Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 11


Part 11

Maan Singh Khurana marched into his office taking long strides while scream on of his Bluetooth indicating his awful mood. Without any delay everyone were potraying to be busy in their work and not lurking around so as to get in bad books of the boss. But one question was running in everyone’s mind who is going to save their head if got caught in wrong foot. Nevertheless there are some who wouldn’t keep quite at any situation same was the case of Minal, who went to Sasha maam to give her work update and also crib as her regular listener, Geet is on leave today.


“Maam, today MB’s mood is terrible along with it Geet is also not there in office today to save us.” Minal cribbed to Sasha as she showed her drawings for approval.


“Minal, even if Geet was here. How would she save you?” Sasha asked confused at Minal’s thinking.


“Well if Geet is here then half of the day MB’s attention would be occupied with her as either Geet would have kept some project work pending or would be busy with her husband calls grabbing quite a lot attention towards herself.” Minal explained.


“Poor Geet, she gets to face temper from MB everyday; let her enjoy this break atleast peacefully. A newly married working for so long would be difficult still she managed to excel under one of the tuffest boss. You just be careful and just do as the MB says in today’s review meeting” Sasha advised before dismissing Minal.



Here inside the cabin MSK finished blasting his assistants in call and as a usual practice dialled the extension to check with other project updates but as he dialled the number he realised what he did. A smile invariably spread on his face as that was Geet’s extension and she is not available in office for next 12 days. With the mention of Geet he was reminded of the things which unfolded last evening without any delay he dailed the number of his wife to check on her and as if she was waiting for that one call it was answered in first ring itself.


“Hello… I thought you were resting but look like you were waiting for my call.” Maan said.


“It is all because of you that I am caged in this room. Had you been a bit considerate about me then I wouldn’t have to be face thing like this.” Mrs. MSK cribbed to him.


“Now what do you want me to do? Here the project has to be started and my presence is very much-needed but no you want me to sit before you as you are getting bored taking rest. You are supposed to be taking rest and till you are fine you would continue doing the same.” Maan said.


“But now I am perfectly fine there is no dizziness giddiness nothing.” She cribbed.


“Okay no dizziness but what about nausea, though doctor said it is normal but I am not taking any chance.” Maan declared his verdict.


“Please let me out from here.” She pleaded to be heard but whom was she requesting.


“We can speak about it when I reach home till then happy resting with your Kavya Maasi.” Maan ended the call as at the same moment there was a knock and Minal came in for the scheduled meeting.


And needless to say she heard the talks of Maan Singh Khurana with his wife and her smart brain analysed that very soon her boss would be promoted to new designation in life “Papa Singh Khurana”. She further thought it would be very good news to spread in the office and to keep up gossip mill running with more speculations along with this.



It was third day after the meeting success in which project was awarded to Keerthi Designs and Geet without delay had left alone to her maternal home to enjoy her stay with her sister and her family. Though it would be very memorable for her there would be a slight pinch along with it as her parents would not be there when she would reach. They would have left for the wedding of some other relative which they couldn’t miss and at the same time they didn’t want to miss welcoming their two daughters for the first time after Geet’s wedding. But the two daughters had sent them off by saying they will have their siblings fun and they can take their own time to come back.


But when Geet reached the place she was left shattered as her parents had left the place an earlier and her sister Rajani has also not reached and was not coming as her husband family decided to go on different plan all of a sudden. Now in the big house of her parents she sat alone without anything idea what to do.


As her mind slowly started to work, she called her husband prem but then was surprised to know that his phone was out of reach that happens only when he is travelling in plane. Now where was he planning to go was all she could ponder upon. No other option left she called her every sweet mother in law for help.


“Maa…Your son is not reachable. Do you know where he is?” Geet said almost at the verge of crying.


“Geet, what happened? Are you crying?” Geet’s mother-in-law enquired.


“Maa…” Geet went on to explain her current problem in hand. “What do I do here alone Maa? My own sister forgot me.” Geet cried for getting struck in that big house.


