Avow to abide by you

Avow to Abide by You



It was pitch black in the garden and how was I to find her, for a second I thought it would be better if this darkness would be there when I face her. I wouldn’t fumble with my words atleast or get lost in her eyes. But then I had to see her only then could I take a breath of relief. It had been quite a while that I have wanted to express what I feel for her but every time I had been infront of her words had always failed to form in my mind, let alone speak to her. I had to find her and that too very soon or else I would go mad. After spending 7 days away from her where I couldn’t even get a chance to see her. That’s when I decided it was time I had to convey it to her. As if someone hearing to my wish path lights on the either side of the stomp stones switched on illuminating the whole path which was ready for me to walk on it.


I could sense her around me but where was she? I look around the garden only to find that other parts of the garden was still in darkness. Only this path had lights on which was like laid out for me to reach her and without a second delay I start to walk on that to find my price at the end of it where she choose to wait for me below the arch in aqua blue and white lehnga making her look as elegant as she is. I was glad that she had her back towards me or else she would have known how nervous, excited and also anxious too to know her answer. Each step which I take to close the distance seems to raise my heart beats in double rate.


But suddenly my mind questions me “What will I say to her when I stand before her?” I stop few steps behind as I realise that it had totally slipped my mind. “I should atleast get some gift to her. What will I find now that too here? Oh yes flowers, bright yellow and white lilies would be best. I have to find them and give her atleast flowers to her.”


I turn around to look for some in the garden and fortunately just like it is said in the novel written by Paulo Coelho (‘The Alchemist’) Original: When you really desire something with your heart & soul, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it! I find the best one all set that too in my hand. How & when did I get them? I wonder but then this isn’t the time to think all those but to tell her what I have been feeling for her.


One step and I would have her in my arms but unless I confine the deep desires of my heart to her and until she accepts them I have no right to have the heavens in my arms. I turn back at the last step fearing her rejection. My heart can already feel the burden of that thought. Yet again to my surprise I feel the bliss when I hear her giggle. She might have seen me struggling and even she couldn’t help but giggle at my plight. I without any delay turn back to face her but she isn’t there. Where has she gone? “Now is not the time to hide.” I say to myself somewhere fearing if I delayed I may lose her.


I want to find her but there is only silence everywhere. Where did she go I wonder? That’s when I feel a tap on the shoulder. There she stood crossing her hands over her chest while raising her brow towards me as if asking why I was behind her.


“I love you…” I say without a thought. Only one thing could be heard and that wasn’t a pleasant laugh but was that of a slap. All that could be heard was “Wake up Maan. It’s time to move on.” I still stare at her unable to believe the words which I heard. These can never be her words, her eyes still emote, the love for me then why was I hearing again and again “Wake up Maan. It’s time to move on.” “Wake up Maan. It’s time to move on.”


Finally opening my eyes as slowly realisation draws upon me as the words start to get register in my mind what I have been going through. It was yet again one of those nightmares which I wanted to get rid of from couple of days. How could I forget such a serious thing? Every day after switching off the mobile I get lost in wondering where she has gone and when she would return in turn I forget to change the ringtone of my alarm from “Wake up Maan. It’s time to move on” to something else. And every day I have to get up from the same dream. No no the biggest nightmare of my life.


After cursing myself with the morning quota, I rush towards the window to check whether she could grace me with her presence today but to my utter dismay of mine she is still not back. Thousands of questions formed in my mind “Has she left this PG?” Or “Has she gone for any vacation” Be it anything I had to see her. I run my fingers through my hairs feeling frustrated of the situation I am struck at. Suddenly the doors of the balcony opened and I wait with abated breath to catch a glimpse of her. But then today is not my day as it was her friend and not her who came out.


In the opposite building stayed a bunch of girls with Supriya aunty who runs a PG whose balcony opened towards my window. Never did I know who stayed there who left there but the day I saw her 6 months back in one of the bright mornings in this same balcony everything changed. That day I had a pending presentation to be prepared so I was busy in it and that’s when I had seen her coming out of glass doors of the balcony out of the veil of hairs in front of her face blocking it for me to see clearly but how long could she hide from me. Next moment she pushed back all of those tendrils back and was rubbing off the water after her shower.


And from that day I had watched her secretly every morning the same way from this window even my gym has shifted to my room as I didn’t wanted to miss this time with her. As her college started at 9 her stay in balcony was fixed as she would be busy drying her hair or with her tab in one hand and some books which were always kept in side table for her instant reference. Was that a novel or text-book that she referred so many times is all I could wonder. As her expressions changed with every line she read like she emote what she read in the book.


I was still be lost in her thoughts had my cell not started to yell to get my attention. The name made me shudder a bit and after another second I finally managed to take that call.


“Good morning Boss.” He said.


“Did you finish the work assigned to you.” His boss questioned “We need to meet the deadlines. I don’t need any excuses like last time.”


