Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 17


Part 17

Minal though pulled Geet next to her & it was more than an hour now still she was unable to form proper words to question her; what was that which was happening back in the park. Slowly Geet came to the topic of park, the rides she took. How much she enjoyed and how much she got scared at those certain turns and drops. Taking the cue Minal final asked “Geet, you were fine after that xyz ride. I was really at the verge of fainting.”


“I thought it was only me who felt like that and at that time Boss came in handy.” Geet said feeling a bit revealed.


“Geet… I actually heard Boss say about you ditching prem.” Minal said mildly still hesitant of the response she would receive.


On reminded of that situation Geet’s anger just rose to an upper notch and she warned “I don’t want to remember that. How dare he say some thing like that? What does he think of himself? He will order me something and I would just meekly follow him. I will do what I want. I am the Boss not him, atleast here. I can adjust with many things but not ditching and all. Doesn’t he know what prem is for me that he is just mentioning it and hurting me? How could he try to take advantage of the situation? I don’t want to see even him now.”


On hearing to Geet’s words Minal came to the conclusion that it is Boss who is atleast tad bit interested in Geet but why would he was also a question which was lurking in her mind? As per her understanding Boss’s wife is expecting and on that day when she had heard his talks with his wife. Boss was quite worried and also caring too towards his wife. Then why would he try to mess with any other women. That too Geet, who could spend all her day with only one word prem & only prem. Only option left is to keep him at bay just as Geet is doing now. But how can I not keep a watch on our Boss.


Wait a second what did I just do now. My two niece are sitting beside him. What if he try trouble them too. Poor girls can’t understand the dark side of this world. On getting that doubt she now wanted both her niece next to her. All her precaution towards Geet just flew out of the window and now it was only Anjali and Anitha whom she cared for. She wanted to push Geet back to her seat. Anyways she is a grownup girl and can manage boss. She has already shown that attitude towards boss and will continue too going forward if he tries to mess with her.


“Geet… you get back to your seat. Anjali & Anitha would want to sleep next to me as both would get scared.” She blabbered whatever reason she could frame in her mind. But to her disappointment Geet had slept off and that was when she noticed the time which showed she had been thinking about from past an hour or two.


Minal made way towards her niece to look for them. Nevertheless she was astonished at the sight; that was her Boss reciting a tale to them. Both her niece loved hearing to them before they went to bed.  This was a new facet of her boss. He can’t be that bad thought Minal and to form a bad opinion. May be there was more what Boss had to say which I didn’t understand. To think about Geet’s prem, Minal had always felt he is too good to be true as Geet say. He hears her every word without any complaints so understanding…No it can’t be real. Geet would be making it up.


Minal was still in her thoughts when the bus stopped abruptly declaring their arrival of the lodge. Slowly many got up and they woke the remaining people. Maan descended down first to check at the reception their reservation; after all it was he who had booked the place for everyone. But not before checking at Geet’s direction. Minal was trying to wake her up. As he spoke to the receptionist and disbursing his employees to their rooms he waited for Geet but even as many got settled she was nowhere to descend from the bus. He thought to check on Geet and his legs moved faster as he wanted to known the reward he would get once Geet came to know his surprise. He entered only to witness Minal trying to wake her both niece at one end and at the other end she was trying to wake Geet up. And both were giving competition to one another in troubling Minal.


He moved towards Geet and spoke in his firm voice “Get up Geet or else…” he left the words in middle intentionally. She knew that tone of his that had more hidden meaning and that’s why Geet made a pouting face but opened her eyes to find her prems naughty smile. But Geet saw Minal behind Maan, who was looking at them curiously. So she quietly followed Maan making a face anyways she couldn’t form anywords with her sleepy head to answer him back.


Now that Geet was up, Maan moved towards girls and took Anitha in his arms and asked Minal to take Anjali in hers while Geet followed them with their handy bags. Maan and Minal were in front but Geet was left behind as she dragged her legs along side the bag. She didn’t even know where she was heading to. How many times she was on the verge of falling but some how she managed it.



She was very sleepy and the husband of hers was hell-bent on not listening to her. The only bright side she could see was the comfy bed she could dig into in few seconds. But when did luck favour her when it came to her sleep. In these thoughts she didn’t know when she crashed into something hard as usually she waited for the pair of arms which would engulf her and all her troubles would cease to exist from that instance. But then she was blest with a weird mocking laugh.


“You proved me right Geet. The marriage didn’t change a thing. You are the same as you were.” Geet heard him comment while her heart leapt in surprising agility.


Geet stared at the person infront of her with wide eyes and wondered whether she landed at the right place or was she still dreaming in her sleep. But a slight pinch on her hand was enough to make her sleep to vanish in thin air. She jumped in her happiness and ran to hug her even squash the lady who just stood next to the person who laughed.

Arjun just came back after settling his family to check on Geet. Did she get settled with Minal or was just left wondering out was surprised and relieved to see that Geet was in safe hands. Now he need not interfere as she is in the best hands of her sister Rajani. He left back thinking he can have his family time without any worry now. As Geet’s untimely entry had kept him occupied.




Maan had not thought that his night’s plan can get affected with this surprise. He had left Minal’s room after settling the twins there. Once he was back at the reception; the over enthusiastic wife of his sat along with her sister & brother-in-law. Geet’s BIL did involve in ladies talks but his disappointment was also shown on his face which the ladies royally ignored. The reason was unknown to Maan, as it was the first time these sisters are meeting after his marriage. But time thoughts everything so was this as he understood that once these sisters get together they wouldn’t remember anything. Not even their husband.


Looking at the plight of Maan, Geet’s BIL took pity and said “Maan… These ladies won’t break for the night. Let’s give them the privacy to crib about us while we can sleep peacefully today.”


Maan didn’t know what to reply and only smiled but he knew he wouldn’t get any peace once he is alone. Nevertheless he got up and wished good night to the ladies in a gentleman way or say he let them believe it so. His clever mind had already made a backup plan to capture his wife for the night.




2 thoughts on “Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 17”

  1. lovely update…wonder what is so special about prem that geet wants maan to be prem …. interesting….here our poor hero wants his wife to himself and what happens his sisinlaw lands up…wonder what backup plan he has to get geet to himself…waiting eagerly

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