A Night In A Den


Maan: Geet Geet hurry up we have to reach before night

Geet: Yes let me pack some food for the journey then we can start

M: How much more Geet, Its just 4 hours drive

G: Thats why I am packing them

M: As you wish, my lady saying so he hugged her from back and while one hand started make patterns on her waist and the other pushed her hair aside to have a clear view of her back.

G: hmm left her moan as he placed a kiss on her nape, as her legs felt numb and leaned on the kitchen slab

Thud spoon fell to bring them back to the reality.

M: You look beautiful in this sari saying so he pecked her red cheeks

G: Aren’t we getting late

M: Do we have to go, we can be doing something more interesting here

G: Yes we have to it is Adi’s wedding

M: Poor Adi is all set to fall in a well

G: what was that? You think you have fallen in well

M: Offcourse…not saying he pecked her again

G: I seriously started to think that you do these things to divert me.

M: But you don’t seem to get diverted

G: You want to know why

M: Why

G: I know my man inside out.

M: Oh really

Maan started to come close to her, while she started to move back not able take that gaze on her as it was making her weak. Her back collided with the wall behind while he plastered himself on her. Intense desire in his eyes made her to close her eyes getting lost in his essence; she started to breathe heavily while his hands roamed freely on her making her lost in his own world and she felt herself light and she snapped open to see herself plastered to him and carrying her to the car. She could only hide herself in his chest hearing his heart beating for her.

M: Let me get the bags saying so he left her in the car to give her time to come back to reality

G: How does he make me drown in his love thought remembering the moments in the kitchen

Maan got the bags and came behind the wheels and rolled out of the pathway

M: Geet stop inviting me

She just blushed more hearing him.

M: Now guide me how to reach the venue

G: Why you forgot the route you took me last time?

M: When I have my navigator why should I remember anything?

G: You are making fun of me …makes a sad face

M: If I am making fun of you means it’s making fun of me only; misty. Now don’t remember what happened last time.

G: Why shouldn’t I remember it we had such a lovely adventure

M: You want experience the same today too

G: how about something new but not today at least we should attend Adi’s wedding in time not like in engagement.

M: As you wish and be ready for next time

For which Geet just shies and started to remember what had happened when they set out for Adi’s engagement

Flash Back

Maan enters the home all tired from the day’s works only to find his wife Geet sleeping on the couch waiting for him.

M: Geet Geet

G: oh you came. Just freshen up by the time I will heat up the food

M: Yes maam

G: You started again, go fast please I am very hungry and sleepy too

Maan pecked her once and ran to freshen up, while Geet started to serve the food in a plate.

At the dining table, while having dinner

M: Geet our project manager Adi, you met him the other day is getting engaged this weekend. Pack everything required for that we will leave in the evening.

G: Where is the engagement?

M: raksurnagar village, about 350 kms from here. Its better we reach there a night before the function

G: Okay. And we will leave after lunch from there right

M: Geet near that village there is a cottage; let’s spend some time there too. I have made myself free for 4 days it will be all yours. I know it’s very less but I couldn’t accommodate more than that

G: Really we are going out together

M: Sorry dear. With my new project I could not take you to any where recently. Its only 2 months of our marriage and I..

G: Shh.. You don’t have to say sorry; I know how important this project is for you.

M: But still..

G: Enough have dinner first afterwards we can talk.

M: Afterwards we won’t have time for talking na my honey bunny

G: Maan …let me have my food peacefully.

M: Yes you should have proper food; you will require as much energy as possible

Geet could only turn red with his shameless talks and moved to bedroom for a long night

Flashback ends M: Geet where are you lost; Why are you not being yourself I am missing your talks

G: Nothing I was just remembering last times journey. You want something to eat; I have packed some fruits I will give while you continue your driving

M: I rather eat you

Geet waks his arms playfully and shies

G: For now you need to just be satisfied with this apple

M: You packed so much; were you frighten that this time also you may get into some trouble.

G: No I was pretty sure that you could manage without my navigation

M: You think I couldn’t have managed the earlier; you are forgetting that I am Maan Singh Khurana.

G: yes yes how could I forget my MSK

Flash back

M: Geet you take your hand bag and sit in the car, I will get the remaining bags & then we can start

G: Okay

Once settled in the car

M: Now tell me how to reach the village

G: How am I supposed to know that?

M: Simple type raksurnagar in this map navigator it will show you the way; guide me accordingly then we can reach our destination

G: Is that so simple; give me I will do it

M: All yours

G: Now you need to drive towards west for about 50 kms to reach the outskirts of the city then 85 kms from there we need to take left in the highway after about 70 kms we will get sonurpur there we need to take state highway towards right then after 95 kms to next left to get marinenoor from there raksurnagar is just 50 kms. From there I think you can call Adi for the exact house address

M: So let’s start the journey

G: Maan you have never been to that place before

M: Nopes, Why are you asking?

G: I was actually thinking what all places are there nearby so that we can visit those places on the way. We may not get the chance to explore around

M: Yes you are right but the problem is we are having a tight schedule. But I promise we will take you everywhere you wish for.

