Love N Its Entry In My Life

Love N Its Entry In My Life




Special is something which cannot be said in context of my life. Its has always been normal may it be any part. Why am I saying this is the question I have asked myself n number of times. Only 2 things I have asked in my life that is LOVE n ATTENTION, which now I feel can happen in my dreams only.

Dreams …Just the word makes me smile, Why shouldn’t I as there is no boundary nor any conditions exits there. I can spread my wings as much as I want. Koi bandeshein nahi, Koi rokne wala nahi, na kise se umeed, na kise koi shikwa.

Today, when I sit here watching the setting sun rewinding my life or to say correctly reliving my life, I wait for my END.


Around Age 5

Arey  subha hogayi par sab tho so rahe hai. Di di di uttona dehko subha hogayi hai. Sone dena geet. Bhai uttona dehko tho subha hogayi hai…Arey koi meri baath hi nahi sunta…chalo koi nahi tho mama papa tho utgaye honge na…unke kaamre mein dehk the hai…Mama mama …papa papa ..uff yeh bhi so rahe hai…time kitna huva hoga kuch samaj hi nahi araha hai…ab mein kya karoon..mein yahi wait karthi hoon…par kab tak karongi…kade kade meri pair dard karna shuru hogaya tho…ek kaam karthi hoon mein yahi sofa pe sojathi hoon …sabko pata tho chal mein sab se pehle uti hoon par jab mein jag rahi thi tho sab so rahe the na…koi meri fikar hi nahi kartha haina babaji.  Is nani si jaan ko aap bula na maat.

Around Age 10

Geet utja aur kitni dheer tak soyegi school jane mein dhere hojayega …utt yaa do char maar ka ke hi utgi tu…screamed papa.  Come on get up geet it is getting late, you have help your mama in kitchen get up Geet ..Geet …teri yeh jhuti neend kis aur ko dehkana. Yeh ladhki tho sab ko dehk dehk kar so thi hai. Geet thought ” Ajeeb log hai jab mein sothi hoon tho yeh jhooti neend kaise ho sahkthi hai…bagal mein dib hi tho hai use koi kyu nahi utatha, woh bhi tho mama ka help karsahkthi hai sirf mein hi kyu. Jab dehko unki faisle hi mani padthi hai.”

Sometime later…”Geet Geet meri madat karna “came running di…  “Kya hai di bolo na ..” “dehk school mein jo fest hai na usmein na mein aur meri friends dance kar rahe hai..tu steps finalise karne mein humari madat karegi na” “Ji di” n thought how can I leave the chance when I want to dance on the stage but kept quite thinking how will I arrange for the costumes for the dance. My di will not think about all these things if she want to do it then she will do it never will she compromise on anything.  But why can I not be like her, I just hate this feeling what she sets in me. Always takes away the attention from everyone.

Around the age of 15:

Hopes are high as I am waiting for my results of 10th but strangely neither I am feeling scared nor safe. I know I have to decide on the stream which I will pursue next I want to go for science, I Love chemistry, Maths but I don’t like Physics or Biology what to do is my question my siblings wants me to pursue science whereas my parents want me to take up commerce, but I don’t know what I will study in it. Babaji please madat karo aaj results hai meri aur kal se applications dene padenge par mein ne tho kuch bhi nahi socha hai. Best I will leave the decision on you babaji agar 80+ marks agayi tho mein science longi par agar use ek mark bhi kaam mila na tho commerce. Now the decision is in your hand babaji, muhje kabar nahi muhje kitne marks ayenge par itna yakin hai ki aap sahi raasta dehkenge.


Making of Present continues…

I took up Commerce, a year passed by and I don’t even know how n today I stand in front of radio hearing songs, well that’s what everyone think I am doing but I am dreaming about my future, how will that be, about my prince who will pamper me and tell me

When the world is nothing

When the ocean is dried

When the birds stop singing

When life is filled with darkness

I am there for You

If you lose your Hopes

If you are Scared

If you are Alone

If you are Worried

I am there for You

If you are Sick

If you are Depressed

If you are Tensed

If you are Irritated

I am there for you

Here are my hands

Hold it tightly

Walk along with me

Till the end of the world

For I am there for you

At times of difficult situations

Your friends may let you down

Your family may let you down

Even your beloved may let you down

But don’t worry I am there for you

(Source: Internet)

Bus kiska saath miljaye har mod pe. Zindigi haasin hojayegi…na jaane humari manzil kya hai par raaste tho yaad gaar banana hai hume…

Stop Geet …Stop …don’t think about these things now dreams are not meant to be true for you. You better concentrate on the studies you will be in 12th TURNING POINT of your life. There is no one to stop you from doing anything. None know what you do so who can stop you, other than yourself. Be strong and reach the beyond heights.

Around the age of 20:

I took up 2 courses together so that I can keep myself as busy as possible avoid all those questions which are unanswered. Why am I running, from what am I running, I better stop thinking these things which are answered by another question.

My morning starts with the alarm at 8. Which I turn off and just dose off again into my dream world where I dream about my life my dream life where everything starts at my wish my taste mine& only mine I still don’t understand why do I feel to mark something as mine in this world to be recognized as an individual and at the same time I protect myself in a protective shell so that none gets to know my real self why do I get nervous while addressing even a small known stage. Guess I lack in confidence.

PART 3: Present

Mama… Mama… where are you…muhje dhere ho rahi hai …jaldi kuch dona kane ko…have to rush to office…screamed Geet.  Arey mein tho kab se teri liye roti banake rahki hai…jaldi kaha le aur phir box maine bhi bar le. Aur haan aaj aapne boss se chuti keliye baath karle..teri behan ki shaadi hai tuhje aur teri bhai hi sab kuch samaalna hai hum sab tho rasmo mein busy rahenge.. Haan Maa mein aaj puch longi waise kaisa tha mood would be mrs ka…from 3-4 days she has been eating my head that jiju ne phone nahi kiya…karthey bhi tho iske viva shuru karlethe hai ..aur yeh kuch puchne se pehle hi sab bhool jati hai…and the end…i am already had enough of her cribbing …Hogaya  yaa aur bhi baaki hai …ab dheere nahi ho rahi hai tuhje…teek hai maine nahi bolti…jo hona hai ..aur jaise hona hai waise hi hoga…Arey tu gussa hogayi … I don’t have to worry about you nor your bhai… I know you will manage everything…but your di I don’t how she will manage anything. Geet thought “Mama forget about the worry you never cared to know about me, so how will you even be able to help me, and when it comes to di, you have never allowed her to manage anything, if you had given her a chance she would proved n handled things with easy. She is not helpless; you guys have made her helpless” Mera BF hogaya, mein chali…bye mama…Arey Geet I forgot to tell you, your cousins are also coming early to help in wedding. Haan patha hai agle hafte arahe hai na Tej ji veerji aur Nandini mazza ayega…waise maa aaj thodi late hojayegi.

A week passed and even the wedding was completed with all the rituals, even di also went off to her in laws place and our room no room seems to be just walls, like I have just fallen in a black hole where darkness and loneliness is engulfing me from all around. Even though it was only her presence beside me it used to at least help me to keep my emotions at check not even shed tears or even if I did it would have been only silent tears. I have always shed tears unknown to anyone; I had none with whom I could share my pains nor have any ear who could hear my talks nor any shoulder to lean upon. Parents, Siblings, Friends I have everyone but still none when I want them, I have always heard, leant my support to almost all the friends, I know many secrets of my friends but they don’t know any of mine. It is not that I never wanted to share anything with anyone it was just that I could not trust anyone with my secrets. I have always portrayed as a strong lady to the outer world never disclosed my venerable side to them, many have not even seen my tears nor they know that even I have a heart which could be hurt. I get hurt in each and every small thing which none know as I have never expressed but only suppressed deep inside me. I still remember when I was in 9th my friend asking me do you ever cry and I had told her I do almost every day, she was shocked  … How can I forget that look on her face. This is what happens when I am alone I get lost in my own world of loneliness, someone or the other has to keep a watch on my actions and thoughts but alas when none know this secret of mine, who is going to be my side always.

What is so special in managing things in a wedding anyone can do that but my mama says you did a very good job, you didn’t let any hurdles to come in. I will never feel so great if I do things which anyone can do, my dream to do something unique, something which will differentiate it from the whole world but special is something which cannot be said in context of my life. It has always been normal may it be any part. Why am I saying this is the question I have asked myself n number of times. Only 2 things I have asked in my life that is LOVE n ATTENTION, which now I feel can happen in my dreams only.

Dreams …Just the word makes me smile, why I shouldn’t as there is no boundary or any conditions exits there. I can spread my wings as much as I want. Koi bandeshein nahi, Koi rokne wala nahi, na kise se umeed, na kise koi shikwa.

Today, when I sit looking at the setting sun remembering my life, I wait for my END. END reminds of my attempt to reach the END which I had tried and had miserable failed around 10 years back, that day I realised I don’t even have the strength to reach the END, but will have to wait till it engulfs me.