“Geet… Your husband is also not in here. He will be out for another 6 days or so. Why don’t you come back?” Her MIL suggested.


“But Maa…my plans everything went in drain.” Geet continued to drop more pearls out of her eyes.

“Geet…donot cry Geet… does your crying solve the problem… will your sister come there now” Geet was again being cajoled by her mother in law. “Okay lets plan something else, you had mentioned the other day that your office people were going for a trip. Which place was that?”


“I don’t know, I never gave attention to what they were planning.” Geet said bit apologetically.


“Then find out where they are going… you might even get a chance to go with them if they still have a seat for you. Even you can enjoy with them, if not for family you will have friends to enjoy with.” She suggested.


“As you say Maa… but let me know when your son gives you call.” Geet said.


“Geet…. Don’t worry he will call you once he is available in network.” MIL said as she disconnected the call.



Geet after some more thinking she tried calling her Sasha maam to enquiry about a seat for her. Atleast she would be able to have a little peace with everyone around her. If her plans failed that didn’t mean she couldn’t rejoice seeing others happy faces.


“Hello … Maam… Am I disturbing you…” Geet asked as Sasha picked her call.


“Hey Geet… how are you? You must be having great time with your sister.” Sasha said.


“Maam…” Geet sniffed a bit to control her cry while she blurted out her side of the misery.


“Geet… you don’t worry we will have some extra seats in bus too. We can easily accommodate you. Girl… pack your bag and reach the bus stop at early morning at 4 at this xyz place.” Sasha said as she disconnected the call.



“Hello…” a crocky voice of man answered his phone call after a couple of rings.


“Your job is done. It is confirmed that Geet has left her parental town.” A low melodious voice of a lady replied at the other end.


“Good. Keep me informed.” He said with all smiles.


“But…” She said.


“Don’t worry she would be under safe hands.” He said.


“That is the only reason why I am helping you.” She said. “I don’t want even a single drop of her cry be wasted I would ask you the account of each of her cries.”


“So much calculation you need for her. Is she that important for you.” He said.


“Yes, very very important my son’s life is dependent on her.” She said. “And my son is my life. So very much important she is for me.”


“Okay I will take care once she boards the bus but till then I want pin to pin update.” He said and terminated the call while he thought “No one gets their way against me. I am Maan Singh Khurana and I will get what I want.” As he drew the drawers of his cabinet just under his table to extract a picture of Geet in it and a laugh echoed on its own accord.



Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 10


Part 10

He didn’t want to close the door on her face that too when he heard his name from her like that but then he forced his attention towards the impending call which was buzzing to be picked up. Family will have to wait for his attention as right now this call was his priority.


Clients were right in front of him and without delay he started giving presentation. It was done by his subordinate Geet which he had reviewed and finalized. Over a period of time she had emerged as a shining star but yes she still tested his patience as always she would be on call and he will have to scream at her only then would listen to him.


Back to presentation, an hour passed by but there was still many details present in it to highlight. As the discussion started everyone was sure that what would be the conclusion. There was not a stone left unturn by Keerthi Designs that the clients could object and the deal had to be finalized in their favour.


Next issue came when the deal was to be signed but who was in the possession of those papers was not known to anyone as everyone was clueless about it.


That could have been postponed but then the clients were already to fly back to their place directly from KC. And one of the condition on which clients were okay with conference call was if the deal is cracked the papers had to be signed and first signatures would be from KC end so that they could carry a copy with them immediately.


Nevertheless when things were to happen they will that too without letting any obstacles to create its effects. Exactly the same way the file was brought out by Geet and she presented the file on which MSK had signed infront of the client and the deal was sealed off.


Once the deal was seized MSK was off the call and all the employees at the office let a sigh so that they can celebrate the deal without any boss banging on their head with work. Boss are meant to make you work till you fall and report them till you live.


Sasha came out of the conference room along with the Geet saying “Geet, you just saved the day for us. Did you watch boss face when you got that file. His face was beaming with happiness.”