“Yes boss. It would be on your table by the time you reach the office.” Maan said but he clearly knew it wasn’t ready to be presented and as the appointment was given to him in afternoon. He was pretty sure the work would be completed in time. But whom was he kidding to his boss. He could never ever outsmart his Dad that too when he in his boss appearance. Every time his Dad called in morning it had to be because of work. He always gave a head start when a trouble was awaited for his son.


“That’s great, as the project is ready why don’t you accompany me to the meet in morning in that way you would get more exposure towards the young aspirants thoughts.” His boss continued to boost him but right now he was thinking ways to finish the work and also attend with boss the meet.


After about 10 minutes of his call Maan was ready at the table having breakfast that too in a hurry as Maan had to be with boss in the car in next 15 minutes.


“Bro, Have your breakfast slowly. Your boss wouldn’t eat you up if you are late.” Anjali said as she saw her brother Maan eating hurriedly. “Or is it your girlfriend coming to meet that you are in such a rush.”


Maan thought it was better to eat at that time than give her suitable reply but his eyes were showing his anger and also helplessness. Anjali was the only one who knew Maan’s interest in a girl whose name is Geet but apart from that she didn’t know a thing more. But even with this small information she never left a chance to tease her Maan Bro.


“Anjali, have your food and leave to your college. Today you are not getting late for it” Rajneesh Khurana (Maan’s dad) said dismissing the useless battering going on.


Making a sad face Anjali left for her college. Well this was the usual scene at the breakfast table. Maan always would be in urgency, Anjali pulling his leg for one or the other thing as she always linked everything with Geet while Rajneesh always restricting both of them with discipline.




In about an hour time Maan Singh Khurana along with his Boss Rajneesh Khurana came out from either side of the car in classiness that the whole world stopped to catch a glimpse of the father-son duo. Maan had his traits inherited from his father so it looked as if a person’s past & present walked hand in hand. Soon the crowd welcomed the chief guest the elder Khurana into the conference hall and Maan slipped out of the hall silently without getting noticed by anyone as he had his work to be completed before his dad turns into the boss mood. Well he always failed to speak in front of 2 people one was his Geet and the other one was his Dad.


Now Maan was in search of a quite place and also lonely place so that no one would find him any sooner. But to find that was not an easy task either as people were busy and walking up and down the corridors. Luckily he found another auditorium but then people had taken all the seats and he took one of the back seats and all of a sudden the lights were turn off but then he also wanted the same. As in that darkness he could finish his work in the laptop. Maan was about to open the system when a voice caught his attention and he sat listening to it “Zindagi ke har subah tum se shuru hogi aur har raat tum se khatam…” but then where was that sound coming from; every where it was darkness which surrounded him. In his life it was only her & he cannot be wrong in recognising her voice tell him this.


Slowly the spot light focused on the stage illuminated making him look for the person whose voice held his attention. But none of the person on stage were speaking it was only being recited by her.

As some person occupy the stage and start enacting the same as narrated by her:

This is a tale of a girl Geet who came to the new town in order to complete her study but was unaware of what had fate planned for her. It was one the same day she stepped into this town she had to found him and lost her heart to him. It was a summer morning when she arrived and the heat had already made her life hell. And in addition to that she was away from her family which added to her frustration. She got down her luggage from her taxi at the entrance and thought to walk through the driveway till her PG apartment. As she was walking taking in the surroundings she saw how well the residency was kept clean and clear of pollution. Many people were walking in the park. Many of them did stare at her as she was new to the place but that was normal she thought and walked ahead until she heard


“Fweeeehu fweeeehhu” whistle sound and followed by sweet endearment


“Hello beautiful” which halted her steps but he didn’t stop addressing her with sweet nothing


“My Pinky, my cutie pie” That words made her cross check herself from top to bottom as she was in her pinky salwar suit. Her temper raised and her nose flared in anger.


“Look at me baby. Where are you looking at? When I am speaking to you why are you looking the other way.” He continued to pester her “Fweeeehu fweeeehhu” It was the limit thought Geet. It hasn’t been an hour in this town and she is facing this. Her face turned red with rage.


She decided in the same moment she will put all of them on track be it her town or this new town of hers never will she think twice before mending people. She looked around to find something suitable weapon and luckily she got the sweeper with the broom stick that was there to clean the drive way from the dry leaves. In an instant she had that stick in her hand and without giving any second for her opponent to react she attacked in full swing.


“You fool, dumb headed dolt, bonehead, fathead, numbskull, dunderhead, chucklehead, knucklehead, muttonhead, pudding-head, thickhead, wooden-head, airhead, pinhead, lamebrain, pea-brain, birdbrain, zombie, jerk, nerd, dipstick, donkey, nutcase …” And she went on cursing the person who was in front of her nonstop for another 5 minutes. Luckily for the man in front of her; he only had to bear what she said as she wasn’t very good in multi tasking and as her mouth was at work her hand was only there ready to work once her mouth took rest. “What do you think a new girl is in town, she is defenceless, you can treat her like any doll.” Geet went on with her remark until she realised the person in front of her hasn’t spoken a word yet. And also a sudden meek sound of claps and a squeal of laughter broke her trail of words.