G: Pakka wala promise na

M: Yes darling 100% promise. Now smile; tell me which way I have to take

G: Right, you need to take right here

M: okay

G: Maan we will reach before evening right

M: why are you scared of travelling in night?

G: No actually this map shows that we will have to go through forest area so was just being little tensed.

M: Don’t worry its just 350 kms drive that means if I drive with a speed of 100 km/hr then we can reach in 4hrs only

G: Even I thought so that’s why I packed lightly. Only some clothes and necessary items

M: Clothes, you could have kept fewer sets only; once we reach the cottage we might not require many

Geet shied and turned deep red getting the idea of her husband’s trip plan.

G: Maan, this is not updating our location.

M: Thats normal; might be the network is weak. Once the network is back it will update the location

G: Oh is it. So it works through GPS and requires mobile network connection

M: Yes, Geet which way I should take now

G: Left

After driving for some time Maan stops the car

G: What happened, why you stopped it?

M: Let’s just lean back for some time, you must be feeling cramped sitting at one place for a long time.

G: Oh…what’s the time now?

M: its 7 now

G: So we will reach in an hour or so; but now we will pass through the forest area right.

M: Yes but you said it’s only a small stretch. Once we cross that we will get network then we can call up Adi.

G: Is there lion in that area

M: Not only lion but lioness also

G: how do you know that, you only told you have not been to this village?

M: It is forest biwi lion will be there. Why are you getting scared we are not going by walk that it will come and eat us but in car, nothing will happen come let’s start before the night starts

G: Yes we need to cross this sooner the better

While crossing this stretch…

G: Maan I am getting scared, there isn’t much vehicle moment also here, no lights what if some thief’s or some criminals dwell here and try to stop us here. It’s so thick forest there.

Same time they hear a growl from the forest

G: Maan see there are deadly animals too. They may attack us.

M: Geet when I am here why are you getting afraid. Nothing bad will happen we are near the forest area so lights will be less and we are near villages so off course vehicular moments will be minimal and as far as thief’s are considered; did you write them a letter stating you are coming here and to rob from you and you are in a car secured so forget all your fears. See we entered the next village so now there is no reason to be dread for.

G: Uff…finally I can take my breath peacefully, while coming back we will leave at morning hours.

M: Okay tell me in which village we are?

G: Now we are in marinenoor

M: You got the signal

G: Yep we have

M: Let me give him a call

Maan gives a call to Adi

A: Hello sir, where have you reached, we all are waiting for you sir

M: we are at marinenoor;

A: Marinenoor (confused) where does that comes sir?

M: I think it must be about 50 kms away from your village.

A: One second sir hold on I will check with my dad

Dad …how to reach here from marinenoor

A’s Dad: Marinenoor even I don’t know there is no village nearby with that name

A: But our sir has reached that place and is asking me how to reach here

A’s Dad: How did they reach there

A: Let me ask them;

A: Sir how did you reach there

M: we drove towards about 50 kms to reach the outskirts of the city then 85 kms from there we took left in the highway after about 70 kms we got sonurpur there we took state highway towards right then after 95 kms to next left to got marinenoor from there raksurnagar is just 50 kms.

A: Sir Its not raksurnagar but raksarnagar to reach here you had to left from sonurpur there you had to come interiors till you reach morenoor from there raksarnagar is just 20 kms away

M: What are you saying we have taken the wrong route? Your card has raksurnagar address only

A: No sir its raksarnagar in the card

M: I am not blind; let me reach there then I will show your card.

Geet had tears hearing this

G: Maan I am getting scared, this is a deserted place no one is there to help us here

M: Wait Geet be patient we will get out of this too

G: Ji

M: Adi now tell me how we have to reach your place

A: Sir you will have to come back around 100 kms to reach sonurpur from there another 120 kms to our place.

M: But it’s already late. Will that be safe to drive such a long distance at this time?

A: Sir you are right it’s not safe to drive. Give me some time sir I will call you back soon

M: Okay Adi call back soon. Geet we have to drive back almost half the way

G: Maan I don’t want to go back to that forest again at this time of the night

M: Let’s just wait for Adi’s call

Adi calls back

M: Yes Adi

A: Sir my in-laws cousin brother’s friend’s cottage is in raksarnagar. They have spoken to them and arranged for the accommodation there. You can rest for the night there then if you leave tomorrow early morning then you can reach here by the ceremony sir.

M: Okay. Just guide me the way

A: Sir I have asked them to pick you up as its dark and you may get lost in that way. They will be there in about 15 mins.

M: Good.

M: Geet we will stay at the cottage here then morning we will leave to raksarnagar no raksurnagar.

G: But it’s so near to the forest.

