Incredible Fusion




There was a small town near the shores of the sea; it was a topical climate with mixture of occasional rainfall, hot summer & even pleasant atmosphere with low heat & humidity. The whole town was encircled with the backwaters of the rivers. With such a classic whether there was also a short coming which could wipe out the whole town. The tornado’s quite regularly hit the surrounding towns so the impact of it would hit this small town too. Owing to the increasing trouble of these the people had started to flee from here. While there were people in towns who were the survivors of these who took shelter in this town.


Today two different people both who were survivors of the same town moved into this new place but both were strangers & poles apart. One was calm & patient while the other was fierce & impatient but both were always inevitable & destructive in nature if meddled with, with a slight deviation, the calm one had the ability to choose either go ahead & wreck everything but the fierce person didn’t had that choice once a step taken forward has to feel the burnt.


Even if these two people’s ways were different and always repulsive in nature, they both were away from their people it was a test of survival for them in this place. They had none to share what they felt, none to listen to their talks, none to see their pain hidden in their heart. But destiny could not stop itself posing them infront of each other. He, who was fire and she, who was water did face each other will they ever overcome there obstacles & blend in one another without terminating the other.

Part 1



Seeing is believing is said for the human sense sight but at this time of the day when darkness is all you could see around and light is something alien and hard to visualise what is there in front of you that doesn’t mean you are lost or blind? Just like everyone my other senses come to my rescue. Exactly now when I cannot see anything through my eyes I could hear the roars of the ocean everytime it hit the banks indicating I am standing right infront of the vast expanse of the ocean. Petrichor, the scent of rain filled my lungs predicting the approaching rain, the touch of which would cease my burning but I am not ready to taste the freedom from this fire. In addition to these I know how to eradicate the darkness as I have the capacity to turn on the light even at the darkest times of life.



The rain can come down to the earth anytime and I have to take shelter before that but still I wait at the banks waiting for the darkness to break into dawn. This has been my routine from past week to sprint around the seashore of this sea at the darkest hour before the dawn and wait for the moment of darkness breaking into the dawn. To watch the sun to gain its position high in the sky, paint his colors over the world showing his supremacy to kill darkness of life. It is not only the sun but also me who feels that has spread my color all over the world.



Slowly the sun made its way out of his den painting the whole sky bright redish yellow with its rays. Consuming the gloomy night and spreading the light bringing new hope & a beginning of bright fresh life. Once I had witnessed the magnificent sight of sunrise my concentration went towards my sense which had alerted about the approaching rain. But now there was no sign of it, that left me astonished as rain is one thing I just hate it and my senses have never been wrong in identifying them. Leaving that thought aside I make my way back to the hostel which has become my new home from where I will have to attend my first day of my master’s classes today.



Not before I had turned my eyes get struck to the sight of a girl in bluish white suit running away something was there about her unknown which made me watch her till she disappeared from my vision. I have been coming here from past 5 days but never did I saw any girl at this time of the hour. She did turn back once but I could not see her face. Just then I heard my cell beep reminding me of the time & I headed back still I couldn’t stop myself to watch at the way she ran off.




Some things never change every where the seniors welcoming the juniors especially in there own innovative way. I had just entered the gates of my college when a group of people naming themselves as seniors blocked my way. They were many more already in queues who were dancing as puppets of seniors. I had a strong urge to teach them a good lesson but I couldn’t just barge in and destruct everything but that would only catch the attention of everyone. Now itself I can feel many eyes on me, that always annoy me.



Against my wishes I simply follow there orders to stand in the queue and wait for my turn to come. Just then there was absolute silence as everyone’s attention was on the entrance maybe another junior’s who are trying to dorge away from these ragging session? But No. when I look at the entrance I could only see a beautiful mesmerising alluring blue eyes of the girl, they captivated me in its pools as deep as oceans that I can get lost in them. It was a picture painted in blue theme, every essence of her oozed as serene beauty. I could no longer see the world around me just her only; everything around her seems to vanish away from my view. As if in the whole world it is you and me alone, with my every breath, with my every heartbeat clearly wanting to be with you. Her earrings kissed her cheeks everytime she kept walking her bangles made sounds of waves in the ocean which was matching her light blue & white mixed dress. Is she the same one whom I saw in the beach today, looks like she is as even at that time she wored the same dress, the same gait, the same care free strides. Today I felt like I got a whole new world to live in.   




Pighle neelam sa behta hua ye sama

Neeli-Neeli si khamoshiyaan

Na kahin hai zameen, na kahin Aasmaan

Sarsarati hui tehniyaan, pattiyaan

Keh raheen hai ki bas ek tum ho yahaan

Sirf main hoon

Meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein

Aisi gehraiyaan, aisi tanhaiyaan

Aur main sirf main

Apne hone par mujhko yaqeen aa gaya


English Translation of the poetry


The moment seems to flow like a molten sapphire and there’s deep blue silence,

Neither there is earth below, nor sky above,

The rustling branches, leaves are saying that only you are here,

Only me, my breath and my heartbeat,

Such deepness, such loneliness and me…only me,

It all makes me believe in my existence.



I don’t know when my legs take me away from the crowd towards the object of my interest but I was pulled back by something. When I turn to see what that was I saw it was the guy next to me who pulled me back, he was saying something which I failed to hear it. I turned back my gaze to her; she was not there; I turn around everywhere only to find her in front of those seniors. I moved in a way to have clear view of her face without any interruption. Her eyes had a gleam of naughtiness which I didn’t know for what.



I felt another nudge in my hand to jolt me into the reality. It was again the same guy but now I heard him say “Man, what are you doing come back and stand here, don’t mess with seniors. See how these girls got them in trouble.” The word Girls made me look at them again to find another girl beside her. All of them were watching her ignoring the pleasant beauty of mine. They were questioning them, that is when I got to know her name is Geet & the girl whom I just noticed her name is Pari.

Part 2


Geet, the name rang in my ears inveigling my heart with unknown bliss. Such a melodious name she has got that I could only hear and speak her name throughout the remaining life of mine. My heart was showing its presence more than ever with her first visual itself, weaving many desires which could bind me into something which I never was bound to. Thoughts are flying high freeing it self from the strings of my mind. Spirit is flowing in a direction which it had never crossed but it surged without bothering about any hindrance. Wish I could just embrace this moment in myself, to witness a new facet of the dreams. Her eyes were revealing more than she could every voice out surprising me at the things which it could conceal. I was eager to be with her which made my heart to live.  


Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho.

Toh zinda ho tum!

Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!


Hawa ke jhonkon ke jaise aazad rehna seekho

Tum ek dariya ke jaise, leharon mein behna seekho

Har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein

Har ek pal ek naya samaa dekhiye


Jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!


English Translation


If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive,

If your eyes are filled with dreams, it means you are alive

Learn to be free like the wind,

Learn to flow freely like the river,

Embrace every moment with open arms,

See a new horizon every time with your eyes,

If you carry surprise in your eyes, it means you are alive,

If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive…




My revive was broken when the guy next to me was biting his nails in nervousness as he was worried for the girl next to Geet, as he was muttering “Please God save Pari from these ragging’s” but what I saw actually amazed me as that girl Pari stood fearless while my Geet stood behind her hiding herself from the situation. Such a contrary thing it was happening I was not scared for Geet as I knew she could come out the situation without any help where as the guy next to me was praying for Pari while the girls were doing just the opposite. But Geet’s eyes shone bright, calm & undeterred confidence trickled in her every stir though she portrayed as fearful infront of everyone. She held on to the facade of a timid girl duping around the others. Her face can deceive everyone but her eyes couldn’t as they told every story of hers. She was not a meek girl, none could scrum her into doing things against her wishes, but why does she have to do things like that.



