Namesake – Part 1



Today, 25th October 1958 was just a normal day for everyone but for Madhav it was not, he has been digging a hole in the main hall of his home with his walk reason was his wife Devika, who was screaming inside the room from past 12 hours, still there were no news of the baby. Midwives as many as 5 were present to take care the delivery procedures; still there was no news yet. He was one of the eminent person in the village, everyone respected him; took his words as final. He held the biggest shop of groceries everyone in the village was depended on him & he was well known for the best quality products. He heard a loud scream from Devika scaring him but the next moment he also heard the baby’s cry making him relax. Today he has become a father of his child. Just then a lady came announcing “It’s a boy. Mother & Son both are safe.”

Well that was the just the beginning, which increased the happiness of the house into tenfold. Over the days he got orders for the regular supply of provisions to the hospitals, schools everyday for all, which not only increased his work to maintain his standard of quality but also his devotion to work ate his time which was for his family. As the materials were issued to mess for preparing food for the kids & patients the quality had to be maintained to keep the orders intact in his favour. He had to visit his suppliers regularly as the demand had increased exuberantly.

While Madhav was busy, Devika held the reins of the house and also handled the baby with all the love & care. She had servants who used to help Madhav in his shop & also her in household chores, nursing the baby. Well servants were more than the family members in the house so she only had to manage them everything else would have been done with ease.

The little baby was just over two years when they were enthralled with the news of another baby in their life but things change within a blink of an eye, even their life’s did change as Devika had a miscarriage when she was over 23rd week of pregnancy. To overcome from the loss of child Madhav indulged more in his shop reducing his already less time to family while Devika turned into a hard stone lady. There was a fear in her that what if anyone else leaves her after coming very close to her heart.

Both the parents were so consumed by the grief that they forget the tender heart that was keen to be with them. Being a small kid it was easy to get distracted that was exactly what it turned out to be, he was a vine who needed a support to live if the tree beside him didn’t let him to entwine with it, it would tend to something else nearby. His parents couldn’t give him anything but the servants of the shop helped him to live & nourish in their way.

When you don’t know how to treat a thing or a person and no one is there to guide you, you learn on your own looking at the surroundings. And if we judge them wrongly elders would correct you but when the same elders tend to ignore you at the time when they were supposed to correct you. You could never know the right way you should have followed. Similarly the kid was not thought by either of the parents but when he spent time with the servants, they did teach a few things and one of the most important lessons he learnt was to listen and accept whatever is said to him and that to when it came from the masters of the house.

Though they never could give time to him, he was not ignored to the extent that they forgot they had a son but that didn’t matter to them anymore, he was just another kid in the home along with the kids of their servants. When he reached an age of schooling he was sent to free elementary school of the village. The kids were sent out only to keep the trouble out for a while and give everyone breathe of life from the cries of these kids. And the importance of education was not that familiar to the village people and it didn’t bother to the elderly eminent person of the village too.

Years rolled down and the small kid was growing up faster and with growing up he was not let free he was supposed to work on the making paper covers for the next day’s selling while the elders used to make the ready packets for selling. And In school he was tamed to be obedient & follow whatever he was asked too, that was not a difficult task nor did it bother to him. To question was something he didn’t know be it anyone. He would be so sincere, silent and shy that none knew he was also present.

A son was what he was and that was tag for which he was given importance in everything he was given. He was in his teen when he was helping his father in his travels learning about the places, products, qualities, prices & tactics used to dwell in the field of business. The keen observer he was, helped him to grasp it ever so earnestly. But never did he take a step more than he was ordered. He was given everything whatever they thought was his need, but when you give luxury of a bed to a beggar still he prefers to sleep on the ground. Even though he was provided with all the comforts he used only which was necessary. He had all the money but that didn’t make any place in his heart.

As every other Thursday today too he sat in train compartment looking out towards the scenery of the village while is mind was thinking about the day ahead & planning all the works lined up for the day when his nostrils were hit with a strong fragrance of jasmine, if that itself was driving his senses to add to his misery a sweet voice filled his heart with peace but that voice was soon hid behind the loud sound of the running train. It had been an year that he was given the responsibility to handle the suppliers, yes he was young to the job but Madhav was not keeping very well & hence not allowed to do the travelling. So the work was handed over to his responsible shoulders.