PART 4: A New Hope

Why was I feeling miserable last day n shedding tears because I was feeling lonely but that is not a new thing, nothing has changed I was alone before, now and will always be. It is just another day where I was feeling low, I was breaking down in this room and couldn’t control my emotions as there was no one in front of me, but I don’t want be like this every day. How to be keep check on myself??? Yes, I am breaking down when I will be alone and no one to lean upon at that time but if I will not be alone then I don’t have to feel like this. Loneliness is not the issue it is the disappointment of not achieving anything as I am not able to mark something as mine, to tell everyone that it is done by me and these thoughts are making me weak from inside as I am suppressing all desires and failures in myself, these are affecting not only on my career but also my life big time. All these dreams seem to be a burden on me as I will never be able to achieve these, my dreams is not to reach the sky but to go beyond it. These are dreams which are not practically be achieved by me who can gain attention of everyone and still want to keep yourselves as secret. Either I have to give up the wish to gain attention or give to hold any secrets. And I choose secrets. Need to overcome this issue in hand. If someone is thirst they have to find  water and water won’t come to him on its own, likewise I don’t have to tell anyone I need them, I will just accompany them and keep myself busy so these thoughts will not invade my mind and I will control my emotions. Let me see what other options do I have to keep my mind occupied…Movies, listening songs, watching TV, reading novels but should be interesting or else my mind will start thinking all these crap.

Same time parent’s room:

Mama:Aji sunte ho …

Papa: Haan bolji kya baath hai..

M: Rajji ki tho shaadi hogayi aur ab tho sirf Geet bachi hai uski liye bhi ladka dundathe hai…Rajji aur Geet dono main kitna farak hai Geet main na jane kab itni maturity agayi aur Rajji ab bhi nadan hai aur tho aur Geet ne utni ache se sab kuch samal dono bhai behan ki shaadi main patha nahi uski shaadi main hum kaise samalenge aur humari bhi tu umar hoti chali hai jab tak hum sayi salamat hai uski bhi shaadi kar dethey hai

P:bus Geet apna woh course pura karde tho bohat achi hogi na

M:jane kyu kitne baar exam de chuki hai par abhi tak katham hi nahi huva, finals hi tho hai bus babaji kar is baar woh puri hojaye.

P:Aap teek keh rahi ho Geet ki maa…patha nahi kab tak hum sab kuch samal sahktey hai…par abhi humari halat bhi tho asi nahi ki uski shaadi karde…thodi samay tho lage ga na paise jodne mein, 2 saal mein 2 shaadi kiya hai hume aur abhi 3 key liye time lagega na.

M:Par hum ladke tho dundna shuru kar sahkte haina ji Geet Rajji jitna tho kubsurat nahi hai aur patli bhi hai aur uski chehra par tho woh pimples ke kitne marks hai, itni asani se tho ladke manenge tho nahi. Kabhi kabar tho lagtha hai jaise ek stick ko kapde pahenadiya hai. Hume tho kuch farak nahi padtha par log tho sab puchthe haina. Rajji ki waqt ki baath yaad haina aapko kitna padi lihki hai phir bhi newspaper padvaya tha un logne. Brij aur Rajji keliye humne ek saal tak dunda hai tho Geet liye abhi se shuru karde tho ache haina.

P:Haan Geet ki maa aap teek bol rahi hai par mein chatha tha Geet pehle aapni padayi tho puri karle.

M:Woh tho katam hohi jayega…tab tak hum uske liye ladka doond dete hai. Ek baar Geet se bhi baat kar hi lo.

P:Use bathaye bina hum thodi karenge..

Kuch Mahino baad…

Geet …Geet …Haan mama bolo na…tuhje dehkne keliye ladke wale arahe hai…jaldi tayar hoja …ufff…phir se…teek hai phir aap sari pehnado muhje. Tu kab seehkege…teek hai tu pehn neke kosish kar mein madat kardeti hoon…ok mama. while helping her…Geet ladka ache kandan se hai …aur bade ghar ka bhi hi.. I have to make sure this guy says no  …bade ghar ki bade bade nakre aur farmaish na baba na…Geet sun rahi hai na meri baath main tho ladke ki puri kahani sunde aur tu hai ki jawab hi nahi derahi hai..haan mama mein ne sunli…aap joav mein baaki ka karlongi…aap baaki tayariyonko dehko javo…


Mama: Geet ladhke wale agayi hai  tayar haina tu

Geet: Haan mama tayar hoon

M: Tho chal ladke ko dehk le

Geet: Namaste ji

After some formal talks

Papa: Beta aap aur Geet baath karlo…Geet aapne kamre main leja puttar

G: Ji

Ladka & Geet moves to her room

L: Hi

G: Hi

They both remain silent for sometime thinking how to begin,

G: Is this your first time

L: No had a quite few interviews already, and yours

G: More than quite a few now.

L: Oh..So what do you say about us

G: Well I …I …don’t want to marry …

L:Shocked what, then why are you here

G: This is my house

L: I meant why are your parents want to get you married off

G: I couldn’t say no to them

L: You are scared of them

G: Yes & No

L: What

G: when I was a kid I was scared…and now I am used to it so can’t say no to them …but that does not mean I accept whatever they ask for .. kithni waqt tak taal sahkthi hoon taal dethi hoon…Even then If I had to do it, then I will do it

L: Oh..why don’t you want to get married?

G: I don’t feel I can take care of anyone& marriage is a big responsibility.

L: Really, Whom are you fooling? You are in a very good position in the company and you are scared of responsibilities Shocked

G: Ermm Good position .. You fell for that ha ha..I am working in my Jiju’s Office and I hold that postion not b’coz of my ability its coz of the relation i share with them

L: Even then you are handling things with ease and that for such a long period …Its not a joke

G: Yes I am just lucky enough to survive it.

L: Still I don’t think that’s the real reason

G: But it is One of the reason

L: So you have more

G: I can give 1000′s of reasons

L: Over confidence

G: Call it anyways. I am not going to say yes.

L: You can share atleast some of them

G: But I don’t want to share any…when I do that I feel helpless and I have not intensions to let my guards off

L: You don’t like to share things.

G: When I cannot share my thoughts, how can you expect me to share my life?

L: Share it you may feel better, give it a try. Who knows maybe I can give a solution.

G: Why are you showing so much interest in me? What do you see in me that we can be together?

L: Our parents think we will make a good pair; I just want to give it a try.

G: I am not a show piece up for trial

L: Hey get angry soon

G: I’m sorry

L: Its ok.

G: I always wanted someone who will be there for me everywhere every step of my life, you see I am one confused girl who gets confused in her own world and I want someone who can lead my way so that I can just blindly follow. I just want to surrender myself you see. I am really very demanding and I wouldn’t be able to live my life alone. And coming to you, you are very busy person handling so many things and I will just be a burden to you. Will you take care of your work or me? That’s too much to ask for.

L: so that’s what you expect from your future. You could have told me earlier itself

G: So you are saying no right

L: Let me just think over it, and you don’t know anything about me too. Aren’t you curious to know?

G: If you want to you can, I wouldn’t stop you

L: As you said I am a busy in my work if I start working I will forget about every other thing around me. And I want someone who can care for me and my family, one who could just blend in our family like her own family. Straight forward, be my side at every ups and downs of mine. Not behind my money or fame.

G: I am not your girl man. If I decide on one thing it’s hard for me to compromise on that and even some how I did we cannot be happy in our lives

L: You are ready to give up

G: Its simple yes or no, there is no other option of try out. If tomorrow we end up as a couple I will make every effort to make this work, to live upto your expectation and I may not complain either to you but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have any problem in doing all these things I will be cribbing to myself and when my patience breaks I will end up hurting everyone including myself, which I seriously don’t want too.

L:  hey cool down, You said you had lot more than few interviews, then have you talked about these things to everyone.

G: Actually, I haven’t as not many showed interest in me and the one who showed had high expectation from this marriage which my family cannot afford to, so everything was just a dead end. But you are a stubborn man.

L: How did you know that I am interested in you?

G: Well when you came in I saw you were struggling to talk, and I thought its your 1st time but you said it isn’t. Then it was clear to me you are genuinely here for this thing not just putting a mask of interested and all. And you are from rich class so wouldn’t be behind any dowry or my salary.

L: You thought about all these things in just few minutes

G: Yes, I have seen my siblings weddings and had quite a few experience in my previous trials and I come across many people, I may not be an expert but not even ignorant of these facts. I have always been interested in knowing others things.  And we learn things from others only right we don’t have to time for experiencing everything on our own. I think we should go back. And please say no to this marriage.

L: Let’s see on that. It’s really nice meeting you, you are really different.

G: Who said I am normal as everyone. Shall we move?

Back to family

Papa : Arey aap dono agayi

L (Mama) : Come beta sit here. Talk with us too

G: Ji aunty

L(M) : tho beta aapko kya kya atha hai humbhi batho

G: Ji ..zyaad kuch nahi ..thoda cooking karlethi hoon aur baki sara waqt tho mera office main hi nikal jathi hai

L(M): aap ne apni padayi puri nahi kiya abhi tak

G: Ji woh meri percentile kaam honeki wajese fail ho rahi hoon

L(M): Koi nahi puttar isbaar hojayega mera beta ki help le sahkthi hoon aap usne bhi tho katham kiya hai na. Kyu Maan aap karenge na humari bahu ki help.