Apparently the situation in the hand was the senior’s portrayed themselves as generous enough to give us the option to whether we want to get ragged or not. Well that was not a real option though as a person would be asked to light the candle once they did it they would say since you have lighted it that means you have accepted to be ragged. So now the candle was placed in the middle of the stand and the girls were asked to light that. I was more interested to see the play as I read her eyes which had the mischievous glint in it. And just I guessed the fun started Geet’s face turned was something everyone could not miss as it turned pale with fear and she clutched Pari’s hand & fainted next second.



For a second even I got worried but then the wink confirmed all my doubts. Getting the clue Pari played along shouting “Geet…….what happened Geet…get up… get up…. Please someone get some water.” After a while she stood drawing everyones attention to herself. When the seniors questioned her, the reply just shook everyone but I was just lost in that melody and couldn’t stop the smile. Geet replied as a scared kitten shuttering and trying to hard to form even a word that “I burnt it …. I burnt it”. Well ever Pari was confused so enquired “what did you burn Geet.” “B…..B……Blub” But looks like seniors were not falling for her drama as she was asked to light the candle now.



I was now curious to know more about her plan as the naught sparkle twinkled in her eyes. She with trembling fingers tried to light the candle but stick failed to burn. Geet said “It is not burning so can I leave for the class sir.” Finally not able to withstand the bugging kitten they let go of her. We will trap her someother time is what I heard a senior whisper into another senior. Her eyes showed she had won this play but that play was not only for her but for everyone there. With a confident & smiling face she left, actually she was concealling more may be she would have danced at her victory but stayed quite because of the people around her.




After she left what happened was really a boon to others as none were able to light the candle with the sticks and were given a green signal to leave to class without  any interruption as none of the juniors revealed that the stick had been damp. Actually what had happened was when Geet had feel on the ground the box had feel down in moist grass, which none of them saw at that time. Now the seniors were getting suspicious why none are able to light it are they acting? Then one of them noticed the wetness of the sticks. So when it was my turn they changed the rule if you light it only then you will be set free.




I never had lost any game or battle then how could I just bow down when it was the question of lighting a candle. I made my hands covered there vision of the candle and the stick and within seconds I lit the candle without any trouble. What did they thought that this is the only stick through which the light could be generated. There are other ways to do that & winning over me is not going to happen ever. Without any further delay I dropped the match box in the nearby bin & went to the class with a stride which meant not to be stopped by anyone.



I was joined by the guy who came running towards me while he said “Hey man, slow down, how did you do that”. I didn’t stop but started to move towards my designated class. When he came in front of me introducing himself “Hi, I am Yash and you are” “Maan” was the only thing which I said and entered my class to see Geet in the same class of mine.



 Part 3



Another lecture starts from today, well that is one thing I always disliked but still I have never let the other person to feel that I am not one of the keen listener as I don’t ignore them but just bear there words which some or the other time has been useful. This time I had a silver lining say it a distraction or attraction which would last for atleast a little while.


I entered the class to witness Geet who sat at the front bench with her was Pari, looks like both are friends that they are sticking together. Class was almost full any time the classes would start as the time to start was nearing. I sat away from everyone as I was never a man who needed company.


My loneliness didn’t last for long as it was accompanied by the slim nerd with broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin with the naroow frame spectacles guy Yash I wished it was Geet beside me but this time I have to bear with this one as the guy, yes Yash was behind me and had followed me to the place where I had selected to sit. Well there was a special thing at this position and that was the view I would get, from here I could see the professors & behind the dias was a glass on which the image I could see was of the reflection of Geet.   


 Time passed a person came said something and then my eyes went back to Geet who was busy in writing and then she was lost in seeing something when I glanced where she was looking at I saw some other person who stood at the podium. I wonder where the other person went but before I could ponder about that my eyes went on the pen which was just about to touch the curvy glossy lips of hers.   


Constant bugging of Yash gained my attention as he was mentioning something about some Economics, business and management I glared back at him to stop him from irritating me. As I take a quick look at the platform to witness yet another different person there. Have I started seeing things, was that a mirage or did the face of the person change like chameleon?


I wanted to see what was happening around so I kept watching him but as the person was a lean bald guy he wasn’t covering the glass behind giving me more access t0 my distraction she was time & again glancing over her lace tied around her wrist. It took a minute more to realise she was getting bored maybe that’s why she was checking the time. That is when I checked the time which said 3 and half hours has been passed since I have been sitting here in this place. That means this is the 4th class of the day & I haven’t heard a word from anyone.


Suddenly Geet’s face had shone and next second there was a long ring indicating the end of the first session and once the unknown professor left the room she & Pari flew from there may be they were hungry. Half n hour of break like everyone I too headed towards the canteen to check what I can get to fill my appetite.  I had got one plate of food and sat away from the crowd when I saw my hearts leisure pursuit the blue girl getting her plate filled with food.


I saw them looking at the whole canteen to check for a place just then Yash who was just behind them showed the table where I am sitting. He wanted to watch her everymove but staring like that when the other person was watching straight back at you was not manners and that too when I held the fire to consume her.


My eyes were unwilling to obey my order to look anywhere but her. Then somehow I managed to concentrate on the food but it was just for a second then it was back on her. Fortunately this time she was looking at something else at the other end. She was looking at that direction more intently making my inside to burn. I turned my gaze towards her vision and that enraged me again as Geet was looking at the seniors and one of them who was leading the ragging session was heading to our table. I wouldn’t mind breaking his bones or even burning him to show him the glimpse of hell.


He was just a feet away from his table when the ground under him vanished as he lost balance and swan through the air bang his nose to the ground. He was carrying a plate of food he had picked it up on his way and all of it he had been carrying in his hand fell on his head and finally even the plate hit his head giving him the award he deserved. That’s when I noticed the wet floor and the caution board kept to be careful as the floor was slippery.


A slight giggle caught my ears out of the whole laugh going around the canteen and that was from none other than the girl who sat infront of me. She was trying very hard not to laugh as it would only instigate the others and bring us under their scanner. But even then she couldn’t stop the smile that escaped against her wishes and adored her lips. The twinkle in her eyes which held the power to hypnotise even a saint.


It was the first time she sat so close to me and I was failing to stick to my previous decision of not to stare at her but when did the heart listen when God’s such a exquisite creation was right before my eyes. She had her eyes fixed on the table I just didn’t know what is so interesting out there on it while I couldn’t move my gaze from her. I wished she looked up to me at least once so that I could read what she was thinking. Maybe she didn’t noticed me till now as she was busy with the laugh she got to see here but before I could make that statement sink into my heart she raised her lashes to meet my molten eyes to lose the whole world around us or to find a new way together.


Part 4


Change is the only thing which is constant in life and is the same thing which I am experiencing now. My sense’s which has always been active in alerting me of my surroundings has changed its allegiance. My eyes never leaves the sight of her as it only tries to find more about her while I always search to hear her melodious voice in every sound that hits my ears, I wait for the moment of slight touch of her veil every time we have bump into one another. It takes every ounce of my will to resist from tasting this forbidden fruit. She is all bent to change me as she smells like a dew drop making me to hate the thought why I hated that before.


The fact which I always certain about eradicating the darkness & lighting it seems to be lost with the way my life had taken a turn. My day which always used to start with the sprinting before the breaking of dawn to keep me fit and focussed has also changed. Now after sprinting I would do my exercise using fire to help me keep focus on the issue that is on the hand. Every day I try new ways with fire I would light up the edges of the stick with fire and swinging the blazing stick in different ways so as to wipe out that vision which has plastered to my eyes.  


That day when our eyes had met, the world around me had just ceased to exist. Those deep blue eyes held me captive in her spell that I felt I wandered into a place where every thing was so serene that I didn’t know whether I was lost before or am I getting lost now. I was looking deep into violet & green mixed pupils of her to find what all secrets that could unfold infront of me. But what I found was a haze image of person’s face which started to disturb the tranquilly of those orbs a bit later what I saw was it was not just the disturbance but vanquishing the glow with the flame of that persons mere presence which turned into my face. That was the harsh reality of mine which broke my trance and I had left the table in a rush leaving everyone to ponder anything what they wish.