“No need to thank me maam. It was even my hard-earned sweat” replied Geet.


“Yes, it was all yours. Now you carry on I will manage the rest.” Sasha said. “First I need to check with boss about the next plan as the impending trip should not be cancelled.


“Okay, just let me know what is decided and if you need me just give me a call.” Geet said.


“Geet, why don’t you join us for the trip. It would be really enjoyable experience. We get this opportunity only once in a year.” Sasha said grinning but Geet looked bit confused so Sasha continued “To rob the boss, he is paying for the trip.”


“Oh…but I will enjoy with my family…” Geet said having a bigger grim plastered on her face.


“This is also similar to family trip. We all are going with family. Ask your prem to come along with you. Even we all want to meet him.” Sasha said.


“Sorry Sasha… but my sister Rajni is coming too. She has holidays so if I miss this time then it will happen only next year. That would be too long.” Geet said.


Both would have continued for long had there not been a call on Geet’s phone and both went off to their respective work.



Here back in Khurana’s house Maan was very excited but then he had many other preparations to complete. His team was waiting for his orders before they all immerse themselves in party he had to add-on to their responsibilities for next stage. In front of his work he even forgot that it had been 3 hours from the time he closed the door on the face of his wife. What she had to face and what were her worries when she was not even heard by her own husband.


Just moments after Maan shut the door; Disha came and took her “Hamsa Babhi, where are you… Help me in selecting the dress for the evening.”


With the talks going on in the room finally it was decided that everyone would visit the temple and then go to mall for shopping. Temple was on the uphill and lot of walking had to be done to reach the shrine as vehicles were not allowed till the shrine. This walk enabled the young ladies that is Disha & Hamsa to get more time spend with each other.  Hamsa showed the places around the temple too by the time the elders made it to the bottom of the hill. Kavya Maasi was so tired after this visit that she said the rest of the plan would be postponed to tomorrow. And anyways the evening meet was more important than roaming around the city.


Keerthi Khurana and Disha were having their usual chat in Disha’s room when Maan barged in asking for his wife and Disha replied “Bhai… even I am waiting for her. She said she would be here in a minute but it has been already been 30 mins and we are still waiting for her to start.”


“Okay, she would be around only… Anyways Maa I am very happy today. We got the deal.” Maan said. 


“That’s really good news. See with Kavya here you won a new deal.” Keerthi said irking her son.


“No maa it was not because of Maasi but it was because of Geet. She made the designs, Geet only prepared the presentation and today Geet brought the file too on time or else the deal was at the nick to be cancelled too.” Maan said having a delightful smile but that was short-lived as at the exactly same moment Maan noticed Kavya Maasi standing right at the door and her expression clearly showed she had heard every word of his and her anger was clearly visible. But what amazed him was his wife who stood behind maasi and tears were freely flowing from her eyes.


“Maan…” Maasi screamed out of her lungs and anger was “This is not we expected from you. How could you? You are hurting your own wife. Look at her she is so sweet and innocent, how did your heart even allow in betraying this soul.”


“Maasi, what happened, what did I do and why is she crying…” Maan asked looking confused at these two ladies.


“What happened… you are asking me…okay I will tell from the beginning” Maasi started to tell why she is reacting like this. “You must have not known that we had gone to the temple and had planned to go for shopping which you were supposed to take us but then your wife said that Maan is tired, so for a while he would rest so why don’t we go to temple by that time even he will be free and can join us bit later. I was fine with that idea but then our bad luck that I was tired and my legs were hurting even to put a step forward so we had to cancel it but as usual none came to help me. Why? Because I am always harsh at everyone so none will come to my rescue. I know that is price I pay for my rudeness but then here she came to me when I was still struggling to apply the spray. So kind of her that she helped me even after my harsh tone at the table today morning. I thanked her and said you are perfect for our Maan as you have the patience to take his anger. You are lucky as even Maan loves you or else he wouldn’t have come to the table morning and avoid me along with the clashes. But the reaction I got was just heart breaking as she turned silent, sad, gloomy and I even saw a drop of tear in her eyes. When I probed her then she spat out that out Maan is seeing one of his staff. She joined his company quite recently and has achieved much more than anyone else could have. First she ignored it but then when she got to hear the constant talks of them and the praise he would do she was sure of it. I actually didn’t believe her at first and thought to expose her true colors infront of you all but after listening to Maan now I am sure Hamsa is not wrong in thinking what she said.”