That’s when she saw a small baby in a walker next to baby was a young man in late twenties with his eyes & mouth wide open and a shocked expression plastered on his face. Not to forget his eyes was fixed on her hand thinking how to escape from the harassment. Before anyone of them could speak or react an elderly lady came walking out of the lift.


“Thanks Armaan beta, I finally got the doll which my granddaughter had dropped it in the lift. Did my gudia trouble you?” The elder lady questioned.


“No no Aunty, she didn’t trouble me but she isn’t even responding to me either. Why is she so silent?” Armaan asked.


“Oh.. she just got up from sleep that’s why she isn’t responding to any of your gestures.” She told. “I will take your leave need to finish my walking tour in garden with her.”


Armaan thanked the stars above as today that Aunty saved her from a broom seva and turned to look at the pretty girl in pinky who was ready to consume him with her words. But the tables had turned upside down and Geet had dropped her weapon and was searching words to apologies the man in front of her who stood in full attitude hands crossed over his chest, eyebrows raised as if expecting a well deserved apology.


“I am sorry. Really very very very sorry for the confusion.” Geet said but he stood giving a not enough kind a look. “I am really regretful, remorseful, contrite, repentant, rueful, penitent, conscience-stricken, apologetic, dejected, despairing, disconsolate, broken-hearted, heartbroken, guilt-ridden, self-reproachful, ashamed, shamefaced, sheepishly pleading sorry for my act…..” And she went on until she heard the eruption of laughter from Armaan.


After having completed his fits of laughter and when he finally managed to breathe normally he said “Hi…I am Armaan…” for which she responded with a pleasant smile “Hello…My name is Geet.” This was their first meet and first step towards the start of a new relation.


Maan’s version: No Geet that wasn’t our first meet but second. That day you had come out to leave for your college when we had met in the drive way before that I had seen you in the balcony through my window. But why have you named him as Armaan when I had introduced myself as I am Maan Singh Khurana.


Back to the stage the lights were turned off as the set was arranged to her balcony and when a dim light focussed at a part of the stage where Geet sat reading a book before heading to bed but before she could even switch on the lights of the lamp her whole concentration was caught by the person who stood infront of her in the opposite apartment. He was engrossed in his work but she wondered what he was doing with such a big board in front and with so many pencils kept in the stand attached to the board. It looked like her Armaan was a painter. Was he painting her portrait by any chance? Was the first thought which came to her mind or rather her heart she questioned herself? Geet thought it was better to be in darkness as that gave her the advantage to stare at him unnoticed. Days had passed from their first meet but they couldn’t meet again in particular but she hoped they did. Nevertheless it didn’t stop her from following his moves whenever and wherever possible.


Get together parties which the society would arrange, many gatherings in neighbourhood places. Sometimes in the name of morning or evening walks or while strolling in the garden. Everytime she saw him but never stopped admiring him. What was it that she felt that instant pull towards him was still unknown to her. Was this a desire, infatuation or indeed love.


In the background a song started to play:

Yeh kya hua kaise hua

Yeh kab hua kya pata


Chori chori jab nazarein mili

Chori chori phir neendein udi


Chori chori yeh dil ne kaha

Chori mein bhi hai maza


Even though the stalking gave a sense of calmness and a new hope to cherish the beautiful life ahead but then there was times too when she had slumped into negative thoughts. What if he never looked at her the way she had started to feel for him. What if her dream her Armaan never become reality? She had cried those nights feeling miserable and helpless.


Maan’s Version: His heart did skip a beat when she claimed him as her’s but was she talking about him or was it just a part of the play. The question lingered in his mind. But the way she spoke made him think it was him she was referring too as Armaan and most importantly she meant what she was saying.


How can you think Geet that when you stay awake in the balcony I wouldn’t have noticed? The moon was there for me to enlighten your existence most of the night. But yes it failed to disclose the fact in that shade that I was the object of your interest.


At one side he felt his heart heavy because of his fears even she had to live and experience the pain of his fears. But then it will not happen now, he was ready to accept his feelings to her. He stood up to walk up to her and take her in his arms well secure and away from her fright.


Geet’s Version: However life is full of surprises. One day morning suddenly she got a call from her home town and her parents wanted Geet back the same day. A kind of restlessness had filled her with that unexpected call. Unfortunately her fears had come true that day as when she reached, her parents broke the news that she was getting married in next 7 days. Hell broke loose on her but what was she to tell them? When she herself was in a fix? She didn’t know whether it was a one-sided love or even he did love her.


As a fate’s decision she agreed to her parents wish. What if her wish her Armaan wasn’t there for her. She couldn’t break the joy of her parents.


Maan’s Version: He felt his heart heavy with the sudden disclosure of her moving away from him. How can God be so kind and cruel to him at the same moment? God choose this moment to give him courage and also choose to break it. But this was not the time to let go her. It was time to embrace her no matter the difficulties he had to face. No matter the people he had to stand against, he will not let his love fail that to when he knew she too harboured the same; may be even carved to hear him declare his love.


He who had stood still hearing the pain in her voice while narrating her haal-e-dil in the form of a play walked in determined steps to reach her at any cost. He doesn’t care what others would think of him if he interrupted any play. He had to eradicate the pain in that voice. Which pleaded him to accept his love?