I would now rather light up the whole place to make me remember the fact of my presence in anyones life would only harm everyone. How could I forget why I am all alone? I break one another stick that was in my hand with the rage which had only amplified the concealed fire in me. I have led lonely life because of this reason, when ever I have lost focused I have not only lost my dearest and nearest but also have felt the burnt of it my own self. How unlucky am I to even not retain a companion for even a small part of this long life. With these thoughts cruising in my mind everytime I would never know when the dawn breaks & the day starts. But with my starting ignorance with the surroundings one had not left to remind me about my college and that was Yash who used to call me with his stupid problems.


Exactly now I got a call from Yash making me realise the time as even the sun elevated high in the sky failed to be gain my attention as I was busy fight with the inner battle. I switched on the Bluetooth and without a second delay he started his cribbing.

“Maan do you know what is the problem with this stove the burner is not burning and I am unable to find the lighter which you were playing with last night.” 


That reminds me of the act of last night when I had held the light in my hand & had snapping the fingers lighting it & switching it off with my thoughts running about the past and trying to get the things straight in present.


“15 minutes.” I reply and make my way to start yet another day just like past 8 months but before I leave this shore I put of the fire which I had set around the place. Out of all these things against me this is one thing that I am glad of this deserted place to give me my privacy.


As always my eyes search that place where I had seen her on the first day but as every other day even today I couldn’t see her there maybe it was just by chance that she was here that day. I again console my heart which still wants to see her against my will. And in these 8 months every single day didn’t end without an encounter of ours but every time I shifted my course away from her as those eyes held something which could not be comprehend.  During the classes I try to gauge her reactions but she didn’t let me through her lashes making it difficult to read her.


Things which made these encounter possible were Yash & Pari and their budding love story. There talks left me know more about Geet, how she is, how even she came here after losing her family. How lonely she has become now and how she is coping with her life. What her aims are, how she has influenced Pari to be more focused about the future. I get to hear each and every word about them from Yash.


There is not a single place in the college which doesn’t remind me of our encounter and just a week ago when Geet was searching for Pari near this fountain at the entrance of the college where I am standing that was the time we met again face to face to let me read her mind through her own blue eyes.


Part 5


There is not a single place in the college which doesn’t remind me of our encounter and just a week ago when Geet was searching for Pari near this fountain at the entrance of the college where I am standing that was the time we met again face to face to let me read her mind through her own blue eyes.


This time when the cover of her lashes had been shed for my view all I could see was the same mischief gleam in it. But what is she upto now, did that senior again became the scapegoat of her acts. She has been enjoying that senior’s state to an extent which none knew except me as always after every fall of his she had walked away with a winning stride. One thing which even I didn’t know was did she do anything which always landed him in trouble or was that a pure coincidence that whenever she was present he was embarrassed with one or the other thing.


Last time I had accompanied Yash to the mall as girls wanted to do there shopping while Yash wanted to join them and I also went along with him. Once they had roamed alround the mall we had settled down in the food court to fill the hunger of stomach. The seating arrangement was in a semi circle round the table and at one end was Geet next to her was Pari and next was Yash, after him I sat.


Geet started “Pari you have searched the whole mall today. So after eating we will go home & get back to our seminars.”


Pari replied “Still I need to buy tops from that xyz shop.”


“I know why you are so much into shopping today but I will not let you skip today’s study.” Geet made it clear to Pari. “I don’t want any excuses.”


I smiled looking at the them planning for the seminar which I didn’t even know there was I never had to bothered for any academic activity as even before I realise the need of the work it would have been done for me too. Yash was someone who used to do it for me I never did ask him for but he simple did it for me and then it become a silent treaty that he used to hand over all the assignments to me. I could have asked him the reason for it but then I never indulged in talking with anyone not even Yash, who was my hostel roommate.


Pari loved Yash but always gets irritated with his “I am scared attitude” college works were not an issue but handling the world or people was something he always held a back foot.  I guess this was the reason Yash always used to be with me scared to be alone, scared that he might just get into trouble and I tagged with him because he never asked any questions about me but just used to bug me with non stop talking about the college or Pari or her friend Geet. That was much more than a vital reason to actually tolerate him and his actions.


There was sudden hustle bustle in the food court, apparently some waiter was pushed by someone making all the food in his hand to spilled on the ground and that person was none other than our same senior who had lead our ragging session. The owner was all set to bash the waiter & dismiss him from the job as he thougt the waiter couldn’t even handle his customers properly, creating disturbance to them and also damaging his places aesthetics.


And this senior of ours who was having fun in this trouble just was leaving creating the mess and while crossing over the table next us the kid who sat there was supposed to have her milk in the bottle but the kid opened the cap in a way that all the milk erupted out of it spilling it all over the place along with the wetting the pants of our beloved senior in turn making him embarrass infront of all the people. At that time her eyes showed “you deserve it” look.


Today too her eyes conveyed the same thing to me but who deserves that, was that me or was that someone else. I was still searching for answers when a loud laughter hit my ears and that was of Yash & Pari who came running & laughing even before I could ask them they started to narrate that the gardener was having trouble why water stopped suddenly coming in his pipes while watering the plants and then he tried to twist them in all direction water gushed out like a stream which unfortunately showered on our same darling senior. 


Once Yash was here I moved out to our hostel when Yash again started his pleading to accompany him to Pari’s house as she had challenged him “Yash if you love me you have to come to my hime without getting scared of my owner who stayed next door. Only then I will talk to you.” Did I needed this pleadings no defiantly no, but still how would I just give in so I gave him “I am not interested” look and then I finally agreed to him.


We knocked at the door of the girl’s home late at 12 midnight as it was quite a distance we had to travel. There was hesitation quite visible on Pari’s face as she opened the windows to check who is banging the door at this hour. I could clearly see one was shocked while the other pretended to be shocked as she was not afraid of facing any situation. As it was a season of rain many would come inside the front yard for shelter but now it wasn’t raining either and even if it was entertaining an outsider at this hour was not safe.


We stood at a distance so when she checked the window none were visible, then she had a confused look thinking who banged on the door. Just when she thought to close the window and return to bed we came out of the shadows scaring her a bit as she asked who it is. But only thing she heard was her own sound and crackle sound of the dry leaves.


Surprise was the word Yash screamed making her squeal in shock but then she was happy to find her love leaving his inhabitation self.

Part 6


Surprise was the word Yash screamed making her squeal in shock but then she was happy to find her love there leaving his inhabitation self and visiting her.



“Yash is this the way you come. There is a calling bell which you could always use then why were you banging the door like that. You just scared the hell out of us.” Pari growled on Yash.


Yash made a sorry face while he enquired “Geet is also here.”


“Yes, she has not slept yet.” Pari replied. “Hey Geet look Yash is here. You want to say hi.”


“No… No… I mean yes hi Yash…You guys talk…  I… I will be in back yard. “Said Geet b…b…bye


“I don’t know why she gets scared suddenly of such little things.” said Pari referring to Geet’s action.


“Yash left a sigh once Geet left as he can have his little talk with Pari now without interruption. Now you will do as I say” Yash whispered.


Looking at them I thought they need a little more privacy so….


I left that place at once and started to move backwards when I heard something rather say some sound. That made me realised that the path I choose leads to the back yard of the house where Geet went. The thought that she is there was enough for me to move more faster my mind constantly warned me not to go and face at this time but when did mind had any say in front of this heart.


My luck was not with me today as suddenly there was lighting followed by a noisy thunder. Normally boys liked these situations where girls would be scared and cling to boys but here it was a different story as I despised rain. Seeing the pouring rain my legs freeze at the place I was safe under the shelter in the pitch darkness where no one knew anyone would exist. Even in the most solitary life I have an angel who had descended from the heaven whom I could gaze till my hearts content.