Maan: Off course mama yeh bhi kuch puchne ki baath hai kya

M(M) : Tho tumari taraf se haan hai na

Maan : Yes

M(M) : Geet puttar tumari kya faisla hai

G: ShockedItna samjaya na karne ko par yeh nahi manna. Babaji kya kar rahi ho mere saath. Nahi karni muhje kisi se bhi shaadi. Koi meri baath nahi suntan na hi koi samaj na chatha hai ki main kya chathi hoon. Sab apne faisle muhj pe thopna chatehey hai Cry Ji woh..Mama main …

Mama: kya huva puttar

Geet runs away from there

M: Geet …Geet…Ji main abhi ayi ..lagtha hai sharma gayi

M: Geet …yesa chale athe hai kya …dehk puttar ache log hai aur unki koi demand nahi hai …na koi zimadari hai unke upar ..tu kush rahe gi …itni achi rishta haath se nahi de sahkthey puttar..

G: Par mama …

M: tu bachi nahi rahe hi geet …hum sab ki taraf se tho haan hai…tu samaj na puttar ..unki pariwar bohat achi hai…thuje palko ke upar betake rahkenge

G: Jaise aap log teek samaje Ermm

M: mubharak ho puttar…main sab ko kush kabhri dekar athi hoon

G: Ahkir main wahi huva na jo main nahi chathi thi…


Ring Ring…

G : hello Unhappy ..hello hello…bolna nahi tho call kyu karthe ho ..

M: Geet ro kyu rahi ho..

Thud line goes dead..

M: why is she not picking my call ..Geet come on pick my call..let me send sms …

Geet pick my call ..we can talk this over…

G: There is nothing left to talk …

M: just listen to me once..

G: I don’t have a voice to speak …give me some time to accept this and then I will be listening to you till my last breath

M: Can we meet up once

G: No

M: why …don’t you want to know why I accepted you

G: I don’t want to know anything

M: you are testing my patience now.

G: so didn’t listen to me now it’s your turn

M: when did I not listen to you …

G: then what was that when you accepted for marriage …this is last msg as my balance is zero ..bye

M: Geet …don’t give lame excuses

M: Geet …reply back…

M: It’s not done …At least pick my phone na

M: Ok…so you don’t have balance na..I will recharge it now…then will you reply back??

G: No you are not going to recharge it

M: so that’s what need to get your reply

G: i had dozed dozed off and mama woke me up saying not to miss your calls Angry

M: so sweet of sansumaa

G: rahko sabko apne paas aura muhje bhool jaoo..

M : do I smell something burning

G: Don’t make this more difficult …pls let me be alone Cry

M: Meet me once at pqr cafe at 3 …we can clear this off

G: I am not coming anywhere …we can talk over phone itself

M: ya like now …by not picking my call

G: I told you my voice is choked

M: that was all fine sometime ego Geet…

G: when something really hurts you can’t speak

M: and why did say your balance is zero have msg me after that too

G : 95 free sms after first 5 daily

M: so you can message me unlimited

G: today is off so I am doing or else I wouldn’t

M: get ready now

G: I am not coming ..look we are not even engaged how can we meet and I wouldn’t be comfortable speaking in a public place

M: So where do you want to talk tell me

G:  over phone

M : face to face

G: skype

M: no we will meet

G: forget it

M: ok skype come online now

G: ok message me your id

G: tell me I am all yours now

M: Look I have started a new venture which requires my attention which means I will have plenty of pressure in work and I will not be able to give you enough time.

G: superb news I am so happy to hear this …yeh tho sone pe suhaga hai.first you will marry me n then you want to wait day and night for your return …maine aapka kya bigada hai Jo is thara muhje saatha raheho

M: care to hear me fully

G: ok let’s have the cherry on the cake

M: you can join me in work too so my work will finish faster and we will have time for each other too. In this way you can have me all time with you. one of your problem is solved

G: Ermm You could have hired anybody else to help you reduce this so called pressure of yours and why didn’t you tell me this before.

M: Time dear time you didn’t give me that. You and your ram katha had to be heard too na [Smirk’s]

G: To tell what I want is not ram katha

M: Ok let me come to the point. Geet I wished to marry a girl who can be my companion both professional and also personally. And as far as professional is concerned I have seen your work and dedication towards perfection. Remember the last year conference; you did a marvellous job Geet.

G: How do you know that as I never gave any presentation? I only work in back drop

M: You were the one who prepared the presentation again when the CD was burnt coz of short circuit.

G: That was not a big deal I had the previous version in my mail and with small amendments, the presentation was again ready within time.

M: So I got to know that was you behind the scene. And on personal front you are good looking, smart, think about others before you. What else do you think is required? You fit in perfectly.

G: I fit in but what about my requirements.

M: Simple Geet you wanted me to at every step and you will have me on both fronts.

G: Look you never had to convince me for this marriage in time I would have accepted if it wasn’t you then it would have been some tom dick or harry but I am really glad to know that you are making efforts in making me understand. And I am ready for this marriage. It has to happen in future then why not now.

M:         tum har pal badalthi ho geet

tumare saath kal kya honewala hai koi nahi janta

G: Well change is the only thing constant in life, so it isn’t me but everything changes every minute, as far as future is concerned you don’t have neither Michelle Jennings nor Rohit mehra to have built future predicting machine. So it’s unknown to everyone.

M: Shocked who are they  ??

G: You don’t see movies. Do you.

M: No.

G: Then leave its all fiction

M: You are ok now. No more crying stuff.

G: What do you think Tongue ??


G: Hello …yawns…hello

M: GM …all set for the day

G: whaaat…yes all set …and get backs to her sleep

M: Geet

G: yes..

M: get up I know you are still sleeping

G: You know it good…then let me sleep na

M: It’s already late

G:  5 mins

M: Geet I won’t fall for that again. You will repeat the same as last time

G: No this time I will get up

M: LOL you know …you can’t fool me twice with same thing

G: Ok..

M: How are you placed today?

G: Well plenty of work in office, the project report has to be ready today & after office we are going for the family get together party. I am damn excited and will have full on masti thereBig smile

M: What all masti?

G: I don’t know about the plans but last time we played and had a blast

M: ok. So when can we meet

G: My dear would be we are still only engaged so have patience. Waise anything special to meet

M: You need something to meet

G: Actually no but still if you have a reason then I don’t have to search one LOL

M: Reason?

G: Yes reason, I need to answer to my parents

M: You tell them everything

G: I just inform them, where I am?

M: Aren’t you getting late?

G: Oh yes…thank you for waking up..waise what are you doing?

M: Just preparing one of the report

G: Multitasking..hmm one at a time..bye ..n Happy morning

M: Good morning bye

G: Geet get ready faster …have plentyof work in Office ..the faster you finish the more you can enjoy

Geet’s Office:

G’s Boss: Geet we will have to stay back little late as we will have to finish the reporting.

G: Yes Unhappy

G’s B: Ok you start reviewing all the aspects then we both will finalise one by one.

G: Review will take half day then completing the report finalisation & submitting them would take all time. And I will get late for the party Unhappy

GB: Geet are you done with review

G: I am still doing it

GB: I will start some of the aspects and you start submitting once one aspect is finalised

G: Ok.

By evening

GB: How many left

G: Still 4 are there

GB: Ok let do it asap

G: down goes the drain all my party Unhappy

GB: Why there is a difference in the figures. Geet did you check this

G: No I haven’t reached till that list

GB: Ok let me check with xyz (employee) mean while you finish the remaining

G: Yes

By the time everything gets complete its 8 and Geet reaches the party venue all tired from the day’s work and once the party is over comes back to their home by 12:30. And she retires to bed and her mobile rings

M: Hey .. You didn’t call me …how was the party

G: Hi

M: What happened you sound low .. are you crying..Geet  Geet

G: Nothing I am fine

M: You can’t hide it now speak up …you didn’t tell me how the party was

G: Very bad

M: Why

G: I was all tired in office itself and late too so directly reached the venue and was having a head ache too first we had food then started to play first we started to play pass the parcel and to my bad luck I was the first to be out of the game and you know my jiju even pulled up his mobile to record as I was asked to dance for the music played then when I couldn’t think of any then they said at least sing a song for us I couldn’t think of any. I was just blank. And my sis Raji was in very hurry wanted to finish the party and go home so she asked me to hurry up hurry up …you can just do a step and leave …why are you thinking so much Cry. Finally giving up everyone asked me to forget it & continued with their game.

M: Then

G: then my mood was off

M: It happens dear there is nothing to cry about in this

G: You know that’s what I am feeling there is nothing to cry but don’t know why but tears are not stopping from my eyes. I am not crying for losing it in first round, I am used to losing but because I was blank & the way my sister left me …she could have helped me by atleast suggesting a song but no ..none came for my rescue …Just left me their… saying as a spoil sport.