Students who stood managing the backstage work commented “Anjali maam always manages to bring those emotions right through the heart. How easily she could portray the pain of a girl who was ready to let go the love of her life.”


“Yes… now you have to be alert as Geet’s Armaan’s entry in the marriage is coming now. We need to arrange the set in seconds the lights goes off.” ordered the head girl to her assistant.


The moment the lights are off people rush to change the set when Maan barges into the area where the narrator sat doing the recital of her heart. She didn’t need any parch of paper to emote what was screened on stage today. But in the hassle some people are pushed and the stage doesn’t get ready in time. As the signal from the head girl isn’t received all the lights weren’t switched on and the dim light at the narrator’s place creates a new set where in the shade of 2 people are shown on the centre screen. The final confrontation was waiting for them.


Sudden change makes the narrator to squeal in surprise as someone just pulled her away from her position but the mic which she had fixed was intact. “Ouch…Who are you?” she asked.


One word from him made her speechless “Geet…” The heaviness in that voice gave away the pain he was experiencing.


“Maan…” she replied instantly “Why are you here? You shouldn’t be.”


“Geet… Not now… I can’t let you go.” He replied “After a long time I today managed to shed the barriers between us.”


“This isn’t the right moment. We can’t speak now. People are waiting for me.” she said.


“Let them wait. Today is our day. We have waited for this moment more than anyone.” He said.


“You always surprise me with your action but now I have to go, they are waiting for me.” She pleaded.


But before she could turn around and go he stopped her by pulling her back into his embrace. “Geet… I won’t let you go away from me even for a second. Let anyone think whatever they want but today you will have to hear me. I want to tell you what I have always felt for you. My every day starts and ends with you. You are the sunshine of my life. These 7 days when you weren’t there it made me realise without you I am living a half-life. You are that missing piece of my life who would make me complete. You weren’t the only one who stalked me even I did secretly. Every night you had the pleasure to fill your heart and similarly you are my morning cynosure. Your absence in my life would mean a life of a living dead.”


“Maan….” she stopped him by covering his mouth with her hand not to speak anything related to death.  

But he removed her hand while placing a soft kiss over her delicate fingers “No… don’t stop me. Today I wouldn’t at any cost. I am your Maan not just your wish armaan but in reality also. You don’t have to bow down to anyone else wishes. You can’t keep someone happy when you are unhappy. I would speak to everyone and get everything correct but will not let you go away from me. With you my side I could win the whole world.”



The day you came in here…

Our life has entwined into one

You are the most precious gem

Was unveiled in dawning light

Which couldn’t be concealed

Behind the darkness

As it shone in the moon light…




I desire to close the void


I avow to abide by you

To keep you happy every second of our life.

To eradicate every reason which could bring tears in your eyes

To be yours and only yours till death do us apart.

This life starts and ends with you

I love you Geet… I love you… till my last breathe

and even beyond that.


Will you take make as yours Geet???



“Yes I do…I love you… I love you too…Maan.”



With that confirmation Maan took those petals into his which spoke the delightful words. Though to the outside world it seemed as just a play the love birds had got their life back into them. They separated only when they were short of breath. Maan was the first one to speak after the sweet assault. “I would speak to your parents don’t worry. I wouldn’t let anyone to take you away from me.” He said it many a time to just assure himself than Geet.



“Maan… Maan… Calm down my marriage isn’t fixed…” Geet said. Maan gave a confused look. “It was just a twist before the end and you just gave me a beautiful surprise.”



“You mean to say… it was all just a play.” Maan said raising his brow still not convinced.



“No… But the marriage part was only a play… I am not getting married to anyone just like I had changed your name into my armaan.” Geet said little bit excited and bit blush as her play won the best prize for her. Her Maan…who was not just a wish (armaan) for her but become hers forever.


Before Maan could reply they were interrupted by a voice which made Maan gulp his saliva as he had totally forgotten his dad who was also present in the same college. He must have heard each and every truth of his heart. And knowing his dad, he must have been hurt too because things came out like this.


“That isn’t the truth. You are getting married and that too very soon.” Rajneesh Khurana said as time and again his dad had surprised him just like every day.


Maan thought it would be easy to convince his dad as he would want is his children’s happiness but his words again scared him.


“Dad… I love her Dad.” Maan said but Rajneesh raised his hands to stop his son from speaking a word more than required.



“You don’t even know who she is or her background. Why should I make her my Daughter in law?” Papa Khurana spoke with a naughty smirk which went unnoticed even by Maan.


“Dad… She is Geetanjali Sharma… to be Mrs. Geetanjali Maan Singh Khurana.” Maan said proudly. “She is working here in this college as a senior lecturer in literature and also doing her masters. Her family is in a respected one in their town.” Maan continued to give the history of her family which he had known from the few meets with Geet earlier. “Dad… dad…she is the best for me and for our family too… Dad.”