Geet was in her light violet velvet suit stood admiring the sky above. I stood as far as possible but my eyes could view her from head to toe, I guess she was also standing below some shelter as there was not a drop of rain falling on her.  She was not only admiring it but also waiting for the rain to fall as the moment she stretched her palm a drop fell on it, she did the same again and again collecting the drops of the rain in her palm. It looked as if the rain was waiting for the orders of her to fall. Once it was full she let them drop on the ground making the sound like pearls were falling off from the necklace as they didn’t just fall but also they had another path to follow.

She was the commander in chief imposing the flow of rain. Slowly the drops of rain increased & made its way from her shoulders to her long silky hands gliding over them to reach the small little fingers of her just before they descended to reach there fellow droplets. If that was the sight I beheld unknown to her next set of her acts just made my insides move as molten lava.


The water which blessed themselves touching her forehead slid through the sides measuring the length of her sleek neck before they disappeared into the fabric. The view brought him of my revive giving me a reality check about my act. I was not supposed to look at her like this minutely. She has always hid behind the mask of a meek girl and now thinking no one is here she would have let those masks off her face.


She might have not been this free had she known about my presence here. But I didn’t have it in me to turn back from her. This time I wanted her to decide and it would be easy on me to feel her rejection than turning back from her. With this decision I let my legs lead towards the magnetic pull.


I couldn’t have stepped in rain too so I stood at the rim of the shelter making my presence known to her. Passing the message towards her clearly that she is not alone to let her barriers down and baring her oneself to me. She stood in the middle, hands out stretched to let the rain drench her. Even after making my presence evident she didn’t deterred was she so involved in her own world that what is happening around, who is there beside her didn’t matter or was she giving me a treat by letting me to witness her subtle movements of unparalleled grace.


Rain which had drenched her whole form gave a shiny effect to her. With a determination which none could stop her to express herself today neither the rain nor my presence. She bent her back in a semi circle swinging her hands in a way that looked like a white rainbow twinkling in the moon light. Was she dancing with rain or was rain dancing with her, was she following it or was that following her moves was all I could ponder about as she and rain matched steps with each other.


Unknown to me “Geet” came out from my lips it came out just as a whisper and I doubt whether my own ears heard it or not. But as the name left my lips the rain just came to end like it was waiting for me to utter and it would stop and with not a drop of rain pouring her whole concentration turned to me. I stood there waiting for her reaction, would she walk away as I do or…. I didn’t know what to expect. She slowly closed the distance between us and stood right in front of me.


Ik baat honthon tak hai jo aayi nahin

Bas ankhon se hai jhaankti

Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi

Kuch lafz hain woh maangti

Jinko pahen ke honthon tak aa jaaye woh

Awaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaaye woh

Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai

Ehsaas hi ehsaas hai

Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti

Khushboo jo be awaaz hai

Jiska pata tumko bhi hai

Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai

Duniya se bhi chhupta nahin

Yeh jaane kaisa Raaz hai


English Translation

A thing that still hasn’t come up to my lips and only peeks through my eyes,

It asks for words, sometimes from me and sometimes from you,

So that it can wear those words and come to the lips,

And so that it could be embraced by words..

But this thing is actually a feeling…only a feeling,

It’s like a fragrance floating in the air,

Fragrance, which has no voice…and about which you know and I know too.

It is not hidden from the world, what kind of a secret it is?



Her eyes held an unknown compassion which I could not understand. I felt a sudden chill spreading around me was it the dip in the temperature or was it her who was cooling my fire in me. My eyes closed for a brief second to hide the things which it may give away if I look deep into the blue ones it may questioned me anything. There were many things which my heart wanted to convey but words were just not enough to express them. Many emotions were binding me with you bring in a new flavour sweeping us into a different world. This is the riddle which could not be hidden within me or with in her or even the world.


I was still entranced in her when I felt her chilled hands touch my cheeks sending shiver down my body. It took only a second to ignite the fire in me; it took lot of efforts to break the shackles to let my hand to stretch so that I could feel that creamy skin. She closed her eyes to engrave the feel of me on her hand, so did I wanted to engrave it. I was just an inch away when she trembled back and before I could comprehend anything or hold her she collapsed on the ground & like how the water gushes out when the gates of the dam are opened the rain poured out on her.

Part 7


What happened was something has happened with me many times before too when ever I have left my confines things has gone messy. That is the reason why I have to be alone & none are allowed to be with me. My mother left me giving birth to me to live in this world all alone; my father was there only till that another natural calamity which shook more than half of the village when I was a small kid. From that time all I have led is a life alone each day was like a year or even more than that.



Relatives were there to support me but even that didn’t last for more than few days as they would fell into deep troubles due to me. So I had spent most of my life in an orphanage far away from everyone who was my family once. This was my curse which I am still burdened with. And today that has spread to Geet, she fell the moment I thought to ignore my curse but it was all present to remind me of the repercussions if avoided.



I still stood the same way gazing at her fallen state; I couldn’t gather enough courage to even check her. What if she also just left because of my mistake? It would have been better to be away than to live in guilt for becoming an endangered curse to someone else. With the sudden enormous sound of water gained the attention of Pari & Yash so they came out to check the reason for it and all they could see was Geet lying in the pool of water while I had lost my voice to tell anything to them.



I started to take my steps away from her whereas Pari was trying to revive Geet by patting her cheeks. Yash asked her to pull under the shelter first so that she wouldn’t catch cold. They tried to rub her legs & hands it was turning little blue due to chillness of water. Yash looked back at me to ask what happened but what would I reply, there was nothing to tell it was all my fault to have agreed with him to accompany Yash to her place.


My strides were moving fast to just hide myself away from everyone especially from those blue eyes mermaid of my life. I push all the things in front of me & put everything on fire with my own hands but would that reduce the blaze in me. Ripping of my self also didn’t reduce the helplessness in me. Why should I be compled to live a life like this with no love no happiness all alone nothing pleasing can exist around me? Why it is that anything that wants to give me bit contentment would turn into ashes before I could embrace it. Why can’t I hold a little bliss in my palm?



All I had heard was they were taking her to the nearby doctor, I so wanted to check on her but it was best with me not going near her. I waited at the shores waiting for the sun to break the darkness, which was actually trying to consume me within it. After what seems like eternity I just couldn’t wait more but wanted to know if she was fine, I decided I would only see from far & then will move out before anyone would actually notice my presence.


I stood at the doorway hearing that melodious voice of speaking to the doctor which was a relief till I heard there talks. The doctor was quite upset about something but what was the fault of Geet in all these things which happened.


“Geet, I am telling you last time you have to be careful, I can’t hide these things everytime. It was just pure luck that your friends bought you to me, what would have happened if they would have taken you to other doctor.” Doctor was scolding sternly.


“Doc, I would have managed it.” Geet answered meekly.


“Right the way you just managed it today. I have answered others as you got dehydrated but I want answers from you now? What happened & how did it happen if you had taken all the precautions.” Doc questioned.


“Doc, you yourself said now that I was dehydrated and that was exactly what happened too.” Geet replied


“Okay then be my patient for next 2 days & get your dehydration cured.” Doctor said

“2 days, what will I do here for 2 days? I am perfectly fine & I would like to take your leave now as I need to attend the class.” Replied shocked Geet on the sudden order passed by her doctor but when did she listen to others.


“I am your doctor Geet.”


“No, you are my friend, so bye.” Geet stromed out of the room after saying that.


There talk left me in thinking what was it that they were talking about was she hiding something or is she under some medication due to some disease. But if I question the doctor she would definitely not spit out the truth. Doctor must have known Geet for a quite a period and that’s why she was so comfortable & then also she hid the truth with Yash & Pari also that too even before she consulting Geet. I should follow her to know more but after what happened yesterday night I need to be very careful & stay away from her.




