Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 12


Part 12


It was quite a chilly morning even birds would have not come out of their nest but the staff of KC were all set to ride on towards the trip destinations. Arjun had ordered for a luxury bus. That had large and comfy seats in it to have a hassle and stress free travelling. It came with only one disadvantage that was it reduced the passenger capacity but luckily there was no problem as the required and available seats was one and the same.


All the staff had agreed to reach one place so that it would be easy to start the journey and also at the early hours of day, even before the day starts they wanted to leave the town to avoid the hectic traffic. And as this was the trip none had to be pursue everyone at what time they had to start as they willingly came on time actually they were before the scheduled time.


Arjun was checking the arrangements before the started and supervising to keep the luggage, when he saw someone walking towards the bus with a trolley alongside her. When the person reached near them he saw Sasha greeting that lady. He went towards her to know who she is and why she is here and was surprised to see that she was none other than Geet. But why did she look so worn out, eyes swollen as if deprived of sleep or has she been crying. 




Geet walked briskly as not to miss the bus, she knew they wouldn’t leave without her as Sasha maam knew that she is coming but then she didn’t want them to be kept waiting. What if everyone was ready and waited for her only. It was better to wait then to make others wait for her. They were already helping her with the last-minute request. She followed the way as Sasha maam had guided her location before hand and even at the wee light of morning hours she easily found the way and also the bus. All the people were moving in and out to get themselves settled. That’s when Geet could see Sasha maam coming her way to greet her.


“Geet… glad you came early. Everyone is already here so we can start in about 5 minutes.” Sasha expressed her happiness but when she could see the condition of Geet in the lights of the bus she asked “Geet… you couldn’t speak to your husband yet.” For which could only nod her head for a no.


“Oh my poor gal, cheer up may be his cell phone is out of charge or even the connectivity may also be not there. Don’t worry he would be fine cheer up. Smile baby.” Geet faked a little smile but remained silent as her heart bleed to be alone like this.


Both ladies got into the bus while Sasha searched for a place in the bus. Two seats were there in either side of the bus and plenty of space in between the rows so as to enable to incline the seats into a 3/4th backwards to lie down as a baby. The night journey planned shouldn’t disturb the required sleep to be energetic. All of them had settled themselves in the seats. It was only the first set of seats which were empty so Sasha asked “Geet settle in this row, take rest and some sleep.problems don’t get solve just straining yourself. What ever happens is all for good only.” Saying so Sasha left Geet alone and went to look for her family but Sasha still had to confront Arjun.



“Sasha… What is Geet doing here???” Arjun asked and for which Sasha reported everything from the time Geet had called.


“Are you out your mind Sasha? We are having limited seats here? How could just ask her to join without asking me. Do you know we will now run short of a seat? Boss would be arriving with his family anytime and I had allotted the front seat to them. Now where will we give them a seat? You don’t expect me to tell him that boss you both can settle beside the driver in front cabin.” Arjun fumed on Sasha.


“Oh common Arjun, Boss never had turned up in our previous trips. What makes you think this time he would change his mind and will grace us with his presence.” Sasha mocked back.


“If you have forgotten let me remind you now he is no more single but a married, I mean a family guy. So he definitely would want to spend time with his wife and would come on this trip too. And he is in constant touch with me to know each and every details of our plan. To add another point he has kept himself so busy last week in work because he didn’t want to create any problem in the business flow. No tell me from which angle you want me to believe he would not be here.” Arjun countered back.


“But I thought he is busy because his wife is not felling well and must be under bed rest.” Sasha said wondering now was Minal correct or not in her prediction.  


“That I don’t know but now that you have created the problem you will be the one to solve it too.” Arjun said showing his hands up that now he can’t do anything.


“Arjun… don’t scare me. Just call boss and ask him whether he is coming or not.” Sasha requested him.


Arjun dialled Maan’s number but then it was unreachable “May be some network issue.” Arjun said. “Let me try again… and this time it did get connect but it was now engaged.”




Maan sat in his car a furlong away from the pickup point quite hidden from the eyes of this staff but he had his eyes set on the bus awaiting for his love to give his heart a bit peace. That was when he saw his car display board showed him that an incoming call awaited to be picked up. A smile came on his lips seeing that name on his screen.

 “Hello… Maan…” Lady on the other side spoke in her sweet voice which echoed inside the car as the mobile was connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth.


“Yes…what’s the latest update.” Maan asked his eagerness quite evident in his tone.


“She has reached xxx place which is near your pickup point. She would be on foot so will be on board in another 5 minitues.” She said making Maan to smile even more. He only knew how he was trying to be patient as he sat here and waited for her glimpse. While he was still on call he started his engine and came near closer to the pickup point to make sure he could see Geet. And it didn’t take a minute before Geet came dragging her bag behind her. He just wanted to go in front of her now and take her in his arms but then he had to wait for his driver who would drive back the car to his home.


“How does she look?” the lady asked


Maan who was so lost in her that he didn’t realise he was still on call and he replied too “As always Beautiful but…” He stopped when he realised he had spoken what was there in his mind aloud.


“Is that so… I should have been there to see that…” She said. “I am sure she would be tired of all the running she has done.”


“Not just tired even may be exhausted and also drained.” Maan continued what he had in his mind.


“It is entirely your mistake Maan. If you had spoken little earlier we could have saved so much trouble but no you had to keep your mouth shut.” She complained


“Common Maa… I had it in my control but no your daughter-in-law had to pull of that little stunt and make my plan go haywire.” Maan cribbed.


“Now don’t blame my sweet DIL. She did what is her right. You couldn’t have just imposed your decision on her without any proper explanation.” She supported her daughter-in-law.


“Sweet and your DIL don’t go hand in hand maa. Don’t you know what all I had to hear from your own sister? If your DIL was right in what she did then even I am right in what I did at that time” Maan said remembering what all had transpired after his confrontation with his Kavya Maasi and also quite sad how it had come out.


“Maan… I know what happened but then the problem was your hiding and not expressing what you desired. I am telling you again if you had spoken before itself all these things wouldn’t have happened and you would have spared many people with the despair. I would have helped you before itself. All I wished was to see you happy nothing else. Leave the past behind now go get your girl. I want my family happy not sad.” Keerthi said and hanged the call there.


Maan took out his bag and made his way towards the bus while he handed over the keys to his driver who just arrived. As he entered only dim lights were on and all of them had slept itseems, he wondered where Geet was, how was he to search her but before that he was greeted by Arjun in the bus and who guided Maan towards an empty seat and the bus started without a second delay.



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