G: I don’t know why my heart aches. What if my heart is not able to accept you and end up hurting you? You just say no and let’s call this marriage off. I can never be happy nor keep anyone happy. I could not be satisfied so easily my high dreams and expectations makes me carve for more& in turn just destroying my present & future too. You just call this off.Cry

Started to cry more.

M: Shh calm down dear; don’t think like that they don’t know that you were so much tired. Are you still feeling tired

G: Not much .. just a nap will be enough

M: Don’t cry now. So if you were fine what would have done?

G: If I was fine Smile then I would have danced on any music. You know many a times I will be swaying to some or the other song. I tho love to dance & I will always be murmuring songs. For this situation I have a song too now

Haye rama yeh kya huva

tum yese hume satha ne lage

Tum itni pyari ho samane

Humari madat kyu na karsahke

Actually I have many romantic and sad songs in my playlist. How can I sing them that too in front of my parents or even before all the relatives? I want to be safe from all criticism but ended up being one.

M: You know how to dance

G: Well have never gone to any classes but I just love to dance. When no one is there in home na I will put music and start dancing following the steps in the video.

M: Your sis knows about your liking

G: yes she knows my interest in dance. That’s why she was saying just put a step n go. But I want it everything precisely, so if the song is playing then dance should be according to that. Not just some steps and getting embarrassed in front of everyone for not knowing how to dance.  Actually I want everyone to know I can dance well but in a dream to make it large I end up being nothing.

M: You shouldn’t take any decision in haste.

G: If you get married to me then you will have so many of these incidents. You will be busy in work and I will just be crying Unhappy

M: What if I won’t let to face any situation like this again.

G: Please if you can do that then I will be the happiest person in this world.

M: Then you will be Geet it’s quite late too …and you sleep peacefully too now GN

G: GN and thanks for being there for me.


M: Hello


M: Geet …You are alright .. So early you are awake?

G: Thought I should surprise you

M: Offcourse I am. How are you feeling now?

G: Much better and thank you for hearing me out last night; that really helped me

M: You don’t have to thank me

G: Can we meet up today

M: Today … ok why not

G: You seem to be busy right

M: No … its ok I can reschedule it

G: Ok if you can then let’s meet up at xyz place

M: Done; bye

M: How am I going to accommodate my schedule? And If I won’t she might feel bad and again left out. I thought of completing as much as possible work to ensure I have enough time for my wedding. Think Think…let me first go to office then I will somehow reschedule it

In Maan’s Office

M: Adi.. Why is this file not complete; it was supposed to be ready for tomorrow’s presentation?

A: Siiir..You had to check and finalise the things Siiir… I have completed as much as I can

M: Don’t give me reasons

A: Siiir you were busy and you usually see these files a day before the presentation and complete it too na siiir

M: Adi…out now and get all the files in my cabin which needs to be reviewed

A: Yesss Sirrr…Runs from there

Pinky :  Adi Sir …Why are you carrying so many files all at once

A: Don’t know what has happened Sirr is in not so good mood…Let me give him these 1st set of files …by the time I will try completing the remaining files too

P: Shall I help you

A: You take care of the reception; if Maan sir comes to know that you left your desk he may shout on you too

P: Ok Adi sir..

Maan’s Cabin

A: Siiir  files

M: Keep it n leave

A: Yes Siiir

A: What happened to sir…He wants to finish all days work in half a day.  Don’t know how many will come under his anger today

At Reception

P: How may I help you Ms.

Lady: I am here to meet Mr. MSK

P: Do you have an appointment

L: No. I just had to get these papers verified by him

P: Maam Give it to me I will hand over the same to him

L: Well these are urgent private & confidential documents

P: Well He wouldn’t meet any without appointment maam

L: Ok. I will be waiting here

P: Sure Maam

Maan’s Cabin

P: Excuse me sir

M: Yes Pinky; what is it?

P: Sir. A lady is here with these documents for your verification

M: Keep it here & leave. Will call you afterwards

P: Ok sir.

At Reception

P: Maam you need to wait for a while Sir will call

L: Ok can I have some water

P: Sure I will arrange it

L: Thanks dear

Adi comes there all worried

P: Adi sir ..why are you so worried

A: I am in a fix pinky I thought I can finish these reports while sir checks the other parts of the report but now I am struck at a place.

P: Where sir tell me …  I may help

A: Pinky I need to calculate the revenue from each sites according to the standards but problem is…on …on …on … I am not able to consolidate it

P: what are you saying Adi sir.. I am not able to understand anything

A: Its better I ask the help of sir.

L: Hey If you could just go one by one then you could calculate  the revenue from each site then consolidate it but you just have to keep control on the figures so you don’t miss out any in middle…

A: really

L: I can do it for you

A: Please help me na…today Sir is in very much hurry ..he wants everything in double speed

In about an hour the lady completes the work & Adi takes them to Maan’s Cabin

A: Sir the remaining set of files

M: I was about to ask you them. Good you came in right time. Let me review them

A: Yes Sir

M: Good Adi you did these completed & that too without any mistake

A: Sir actually I took help from one of the visitor you have.

M: Who ?

A: Sir Pinky told me that she is here for those documents verification

M: Adi how could you take help of any outsider … Is she still here … send her in

A: Yes sir.

A: In my tension I didn’t realise it. Oh No..

M: what are these documents? …

There is a knock on the door. Lady & Adi comes in

M: Yes come in

L: You wished to see me

M: Why are you here? What are these documents?

L: Look yourselves

The moment he sees the documents he has a sweet smile on his face

A: Am I dreaming Maan sir smiling in this kind of a situation 

M: You came to give me this draft of our wedding card

A: What wedding card draft… whose wedding Sir?

M: Adi you can leave.

A: Yes sir

A: good yaar …today I thought I am gone but thanks to that lady I am saved but who is she?

M: That was a lovely surprise

G: My guess was right; you were busy then why didn’t you tell me in the morning

M: I didn’t wanted you to feel left out

G: Don’t worry I am used to it now.. It’s just a passing phase.. Anyways I would have been normal in morning.

M: You change faster than chameleon

G: Yes I do. I don’t want to lose hope so I not stopping my efforts to pull back myself from any gravy worry.

M: Thanks you helped Adi to complete my reports

G: Anytime

M: I told you …you are good in what you do

G: I am glad I could… and it’s nothing in front what you did for me last night.  Be ready for these kinds of situations in future too

M: Really, We were supposed to meet today na, then you could have given this at that time only

G: It was just an excuse.

M: Excuse

G: I didn’t want to miss my date. You see

M: I wouldn’t have let go this either

G: But with the work load you were managing; poor your staffs were cursing for hurrying up at the last moment.

M: I had to be with my date so was rescheduling the work & If they had not able to finish it I would have comeback after the date

G: Can we leave now.. I am really very hungry

M: You didn’t had your lunch

G: I was busy in making my date free

M: Ok let’s have something first then we can decide on the next plan for the day

G: Please

Both move out of the office.

P to A: Adi sir, who was she?

A: No idea Pinky but must be someone special

P: What’s her name?

A: Geet … uff how can I forget.. She is his fiance & she was here to give the wedding card draft

P: Oh yes …even I was wondering how come sir went out so early.

A: She is good in work too; she completed that work in just an hour even Sir would have taken more time; if she joins office, it would be nice to work with her.


Geet entered her room and had a big smile on her face she was enjoy her importance in other’s life, how he gave priority to her over his works, bechare unke staff kitna sataya sabko looks like babaji muhj par mehar ban ho rahi hai…bus mera dil na todo babaji. Don’t know how he just made his place in my heart, how much I tried to escape from him but his attention, love & understanding me even before I tell him. How many times I was ready to give up but he didn’t he stood as a support which I always carved for.
Rafta rafta haule haule dil ko churaaya tumne
Dil ko to pata bhi na chala
Chori chori chupke chupke jaadu jagaaya tumne
Dil ko to pata bhi na chala
Kabhi haan, kabhi na hum karte rahe
Chhupke aahein bhi bharte rahe
Dekhte dekhte yeh kya ho gaya
Na na na na na na na…
Maan entered his room remembering how his day passed and a sweet smile adored his face; what better than the sweet call from her & all the hurry burry in the office to finish up the work for the date; he takes the card in his hand from his bag, the excuse for her surprise visit to know me & the date …haye she can’t stop herself from talking always cribbing something or the other. She is affectionate, shy & reserved at the same time. Has so many secrets; totally natural, honest too and easily angered. Hardly shows emotions to others. She tends to bottle up feelings. Quite observant and assesses others amazingly.

First time I saw her when she was engrossed in her project CD retrieval; all lost in her work, bit frustrated bit determined to achieve; those eyes had so much hidden in it. A small curve of the lip indicating the success of achieving the desired held me captive. I didn’t even realised how much I was lost in those eyes which concealed something so strong that I couldn’t stop myself from discovering them. And when they were awarded for their efforts on the stage I could see her glimpse again. I couldn’t understand why I felt like losing myself in those eyes. But just gathered myself & brush away those thoughts.