I have been observing her more meticulously from past few hours but nothing actual changed in her ways neither in action nor in words. Still we didn’t speak neither she nor Yash or Pari actually asked me about that night. It was as if nothing happened, don’t know what Geet said to them but they were actually being careful with Geet, making sure that she had lot of liquids. They didn’t let her give presentations in seminar also but only person who regretted that was me as I couldn’t hear her.



Yash asked me to help them in the last seminar and the group discussions for the year before college breaks for the exams so that Geet could take proper rest. I agreed but I didn’t know what I am supposed to do so he gave some notes which I had to go through & speak about them. Seminar was said to be on one of the topics in some subject which we read but the group discussion was just a practice session so that everyone would get good exposure to the presentation skills. I actually wondered what am I going to do as I had not an iota of idea how these are done but this would help Geet is all I know so I had to do it.



Part 8


Seminar finished & I don’t exactly remember what all I have to say. Seeing my capabilities with words they had given me a small part. Was that a 5 min material which I finished it in 2 minute or was that only a 1 minutes one for which I too 2. But whatever it was that ended without much hanky panky. Well one hurdle was crossed & the other awaited. Yes the group discussion would start in a while, groups were made. Pari, I & few other class mates were selected and made the group. The topic was read out it was “Myth”.



First to start was Pari “God is a Myth.”


With that few started to oppose it & many started to agree with it. But when I heard what all they were discussing I couldn’t stop my self from putting my view in it.


“How could you say that God is a myth” I questioned.


“If he was there then people would not have suffered unnecessarily, take your example are you not an orphan… why?? because God took away your parents that too in a natural calamity which was controlled by God.” Pari replied.


“It was not the God who controlled these calamities they are done by the people who are posses the power to protect the nature and people in this world.” I counter replied.


“Oh you are a believer of those grandma bedtime stories in which God entrusts some power to three people who were termed as guards of the earth but these people quarrelled among themselves to attain the supremacy over the human beings. If only one is left they would be invincible who could be termed as equal to God.” Pari questioned.


The whole discussion was heating up between Pari & Maan and everyone present there were just a mute spectators as they didn’t know where it all would go to. Some had heard these stories in there childhood from there elders but then with time all these things were termed as only story.


“Yes I am a believer of it but that is not the whole truth what all things they would have to undergo for being a guard is not known to many. Life span of these persons would be more than 400 years which they should be spent away from everyone if those powers are entrusted. These powers would be there curse but also a boon, which could be used to restrict many calamaties. And humans never get to know what things were averted but can only know & rememeber when these gaurds fail. Yes they fight among themselves but are these fights for gaining supremacy or to gain freedom from those things is still a mystery which none have been able to know it till now.” I said.


I would have said many more things but I was stopped by the sapphire eyed girl who pleaded me through her eyes to not say a word more and how could I utter a single word after that. My tongue was now tied with her plea so I let every other person to continue with the discussion and in no time the hour flee so did the students from the class.



This was the last class for the year and students would forget about all these talks is what I could wish for as many were worried about their individual exams or was excited for the farewell party of the seniors which the juniors had organised for. I don’t know whether I blabbered more than required or was my speech revealed more than necessary things.


Once the class was dispersed Geet marched to Pari questioning “What was that, why were you guys arguing in middle of a discussion.”


Pari responded “He started” pointing all the blame towards me.

“I know who started what even I was here only. Now do you think about yourself Maan what were you doing talking all these stories.”  Geet turned towards me questioning but she was shocked and continued “Now where did he go?” as I was not there standing but had started to move out of the class saving my self from there questioning eyes.




Today is the farewell party girls were dressed in red & white combination where as boys were in red & black combo. For a change juniors had planned to rag the seniors on there own farewell which was led by Pari & group, well I knew whose idea this would be. Time has changed so had the relations too in past 10 months seniors have become more friendly and supportive, thus playing pranks with them would not be a trouble and anyways they are leaving the institute so the coast is clear for fun.


Party was in the open air hall in the grounds of the college which had a stage at one end where Geet was speaking to Pari who stood beside her with today’s event manager & at the far end was the fountain where I stood gazing her every move. She looked angelic in that white salwar of hers as blue veil adored the slender creamy neck. Yash was running behind Pari helping her out with all his love and I was standing away from everyone feeling glad that atleast there are people whom I would love and they are infront of me.


People dressed in vibrant colors were already to enjoy & have fun as the party was about to start. Whereas things don’t happen as you wish for and who knows that better than me and exactly the way I had the intrusion there was a sudden hassle alround the place everyone were running into the college that’s when I witnessed the tornado coming towards us.


I stood waiting the tornado to come to me as what can it do to me carry & through me somewhere that’s it right. However when it was just a yard away from the ground when it stood still as if something stopped its way. When I look around the ground there is no one present but my eyes stopped at one place where a girl lay may be unconscious and it didn’t take a minute to know who that was as she is Geet only girl who was in her blue while everyone was in red & white.
Part 9


It didn’t take me a second to reach her but I was a little hesitant whether to check her or not but then there was no one here and the tornado was infront of us. It would have not stopped for more than a few seconds and I could save her from this atleast, thinking so I slightly touched her hand to wake her up “Geet …. Geet…” Then what happened was something which I had never imagined as Geet not only turned but also looked very furiously and I felt water splashing on me. I wondered from where water came from even though it didn’t harm me, I was prepared to even deal with it through the flames of fire.


My gaze went back to Geet who was now irritated by me while she stood up looking towards the storm. “Maan why did you come here…. you should have stood there like before & waited for this to end.” She marched towards me angrily. Now what did I do that she was reacting this way; I was as always away from everything. As if reading my mind she continued “I had successfully stopped it through my power of water, didn’t you feel water had stopped the march of the tornado. It took me so much of concentration to create the shield around the wind storm & you destroyed it within seconds. Who asked you to come near me see you broke my protection with your heat.” She marched towards me but I walked back not to get in contact with her as it would harm her as well harm me.


It then occurred to me she is Geet the one who poses the power of water to guard the earth whereas the one storming towards us is Samir who poses the power of Air and the last was none other than me who posed the power of Fire. The three guardians of the earth but this only brought curse to me. I wonder why I never gave it a thought that Geet could be one of us, she always played with water and I even witnessed her exhibit. I was still contemplating with the facts she just disclosed when she growled her decision to me “Maan, I never asked you anything or came in your path but now if you want to save all these people from this mad storm created by Samir help me in fighting him off or else go away from me as far as possible because I wouldn’t think twice harming you too if you come in between.”


She didn’t wait to hear me out but went back to stop Samir who was storming into us, fountain’s water which flowed was directed to the plants around the ground so it helped her to gather water from all directions and raised it the extent that it should actually swallow the whole of it. The water was crystal clear & calm if I didn’t see observe keenly the layer of water which was trying to elevate round it would not be evident. It appeared to be a difficult task now as the opponent knew the exact position & strategy that would be followed by Geet as rising water was deflected very easily by Samir.


Although Geet was not able to cover the whole tornado her determination to stop it didn’t shatter a bit, she raised herself with the help of water to place herself in a better position to defeat the foe. But how much could you suppress air as Samir emerged out of the water wrap breaking the balance of Geet. She fell on the ground but this time she didn’t try to use the same plan as she disappeared into the water paths spread at the edge of the ground.


Now that she is not here I can burn him off atleast that would help her if not me as I have lost hope of getting freedom from this fire. It is believed if one destroys the other person then he could live a normal life with everyone but there was a contrary belief also that he could rule the world with the new combined strength. I could not make anyone happy but she could atleast be pleased by this effort of mine.


With the snap of fingers fire appeared like a balls in my palm but only small globes of fire wouldn’t be able to destroy the whole storm thus I amplified the flames emitting the fire through my taut chest which spread to strong biceps via muscular shoulders to meet the fire balls in my palm while the other side the same fire reached the foot hoisting me upwards to reach the mid level to tear it apart.  I had completely got control of the storm ripping apart from the middle of it nevertheless the storm didn’t reduce it effect the more I extinguish it the more it generated from no where.


