Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 16


Part 16

“How come Geet become normal suddenly?” Arjun asked Sasha getting confused about Geet’s behaviour.


“All credits goes to me, I advised her and see the result.” Sasha said blowing air at her left fingers as if drying her nail polish and raising her invisible collar.


“What did you suggest her?” Arjun asked.

“Well, to solve a fight one has to bow down and i just asked her to do so there by ending the fight. Guess she took my advice to put an end to her fight with her Prem.” Sasha said.


“Okay, then let’s get back to the game. Who has to take the next cue?” Arjun questioned and didn’t bother argue with Sasha as she was supporting the husband.



Here Geet tried to remember the way and was quite surprised herself that she still remembered it. She was briskly walking ahead as she didn’t want to mislead and get them self lost in this isolated place. A bright sun was dancing on them but that didn’t dampen her spirits. After walking a stretch she turned back feeling really happy as they would reach the park very soon that too before their friends while Maan who had a bag pack on his back was walking leisurely as his legs had still cramps but his eyes were on Geet to make sure she didn’t run away in her childish excitement.


Here she was so excited & look at her husband away from all the fun. He was dragging himself into this place. If he didn’t want to enjoy then why to get her here she thought but she was not going to let him go so easily. She ran back to him in a second but didn’t say a thing but silently followed a step behind him and Maan guessed she is definitely upto something.


 When Maan reached the spot till Geet had gone before running back to him, he stopped waiting for her to take the lead again but Geet was lost in something else so she collided with Maan.


“Geet, where are you looking and walking??” Maan asked in his stern voice.


“I was searching for a white hair on your head. Don’t disturb me.” Geet said seriously looking in his hairs.


“Geet… show me the way.” Maan said as he stood in front of the big tree and two pathways on either side was there.


“How boring you are… that’s why I was searching some white hairs. Uff babaji what did I do for this. Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya haay haay buddha mil gaya” Geet cribbed looking up shocking Maan even more but soon recovered and thought “How the hell did he get this lady as his? Looks like he has to show this buddhi what her buddha can do”


Rather than getting angry Maan came behind her and questioned “So you think I am your Buddha??”


“Yes” she said and turned around slightly disappointed for not getting required reaction of his but to her surprise next second she was swept away in his arms. “You know, this is an isolated place.” Geet said.


“So what are you suggesting… you want me to complete what we were doing in bus?” Maan questioned innocently.


She made a face does she has to remind him and pulled him closer to finish off what they had started. He had pushed her against the tree as he took her lips into his. While his hands which were keeping her steady at her waist started to move upwards as her hands had already roamed in his hairs to pull him more into her if any left earlier though. A little space was given only when Maan felt they were out of breath but then his attention was now had been taken by the milky cream skin of hers over the jaw line. They would have gone ahead if not the zooming trucks horn brought them back and Maan stepped a bit away to control his urges to stop. They weren’t that far from the highway nor was this a place to do things which they were heading towards.


“You always have to leave things half way??” She complained pouting but clearly knew they had to stop but it was easy to blame it on him.


“Why do you provoke me at the wrong time? We can’t do it here but tonight I promise you I wouldn’t leave you for a second.” Maan said as he corrected his hairs which were ruffled by her while she calmed her erotic heart.


“Tonight is ours, until then let’s concentrate on reaching the park first.” Maan said taking the bag pack which was waiting for their attention.


With no other interruption Maan & Geet reached the park. And first thing which Geet did was to call up Arjun and tease his decision to not follow her.


“Hello Arjun Sir” Geet said “Where are you? Did you cross the toll gate or not?


By now Arjun had realised his mistake and said “No Geet we are still struck in the traffic. Did you reach the park?”


“Oh Yes we are. Boss is already at the tickets counter. He asked me to check with you how many we need to buy.” Geet said trying to hide her giggle which is all set escape from her mouth.


Arjun counted and gave the number of tickets which had to be purchased which Geet conveyed it to Maan.


“How much more time would take for the bus to reach Sir?” Geet asked as she was eager to enter the park and play.


“I just enquired it with the driver, he said approximately in an hour we will be in front of our destination.” Arjun said and realised Geet had already lost her patience to wait that too when she was infront of the park moreover she was already not in her best moods but this win over some trivial issue has made her happy as she is in her crispy self so he suggested “Geet, why don’t you guys start with the rides. Once we are there we will call you then you can come to the entrance gate to hand us over the tickets.”


“Thank you Sir. Call Boss once you are here rather than me I would forget mobile once I am in the park. Boss has already got the tickets.” Geet cut the call even before Arjun could reply.


Geet led Maan towards the entrance while she told about their current plan. Maan could only smile at her childish excitement.


More than an hour passed Maaneet were enjoying the rides after ride while the bus just stopped infront of the park and Maan came out to hand over the tickets as Geet was busy in the ride and was not in the mood to come out that early.


As Maan handed over the tickets all the office staff along with family spread over the park as per rides they wished to ride first. None wanted to question where Geet was as they thought how to ask Boss about it. Minal who wanted to accompany Geet as her nieces were already in their world she was alone just like Geet was. So she set out to search Geet in the park. No use of calling on her mobile. And when she finally found Geet, the ground underneath her foot slipped.


Maan’s hand was on Geet’s waist as she leaned on his shoulder to walk straight. He handed a bottle of water to her as he said “Maan is the one next to you so better get yourself accustomed to it and ditch that prem, it doesn’t suit.”


Some moments earlier Maan & Geet were in a roller coster ride and the speed & height made Geet little uncomfortable but as Maan was beside her and he insisted to go for the ride she agreed but as the turns & drops got faster & scary she couldn’t her scream and out of habit she called out prem aloud and grabbed his arm for support. At the end when they came out she was still bit dizzy. Maan held her and took to the near by seat and to divert her mind he spoke  “Maan is the one next to you so better get yourself accustomed to it and ditch that prem, it doesn’t suit.”


Needless to say Minal was lost in her new-found secret that she couldn’t even enjoy the holiday. But she wasn’t the one who was going to give soon. If Geet is in trouble be it boss she will pitch in and help her out of it. By the time everyone finished the rides it was already night and so they finished their dinner and got themself ready to travel again. As everyone guided themselves to their respective seats all tired Minal pushed her two niece into front seat next to her Boss and pulled Geet next to her. 


Geet couldn’t say no to her friend and Maan knew their next destination isn’t far so he let her enjoy with her friends. And he was getting the company of two girls which was enough to bring the smile on his lips.