Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 14


Part 14



Maan sat behind Geet as she had turned towards window as she remembered her family but didn’t want to show it to Maan, but whom was she hiding from. Maan slowly let his fingers roam on her waist while his lips gave a small peck on her shoulder and slowly he moved a bit forward reaching her cheeks as Geet moaned prem. Even though their sounds were well covered up under the sound of the moving bus still it wasn’t save to go ahead and hence Maan questioned “Do you moan also in Hamsa Nandi raga?”

Lost in him she didn’t get what he asked but just responded “hmmm”.


“Really… Even your dadi used to do it like this only.” He added more trying to get her back in the mood.


The word dadi brought her back in the world. She opened her eyes as she tried to understand what Maan asked her “What did you just say…? I don’t want any joke on my grand parents okay. My dadu loved dadi singing that to one particular song which was in hamsa nandi raga which dadu named it as Hamsa nandi sangeeta. And after dadu left this world and on my naamkaran she gave me that name.”


“I want a baby just like you.” Maan said lost in her wife but she turned red hearing him say what he wanted. “My little princess who would also speak cutely just like you and not to forget those expressions and actions you make while talking.”And went on describing about his dream family. “Geet… our 1st anniversary is nearing don’t you think we should promote our parents to next level.”


“Maan…” Geet said unable to comprehend what to say as she could only wish for the same but then they had to work on it too. “You don’t spend time with me nowadays always struck with one or the other work. 2 days not even a reply nor any call back.”


“Say it again… You called me by name… why don’t you call me always by my name then we both can think of a better solution for that work problem.” Maan said happily as he got a perfect chance to get his wish.


“Mr. when golden chance knocks the door you shouldn’t shut it. And now don’t change the topic. We are discussing more big issue.” Geet argued back.


“Then let me remind you, I asked you to join as co-md. You rejected that. I had so wished you handled things just like maa used to do. KC is at the top only because we give the adequate time to it. Maa took care of a part of KC Rajneesh Creations and Papa the other part Keerthi Designs. Both loved each other so much that they named their divisions name on others, so that they would never let those names down. If you had agreed to take care of RC and I would be left out with only KD we could have got more time for each other. And not to forget the long list of pranks you play in the office has only increased my work. I won’t let anyone harm my KC which my parents have nurtured with their love & hard work.” It was now Maan’s turn to get serious.


“I only wanted to cheer you up from the stress & tension. I never intended to hurt you.” Geet said as she wondered where would the talks head to now. They were here to enjoy and spend time together not arguing.


Just then Geet’s phone beeped showing a message from Minal. “Geet… wake up … Sasha maam said you are here and let you sleep soundly… and didn’t let me come near your seat as boss is next to you. If you are up come here we will manage the seating issue and enjoy.”


Geet thought it was better to give some time for to cool down their fight till both can see the things clearly in a calm mind. “I will go and meet up with others. They should be up.” Geet said as she walked past Maan leaving him to wonder. “What will he do now alone. When this outing plan was only for them to spend time with each other?”




Geet had turned sad again and was unable to even be her crispy self due to her tussle with Maan. They did fight each other over the past months but then always patched up soon to but today it felt a bit weird because she walked out off the place before they could complete the argument. She would have been still lost in her thoughts had Sasha not noticed Geet next to Minal.


Sasha woke up from her sleep hearing the talks of Minal wondering whom was she talking to then she saw Geet next to Minal lost in her own dilemma. And said “Minal, why did you wake Geet up? I had told you not to disturb her.”


“Maam, I just messaged her. If she has woken up then she can meet me. I was bored with the silence so I had plugged in the earphones to hear some music. I had so many things to tell her. We hadn’t got time to chat too because she went on leave a week earlier itself.” Minal said as justifying her action.


With the sound of these two chatting everyone around them started to get up. And in no time whole bus was in hussle bussle in discussing which game to play and what would be more enjoyable. Two groups were made Men & women and everyone indulged in making the other lose in the games. Place was less but when it was a question of game people just accommodate themselves in smaller places there by emptying plenty of seats in front.



But there were 2 souls who were away from all the enjoyment. One was Maan who easily refused the offer Adi gave to play as he didn’t want the staff to be bound their fun because their boss here and not to disturb him for a while as he wanted to relax alone today. Adi who sensed something else could be the reason said “Anyways you can join us bit later.” Another one was Geet who was only physically present infront of them and her mind wandering around her prem.


Sasha was the first to sense the sadness in Geet as she wasn’t participating in any activity but looking at the mobile time & again. Where as Geet was waiting for a call or message from her prem.


“Geet… come here, why are you so dull. Are you already bored in this bus. I told everyone not to play this game but none heard us. Our dazzling Geet has turned into a gloomy one.” Sasha commented diverting everyone’s attention to Geet.


“No no I am fine you all play. I am just little tired of all the travelling.” Geet said dismissing the attention but Sasha was cleaver enough to know the cover up.


“Guys we will be right back soon.” Sasha said and asked “Geet… come I need to tell you something important.”


They came a little far from the group for some privacy. “Geet… were you able to speak to your husband. Did you tell him you are with us.”


“Yes… I spoke with him but we had a fight.” Geet said remember the little tiff which happened a while ago.


“You can share it with me. If you want…”Sasha suggested.


“No maam… we don’t let anyone else to come in between our fights. We will sort it out in some time.” Geet said.


“Geet… I will tell you something… you are indeed lucky one to have Prem in your life. Who would listen to you there are many who doesn’t even bother to hear what their wife has to say. Try not to refuse all his words, it would only hurt him. I may be crossing my limits but whenever I have heard your talks I have only heard you either complaining him about boss or refusing his wishes. Anyways you are clever enough to figure things out.” Sasha said so & left Geet behind to do the thinking.


Sasha maam said what was actually running in her mind but now the bigger task was in her hand. It was easy to walk away but now how to go back to her prem. Then Geet thought “He was the only one to whom she always goes to complain. Even babaji may miss to hear her but he wouldn’t. Don’t know how but even in this small span of their marriage he had that patience to listen to my complaints. Sometimes it so happens that I even doubt did he hear my talks or just let the receiver on and he would be in his world. And few times when I tested to get my suspicion clear he replied correctly too.” Then why to hesitate in facing him? With out a delay she held her mobile & moved towards her prem’s seat. Staff & their family was busy in their world to notice the little patch up of the boss & his wife. 




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