“Maan you sound like a 5-year-old kid to me now who is bargaining with me for his favourite toy.” Rajneesh finally decided to not to trouble his son more. “You didn’t hear me fully at that time I guess… You are getting married and that too very soon to my son Maan Singh Khurana…We would very soon come to meet your family Geet.” And took both his Son & would be daughter in law into his embrace.



“Thank you Dad.” Maan said. “Love you Dad.”



Geet felt elated at this and avowed to abide by him forever.





Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 15


Part 15

Geet stood a step away from the seat to know what prem was doing and the sight wasn’t any welcoming for her. The seat had been inclined as a reclining chair and he had stretched himself as if resting but she knew that peace was not anywhere near him. His legs were crossed and hands resting behind his head and eyes on the view outside but was he noticing even a thing out there was all she could wonder. Looking at him a small idea clicked in her mind. She thanked he hadn’t straighten the seats as now it gave them the privacy hiding behind more than the couple of empty seats and away from the noise of her friends play.


Geet poked on his shoulder gaining his attention towards her. Maan raised his eyebrow as if asking what now? Geet said showing the window seat on which Maan had sat “That’s my seat.” Without any word Maan uncrossed his leg to get up when Geet settled comfortable on his lap & rested her head on his chest. “This is my seat, where were you planning to go.” Geet said slightly raising her head while her hands were didn’t stop but started to play with the buttons of his shirt.


He held her securely to make sure she didn’t slip away with the jerks of the bus but didn’t respond to any of her talks or antics. It was just a start he knew and was waiting for the whole play to unfold. And as anticipated she continued “I won’t call you by name.” He wondered now what new reason she has come up to justify her theory. “You don’t want to ask me why? Oh I forgot you are not talking with me, then how will you ask me. Don’t worry I will tell you myself.”


Maan made a face as if telling her that’s so grateful of you. “Every time I call your name I remember the stringent, rigid, tough and not to forget the big-headed boss of mine.” She slowly looked at him if he was giving any reaction to it but by now he was used to her these silly names but that didn’t stop her from not irritating him. “And remembering some 3rd person in between husband & wife is not right so now onwards you are one and only my prem.”


She definitely saw a slight flicker in his action showing his displeasure in it. But then he was still stubborn and not speaking to her. She was little cautious in her acts too as they were out in bus and their privacy can any time be lost. It was time to take the fun little higher, “Still not ready to give in?” She whispered into his ears and his silence gave her the required challenge as she went ahead inching closer to him. Their faces were just an inch away but eyes were on each other. One was waiting to know how far she could take it while the other deliberately was taking it slow to know if he would give up now.


Geet closed the distance pecking slightly then when he didn’t react to it. She continued to do that again and again as if it was her favourite ice cream sometimes pecking, sometimes licking and sometimes sucking. Even then when he didn’t respond but gave a weird look to Geet clearly stating what is she upto. She smiled, winked at him and replied “I have kissed away my anger from your nose now you can smile and talk to me peacefully.”


Her words did the magic but then still there was a little curiosity to know what else she would do if he is still did not budge. But the question was is he ready to experiment now, he looked out to know where exactly they were and the destination wasn’t too far. His thinking process came to halt when she made him look at her by turning his face towards her. “What are still thinking???” Geet asked.


Rather than answering he turned her so that he was on top of her & whispered “I would have gladly answered you but right now the problem is we are at the nick of reaching the destination abc amusement park. So you need to wait for the answers Geet.” With that he slightly pecked her lips before he got up to meet his staff and remind they are close to the destination.


The moment Maan said did she realise that till now she hadn’t even thought to enquiry where they were heading too. Now here attention went towards the placard, posters displayed to attract the public. This was on of the parks which she had visited before too and how can she forget how they were struck for hours in toll gate. She looked out to know exactly how many kilometres they were away from the toll, it said around 20 kms they still had to drive. Apparently she still has time to warn everyone and not waste time in toll gates.


Here Maan was happy that she was finally come back to him and things were sorted out but they can settle the score afterwards. He met all his staff & their family, he was surprised to see two girls next to Minal they were look-alike. “What are your name girls?” Maan questioned. One girl said extending her hand “Hi…I am Anjali and she is Anitha my sister.” “Sweet name girls” Minal who was just sat there watching her boss sweetly smiling said “Boss, they are my two niece, they had holidays so they are accompanying me.” Maan liked chatting with these twins both were opposite to each other one carefree & the other bit introvert.


“Arjun… wish Minal hadn’t got these two kids with them. Geet could have sat next to Minal and both Boss & Geet wouldn’t have to get into any embarrass moments.” Sasha said to Arjun so that only he could hear.


“Can’t help it either these two twins are magnet to Minal. I requested both of them to shift in front so that Geet could settle next to Minal & all problems could have been solved but none were ready to leave Minal alone.” Arjun said.


There were quite a few number of kids too who were enjoying this little trip. Finally after that he said to get ready for the amusement park which was just few kms away. Kids or elders both would enjoy there and that was the reason why they had chosen this destination too.


Geet came all smiling and happy back to her real self and announced to everyone. “I know a path way which would come in another few kms from here from there let’s walk.” Everyone gave a weird look to her as almost everyone had kids along with them and getting them agreed to walk in an isolated place was not a good idea.


