Namesake – Part 2



Part 2

It was bright afternoon when Madhav could relax in his rocking chair while he read some newspaper as there was very less customers who would come for purchases at this time. Just opposite to his shop was house of Mohan, who was the house elder of that family and used to come for chat at the afternoon.

“How is your knee pain today Mohan” asked Madhav as he kept the magnifying glass aside which he used for reading newspaper.

“As you see Madhav I am unable to walk straight. This pain will go with this life only. But you seem to be free nowadays, didn’t you go for any visit.” Mohan asked.

“What is hidden from you my wife creates fuss from even a small thing at least if I am here I can try to nip it at the beginning. So only I had asked the doctor to say I shouldn’t travel much.” Madhav disclosed the truth.

“Yes… Time has brought about these changes in you both. You have somehow healed your wounds but her wounds are yet sore. How much cordial she used to be but Madhav I believe she could be back to her older self if there is a kid back in your house.” Mohan gave his opinion.

“Kid… In our house? She doesn’t even glance at any kid. Then how can that happen Mohan?” Questioned Madhav

“You don’t know the power a kid has. If a kid can push her into the deep wells of sorrow the same could bring her back too.” Mohan explained.

“I still didn’t get you. How could any kid make a difference?” Madhav asked still confused.

“Not just any kid but a kid who has your own blood can only melt her. Marry your son off soon. And once you have an heir she would definitely bring her old self out.” Suggested Mohan.

“Yes, you are right. Today itself I would speak to the Purohit about a suitable girl for our family” Madhav decided.

Unknown to the elders, their talks were heard by the 20 year old young boy. Who didn’t know what to think or whether to draw any conclusion from it? Were they really talking about his marriage? was he so able to take another person responsibility?

He didn’t know whether he was allowed to think about himself. There was a small wish which was starting to nourish but before he could realise his life was taking him in another direction. He as an obedient person who followed as was told to him. 

Few days passed by and never again those topics were discussed in front of him. Even if it was he might have missed hearing them as he was not used to eavesdrop into others conversation and he was as busy as a bee in doing his regular works. Actually his every thursday trips was getting more successful and pleasant. May be the almighty was with him and he didn’t missed to give credit to that girl either as just her voice had that effect on him. Reason was unknown to him nor did he ventured out to find out whose voice that was but he just welcomed that with his open hands.

Suddenly one day when he came home after a long trip but there were was too much hassle bustle at home. He wondered what might be the reason for this. That’s when he heard his mother screaming at the servants to get the arrangements done.

He caught hold of one person and asked “Kaaki, what is happening here?” with a curious face but the answer made him freeze like ice. Those words kept ringing in his ears.

“Saab, It’s your wedding next week and the rituals would start from tomorrow.”

Today, 26th October 1978 he understood why elders used to say couples are made in heaven and married in earth. He had been shocked beyond anything but then just went with the flow without a question asked. And yesterday he found his mate. He was never expressive of his thoughts nor could he understand what he was supposed to say to anyone when it came to his personal life. Professionally also he did what was necessary, not a word was spoken extra. Such a timid person he was and to his surprise his wife was also the same. Was that coincidence or mate especially made for him he wondered. She just did what everyone asked her to. He didn’t know what to say to her when he saw her on their first time. He was so desperate to hear her voice but how was he to voice his thoughts.

He did try couple of times but then letters failed to form into a word. With nothing to say he just obeyed and his wife too did what was expected from them. Same things followed when they met alone after all the rituals. Both just sat struggling in their own ways to express but somehow the heat of the moment triggered and he initiated the exploration of those unspoken things which were supposed to transpire between them. She as a true companion gave her whole heart and life to him. For her, he was the light in the darkness, the air to live in, the whole world was now only him.

Morning was the most pleasant one he had witnessed. He had woken up with that pleasant humming of hers. It felt like the fresh breeze after the first rains of the season. He could hear her move around him. How much ever careful she tried to be but her anklets and bangles just gave away her actions. That was soothing effect she gave him. He wondered how much he was absorbing her presence in his life. His thoughts came to an halt when her already mellow voice dampen more. That’s when his eyes went to the jasmine flowers which were spread over the floor and within a minute she was back with a roll of thread to tie them together.

Smile wasn’t playing on his face but his happiness was present in his eyes. He was all set to resume his job when he saw a basket readily kept for the temple visit. She came and stood at the door wondering how to ask him, never did she know how to convey her wishes.  He understood his wife’s unsaid words, her wish to visit and take blessings of the almighty. He without a word just left and sat outside the house on the slab waiting for her. However she got scared when he went out without a word putting her in a puzzled state. But still she thought to check and ran behind him with the basket. 

The moment she stepped out he got up with a smile and led the way. She followed him matching his steps behind as promised at the time of marriage.


4 thoughts on “Namesake – Part 2”

  1. Ohhh it’s wonderful….The way u wrote all the lines….It seems soo easy ….But u expressed their expression soo well….Maan married at only 20 …I wonder what will be the girl age then nd who is the girl…Hope it’s geet only…Waiting for more

  2. Beautiful update my dear….Now these 2 obedient timid souls are bound in a relationship of forever. How will they start communicating with one another? Learning about each other? And about themselves? Its going to be a journey of discovery of each other and themselves. I don’t want them to end up like his parents…I want their life to be filled with love & happiness. Excited to witness their life together:):):)

  3. Two timid and obedient persons married each other
    Not a single word spoken but both trying to figure out what other wishes
    Names unknown
    Different styled story
    Seems to be amazing

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