Rafta rafta haule haule dil ko churaaya tumne

Dil ko to pata bhi na chala

Raaton mein ab tera sapna mujhko aata hai, haan

Ek angdaayi ek bechaini deke jaata hai

Teri aankhon ka main deewaana hoon

Tere honton ka main peimaana hoon

Tu yeh jaane na

Na na na na na na na…

And when my parents started there hunt for bahu; I was reminded of those eyes..  Just wish to see them again and hoped to be my destiny. But god was with me…after sometime I did see her profile online in the matrimony site. Even my dad & mom were also impressed with her simplicity and also with her family background. My mom’s friend had been to her sister wedding & was all praising her for how she took care of all the responsibilities. Things were going on a smooth track until we visited her place to see her. She had so much wanted me to tell no for this marriage but how I could let go of her, I just couldn’t grant her this wish. She was looking so cute that day. And very sensitive too… How she was crying for losing in a game; I was so restless seeing her in that condition but still strong enough to rise again, she just need a little distraction & her little surprise today just made my day. I may just wish to have her all day & night, he hit his head think he has already started dreaming about them. The twinkle in her eyes while we were together, that curve of your lips when she says’s my name.


Rafta rafta haule haule dil ko churaaya tumne

Dil ko to pata bhi na chala

Is pehlu mein, is daaman mein mujhko rehna hai

Dard judaai ka ek pal bhi ab na sehna hai

Meri yaadon mein jaane jaan tu hai

Meri saanson mein teri khushboo hai

Tu hi meri jaan

Na na na na na na na…


Still we need to wait for another 2 months for the wedding. How are we going to survive this wait? ab to har pal uski ka intezzar hai ..kab woh is ghar maine meri biwi banke ayegi … har pal uska saath hoga … is jaan main woh baseygi.


Yeh job hi hai bohat hi kubsarat sa hai…chaiye yeh sapna ho ya hakikat…I want to leave in this kal kya hoga kisne dekha hai …par aaj jab muhje unki itni attention mil rahi hai tho mihje isme hi jeena hai ehaasas maine ko jana chati hoon


Rafta rafta haule haule dil ko churaaya tumne

Dil ko to pata bhi na chala

Chori chori chupke chupke jaadu jagaaya tumne

Dil ko to pata bhi na chala

Kabhi haan, kabhi na hum karte rahe

Chhupke aahein bhi bharte rahe

Dekhte dekhte yeh kya ho gaya

Na na na na na na na…


Raji: Geet..  Geet …kaha ho..bol bhi..abhi se Maan ki kayalo maine doob gayi kya

G: aap yaha kya kar rahe ho…javo aapko sab yaad kar rahe honge…saying so she just showed her back

R: kyu naraz hai muhj se…coming in front of her

G: aur nahi tu kya main kushse nachungi…turned away again

R: acha baba sorry…aab tho baath karle muhjse..while taking Geet’s hand in her

G: waise aapko main yaad bhi hoon kya..itne din hogaye aapne apni behan ko kabhi yaad hi nahi kiya saying so she pouted…

R: ole meri baby ..tuhje kaise bhoolongi…tu tho meri jadoo ki chadi hai jo meri sari problems ko door baga deti thi

G: acha tho ab kya problem hai

R: bohat badi problem hai…meri choti behan naraz hai bol kaise manaye use

G: magar main to choti bachi hoon na…muhje kya pata she started to move out

R: arey ab tho teri shaadi ho jaye gi ..uski baad thodi yese nakre koi sahega..running behind her

G: tho hume bade hone main sirf 6 mahine lagte hai kya

R: sorry kaha na..phir se nahi kahoongi ki … kuch bhi teri samaj ki bahar ki baath nahi hai meri maa…oops meri behan …ab tho kuch bathe karle humse..

G: teek hai is baar maf kiya …

R: bol bhi de kaise hai…kya kabar hai Maan ki…aaj milne gayi thin a

G: haan gayi thi..

R: tho

G: tho kya…aap bhi tho jate the jiju se milne tab

R: teek hai mat bol…kabhi moo nahi kolti hai tu..while Geet shows her tongue

G: Oye meri di… dyaan rakh koi gadbad na kar…sare arrangements ko samal na hai tuhje … babaji madat karna meri is behan ka…muhje kuch sikayat ka mauka na dena warna main thuje dekh longi haan…

R: haan meri pyaari behan dyaan rakungi …ok

G: waise di thoda darr lag raha hai

R: Tuhje aur darr … starts laughing

G: Kyu uska patent apne karvake rahka hai kya

R: bus thoda sa waqt de … sab teek hojayega… naya ghar naya mahol hoga… bohat sare risthe dar ek saath milenge .. And I am sure you are strong enough to handle everything single hand…bus apna kayal rahkna na bol jana

G: agar kuch gadbad hogayi tho

R: aapne patidev se bol de..tu kab se meri tara hone lagi…

G: jab se aap muhje bhool gayi

R: main nahi bhool bus thoda priorities badal gayi

G: maine aap ko bohat miss kiya…jab se aapki shaadi hogayi haina ..main bohat zyaada akhele hogayi …she showed her hands wide

R: tu ek pal maine choti aur dusre pal main badi kaise behave karti hai…yeh apni aadat haina use badal le… sasural main log haansengi ki bache ko bidda kar laye hai

G: Janti hoon…muhje aap gyaan na do jo maine aapko diya tha…

R: Chal aaja soja… bohat sari planning karni hai kal se…

G:Okay GN…


Today my life just took another turn a new zeal in the heart with a tinge of fear about the future; a while ago I was in a world where my any actions might not have mattered to anyone but now even my slightest sigh brings so much of attention. A new world new relations; from now all my actions will be under scrutiny from one or the other person. My thoughts came to a halt when Maan nudge me saying that we reached our destination; my new home.

New couple stood at the entrance of the home; where everyone waited to bless them for the new journey. Ladies arranged the kalash of rice at the doorstep and aarti talli in the hand for Gruhapravesh of the new member of the family who is believed to be a form of Lakshmi. One of the ladies started saying how she should kick the kalash.

Lady: Geet you have kick this kalash so that it should reach the opposite wall; the more the rice is spread over the house the more you bring in happiness & prosperity to this family.

Geet just nodded her head in acceptance. The ladies gave her the way and pushed the kalash with her right leg and the rice spread all over the house bringing smile to all face present to welcome them. Then next Maan’s mom did the arthi & asked Maan & Geet to enter simultaneously with right foot. When they were supposed to enter some young girls stopped asking Maan to pay some tax before they allow them to get inside. Letting a sigh he paid some more tax while checking with Geet are these tax amount adjustable in his IT. For which she could just giggle and nod her head for a no as he has been paying them a lot from couple of days.  Some relative said Maan you still have to pay in many more occasions, be ready with your cash. Maan replied do I have any other option.

Sunaina (Maan’s Mother): Ok Ok now let them come inside

MG put there right foot inside simultanouesly & entered the home.

S: Geet from today you are not the DIL of this home but our daughter. You can feel free to ask anything & to tell me if my son troubles you also. She winked at Geet for which she could just look down feeling embarrassed.

S: Lets have dinner and then you guys can move to your room. Maan Geet come       

Everyone had there dinner peacefully without any teasing as Sunaina has asked not to now after that they can. While Maan was stealing glances of his wife to check whether she was comfortable or not; which was caught by Ravindra, his father. He cleared his throat to gain his attention; Maan just straightened himself.

R: Maan

M: Yes Dad

R: after dinner in my study

Maan looked at his father as if seeing him as first time without blinking while Ravindra just chukled seeing his son’s state.

R: Only 5 mins son

M: Yes Dad I will be there

Once everyone were done with dinner; ladies took Geet to the room and make her comfortable there

In the study

M: Dad you called me anything serious

R: Yes Maan it’s very serious or else I wouldn’t have called you here

M: Tell me Dad

R: Maan you need to be extra careful from today

M: I am not getting anything Dad

R: Come, sit here. Geet is your responsibility; you have to make her confortable in this house, she has left her parents house and where she has lived for all these years, it takes time for getting adjusted in a new place, she will rely on you;   And the way I see she is very shy n will not say openly what she wishes. So you need to take care of her every need or else you will have it from me. Now she must be waiting for you go

M: Sure Dad I will

In the Room

Geet was lost in her thoughts… Anticipating the night scared on how she will be able to cope up with everyone’s expectation and not to hurt him in any way. How much ever you say or consider a DIL as a daughter still at the end of the day every MIL will want perfection in all aspects. My every action be questioned … every nod or approval be examined… Will I be able to adjust into this my new home leaving behind my own inhabitations…? Babaji please stay with me and don’t make me fool in front of anyone.

Her revive was broken with the sound outside her room.


Friends: Maan what’s the hurry lets have some talk’s man.

F2: Anyways Bhabiji would be tired after so many rituals …let her rest.

M: Ok guys let’s have some shots

F1: Oye what will you say to Bhabiji

M: I will manage that…you guys don’t worry I will have everything under control.