Arjun finally spoke up “Geet… we can reach the park easily in this bus. We will anyways have to walk so much inside also let’s not get tired before we enter the park. See the sun out there, it is so hot.”


“Exactly we will get tired if we go through this route as…” Geet was saying when Arjun cut her and said.


“Okay, who ever want to join in for a walk, let them go and who ever want to reach in bus, let them stay.” Arjun decided and everyone agreed.


But to Geet’s dismay none agreed to take the short cut path way, finally she turned to her prem as till now he had stood silent and was watching the whole drama.


“I am having cramps as I sat for a long time so I need a little walk to get them out. So I am ready to walk the short cut would you like join me Geet.” Maan said with a slight smile.


Geet was on the cloud nine as she heard his words. Wanting to hug him but then more important thing was to collect her bag as the path way was just a mile away. She collected her purse while Maan arranged what was necessary to carry inside the park and asked the driver to stop near the place.


“Geet… meet you at the entrance. We would buy tickets for both of you, that would save your time and we can enjoy the rides instantly.” Arjun said.


“Before you buy the tickets for us, give me a call Arjun sir. Who knows we may be inside enjoying the rides. It would get late you guys should move fast. Bye bye” Geet said while smiling.


Here Maan was noticing Geet asked “Geet, why are you so keen at taking this path?”


“You don’t know?” Geet questioned back but then continued “There is a highway toll gate where there would be huge traffic of about 1 km minimum. We would have gone mad in that snail pace moving traffic. It would take no less than an hour to cross that toll then they have to take a deviation towards the park which is around 15 miles. Last time when I had come along with my friends we had gone mad waiting. And we had heard few of localities talking about this route so we had tried this one while going back. This time it came in handy. Come I still know the way.” While Maan just followed her.




Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 14


Part 14



Maan sat behind Geet as she had turned towards window as she remembered her family but didn’t want to show it to Maan, but whom was she hiding from. Maan slowly let his fingers roam on her waist while his lips gave a small peck on her shoulder and slowly he moved a bit forward reaching her cheeks as Geet moaned prem. Even though their sounds were well covered up under the sound of the moving bus still it wasn’t save to go ahead and hence Maan questioned “Do you moan also in Hamsa Nandi raga?”

Lost in him she didn’t get what he asked but just responded “hmmm”.


“Really… Even your dadi used to do it like this only.” He added more trying to get her back in the mood.


The word dadi brought her back in the world. She opened her eyes as she tried to understand what Maan asked her “What did you just say…? I don’t want any joke on my grand parents okay. My dadu loved dadi singing that to one particular song which was in hamsa nandi raga which dadu named it as Hamsa nandi sangeeta. And after dadu left this world and on my naamkaran she gave me that name.”


“I want a baby just like you.” Maan said lost in her wife but she turned red hearing him say what he wanted. “My little princess who would also speak cutely just like you and not to forget those expressions and actions you make while talking.”And went on describing about his dream family. “Geet… our 1st anniversary is nearing don’t you think we should promote our parents to next level.”


“Maan…” Geet said unable to comprehend what to say as she could only wish for the same but then they had to work on it too. “You don’t spend time with me nowadays always struck with one or the other work. 2 days not even a reply nor any call back.”


“Say it again… You called me by name… why don’t you call me always by my name then we both can think of a better solution for that work problem.” Maan said happily as he got a perfect chance to get his wish.


“Mr. when golden chance knocks the door you shouldn’t shut it. And now don’t change the topic. We are discussing more big issue.” Geet argued back.


“Then let me remind you, I asked you to join as co-md. You rejected that. I had so wished you handled things just like maa used to do. KC is at the top only because we give the adequate time to it. Maa took care of a part of KC Rajneesh Creations and Papa the other part Keerthi Designs. Both loved each other so much that they named their divisions name on others, so that they would never let those names down. If you had agreed to take care of RC and I would be left out with only KD we could have got more time for each other. And not to forget the long list of pranks you play in the office has only increased my work. I won’t let anyone harm my KC which my parents have nurtured with their love & hard work.” It was now Maan’s turn to get serious.


“I only wanted to cheer you up from the stress & tension. I never intended to hurt you.” Geet said as she wondered where would the talks head to now. They were here to enjoy and spend time together not arguing.


Just then Geet’s phone beeped showing a message from Minal. “Geet… wake up … Sasha maam said you are here and let you sleep soundly… and didn’t let me come near your seat as boss is next to you. If you are up come here we will manage the seating issue and enjoy.”


Geet thought it was better to give some time for to cool down their fight till both can see the things clearly in a calm mind. “I will go and meet up with others. They should be up.” Geet said as she walked past Maan leaving him to wonder. “What will he do now alone. When this outing plan was only for them to spend time with each other?”




Geet had turned sad again and was unable to even be her crispy self due to her tussle with Maan. They did fight each other over the past months but then always patched up soon to but today it felt a bit weird because she walked out off the place before they could complete the argument. She would have been still lost in her thoughts had Sasha not noticed Geet next to Minal.