Suddenly from middle Samir came into my view who looked annoyed with our interference in his destruction of this town. “How much ever you try Maan you will never be able to over power me” he said with a smirk on his face “I am supreme”. His words wouldn’t stop my attack on him, now my only plan was to prevent this devastation. I had to divert him if not destroy as Geet had left to make another plan however it looked like she is taking a lot time or maybe she is not coming out as I am near him. We both can’t be together ever but destiny could not stop itself posing us infront of each other. I, who am fire and she, who is water, want to fight together but how blend in one another without terminating the other.


Single handed we are not able to fight him as he is not only invincible but also not allowing us to go beyond his wish as Samir is deflecting ever move we make be it through water or fire. And with ultimate force I target my flames towards him but Samir is more powerful as he deflected me pushing me into the water of the fountain.


I was trying to come out of it but Samir had me under his clutches that’s when I heard a faint whisper “Maan…” I heard my name but where is she?
Part 10


I was trying to come out of it but Samir had held me under his clutches that’s when I heard a faint whisper “Maan…” I heard my name but where is she?


I was struggling to come out of this water since Samir had blocked it with his power Air on the surface & chillness was surrounding me affecting my strength but when I thought of escalating the fire force, water caved in; For outside world I was submerged in water but in reality I stood in the middle like a baby in the sack when it is in his mother’s womb. I knew this was the work of Geet, she wouldn’t harm me just like I couldn’t. Within seconds of the thought I could see Geet forming from the water.


Geet stood in front of me “Geet, I have another plan to avert his destruction you just have to block him from one side I will do it from the other end so that we both can together stop him.”


“No Maan, Samir will slip in between us easily & we can’t use our powers fully as that would harm us only, in turn we would terminate ourselves in vain. But I do have one plan which could be implemented to avert him causing any destruction.” Geet spoke in determination. “I will blend in him in such a way that he would not be able to have any control on his own atmosphere that will be your golden chance to cease his existence.”


Although I was still thinking how she can blend in him I felt her in the close vicinity of mine only to witness her approaching me in steady steps compelling me to move as far as possible but she had surrounded me, I had no where to go. “Geet ….” I called out to her making her realise our close proximity however her next words grabbed my attention as I forgot everything.


“Maan, I was attracted to you, not from today not from the day we came face to face but from the day I saw you on the first day where I stood gazing at the glorious roaring waves which was trying to consume even the sand into it. With the morning sun touching the sky high there rays made me conscious of another person close to me, who was gawping at the Sun so intently that for an instant I thought you were going to burn even the sun into ashes. In that light I felt like Sun shone on this earth and that was none other than you.”


“With just a look at you I sensed heat surrounding me which was quite unusual as it was cold region. It felt like I would just sail through the rough rocks into the heart of the earth that is always ready to consume me within. But it didn’t took me more than a moment to realise where I stood & what I was heading to, before that sensation took over me again I ran away from there. That was just the beginning as yet again I saw you on the very first day of the college where I tactfully damped the match box with my chillness but people around me thought it was grass moisture.”

“I tried and waited for you to approach me but you never intended to come near me but still your gaze was never left me, in all these days you always were infront of me be it in class or ground in college or the sea shore or even our outings with Pari and Yash. I not only watched you but also realised your identity long back. Your fight to avert me was very evident to me and I decided to wait for the day you would come to me. And that day you did come for me I was so delighted with your wish to leave behind the shackles that I just couldn’t stop myself expressing my ability to you. And when I heard my name from you for the very first time everything around us stood still.”

“But once I was back from doc’s visit, your reluctance was also back in you which broke my little hope of being together.”


“Geet… we can never be together, I can only hurt you” I wanted to stop her talks as that was only making things difficult but she didn’t stop there.”

“I love you Maan, I was not supposed to love anyone here but how can a moth not get attracted to the fire and how can a moth not follow the fire even when it knows the union would end with moth burning in the flames of the fire. My love is also like that I was drawn towards you the very first day I saw you. My heart made me follow you everywhere you went. That’s explains our every accidentally meet, it was me who planned those encounters.”

I felt a chill ran over me as she engulfed me in her arms, closing the gap in between the water while her lips did its first sin of kissing me on my cheek which was melting me but I could feel warm with those lips on me. She cupped my other cheek with her hand. My heat burned her it was just the beginning as I could feel her drained of life already.

But that didn’t stop her as she hugged me for a little long time and finally whispered “Today, it is time for the moth to burn. Erase me today with this life and from your memory. Good bye Maan.” All I was left was with another pain to see my life slip away from me.

I had never felt so apprehensive associated with the fire but today I being the fire only burnt her. I wanted to hold her but my mere existence near her has only killed her. It would have been better to drown in her than seeing her vanish in thin air. But now I cannot make her sacrifice to go in the drain, with that thought I emerged from the bottom of the fountain to turn him into an extinct being.


With nothing lose nor to gain I transformed into enormous mass of fire with only purpose of destroying Samir, who induced Geet to take such a step. Fire which left my skin only had one destination that was to mark his death defining burn. As Geet had said she has successfully blended in the air taking control of even air through the water content in moisture which increased in air making my task easier as Samir is not able to deflect my fire & its way to burn all the traces of his skin.


Today the fire has effectively destroyed the guards of Water & Air which has blended together leaving me all the strength to govern the world but at what cost I burned my soul with them.



Part 11



Jab jab dard ka baadal chhaya

Jab gham ka saya lehraaya

Jab aansoo palkon tak aaya

Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraaya


Hum ne dil ko yeh samjhaya

Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai?

Duniya mein yun hi hota hai


Yeh jo gehre sannate hain

Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain

Thoda gham hai sabka qissa

Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa


Aankh teri bekaar hi nam hai

Har pal ek naya mausam hai

Kyun tu aise pal khota hai

Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai


English Translation


Whenever the clouds of pain and sadness loomed,
Whenever tears came till the eyelashes,
Whenever this lonely heart got scared,


I told my heart, Oh Heart, why do you cry?
This is what happens in this world…


This deep silence…the world has distributed it to everyone,
Some sadness is a part of everyone’s life,
Some sunshine is a part of everyone’s life,


Your eyes are wet without any reason,
Every second is a new season,

Why do you let go of such priceless moments?
Oh Heart, why do you cry?

{From the movie ZNMD}

I flew away from the college far away from the place where I burnt her with my own flames as I was not able stand any more minute at that place; how long do I have to face the same thing again and again. Everytime when the sadness has engulfed me I have always consoled my heart that it isn’t my mistake everyone has to go through these pains in their long-lasting life. Heavy as this heart feels now with the overwhelming emotions I stare at the Sun which is all set to take a dip in the vast expanse of ocean but now I have nothing to hold on to there is a deep stillness which has settled in me as the world has moved but I haven’t.



No matter what moves or what doesn’t that doesn’t bother me nor did that before or now. I am back to that phase where even my existence wouldn’t substantiate anything. I shouldn’t have involved in helping her; had I not there she would have stopped in another manner or even if failed in her attempts she would have lived, she would have lived is what my mind and heart repeated again and again.



There was no count how many times these words I repeated again and similarly there was no count of times the sun had plunged into the waters every time it had only made me things clear of what I am supposed to do now. I sat waiting for the waters to stroke me the roaring waves have not calmed after that day like it knew she wouldn’t return ever again to these shores. Nevertheless I couldn’t have asked for an easy end nor will it be easy to reach that end it can only be an ocean which can consume me without any snag.



Slow as snail water tried to get close to me as it has been pulling the sand beneath me with every wave I was getting close to her. But the water which tried to get in contact with me was meant with same tragic end as Geet. I had to wait till the ocean devour me so powerful they are that I am sure within short time I would put off this fire within me. As if an unknown grace I feel the smell of the rain which is all set to drench & also to quench the thirst of the earth and help me to reach her sooner.