F2: On the outer surface itseems like that but they will have full control on us. Everyone think what can they do but we are just puppets in their hands.

F1: you are scared of your wife …laughed

F2: don’t ask yaar… Last time I was all set to show her who has the upper hand.

F1: how was the show?

F2: it backfired

There talks were disturbed by a click sound and to there surprise when they turned they saw Maan smirking and making way to his room.

F2: Oye Maan wait…We thought you are going to get us some drinks for us.

F1: looks like he got scared and running to his wife

M: well guys you know that only drink you get here is apple juice so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the night.

F1: you need to pay tax there too

M: Catch me if you can.

He just closed the door on there face and to find Geet sitting in their bed their room waiting for him. As he approached the bed Geet became conscious of every step & her nervousness was clearly seen by her movements. Her bangles would give away her slightest of her sigh to him. He slowly made his way to her while she just curled her toes and hugged herself more. He teased her by just sitting in front of her for a while, making her heart to raise its beat with anticipation of his move. Taking all his time he raised his hand to unveil his priceless possession, only to be stunned seeing her, who was more heavenly then he could have ever imagined in his dreams. His hand slowly made his way to hers just to make sure it wasn’t one of his mirages again.

M: Geet what happened you hands are freezing

G: nothing I am fine …she shuttered while still she kept her head down

Sensing her reluctance he placed his hand at her chin and made raising her face to look into those eyes which was closed but still couldn’t hide the lone drop which was all set drop from those close eyelids.

M: Geet … he was surprised to see that drop in her eye

M: What’s bothering you dear…?

G: No it’s just that nothing

M: Won’t you want to share it with me

G: It’s nothing serious

M: Anything which brings tears in your eyes is serious dear

G: I… I… was just scared as from now on … It’s all new here how I will adjust here… leaving away from my home my parents everything which was mine for past so many years… new relations new aspects of life … it always takes time to get settled into any new things… she ended with the tear which was trying to come out from a long time made way of her hazel eyes.

M: Geet … you just surprise me everytime… you never loved your parents then why are feeling sad leaving them

G: I never said that … snapped back at him… I have always loved them even they have but that were just not enough for me

M: Why do you feel like this tell me everything what you have in your mind Geet

G: But… he stopped her by placing his finger on her lips

M: Don’t you trust me to share your pains

Geet looked into his eyes which were only giving her strength to speak her heart leaving behind all the inhabitations, while Maan took her hand in hers & made him comfortable in her lap.

G: Maan promise me you wouldn’t tell it to anyone not even to my parents or yours.

M: Promise Geet I wouldn’t tell anyone.

G: From where do I start; how to put all my life in sentences. My insecurities started way back when I was kid, being the youngest in the family I was always carefree no fear for anything but only feared my dad & mama’s scolding. I am the naughtiest one in the family too. Like all I always wanted all the attention of everyone. When I didn’t use to get good marks in school I only feared for my parents scolding; I used to pray god please don’t make them scold me instead let them punish me with anything else let them beat me or some other but not those words which used to pierce my heart. How much time would a physical pain take to heal max one day, that’s bearable but not there harsh words. I knew they want the best from me, I don’t remember whether I used to put my all my efforts or not but I was never into studies. Even when my bro used to make mistakes even me & my sis were called to get the beatings without our fault, it used to be only once… kind of warning types. Fearing them I used to go them to take my share of the beating but my sis never went and she was never called again too.  Same way I was called for all the works too when be it helping my mother in kitchen or doing some household cores but my sis was never called for. I never understood that. Doing these things never bothered me but why my sis was not called for work. I came to the conclusion that I was needed only for work, only till they have some work or else I just a burden on them; it just carved in my heart. No matter how much they give me attention or treat me like anyone else, back of my mind it is engraved not to fall for this, this is illusion you can never have a life where all your wishes will be fulfilled.

M: Geet… please don’t hurt yourself by saying all these. I can’t see these tears running down your cheek all because I reminded you of your pain.

G: No Maan… let me put all these out once. I have never shared it with anyone nor have anyone felt like knowing me too.

M: Ok I won’t stop you again.

G: My mama always tell us story of her life. How they used to live with their parents & about almost everything. One day she was telling us when my sis was born my grany’s sister asked her to give my sis to her as she couldn’t conceive and wanted a child. But my mama refused her as mama didn’t want to part with her. And when she got to know that she is pregnant for me she became conscious of the third kid and all. What will people tell having 3 childrens in this centuary? But in time she was ok with everything and I was born at that time she was ready to give away to my granny’s sister as she already had my sis na… you know Maan she was ready to give away me…(sobs) me… And to her bad luck or mine my granny’s sis had adopted some other boy for another far off relative, so I was just like a ping pong ball for them. How many times I tried to make my self understand the situation that it was just that my mama wanted to help her, trying to make myself immune to this but with mere mention of this thoughtbrings so many tears in me. I tried… (sobs) tried to  brush off these thoughts but everytime when I try to accept that “I am not unwanted or burden to my parents” some or the other incidents pushes me back to this same insecurity. Please Maan help me come out of this…I am not burden for anyone right… Please (sobs).

While Maan slowly gets up and starts wiping her tears,

M: Geet you are not a burden … not for me… you are my life Geet… mine…only mine

He starts to kiss her tears off and pulls her into her embrace to sooth her with this pain which is engraved in her heart till now only because she is still a kid by heart and just wishes to be loved by everyone. Slowly he makes her lay on the bed & comes over her to wipe off all the traces of her pain. He softly places a kiss on forehead n start moving down to her eyes giving attention to every sense of her then to her cheeks while he cups her face in his hands. He places a kiss at the crook of her neck & slowly raising to give attention to her earlobe and slightly bites there. Ahhhan moans Geet. His hand struggles to remove the earring which was troubling him. Ouch …Geet wince in pain with the pull at her ear.

G: It hurts

M: then help me na…remove all these jewellery then I will continue 😉

G: What

M: Anyways you can’t sleep with all these on. Just use the washroom & get change Its already too late, I will change here itself by that time.

G: Ok… somewhere dispointed with the turn of events

In the Washroom:

G: Babaji What timing you have na…what was the need to make me tell everything at this time that too today. All time got over in my useless story. How much he would have expected from me… now he wouldn’t do anything seeing me like this. Geet wash your eyes …see how big it has become after crying… tomorrow everyone will imagine all x-rated things and here nothing will happen. Even he wouldn’t love me now…a fresh layer of tears made their way from her eyes. After a while composing & changing herself she came out.

In the Room:

M: Geet I promise from today all these fears would vanish from your heart. It will have place for only my love. No more tears in those beautiful hazel eyes. I will fill with so much love that all your baseless insecurities would vanish from your heart. No matter what happens I will always be there for you. His eyes searchs for her who is still in washroom may be trying to pull her self back into a strong girl or trying to put a brave face on. And the sound of the door makes him turn towards her. But he wonders how to make her comfortable & still love her. Not getting any idea.

M: Geet come you must be tired take some rest.

Geet thought making a face& looking up: Babaji I told you na … I won’t talk to you … you made me land in this mess now. Chodo ab kya kar sakthi hoon main. Aapne pair par khud kuladi mari hai to bugtho.

Maan switched off the lights & settled himself at the right corner of the bed while Geet too turned left n settled at the left corner of the bed. Both lost in how to ask the other. Making up Maan turns slowly moves towards her, places his hand over her waist and hugs her from behind while placing a kiss at the back of her shoulder. Like getting the fruit after a long wait she just moaned his name, giving away all reluctance she turns around and hugs him while getting all the right response from her. He starts to know her in a way like no one. While slowly both get rid of all the barriers only to become one in all senses for a new begining.


M: Geet get up now…its already 6 …lazy bum get up…& waks on her bum

G: Ouch…you don’t let me sleep nor in night or in day…saying that she shifts& sleeps to the other side of the bed.

M: Geet …be a good girl & get up or else I know how to wake you up.

G: Ok. I will get up…she opened her yes & saw her husband in his vest & tracks … her eyes twinkled as she got an idea…Maan you still here …go finish your gym by then I will freshn up.

M: As you wish…you be ready by the time I come back…

Geet nodded her head as an obedient student while maan went for his gym and the moment he was out of the room… she closed her eyes…tucked her selfcomfortably & was back in her sleep… after about 5 mins her sleep starts to get disturb with the shrilling sound of an alarm.

G: ush …ush,… koi band karo ise…she keeps the pillow on her head & sleeps…but with the non stop sound of alarm …finally she gets up to find it but to her dismay she couldn’t find the source of it… she checked all the clocks in the room but couldn’t pin point to the source as it was shifting ever now and then…After about 10 mins of continous alarm, it stopped… Geet felt a sigh of relief…but again she was startled with a sound but then recognised it’s her cellphone…& it was Maan’s…she picked it…before he could say anything

G: Maan why did you keep the alarm…& where the hell is it?

M: laughing a loud…GM sweetheart…

G: GM with this shrilling sound of alarm grrr…Now tell me where have you kept that now..