Sasha woke up from her sleep hearing the talks of Minal wondering whom was she talking to then she saw Geet next to Minal lost in her own dilemma. And said “Minal, why did you wake Geet up? I had told you not to disturb her.”


“Maam, I just messaged her. If she has woken up then she can meet me. I was bored with the silence so I had plugged in the earphones to hear some music. I had so many things to tell her. We hadn’t got time to chat too because she went on leave a week earlier itself.” Minal said as justifying her action.


With the sound of these two chatting everyone around them started to get up. And in no time whole bus was in hussle bussle in discussing which game to play and what would be more enjoyable. Two groups were made Men & women and everyone indulged in making the other lose in the games. Place was less but when it was a question of game people just accommodate themselves in smaller places there by emptying plenty of seats in front.



But there were 2 souls who were away from all the enjoyment. One was Maan who easily refused the offer Adi gave to play as he didn’t want the staff to be bound their fun because their boss here and not to disturb him for a while as he wanted to relax alone today. Adi who sensed something else could be the reason said “Anyways you can join us bit later.” Another one was Geet who was only physically present infront of them and her mind wandering around her prem.


Sasha was the first to sense the sadness in Geet as she wasn’t participating in any activity but looking at the mobile time & again. Where as Geet was waiting for a call or message from her prem.


“Geet… come here, why are you so dull. Are you already bored in this bus. I told everyone not to play this game but none heard us. Our dazzling Geet has turned into a gloomy one.” Sasha commented diverting everyone’s attention to Geet.


“No no I am fine you all play. I am just little tired of all the travelling.” Geet said dismissing the attention but Sasha was cleaver enough to know the cover up.


“Guys we will be right back soon.” Sasha said and asked “Geet… come I need to tell you something important.”


They came a little far from the group for some privacy. “Geet… were you able to speak to your husband. Did you tell him you are with us.”


“Yes… I spoke with him but we had a fight.” Geet said remember the little tiff which happened a while ago.


“You can share it with me. If you want…”Sasha suggested.


“No maam… we don’t let anyone else to come in between our fights. We will sort it out in some time.” Geet said.


“Geet… I will tell you something… you are indeed lucky one to have Prem in your life. Who would listen to you there are many who doesn’t even bother to hear what their wife has to say. Try not to refuse all his words, it would only hurt him. I may be crossing my limits but whenever I have heard your talks I have only heard you either complaining him about boss or refusing his wishes. Anyways you are clever enough to figure things out.” Sasha said so & left Geet behind to do the thinking.


Sasha maam said what was actually running in her mind but now the bigger task was in her hand. It was easy to walk away but now how to go back to her prem. Then Geet thought “He was the only one to whom she always goes to complain. Even babaji may miss to hear her but he wouldn’t. Don’t know how but even in this small span of their marriage he had that patience to listen to my complaints. Sometimes it so happens that I even doubt did he hear my talks or just let the receiver on and he would be in his world. And few times when I tested to get my suspicion clear he replied correctly too.” Then why to hesitate in facing him? With out a delay she held her mobile & moved towards her prem’s seat. Staff & their family was busy in their world to notice the little patch up of the boss & his wife. 



Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 13


Part 13


Maan sat at the seat where Arjun pointed; he wanted to settle next to window but then it was already occupied and that person had covered himself fully with the shawl not even leaving air to let pass inside that. Then why should he bother who was that & how they slept it was only Geet he had to worry about. He thought to check on her when he heard a little sob next to him. Oh how lucky he felt that moment the object of his desire was just next to him. Slowly he tried to remove the shawl of her face but she had held on to it so tightly that it was difficult for Maan to remove it without any noise.


“Okay if she couldn’t let him remove that he can always snuggle into her.” He thought and at a snail pace he inserted his hands into her waist and pulled the shawl making it cover both of them. Finally after some many days he had his heaven in his arms and drifted to sleep within seconds. Both souls hadn’t rested properly in past week so it was easy to drift into deep slumber.


It was time for breakfast and every other person was awake apart from Maan & Geet. Sasha wanted to wake up Geet but then if she tried even their boss can wake up. And if the boss wakes up that would automatically spoil the fun too. Who actually goes to trip with their boss? Even in this trip we will have to follow his rules. But if she didn’t then that would mean even Geet has to skip her breakfast. Poor soul had already suffered a lot. Finally with a ray of hope she asked Arjun to do the honor’s.


“No I am not going to be the scape goat.” Arjun said as now everyone would blame him if anything gets spoiled.


“Then what to do? Lets ask Adi to do it. Anyways he doesn’t know that boss is on board.” Sasha said.


“Good idea.” Arjun said and called Adi for help “Adi… can you wake up Geet. She is still in her dreamland…”


“Geet is here… when she changed her plan. Anyways she wouldn’t be in her dreamland but in her premland.” Adi said.


“Long story Adi..” and Arjun said in short what had happened with Geet. “First wake her up. She joined late by that time you had slept off.” Arjun said as Adi walked towards the front seats while these two followed him behind to watch the reaction.