Every drop of water freshen me of her memory; her way to play with it how she had let go of her camouflage image and had shown what a white angel she is. With her thought itself I can feel the calmness setting in me or was that the droplets from the clouds showered just after the cloudburst I could see the huge ocean roaring again in the bright light of the lightings which illuminated the whole place. There was bliss today as I drenched for the first time, it was not a drizzle which would evaporate before touching me. I stretched my hands to collect the small amount of fall in my palm as they disappeared very soon but the fall was not short of the water it only increased as the time elapsed.


With the increase in the pour even ocean seems to be more intended to swallow me within as I hit the first waves of the huge mass. It left me shocked as I could hold to anything, I felt like I am moving without my own will. Today there was only one will that was to try every possible way to put off this blaze. Even the thought has not left my mind I was hit by another way, now it seemed as if I was floating in it and next second I was submergered in it. I want to go deep into it so I tried to find the ground and started to walk into the depth of it.


As I stepped deep within my luck just flew away because the water which was soothing my soul just sweeped in making a space between me & the water mass. Same like Geet had created when we were in the college, was she here or was it someone else who possessed the same power. “Geet …” my lips took her name as a whisper and just as that day today also rain which had been pouring stopped and my attention went towards the form in the shadows.


“Geet…” I called out again.


“Yes… Maan…I am back. Back after completing my cycle, water cycle. I had evaporated in air getting converted into the clouds and with the bursting of it; rain had poured so did I along with it.” I heard her voice it soothe my soul more than the water had as now my heart felt light as she is back.  And before she came any closer I had to get away from her again.


“Geet… I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you but this time I am not going to let you come near me. I am going as far as possible away from you.” I declared my decision before she did some stunts.


I tried to move up to flew away but then I saw a wave coming towards me so I turned right but there was another wave which raised there. I knew it was Geet’s work; she wouldn’t let me go without her say on it.


“Ok… Geet… I will hear you out. Now stop them.” I let a sigh coming back to my old position.


“Maan, what were thinking to do today? Will your end had made us meet. How could you think of such things? Why do you feel the pain is what you had gained with this power? It was not you who decided to end Samir that way, it was my decision may be you were just a means to it but you would have never done such a thing to me.” Geet questioned me and before I could reply she continued. “Anyways we have won over samir and this has enhanced our powers and also if we choose to let go of this then we can now I had thought we would live a normal life like any other human being but since neither you are interested in me nor want to live. I don’t have anything else to say it is good that I forget you and carry on with this duty.”

I was surprised with her revelation; was that true can we live a normal life.

“Geet… Can we live without any of these restrictions?

Can we without terminating each other.” I asked her again.

“Yes … Maan we can but are you willing to be with me till the end. Will you love me without any of my ability to control water? Will you love me….?” She replied with uncertainity.


“Then I will be the happiest person, but how can you love me when I ….” My words were stopped by her finger on my lips.

“We both would sort it out just be my side always. Now I want to hug you can we let go of our powers soon.” She replied excited.


“Yes.” And with that I took a step back creating a little more space between us as we focused our powers into a ball which came out from our chest leaving them away she let that flow into the depths of the ocean while mine travelled back to the morning sun which was breaking dawn & lighting up the sky and also of my life . With that we were free from the shackles of our power to bind in another shackle of love. We were out of water and Geet was in my arms as she didn’t waste a second to engulf me. I lifted her in my arms without any restrictions as I made way back to her home. What had seemed as an impossible has turned into incredible fusion; fusion of water & fire.




Life could change the other extreme could only be a hallucination with me but now with Geet in my arms I feel like I am in a living delusion. Each stride of mine made her snuggle more into me her one hand held my shoulder from around my back while the other was over my heart forcing it to work in dual capacity pumping blood to each cell. With this overwhelm happiness there came more responsibility and fear. Responsibility to keep her happy and fear to fail in that responsibility till now the life could have lived without anything but now ignorance wouldn’t help. Suddenly a thought struck to me if Geet could have survived so could have Samir and if he did how I was to save ourselves. And as always this uncertainty was answered by that voice which would be with me as long as I could hear.


“Maan, you need to let go this fear and worry nothing will happen to us. Yes, we will have to work hard to survive now.” She pressed her ear to my chest while she continued “But together we will surpass every hurdle that comes in our way. This isn’t yours anymore but mine now so stop troubling it.” She said refering to my heart also showing her dominance over me.



“Shh…You don’t have to voice it Maan, your face convey’s it all, every thought that your heart analyzes, every notion it evaluates, every outcome it concludes. You are just as open book to me as I am to you.” Geet declared her point.




“Chup…Now let me clear your problems so that you don’t put my heart under turmoil. What was the first one…How will we lead our life…Let me think…but what is there to think in it we both are doing our masters so we should finish that first. To think about it what is the date today?” She looked at my face and I stood at my track.


“You don’t know.” Her mouth opened wide as I gulped in sensing what her next words would be. “How can you be without keeping track of the world around you? Our exams were due now first we have to know whether that is over or still due” She continued.


“Now don’t make that face, you can’t escape from them.” Geet stated sternly when I made a face at the name of exam. But she is right I can’t escape from it now.


“Right…” She said at realizing my agreement to her point.


Smile played on her lips as she spoke about everything and anything. Words came to her as normal as breathing in but that was a contrary for me; even assign a word for what I feel and convey the same to her seemed to be a complicated task nevertheless she made it very easy with her understanding.



With Geet in my arms I could go for any number of miles but still in the small stretch of this sea shore I had stopped already 7-8 times not because she was heavy or I was tired but I didn’t want to miss even one moment with her. In an instant her eyes would be wide and in next it would turn naughty while I could feel her hand trying to gauge the strength of arms; sometimes making fun on things around; sometimes busy admiring the beauty of the nature.



I was still lost in her essence when I felt Geet asked me to stop as she heard someone calling for us. And when we turned around I saw someone was running towards us as he waved his hands up in the air to gain our attention. And it was none other than Yash who looked quite exhausted. Now as we had gained his attention he slowed down and by the time he reached us he was tired as he didn’t even had the strength of standing as he fell on his knees; fell flat on the ground and said something which so meek that we couldn’t even guess what he said.


I dropped Geet on her foot as we checked him did he just faint here.


“Yash, Yash… Get up Man.” I pat his cheeks couple of times but he doesn’t seem to respond to it. Water is what came to my mind and I looked at Geet.

“I don’t have any now.” There came a spontaneous answer from her but she didn’t look worried for losing it either. I guess even she wanted to be as normal as any other human being.


“I will get some.” I said and ran away to fetch some.


By the time I was back Yash was up and had sat up against the rock as I hand over a bottle of water to him. He seemed surprised and undoubtly happy about something.


“What happened to you Yash? I enquired.


“Now I am perfectly fine apart from some loss of sleep and a little bit fatigue.” Yash replied. “But Geet are you fine, Maan was lifting you when I found you.”


“What would happen to me? I can race you to home and even win it.” Geet replied.


“Maan you must be fit as you were carrying Geet.” Yash spoke again.


“Yash what are you doing here that to early morning of the day, you are not an early riser.” Maan counter questioned him.


“Maan, he is here for practice, he is planning to participate in the upcoming marathon race, but with this energy you will never be able to make it Yash.” Geet teased.


“You guys are making fun of me and we are all worried for you. I wouldn’t have been awake had I sleept last night, but after that storm had eloped you guys there isn’t a place where we have not searched you. Today I thought lets look at the opposite direction too and here I found you guys.” Yash explained the reason of his presence.


“Okay, lets go home & take some rest even I need to sleep” Geet suggested.


“But I can’t walk any more, Geet is fine Maan but I am not so you have to carry me.” Yash declared making weird faces.


While Geet couldn’t control her laugh seeing my face which told her “Only Geet would be in my arms and no one else.” But then he is one of our close friends and he did look exhausted. I was still looking at Geet, whose laugh echoed the surrounding but there was another sound which rebounded in the surrounding and that was Yash snoring as he had fell asleep.


