Namesake – Part 4


Part 4


Luck wasn’t in his favor may be as he had been trying to get a glimpse of the baby and his wife but to no avail. His mother, wife & son all three were always inside the room, they were hardly coming out. He was stopped by one or the other ladies outside. They would always say one or the other thing and say not to disturb them. No one was allowed inside the room. Having a small baby had brought lots of new restriction. People were not allowed to visit the mother and the baby very often. Hygiene was very important and they took several measures to ensure the same. It’s only the smell of those aromatic incense in the house and occasional cries of the baby and not to forget the busy ladies who were helping the young mother to recover from the delivery that made it evident the presence of new things at home.


It had known to him over a period that his wife needed time till then she would be well hidden from him and be with him was not coming any sooner. Well that was the norms of the family and he was no one to oppose it either. He just waited for the day they were fit enough to be like before. He missed his wife most, though he carved for the baby too but the attachment wasn’t yet formed to have an impact on him.


He though got information about what happened inside that room, it was mostly that baby would be either sleeping or being fed with milk and occasional cries would mean that someone will have to change him. Well the baby was under strict vigilance of his mother and he had no doubt that she would take care of him anything less. He had witnessed immense love in his mothers eyes for the baby. The elders of the house were always entrusted with this task. While his wife would take ample rest to support her body to recover soon, there was a lady specifically to help her out in her things as well. Both MIL and DIL were deprived of the night sleep due to the baby.


On the other hand the arrival of the baby had brought good news in work front too as many new orders started to flow in, keeping the father and son duo busy. Son used to be mainly outdoors and father was busy supervising things at store. Mohan, elder neighbor had returned back disappointed so many times that he couldn’t share his worries to his beloved friend, who used to be free at afternoons for talks with him.


Days rolled by and the day came when the baby would be given the name. Devika would be seen mostly with the baby and made sure none of them were able to take him in their arms. She didn’t wanted a iota of displeasure to the baby. Madhav greeted all who were present there and his Son was in charge of all the facilities to be taken care, while his wife also was supervising in the arrangements for the ceremony.


Mohan who came then asked “What Madhav, you must be the most happiest person on earth today?”


Madhav replied “Yes off course, my home has become what it used to be. My wife doesn’t have time for making any issues apart from when it is the question of baby.  Which is quite normal now too. That too has reduced now as my DIL has taken the reins of the home again. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned to get things right. Who else would understand better than a mother. Everyone are happy in their life then what else would I need.”


Madhav continued “Why are you standing Mohan? Please sit here, you already have pain in knee. Let me check what’s happening inside.” Saying so he went, while Mohan thought “This time too this house is decorated exactly like when it was Madhav son’s naming ceremony. Indeed his love for the baby is like as his own son. He hasn’t differentiated them both his grandson and his son are treated as one only.”


Later the ceremony went on well and as the registrar of the town was also invited. Who was very much interested in bringing awareness among the village people, got the documents ready for birth certificate of the baby. He was waiting to fill in the details but was wondering how to ask Madhav, as he was very occupied till now.


Seeing him waiting Madhav asked “Did you need anything?”


He sincerely asked him to get the birth details registered of the baby and added he only needed few items as many were already known to him and had been happily filled too. And Madhav obliged and filled him with all the details he asked for.


Registrar : Baby’s Date of Birth

Madhav : 25/10/81

R: Place of birth

M: Here in my home itself

R: Your Wife’s name

M: Devika

R: That’s it Sir. Here is the certificate of the baby.


Madhav took that and kept it without even glancing what was mentioned and why would that require too. He just obliged his guest as he wasn’t in the mood to inquire much about it. Thus the baby Ranjit got his birth certificate with Madhav & Devika as his parents.

As the registrar was very new to the place mistook it as his son’s ceremony as Madhav was just near 45 age and his looks was quite deceiving him to be taken as grandfather of the baby.


Baby Ranjit was growing and turning into Master Ranjit. He was also sent to the same elementary school as the others went in the village. Though two decades had rolled by but the development in village had not progressed. Unknown to everyone Master Ranjit official records claimed that he was son of Smt. Devika & Sri. Madhav.


The boy too was closely attached to the Grandparents than his parents. Being a small kid, he was a vine who needed a support to live and as it was his grandparents who took care of everything he tend to them every time in need. Existence of his parents was something he wasn’t made aware of it. Everything what happened was neither intentional nor evident to them. He wasn’t required to interact with anyone else not even his own parents.


Ranjit’s parents also didn’t feel the pinch of it as it was so common that children’s go to the grandparents that they didn’t find the emptiness in their life. They never in their life felt being needed, they never went to their parents for anything nor here their kid came to them. When you are unknown to that part of life, you will not feel its absence pinching you. Their kid happily ran around the home so were they happy about it too.


2 thoughts on “Namesake – Part 4”

  1. Beautiful update. Madhav’s son [whom you have not named yet, what’s the secret] is craving to see his wife and son. But is not able to meet them due to one or the other reasons. Madhav arranged a big naming ceremony. Registrar come and register baby as Madhav and Devika son Ranjit. Time is passing and Ranjit is growing in the care of his grand parents. No one is known about the blunder that registrar did.

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