Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 13


Part 13


Maan sat at the seat where Arjun pointed; he wanted to settle next to window but then it was already occupied and that person had covered himself fully with the shawl not even leaving air to let pass inside that. Then why should he bother who was that & how they slept it was only Geet he had to worry about. He thought to check on her when he heard a little sob next to him. Oh how lucky he felt that moment the object of his desire was just next to him. Slowly he tried to remove the shawl of her face but she had held on to it so tightly that it was difficult for Maan to remove it without any noise.


“Okay if she couldn’t let him remove that he can always snuggle into her.” He thought and at a snail pace he inserted his hands into her waist and pulled the shawl making it cover both of them. Finally after some many days he had his heaven in his arms and drifted to sleep within seconds. Both souls hadn’t rested properly in past week so it was easy to drift into deep slumber.


It was time for breakfast and every other person was awake apart from Maan & Geet. Sasha wanted to wake up Geet but then if she tried even their boss can wake up. And if the boss wakes up that would automatically spoil the fun too. Who actually goes to trip with their boss? Even in this trip we will have to follow his rules. But if she didn’t then that would mean even Geet has to skip her breakfast. Poor soul had already suffered a lot. Finally with a ray of hope she asked Arjun to do the honor’s.


“No I am not going to be the scape goat.” Arjun said as now everyone would blame him if anything gets spoiled.


“Then what to do? Lets ask Adi to do it. Anyways he doesn’t know that boss is on board.” Sasha said.


“Good idea.” Arjun said and called Adi for help “Adi… can you wake up Geet. She is still in her dreamland…”


“Geet is here… when she changed her plan. Anyways she wouldn’t be in her dreamland but in her premland.” Adi said.


“Long story Adi..” and Arjun said in short what had happened with Geet. “First wake her up. She joined late by that time you had slept off.” Arjun said as Adi walked towards the front seats while these two followed him behind to watch the reaction.


Here Maaneet’s position had changed now Geet had rested her head on his shoulder and covered her hands over his waist and well hidden under the shawl was Maan’s hand which rested over her waist.


Adi went near Geet and was supposed to call her when her eyes popped out looking at the position they were in. And to add to his confusion was boss who sat next to Geet.


Looking at the shocked expression Arjun & Sasha followed him and even they were surprised to watch the position. But all the 3 knew that Geet was married to Prem and Maan to Hamsa. And owing to the stress both had skipped their sleep. So it shouldn’t be hard for both of them to be in deep slumber and these mistakes could happen too. None of them were ready to wake them & embarrass all of them in the end. So they thought to let them sleep maybe when they wakeup they wouldn’t be in this compromising position and don’t end up getting embarrassed. And even if they did it would be upto themselves only.


They turned back while Geet moaned “prem…Where did you go?” and continued to sob in her sleep missing her prem.


“shh Geet… sleep now I am here now.” Maan said while he pulled her more to himself and Geet felt Maan around her feel in deep sleep again.




It was almost noon when Geet opened her eyes and was happy to see herself safe in her prem’s arms. She was in no mood to get up now; all she wanted was to be like that for more time. Didn’t want to think what would happen when he wakes up so it was better like this. But then her little movements were enough for him to wake up. “Geet… stop day dreaming and get up now.” Maan said instigating her to fight and bring her out of the sleep.


“I am not dreaming but looks like you are.” She said indicating you can only win over me in dreams.


“Okay I won’t but can we have something to eat now. I am hungry.” Maan said eyeing her intensely.


Knowing very well what his hungry was she whispered in his ears “Mr. we are in moving bus. So you need to control your hunger. And for your stomach I will check what is left for us.”


Maan left her as it was necessary for Geet to have food. She had already drained herself and food at right time was needed to keep her healthy. And with the name of food he had plenty of it in front of him as Geet got a plate full of it for both of them.


“prem… look I found some left for us. You know all of them have slept again after their breakfast and these friends of mine forgot to wake me up.” She cribbed as she settled herself next to Maan and started to feed him in between while she filled her tummy.


“You have lost weight Geet… your Kavya Maasi would create more trouble if you don’t take care of yourself.” Maan said.

“Awww serves you right. If you ignore her like that then she would get mad and do things to attract your attention.” Geet commented.


“Now don’t start that, you both made me worry with your little stunt.” Maan said.


“Arey I didn’t do anything but just fainted.” Geet complained. “How was I to know what maasi would say.”


“But why did you start that play of Geet and Hamsa?” Maan asked.


“For the first time I called out your name and what you had to do was close the door on my face.” Geet said & turned away to look outside the window as tears made way for his act.


Now Maan fell in his own trap. He was scolding & now she became sad. Well there was only one way to get her back in mode that was to distract her in his way. “Geet… Geet…” Maan whispered into her ears to gain her attention but she just shrug off her shoulder and to push him back while she didn’t turn back.


“Geet… Look… Hamsa…” Maan said.


“I don’t want to hear anything.” Geet said looking out of window while her attention was fully on her prem to know what he is upto.


“Arey I was asking to look out there in lake. See there are so many hamsa’s roaming around it.” Maan said suppressing a laugh while showing out towards the lake beside which they were travelling. But then the situation was going out of his hand so he continued “Sorry… you know I was busy with the presentation right nevertheless I actually had to thank you too as you went to office and delivered the file on time. How did you manage that when Maasi was tagged behind you.” Maan asked trying to divert her.


“Well you underestimated your wife mr., Actually I took to the temple next to KC so it was easy to distract her and give the documents at the office.” Geet said all smiling.


“You should thank your granny for it. If she didn’t give a weird name for you, then you wouldn’t have acted like one.” Maan said adding more fuel.


“Now don’t say a word against my granny. What can she do at the time of my Namkaran she could only say Hamsa Nandi Sangeeta; owing to her age we should be greatful she was able to speak that much atleast and she named me like that only.” Geet said.


“Oh really, then how come you became Geet.” Maan asked even though he knew entire story but now she looked very cute reciting the story behind her name.


“I had told you that day.” Geet said making a baby face and getting bit offending “You didn’t hear me. Okay I will say it again. It is all thanks to my sister Rajani, she wasn’t able to pronounce my full name properly and hence she called Geet. Unknowingly everyone started to call me that & even in my official records it was Geet only.” Geet said.


“But then why did you people ask us to print Hamsa Nandi in our invitation and name boards. Maan Singh Khurana getting married to some Hamsa was so weird you see.” Maan said hiding that smirk.


“Oh hello… Be it any name. You were supposed to married to me only. And regarding that name goof up was planned by my jiju. He took revenge of all my pranks in their wedding. Look what he did many didn’t know my name also.” Geet cribbed remembering what had happened in her wedding.


Her jiju had made sure none knew about this goof up. How cleverly he had taken up the responsibility and knowing his commitment to work none bothered to cross check it. In the end it was only Geet who had wailed more over this issue than for leaving her parents place.




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