“Carry him, I can walk we will get more oppurunities going forward.” Geet smiled winking at me.


We reached home and Pari opened the door for us as on the way we had informed Pari to come back as even she was out searching for us. And the moment she saw was enraged rather than glad to find us safe & sound however her glance was not on us but on Yash who was sleeping peacefully then we understood that was not for us but on him. She went storming in while I settled Yash on the bed.


There was an awkward silence that’s when we heard a loud shriek from Yash. We reached the room but Geet stopped me right outside room as we heard Pari yelling madly on Yash

“How can you sleep like this when I was hell worried about all 3 of you?”


And what made us smile was Yash’s action who didn’t utter a word but pulled Pari to him and just tucked her along while he had his eyes closed the entire time. Well that was just the cue I required to pull Geet into me as we headed to the other room across it.


Beautiful life is about to begin as the time elapsed we were getting ready for our 1st year papers things were not that easy for me as I was always ignorant of things around me but now that man had to change. Now I have a reason to live for, a path to walk on and a goal to achieve. Geet & Pari shifted to the upper apartment which we started to use for study purpose. All the three helped me to understand the subjects we had to answer but that was an enormous task to complete the whole year syllabus in just 7 days.





Reading anything & everything has become my necessity now and also my favourite time pass, well another tendency which has not left me since childhood is keeping secrets even from my loved ones. Be it family or friends none knew about the mystery I am envelop with. Day were not a difficult to spend but nights were always longer and just yesterday night while I was going through the books in the study I got hold of this old book may be a diary of someone, which was kept safely hidden behind the books which were very rarely used. Shocked would be an understatement at the revelations of the contents in it.


Exams were starting in 2 days so none of them in my home disturbed me but those books were already read even before classes commenced for the year and it is not the first time either as that’s what is happening from past 15 years. Exams were never a head ache but that would bind me in these four walls which I always hated. How much ever easier was to slip out of the home without getting noticed by any of them in my home I could never do it as that will only hurt me as I break the trust of my loved ones.


Even a slight move in the air I could sense it, any words spoken out would gush into my ears very easily. I held the power to control Air, transform into thin air and spy hiding myself in it. 18 years had elapsed and none in my home knew about it is what I have lived with but today when I am reading this diary I doubt my earlier belief of none knowing the power of mine. I have many times created mess around me while experimenting with my ability to control air. Papa would stop Mama to say anything to me but I would get into my spying mood to hear them nevertheless It would end with Mama getting worried & Papa kissing her and would say not to worry. Seeing them worried with only this small mess would make me troubled and couldn’t gather enough courage to speak to them.

And today this diary answered me why I could never hear what they were worried about was that about the mess or about me contolling my powers as both could read each other face without voicing a word from their mouth. Today I am very happy reading that my parents too had powers like me, actually defeated the air power and that’s why I their daughter am gifted with power of air.


I was still engrossed in the diary when I felt my space was intruded by the steps of someone. In a hurry I switched off the table lamp beside me and tucked my self into the bed although my concentration was to perceive any sound I could hear. Smile formed on my lips when I realized it which duo were entering my den. Slowly and silently they climbed each step and stood right outside the door counting 3…2…1. And the door was opened with a loud thud as they shouted “Happy Birthday Baby” in my ears to frighten me.


“Aunty, you scared me.” I squeal at them looking petrified outside but inside really happy to find them on my birthday every time the same way.

“Baby, how can you get scared from us, in turn you should be scaring us. You are not at all like Geet. She was so naughty.” Said Doc (Same doc who knew about the secret of Geet)

“No, Geet was shy, very shy & our baby is exactly like Geet book look too cute” Pari argued.

Aunties were busy with their fight of who knows whom better but I was more interested to read more of Papa’s diary. What happened next, did they know about my secret powers, if yes then from when. How much ever I wanted to enjoy with them more than that my focus was to completely know about my parent’s life. Finally came my rescue my exams “Aunty I have exam. Can you please not fight here?”

The moment aunts were out I dived into the diary but I was disappointed to find only a page was filled after that:

I was in final year of college and I did catch up with normal life pretty nicely. All 4 of us together started a venture which gradually made its mark in the world. It was after a year completing PG did Yash and Pari got settled while Geet and I settled a year later. It didn’t take more than year as we were blessed with a little angel in our life. Complications which Geet had to face raised the suspicion in our minds, whether the kid would possess any special powers and we were right to as our angel would fiddle with things around her without even getting in contact with any of them.

With our angel we had one other thing left to gain, a home right infront of the place I got my love and without any delay we accomplished that too, Yash got a place too next to our home. Now my whole attention would be either on our angel or on our business which we men took care as the ladies decided to take care of the kids. Yash and Pari were blessed with a girl who was elder to our angel by few months & another boy who was a year younger.


Years gone by we saw our angel growing faster, stronger, smart, mature and naughty too. We could sense that she could hear even the slightest of the whispers and she did spy on us too when she was got herself in some mess. We never wanted her to feel that we love her because she had special powers but we wanted her to feel we love her for she is our symbol of love who bonded us with each other more strongly. We wanted her to decide what she wanted do in her life. Any decision she would take we will support her as a backbone.


She grew faster than we could think and tomorrow is her 18th birthday and I couldn’t see her confused and worried anymore uncessarily too. Yes even her face revealed every secret of hers. And that’s why I decided to place this diary in a place where she could get her hands on it.


I stood looking out of the window which showed the sea roaring this must be the same shore which Mama Papa first felt for each other. How many times we have spent our time on these shores but I didn’t have any idea what importance it held in my parent’s life. My thoughts were broken when I heard papa’s foot steps. I waited for him to break the silence but looks like his patience is not worn out yet. I turn to look at him while he extends his arms for a hug which I gladly oblige.


He strokes his hand over my head while he whispers happy birthday sweet heart into the air making me pout.

“Papa, why do you always whisper and not say aloud.” I complained.

“B’coz that was my clue sweet heart to you that your secret is out but you never understood in your happiness.” Papa (Maan) replied.

“Mama is coming” I whispered into Papa’s ears.

“You wished her again without me.” Mama (Geet) complained

“When were we separate from eachother Geet.” Papa buttered Mama so easily.

“Happy Birthday Bacha.” Mama wished me as I running into her arms but I could clearly hear Mama cursing Papa and I couldn’t help but smile at her complaints.

Once she wished me she marched towards Papa to complain about him “You gave her your diary even before I read it.”

Caught in the wrong string Papa looked at me for help, so I started to change the topic “Papa, you didn’t mention what was your ecstatic moment of your life.” Now I was sure Mama would melt down at Papa’s answer.

Ecstatic moment of my life is could be only one; it was one of the best days of my life I could never forget that moment ever.


“Which one Papa, I am sure it is with Mama” I commented winking at Mama.

“Yes, your mama was kissing the bundle of joy wrapped in blue; that was a picturesque which I still fresh in my mind.” Papa replied remembering the same day 18 years before. “The baby doll she cocooned was the rarest of the scene I could witness; that girl whom I didn’t even expect to live with today held our love in her hand, the outcome of our incredible fusion she is, so should be her name too as unique as she will be, Ananya.” Papa kissed my forehead redoing the same action of her scene.

“Okay, now it is party time; come I have a surprise for you guys” I exclaimed.

“But …” Mama tried to stop.

“No buts this time Mama…” I hug them both and created a swirl around us as we travelled towards the shore through my room’s window. I dropped them both on the sand “Papa, Mama Look at the clouds above, you will find the person whom I love the most in my life.” both frowned at me.

Slowly even that frown disappeared in thin air as they saw clouds moving and they found themselves up in the sky. “Love you Papa… Love You Mama” I squealed hugging my incredible fusion family.



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  1. Loved it, this is the first OS I am reading of yours and simply loved it, different concepts of elements of air, water and fire but extremely cleverly put together,

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