Here Maaneet’s position had changed now Geet had rested her head on his shoulder and covered her hands over his waist and well hidden under the shawl was Maan’s hand which rested over her waist.


Adi went near Geet and was supposed to call her when her eyes popped out looking at the position they were in. And to add to his confusion was boss who sat next to Geet.


Looking at the shocked expression Arjun & Sasha followed him and even they were surprised to watch the position. But all the 3 knew that Geet was married to Prem and Maan to Hamsa. And owing to the stress both had skipped their sleep. So it shouldn’t be hard for both of them to be in deep slumber and these mistakes could happen too. None of them were ready to wake them & embarrass all of them in the end. So they thought to let them sleep maybe when they wakeup they wouldn’t be in this compromising position and don’t end up getting embarrassed. And even if they did it would be upto themselves only.


They turned back while Geet moaned “prem…Where did you go?” and continued to sob in her sleep missing her prem.


“shh Geet… sleep now I am here now.” Maan said while he pulled her more to himself and Geet felt Maan around her feel in deep sleep again.




It was almost noon when Geet opened her eyes and was happy to see herself safe in her prem’s arms. She was in no mood to get up now; all she wanted was to be like that for more time. Didn’t want to think what would happen when he wakes up so it was better like this. But then her little movements were enough for him to wake up. “Geet… stop day dreaming and get up now.” Maan said instigating her to fight and bring her out of the sleep.


“I am not dreaming but looks like you are.” She said indicating you can only win over me in dreams.


“Okay I won’t but can we have something to eat now. I am hungry.” Maan said eyeing her intensely.


Knowing very well what his hungry was she whispered in his ears “Mr. we are in moving bus. So you need to control your hunger. And for your stomach I will check what is left for us.”


Maan left her as it was necessary for Geet to have food. She had already drained herself and food at right time was needed to keep her healthy. And with the name of food he had plenty of it in front of him as Geet got a plate full of it for both of them.


“prem… look I found some left for us. You know all of them have slept again after their breakfast and these friends of mine forgot to wake me up.” She cribbed as she settled herself next to Maan and started to feed him in between while she filled her tummy.


“You have lost weight Geet… your Kavya Maasi would create more trouble if you don’t take care of yourself.” Maan said.

“Awww serves you right. If you ignore her like that then she would get mad and do things to attract your attention.” Geet commented.


“Now don’t start that, you both made me worry with your little stunt.” Maan said.


“Arey I didn’t do anything but just fainted.” Geet complained. “How was I to know what maasi would say.”


“But why did you start that play of Geet and Hamsa?” Maan asked.


“For the first time I called out your name and what you had to do was close the door on my face.” Geet said & turned away to look outside the window as tears made way for his act.


Now Maan fell in his own trap. He was scolding & now she became sad. Well there was only one way to get her back in mode that was to distract her in his way. “Geet… Geet…” Maan whispered into her ears to gain her attention but she just shrug off her shoulder and to push him back while she didn’t turn back.


“Geet… Look… Hamsa…” Maan said.


“I don’t want to hear anything.” Geet said looking out of window while her attention was fully on her prem to know what he is upto.


“Arey I was asking to look out there in lake. See there are so many hamsa’s roaming around it.” Maan said suppressing a laugh while showing out towards the lake beside which they were travelling. But then the situation was going out of his hand so he continued “Sorry… you know I was busy with the presentation right nevertheless I actually had to thank you too as you went to office and delivered the file on time. How did you manage that when Maasi was tagged behind you.” Maan asked trying to divert her.


“Well you underestimated your wife mr., Actually I took to the temple next to KC so it was easy to distract her and give the documents at the office.” Geet said all smiling.


“You should thank your granny for it. If she didn’t give a weird name for you, then you wouldn’t have acted like one.” Maan said adding more fuel.


“Now don’t say a word against my granny. What can she do at the time of my Namkaran she could only say Hamsa Nandi Sangeeta; owing to her age we should be greatful she was able to speak that much atleast and she named me like that only.” Geet said.


“Oh really, then how come you became Geet.” Maan asked even though he knew entire story but now she looked very cute reciting the story behind her name.


“I had told you that day.” Geet said making a baby face and getting bit offending “You didn’t hear me. Okay I will say it again. It is all thanks to my sister Rajani, she wasn’t able to pronounce my full name properly and hence she called Geet. Unknowingly everyone started to call me that & even in my official records it was Geet only.” Geet said.


“But then why did you people ask us to print Hamsa Nandi in our invitation and name boards. Maan Singh Khurana getting married to some Hamsa was so weird you see.” Maan said hiding that smirk.


“Oh hello… Be it any name. You were supposed to married to me only. And regarding that name goof up was planned by my jiju. He took revenge of all my pranks in their wedding. Look what he did many didn’t know my name also.” Geet cribbed remembering what had happened in her wedding.


Her jiju had made sure none knew about this goof up. How cleverly he had taken up the responsibility and knowing his commitment to work none bothered to cross check it. In the end it was only Geet who had wailed more over this issue than for leaving her parents place.