“And the way Maan now was giving credit to his staff I am sure he is betraying his lovely wife and look at her. How much she should have concealed it in her. How could she tell this to her own in-laws that their son’s play? She isn’t even able to cry freely.” Kavya continued while she engulfed Hamsa in her arms.


It was not even for a minute when she lost her consciousness and fell lifeless on the ground as Kavya couldn’t handle that much weight but couldn’t stop herself from taunting Maan as everyone gathered around her. “Look, what have you done to her? You have made your wife pregnant at one side and at the other side you love one of your staff.”


“Maasi… Not a word more I would want to hear from you on this. I know how to take care of my wife and also my loved ones.” Maan said in his heavy tone as he picked his wife in his arm and walked out of his mother’s room.





Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 9


Part 9



The clock was about to scream announcing the time as 5 but even before that could break the silence or even before the eyes could open his long fingers was already to stop the alarm while his other hand went in search of his wife but then there was none beside him. In a second his eyes opened and in the next blink he heard a screeching sound of washroom door giving way to the mist to cover his view but he could clearly hear the harmonious humming coming admist of the mist. And in flicker he was on his toes drawn to the white mermaid while his fingers pulled those hairs which were tied up in a bun leaving behind a streak of droplets on the floor.


“What’s the hurry today…” He whispered into her ears standing right behind her.


But words were struck in her throat as his fingers were running on the rim where her sari was tucked and was turned around to face her husband inches apart from meeting the serene delight but that to wait as there was a loud knock on the door they were brought back to reality and were miles apart from each other though they stood infront of each other.


“Bahu…Get ready and come down before Kavya comes.” Said her lovely mother in law Keerthi Khurana.


After this interruption, Maan had rushed to follow his routine while Mrs. Maan Khurana was getting ready to appear as elegant as she is. In about 30 minutes Maan was all set in his study designing some project as today he had thought to miss his scheduled exercise as today he would be bound to be struck in his home. A house arrest to be precise, Yes the Maan Singh Khurana was today pushed into a situation where he couldn’t instruct as it was his mother’s direct. And more importantly it was for his wife as Kavya Saxena wouldn’t accept anyone so easily nor would leave a chance to taunt for silly things.


Twin sisters by name but not by nature as they both were contrary to each other. Keerthi was sweet and witty; she knew how to handle people smoothly without hurting others while Kavya was straight forward who had the gut to tell anything on anyones face. Resulting in Keerthi being liked and loved by everyone where as Kavya was left out of the herd. Everyone welcomed Keerthi with open hands and was a centre of attraction, once the topic of Keerthi started it never used to stop until the day ends, which turned out to be a gap between the sisters and as the days rolled by Kavya’s envy only increased.


Maan was very close to Kavya and Disha to Keerthi initially but then as they grew up and these sisters didn’t meet up for a while as Mr. Saxena shifted to Delhi making Maan turn more towards his mother Keerthi and also became independent. While Disha still held that warmth towards Keerthi, which added more fuel to Kavya’s envious nature.


Today was the first interview of Disha with some business man in Mumbai and that was the reason why Maan was forced to be present at his home today. At the same time there was an important project presentation to be given to the investors on the same day. Files, presentation and budget everything was ready but who was to handle the investors. Boss, Maan was busy with his family and neither of the things could have been postponed.


