Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 11


Part 11

Maan Singh Khurana marched into his office taking long strides while scream on of his Bluetooth indicating his awful mood. Without any delay everyone were potraying to be busy in their work and not lurking around so as to get in bad books of the boss. But one question was running in everyone’s mind who is going to save their head if got caught in wrong foot. Nevertheless there are some who wouldn’t keep quite at any situation same was the case of Minal, who went to Sasha maam to give her work update and also crib as her regular listener, Geet is on leave today.


“Maam, today MB’s mood is terrible along with it Geet is also not there in office today to save us.” Minal cribbed to Sasha as she showed her drawings for approval.


“Minal, even if Geet was here. How would she save you?” Sasha asked confused at Minal’s thinking.


“Well if Geet is here then half of the day MB’s attention would be occupied with her as either Geet would have kept some project work pending or would be busy with her husband calls grabbing quite a lot attention towards herself.” Minal explained.


“Poor Geet, she gets to face temper from MB everyday; let her enjoy this break atleast peacefully. A newly married working for so long would be difficult still she managed to excel under one of the tuffest boss. You just be careful and just do as the MB says in today’s review meeting” Sasha advised before dismissing Minal.



Here inside the cabin MSK finished blasting his assistants in call and as a usual practice dialled the extension to check with other project updates but as he dialled the number he realised what he did. A smile invariably spread on his face as that was Geet’s extension and she is not available in office for next 12 days. With the mention of Geet he was reminded of the things which unfolded last evening without any delay he dailed the number of his wife to check on her and as if she was waiting for that one call it was answered in first ring itself.


“Hello… I thought you were resting but look like you were waiting for my call.” Maan said.


“It is all because of you that I am caged in this room. Had you been a bit considerate about me then I wouldn’t have to be face thing like this.” Mrs. MSK cribbed to him.


“Now what do you want me to do? Here the project has to be started and my presence is very much-needed but no you want me to sit before you as you are getting bored taking rest. You are supposed to be taking rest and till you are fine you would continue doing the same.” Maan said.


“But now I am perfectly fine there is no dizziness giddiness nothing.” She cribbed.


“Okay no dizziness but what about nausea, though doctor said it is normal but I am not taking any chance.” Maan declared his verdict.


“Please let me out from here.” She pleaded to be heard but whom was she requesting.


“We can speak about it when I reach home till then happy resting with your Kavya Maasi.” Maan ended the call as at the same moment there was a knock and Minal came in for the scheduled meeting.


And needless to say she heard the talks of Maan Singh Khurana with his wife and her smart brain analysed that very soon her boss would be promoted to new designation in life “Papa Singh Khurana”. She further thought it would be very good news to spread in the office and to keep up gossip mill running with more speculations along with this.



It was third day after the meeting success in which project was awarded to Keerthi Designs and Geet without delay had left alone to her maternal home to enjoy her stay with her sister and her family. Though it would be very memorable for her there would be a slight pinch along with it as her parents would not be there when she would reach. They would have left for the wedding of some other relative which they couldn’t miss and at the same time they didn’t want to miss welcoming their two daughters for the first time after Geet’s wedding. But the two daughters had sent them off by saying they will have their siblings fun and they can take their own time to come back.


But when Geet reached the place she was left shattered as her parents had left the place an earlier and her sister Rajani has also not reached and was not coming as her husband family decided to go on different plan all of a sudden. Now in the big house of her parents she sat alone without anything idea what to do.


As her mind slowly started to work, she called her husband prem but then was surprised to know that his phone was out of reach that happens only when he is travelling in plane. Now where was he planning to go was all she could ponder upon. No other option left she called her every sweet mother in law for help.


“Maa…Your son is not reachable. Do you know where he is?” Geet said almost at the verge of crying.


“Geet, what happened? Are you crying?” Geet’s mother-in-law enquired.


“Maa…” Geet went on to explain her current problem in hand. “What do I do here alone Maa? My own sister forgot me.” Geet cried for getting struck in that big house.


“Geet… Your husband is also not in here. He will be out for another 6 days or so. Why don’t you come back?” Her MIL suggested.


“But Maa…my plans everything went in drain.” Geet continued to drop more pearls out of her eyes.

“Geet…donot cry Geet… does your crying solve the problem… will your sister come there now” Geet was again being cajoled by her mother in law. “Okay lets plan something else, you had mentioned the other day that your office people were going for a trip. Which place was that?”


“I don’t know, I never gave attention to what they were planning.” Geet said bit apologetically.


“Then find out where they are going… you might even get a chance to go with them if they still have a seat for you. Even you can enjoy with them, if not for family you will have friends to enjoy with.” She suggested.


“As you say Maa… but let me know when your son gives you call.” Geet said.


“Geet…. Don’t worry he will call you once he is available in network.” MIL said as she disconnected the call.



Geet after some more thinking she tried calling her Sasha maam to enquiry about a seat for her. Atleast she would be able to have a little peace with everyone around her. If her plans failed that didn’t mean she couldn’t rejoice seeing others happy faces.


“Hello … Maam… Am I disturbing you…” Geet asked as Sasha picked her call.


“Hey Geet… how are you? You must be having great time with your sister.” Sasha said.


“Maam…” Geet sniffed a bit to control her cry while she blurted out her side of the misery.


“Geet… you don’t worry we will have some extra seats in bus too. We can easily accommodate you. Girl… pack your bag and reach the bus stop at early morning at 4 at this xyz place.” Sasha said as she disconnected the call.



“Hello…” a crocky voice of man answered his phone call after a couple of rings.


“Your job is done. It is confirmed that Geet has left her parental town.” A low melodious voice of a lady replied at the other end.


“Good. Keep me informed.” He said with all smiles.


“But…” She said.


“Don’t worry she would be under safe hands.” He said.


“That is the only reason why I am helping you.” She said. “I don’t want even a single drop of her cry be wasted I would ask you the account of each of her cries.”


“So much calculation you need for her. Is she that important for you.” He said.


“Yes, very very important my son’s life is dependent on her.” She said. “And my son is my life. So very much important she is for me.”


“Okay I will take care once she boards the bus but till then I want pin to pin update.” He said and terminated the call while he thought “No one gets their way against me. I am Maan Singh Khurana and I will get what I want.” As he drew the drawers of his cabinet just under his table to extract a picture of Geet in it and a laugh echoed on its own accord.




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