M: Don’t worry its safe here. Let’s listen to some music you will feel better

jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagane lagaa hai dar

duniyaa ko bhul jaa_un kuchh aisi baat kar

darane vaali kyaa baat hai jab saath me hai dilabar

aajaa meri baaho me so jaa rakh ke sar

haa_y jungle hai aadhi raat

dil me kyaa hoti hai halachal

betaabi chhaa_i hai palapal

gaalo ki ragat lu

le le o mai to yahi chaahati hun

tanhaa_i kaa aalam taare bhi so_e hai

ham bhi ik duje ki chahat me kho_e hai

baahar mausam sardi kaa kyun garmi hai adar

haa_y jungle hai aadhi raat

tujhe paagal mai kar dun kar de

aagosh me bhar lun bhar le

haa_y sine se lag jaa_un lag jaa

ho ye lo sanam aa ga_i

ho aankh to khuli hai lekin tum so ga_i ho

jaanataa hun mai tum divaani ho ga_i ho

ham dono aaj akele ko_i bhi naa ghar par

jungle hai aadhi raat

Geet mouth opens as O as she is shocked to hear this song while Maan starts to laugh

Flashback ends M: Geet are at sonurpur, which way you want me to take left or right.

G: Right. We are going for Adi’s wedding

M: how about a tour in forest

G: No forest trip’s

M: Are you sure you don’t want to

G: Some other time

Flashback again

After about 15 mins Ramu comes to show the way towards the cottage

G: This is so big, does anyone else also stays here

R: No madam, no one stays here the landlord rents out this cottage for the tourist who comes to visit the nearby places.

M: Can you show us the room we better take rest, it’s already too late

R: Yes sir, this way

Both enter the room to have some peaceful nap

R’s wife: Where did you go at this time of night and who are they

R: Badesabji had called earlier saying that they have reached here wrongly

R’s w: But tomorrow guests are arriving

R: They will leave tomorrow morning, you don’t have to bother them nor will they bother you

R’s w: My work increases now, I will have to redo all the cleaning & you will not even help me.

R: Let’s see that tomorrow

In the room

G: Maan what is that sound

M: Nothing must be a small lizard

G: Lizard . I am not staying here

M: Geet what will it do, it’s just a small creature

G: Still that ugly and even scary too

M: Why do you get scared with such small things? Come I will hid you from all these scary things

G: You are sure right

Geet just snuggled into Maan, while his hands started make patterns on her to relax her and then both started to explore one another

Morning they start to raksurnagar & once they reach at venue

A: Goood Morning Sir.

M: Adi what is all this; see this card it is says raksarnagar

A: Siiir Look the print is not proper in your card sir; it’s is just your bad luck

M: What you can’t you see it properly before you give it to us.

A: I am really sorry for this sir

M: Adi you are saved only because today is your engagement

G: Maan It happens, he didn’t do that purposefully and if I had a kadus boss like you then I wouldn’t have even picked up your calls too

M: Geeet

Geet just giggles while Adi gives his signature laugh

G: Adi what are you doing here won’t you want to get engaged

A: Yes maam, please join us

Everyone gather around the stage to tease and bless the new couple on their new phase of the life.

M: Geet come we will leave to the cottage

G: Let me just pack all the things

M: I will help you

Both move towards there next destination the cottage

G: Maan you are not driving

M: No Geet I need rest well for the long daaay ahead

Geet turns red with his comment

G: Maan you know the way towards the cottage now don’t tell me we have to rely upon this navigator

M: No I had asked Adi to book the cottage as he knows the places around

G: What is there around the cottage?

M: some plantations a camping site & a small falls too

G: wow that’s cool we can play in water and enjoy

M: If that’s cool I know ways to keep you warm & we are going to enjoy

G: Maan see outside, I have never seen such beautiful nature awww…you know I love nourishing plants but in this busy city life I can’t give much time to them See those flowers that yellow one and that red one too .. See that tree is covered by those flowers in another 2 weeks it will be full of juicy fruits…

M: Geet Geet calm down.. We will see all these first let’s have some food in cottage

G: Wow you made my day

Saying so she just pecked him and he was lost in his bubbly child women in front of him. Once they reached the cottage Geet came out and was shocked to see the same cottage where they came last night

G: Maan this is the same place.

M: Yes

G: You changed our booking

M: Wanted to relive last night

G: We could have relived it in that cottage too but when did we cross the forest I didn’t even notice it

M: ha ha ha you were busy in appreciating the mother nature my cutie pie

G: That means the forest was not at all there just my fear of darkness made me think we are in forest uff…

M: Yes my sonna

G: You knew you all along she made a grumpy face

M: Except the wrong name of the village yes. I thought Adi had booked the cottage in his village itself but he didn’t and about the forest thing yes I knew that too

G: You were teasing me and I was getting scared simple

M: You see when you get scared you come to me without any encumbrance

G: You are gone today

M: I love this lioness too. So be it anyways I am wining. Come let’s go to our den

G: Den?

M: Where the lion is busy with his lioness

Maan lifts Geet in his arms close to his chest and walks into their Den.

Flashback ends

M: Geet we have reached and you are still lost…remembering our fun.

G: Yes, come let’s get in. See Adi is coming here

A: How are you sir, maam; you reached here without any …

M: Adi ..we are here right..now tell me all set to surrender

A: yes sir ready to sacrifice my freedom.. he he he. Enjoy yourselves sir, functions will be starting in a while

M: Sure Adi. All the best.

M: Geet we are spending whole week here.

G: Whole week ..but you said you a important meeting so we have to leave as soon as the wedding is done.

M: Yes very very important person of my life baby with my lioness in our den. Be ready


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