it either. “I kept my mobile here and taken our son out as he was about to cry. And as I had just returned from hospital that was still in silent and you missed seeing next to you.”


“I don’t know all those things. You didn’t reply that’s it” Geet proclaimed.


Maan was ready to fight her but then it was their son who own as his slight cry made them come out from their world. “Look our son is in my team, even before I could say he is crying complaining to you.” Maan winning smirk a little as he went to pick him up.


As Geet took him to feed she said “Not only him but even I am in your team as you wanted it or not I am your curse, speculative curse with whom you will have to deal with life long.”


“You know I love to live this curse. Love you forever.” Maan said embracing both of them together while he kissed on her forehead.


“Love you too.” Geet said as she resting her back on his chest.




4 thoughts on “Speculative Curse – Epilogue”

  1. Loved the ending beautifully done so cute they had a son loved that she got over her fear amazing thanks for the pm.

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