M: oops Misti …take your time …it will ring everday if you try all this tricks with me. Now don’t make that cute puppy face and get ready for office.

G: You are challenging me …ok fine …I will find out this speacial alarm of yours…& cut the call. And rushes to get ready

2 months over of our marriage still … How can he get new new ideas everyday to trouble me?…Geet hurry up before he comes or else he will keep me occupy & tease me for getting late. Once I am ready I will have plenty of time to search this room. You can do it… But it did sound a bit different na…Arey it was  the music system with setting of random speakers … Maan now I am not leaving you… you didn’t let me sleep properly na…its payback time. Geet gets ready & makes all the necessary arrangement for Maan & leaves to help her MIL in breakfast.

After a while Maan enters to find everything ready for him but he forgot that appearance can be deceiving & he comes back after freshen up.

M: Geet … I should have left her sleep properly, how she has matched the dresses today all wrong combination, files not in order, nor the laptop, where is my watch…I had kept it on the side table last night

M: Geet … Geet… where is my watch & where is today’s meeting file & CD … Geet 

While here in kitchen

S: Geet …ja Maan is asking for you…

G: Na mama… I had kept every thing ready for him…he must be on call for that new project… I will set the table … and ran from there before MIL could ask anything

S: Really …she gives a suspious look to geet think they both are up to something again.

Maan came to kitchen searching Geet…

M: Geet Geet 

S: What Happened Maan …why are you troubling Geet in the morning itself?

M: Mama … I am not troubling her but she is… don’t know where she has hid today’s meeting file & CDs too

S: Why will she do that … you must have kept somewhere & forgotten… poor her how much should she work… she helps you in office & here also … and still she getsup so early & helps me out in kitchen & spends time with your dad too.

M: Mama … You are supporting her & not your son…made a puppy face

Geet couldn’t stop her laugh seeing this and burst into laughter thereby gaining attention of both her MIL & Maan.

M: Geeet … where is my files & cd…

G: sold it as waste

M: what …come again

G: I needed money so sold it … said with a serious face while maan’s anger rose and marched towards her

S: Stop it both of you… why are you both fighting again

G: Mama …today morning na…& told everything what happened

M: Mama … she was trying to make fool of me…and now see she has destroyed all my hardwork

G: Maan …that was not your hard work but mine

M: Jo tera hai woh mera hai Geet … winked at her

Her mouth opened as a big O… but she too smirked back while her eyes twinkled thinking a plan

G: Mama … Mama…

S: Haan Geet tu bol…

G: Aaj hum maa ke ghar pe ja rahe hai… woh bhi abhi

M: Nahi  today we have this meeting to attend… & you can’t decide on canceling that

G: Kyu … aap kare ya main ek hi baath hai na

S: Maan …no more decussion on this … you both are leaving now to her parent’s home.

M: Mama…par

S: No

Maan just left from there giving a disappointed look to Geet… while Geet ran behind her MIL who went inside to get some fruits

G: Mama … we will leave but after this meeting … it’s important.

S: Geet …its your wish beta… jake use mann le… kamaka gussa ho raha hai…waise CD aur files kaha chupaiye hai…

G: Woh …gadi maine rahkwa diya hai…ji maine dehke thi hoon une

S: Geet … I don’t mind these fights until …said with a serious face … you both have kids & laughed it off while patting geets cheeks

Geet was all red on her MIL words & thinking on how to go to her hubbyji & pacify him Sunaina could only smile on kids plays…

M: what to do now … have to attend the meeting too and can’t say no to her too if she really wants to go nor can I leave her alone. Need to search this file & CD too… doesn’t know how she gets new new place everytime to hide things.

Maan was searching everywhere in the room when Geet peeks through the door to check the anger of her Maan

G: Maaan …she slowly came in & hugged him from behind.

M: Geet please CD dedo …todays project is important you know it na…

G: Then what about my wishes ..made a grumpy face and turned away

M: Let’s stick to the original plan na … we will go after the meeting Geet…he took her in his embrace

She raised her head to look in to his eyes

G: One condition … you will not trouble me like that …

M: Ok I won’t …but can do in some other way na…Atleast now give the files yaar we are getting late for the meeting

G: Its already in the car waiting for you … & I have already told mama about our plan … so better you don’t get late… I am waiting for my driver …winking at him & leaves

M: What… Geet wait … you planned everything…& were just troubling me. I won’t leave you now…


Maaneet entered the Maan’s cabin after the end of the meeting and once there are inside Maan takes geet in his embrace

M: Geet… love you…  you just saved my day… I thought we lost this project with so many escalations happening around but you just put everything on track…

G: Maan we are in office and you acting like that wouldn’t suit your image here…

M: What image darling we are in my cabin… no one can disturb us without my will

Geet comes of out of his arm: You know I can

M: But what’s the hurry we can complete the rest of the work after a while.

G: Why aren’t they important…

M: well they are but not as important as you … hugs her from back

G: Sacchi … you can move all those works to tomorrow… aap ko koi problem tho nahi hoga na…

M: Yes honey … I can manage it pretty well even tomorrow…

Suddenly Geet frees herself from Maan… and goes to towards the table to close everything& pack her bag … while Maan just stands over there looking at his super eager wife who is ready to leave with him…

Geet comes smiling to him: Challo Maan nikal the hai…

M: wah Geet aaj tho tum badi jaldi mein ho… mere ek ishare pe itni jaldi sab close kardiya

G: Haan aap roz thodi yesi bolte ho … jaldi nikal te hai… mama intazar kar rahi hogi..

M: What… maine socha you …ok lets leave…his all enthusiasm comes down but looking at his wife who was having that million dollar smile he kept quite & makes his way towards the car.

In the car

Geet notices him to be silent & deep in thoughts.

G: What happened where are you lost..

M: kuch nahi Geet…

G: Muhje bhi chupa rahe ho…

M: I was just remembering what you said in our first night…

G: Jo I had spoiled with my cries…  making a sad face at the tears was on verge of falling from her eyes

M: Geet but we had our time na… & I am really glad that you could speak out what you felt…now leave all that and enjoy.

G: Ok but why are you remembering

M: You look so eager to go to your home, which gave you so much pain.

G: Yes that gave me pain but that’s where I spent my entire life … that’s where I had tried to make my own mark. You know I was alone cribbing to have someone beside me, care for me and stand for me for many nights. And to an extent I did have them but that was not enough for me and some other in front of you receiving them but while I was deprived hurts me…

M: Geet … we are here… Thank you babaji we reached here or else she was in the verge of crying

G: Aap ke saath na waqt ka kuch bhi hosh nahi rehtha muhje … aap bags leke aavo …

Maan sighs in relief hearing her bak bak & seeing her normal self back while Geet runs into the house to meet her parents & siblings

M: yeh tho har pal badal thi hai…pagal hai puri ki puri khud confuse hogi aur dusro ko bhi bana degi…

At Geet’s Parents House

Rajji: Common let’s play something

Brij: what… as always passing the parcel…

R: Yes It will be fun … as we are going to have fun … waise bhi mama aur papa tho neeche hai… giving us space to enjoy fully… aur Geet ko phele phaasana hai

B: Last time she couldn’t do anything that’s why you want to her confidence level low … that too in front of Maan now…

R: No bhai… bus masti ke liye… Aaj tho sirf hum ghar wale he hai na… na mama papa ya koi cousins … She wouldn’t hesitate today…dehk lena… maine music system arrange karti hoon… aap sab ko bhula do..

Everyone started the game… & geet lost not 1st but 2nd and she made a puppy dog face for losing it early…

R: Common geet aaj tho kuch nach na humare liye…

G: No No…

R: Maan … aap hi kuch bolo na ise…aapko na nahi keh payegi…

M: Geet common dance for us…

As usually Geet couldn’t think of anything & started to see everyone face trying to plead to let her sit down without any dance or song or any kind of drama… Seeing her face Maan couldn’t keep quite & slowly reached her and took her hand in his and slowly whisper’s in her ears… feel Geet… feel  my love… forget everyone around you… just feel my love…

Slowly his one hand rests on her waist & pulls her towards himself while the other entangles into her hand pressing her into him… while Geet just closes her eyes to feel him on her… to just fuse into him … Maan signalled to start the song… He started to guide her and she already lost in him followed his steps matching his pace… swaying in their own chords.