It was on Keerthi’s persistence that Kavya & her family were there in Mumbai today while the business was important to Keerthi Desgins and in turn to Khurana Constructions too. Maan was in a double fix as today what were he chooses he would be at the loosing end. And only option Maan could think was he connected with the investors through the video conference and then the deal could be fixed there while the Kavya Maasi wouldn’t hurt anyone on the family either as he never left. He could always explain an hour break with some sleep or bath.


Very soon it was time for breakfast and both families arrived on time. One side sat Mr. Saxena with his wife Kavya Saxena beside her was their daughter Disha Saxena while at the other side sat Mr. Khurana with his wife Keerthi Khurana at right while Maan sat to his left. Men sat there discussing the affairs of the business while ladies were getting updated in their lives while the young siblings were involved in their own world when suddenly Kavya announced quite rudely “Keerthi, is your bahu planning to kill us by making us starve. Where is she? Don’t tell me that she doesn’t even know how to cook or to even serve us properly.” Which earned quite a few glares from the corners of the tables but none replied as they knew it would only agitate the fuss than reduce it.


Taking the cue Keerthi thought to check up but then stopped as the she saw the breakfast was being rolled in a trolley. She got up to help in serve but then another taunt was ready from Kavya “See I told you, Hamsa doesn’t even know how to serve also that’s why you want to help her. Right Keerthi.” And then she turned towards Disha and said. “Disha, Why don’t you teach your Babhi how to serve breakfast? I suggest why don’t you even teach some cooking too while we are here.”


She was so busy in suggesting and ordering things around that she missed to see when her breakfast was served in her plate but then looking at the opportunity Maan commented “Maasi, why don’t you finish your breakfast then you might just get more energy to complain. Anyways it tastes best when you finish it while food is hot. You can eat as much as you want, don’t feel shy to ask more as my wife makes tasty food.”

Well that was enough to shut her mouth with plenty of tasty food for a while. But then with her stomach getting filled up Kavya’s brain too got more ideas to trouble Maan Singh Khurana.


“Maan, we were thinking why you don’t take us all for shopping now. Anyways we all are free till evening right.” Kavya exploded the new idea.


Maan who was already in splits as to how he would cover his absence now another problem waited for him. Neither could he accept it nor could he refuse it blindly and earn another set of taunts but had to dodge it cleverly. Nevertheless whom was he trying to bluff as before he could formulate an excuse Kavya spoke “You don’t have to think so much to refuse my words Maan. It is clearly written on your face you don’t want to take us out.”


Kavya turned to her sister and spit her venom “Keerthi, look how much he has changed after his marriage definitely your daughter in law has done some black magic.  He, who wouldn’t think twice to stay in home even if we came here before stayed to welcome us but only to be beside his wife but can’t take us out for our happiness.”


“Enough not a word more Maasi.” Maan roared in anger.


“Look he is now even opposing me, definitely some thing is wrong with him.” Kavya continued to taunt turning disappointed towards Hamsa.


“I am done here.” Maan left the table after looking at the pleading faces of his mother.


Looking at the retreating figure of Maan, Kavya turned her whole attention towards Hamsa, her new unguarded bait who was all set to run behind Maan to ease him from his anger but how can Kavya let that happen. The moment she moved to run behind Maan she was stopped by Kavya’s next set of words “Now you will run behind your husband, what will happen to us. Who will serve us and take care of our needs.”


That was enough to stop her from moving away from the table and take care of the Saxena family. None spoke anything else as every word spoken was taken wrongly and disbursed quietly to their respective rooms.


This was the opportunity Hamsa was waiting so as to check on Maan. Silently she slipped into her bedroom only to find it empty but the sound in next to their room confirmed the presence of Maan in the study where he was arranging for his conference call. She had locked the door not to let anyone witness what happens within.


Her hesitance was quite evident with her reluctant steps but she had to face him and atleast try to reduce the anger. She thought to call him but was stopped by Maan’s words. “Don’t disturb me now.”


“But…” She said still standing at the brim of the entrance.


Maan came up in front of her and said “Not now.” And closed the door of the study on her face.


“Maan…” was all she could utter before leaving that place.