Pyaar ki yeh kahani suno

Ek ladka tha    Ek Ladki thi

Hoti Kya hai jawaani kya hai suno

Ek ladka tha   Ek Ladki thi

Woh bhi ek daur tha    Waqt hi aur tha

Jab woh the Ajnaabi   Dono Tanah Se the

Per woh kehte kise    Baat jo dil mein thi

When the music hit her ears she opened her eyes to looking the mesmerising eyes which was full of love towards her … forgetting everything around she started to feel how apt those words were for them…Maan as if reading her mind pulled her more to himself… while she moulded into the way he showed…

Gumsum gumsum rehte the dono

Phir bhi dil mein kehte dono

Koi sapna hum bhi to paaye

Ek din tute gum ke woh ghere

Jhilmil jhilmil aaye savere

Masum Badla Jaagi fizaaye

Woh mil gaye    Woh Khil gaye

Aur pyaar ho hi gaya

Jo chaha tha woh paya to

Hosh kho hi gaya

Both were lost in each other to realise the surrounding which was turning the atmosphere into romantic one… while maan just pushed her & pulled her into him while she pulled back only to roll on his back making everyone gasp on the sizzling chemistry

Holle holle ab woh deewane

Gungun gaaye dil ke tarane

sunsun jhoome saari hawaaien

Dhadkan dhadkan hai bhehki bheki

Tanmaan Tanmaan chahat hai mehki

Sapne apne jaddoo jagaye

Geet put her hand around his next pulling him close to her heart so that nothing can come in between them… not even the air… Maan twirled her around him and next he lifts her as if she was a feather & threw her in air & catch her around again. Now both were coming closer & backing off according to the beats of the music & there heads were high as proud as they were to have the other beside them in their life.

Inhe dekhoge jo jaanoge

Kya hai nasha pyaar ka

Yehi sochoge yehi chahoge

Sang rahe yeh sada

While the other couples were just lost in the admiring the cute couples in love… Especially Geet who always used to be reserved & not share anything with them was expressing how much she is in love with her husband … Hearing the hooting & shouting of them, even their parents came there to see Maaneet dancing forgetting the world around & only thought which came to them was Sang rahe yeh sada… Kiski Nazar na lage ine…

Pyaar ki yeh kahani suno

Ek ladka tha    Ek Ladki thi

Hoti Kya hai jawaani kya hai suno

Ek ladka tha   Ek Ladki thi

Woh bhi ek daur tha    Waqt hi aur tha

Jab woh the Ajnaabi   Dono Tanah Se the

Per woh kehte kise    Baat jo dil mein thi

By the time the music died another music of the applauded brought them back to the real world making both of the embarrassed in front of whole family and Geet just hid herself behind Maan to save herself from any teasing looks which she was getting from her sis & sil. After some more rounds of teasing & fun they all moved to their own homes.

At night

M: Geet I want to see this smile always on your face

G: It will always be there till you are next to me

M: Then why are not agreeing for taking the post as Co-MD

G: what’s in the name? I still do the work whatever you give me

M: Yes … but I want everyone to look at you as boss

G: You want me to be boss for them … No I won’t take that post leaving my present tho never

M: Present one which one is that even I don’t know

G: I am double boss you see… Boss’s boss .. she just winks at him while he pulls her on him

M: Oh… that post …

G: Yes that one… waise bhi I am working to help you not for any salary or post… And I prefer that only… If you make me Co-MD … I will feel like I don’t deserve that place but got that because I am your wife…

M: But.

G: Shhh… Chup bilkul Chup … I wanted to make my mark in this world thought it will give me happiness but its more blissful to be lost in you than making my mark in this world.

Maan just sealed her lips with his to shower her with his love which is increasing day by day and she though not expected his kiss but returned him in the same flavour only to drive him more crazy & have her for all night…


Maan came out after having his shower and saw Geet who was sitting in front of mirror getting ready to accompany him for the office but she was lost somewhere else. Maan could have a full view of her back as she had tied her hair in a bun stood behind her; placed a soft kiss on her nape to bring her back from her dream.

M: where are you lost Geet…

G: Ohh … you are ready I will just check on the breakfast… she started to leave from there but only to be pulled back into the strong arms of her love.

M: where are you running… you haven’t kept anything ready for me today

G: Ohh yes… wait I will just get… Even though she tried to mask herself but that didn’t go unnoticed by Maan

M: What happened…

G: im confused

M: when you are not… Geet wackes his arm…

G: I am not sharing anything with you… and tries to come out of the hug…only to be pulled back into the safe arms… leave me

M: not before you tell me what’s running in your mind

G: woh… woh…

M: don’t tell me you want to go to yours mama’s place… I am not letting you… anyways we were there yesterday itself…

G: No… I was just think about what happened there… who is wrong… did I fail to see it… did I had misconceptions or the information which I got to know is false… tears started to leave her eyes feeling helpless in reaching the conclusion hid herself more in his embrace.


After dinner everyone were seated & just reliving the old memories

M: Tell us about the childhood na mama…

Brij: whose childhood stories…

M: All the three

Rajji: Maan… you don’t have to hesitate… you can directly ask… you want to know about Geet’s childhood stories na…

M: Okay… Mama tell us about Geet na…

G: no need of all those… muhje neend arahi hai ghar chalte hai

Rano: Geet… aaja yahi soja… jab main teri kahani katam kar lungi tab uta denge tume…

Having no other way to escape; she lay down in her mama’s lap & pretends to sleep

R: let me start from the beginning… I was really scared when I came to know that I was carrying Geet … We already had 2 kids another one in line… didn’t know how we would take care of all of them that too when we were in financial crunch… & when my aunt… woh delhi wali we both are of almost same age & spend our school days together… was not having any kid… she asked me if she could give me Rajji but I didn’t… this time atleast I will be able to reduce her pain & decided to give her my Geet… but destiny had different plans & I didn’t had to part with my Geet… With so many problems in hand I joined Geet’s father to help him in his business and thus leaving very little time with my kids… Geet is very sharp in grasping things… she would see me & even before I complete my sentence she would know it…

Rajji: I always hated when mama would ask Geet suggestions for anything… and not mine…

Rano: Well everyone wants to decrease there work & finish it off & not increase it… If I would have involved you then I would have spent more time explaining things to you & doing everything myself at the end…

Geet just smiled sliently hearing all these… but still didn’t move…

Rajji: You never gave me a chance mama…

Rano: But you were so involved in yourself that you never gave importance to surroundings & now that you have to concentrate only one thing…your family… you are jelling well…

Rajji: well thats true…

Rano: And I never had to worry about Geet… she was independent & could get her things ready on her own… If Geet was involved in anything I wouldn’t have to even think about that… So I could give more time to Rajji, who always needs some or the other ones help. You know Maan… Geet is very strong girl… who can win any fight but only if she wishes… she can move a mountain with her will but if not even a needle cannot move. She is not comfortable sharing anything that too if it is something close to her heart tho then forget about sharing she will hide it safely & secured too. So we never tried to probe anything about her… If she was really ready to share it, she wouldn’t think twice & tell us everything…

Flashback ends

Maan: Wiping those tears off & cups her face in his palms… Listen to me Geet… What is troubling you… You should be happy that you parents love you & only didn’t show it to you because they had the trust that you are more mature to understand their unsaid words… You were so blind in believing your myths that you forgot to see the love & attention they gave you. When you were not comfortable in expressing things to them, they let you fight your inner self and come out of the shell, which you failed to understand. They wanted to make you more strong. It is just a little gap of communication. They were just a step away from you.. you only had to stretch your hand to reach them. Look at me… If I will not be there in front of you all the time will you think I don’t love you or am I ignoring you

Geet could only nods her head for a No…

M: so even they were doing the same na… silently they were just supporting you in each & everything.  You opened up to me… that’s why I could be there in every step of yours or else how would I know what’s running in your this small brain but even without your words they have always support you. par kabhi kabhar bhool chuk hojati hai…common give me a smile…& strain your little brain…

G: you are telling the truth na…

M: ab stamp paper pe likhe do kya…

G: nahi… abhi dhere nahi ho rahi hai aap ko…

M: ab tum meri bahoon mein ho tho samay kate huve waqt nahi lagti…Wink

G: Aap meri har uljan ko itni asaani se kaise sulja sakthey ho…

M: bus jo tumare mann mein hoti hai wahi meri suban pe reh thi hai

G: acha tho bathavo ab meri mann main kya hai…

M: ab kya humesha se tho main hi hoon aur age bhi mein hi rahoon ga… Geet ke mann mein …

G: Aur main aapko yaha se kahi jane nahi doongi…

M: tum chaho ya na chaho… tum mein Maan zarror rahega…

G: Vaada …

M: Pakka vaada…


Rano: Geet uto puttar dhere horahi hai…

G: kya mama… sone dono na… she turns around snuggles into her duvet again and drown in her dreams

Her mobile starts ringing…

R: Dehkle kisika call hai… Rano smiles as now her daughter will come out of her sleep… but can anyone disturb the sleep of our geet… na…  it’s stops ringing

R: Suraj sar par agaya hai…Wake up Geet… tu phone kyun nahi uta rahi hai

G: Mama… alram hi hai band hojayega… Kitna acha khawab dehk rahi thi aur tumne jaga diya…

R: Khawabo ki duniya se bahar aja (come out of your dream world)� kal teri shaadi hogi… sasural jayegi tho yese thodi chalega… kya sochenge ki ladki ko kuch nahi sikaya hai mama ne

But Geet couldn’t hear anything as her mind was still thinking about her dream

G: Khawab…. Khawab…  kya woh haqikat tha ya sirf ek sapna…  She checks her neck not finding anything runs to check herself in mirror her hand goes towards the partition in the hair and is stunned to see it not filled…too shocked to digest the fact that all those blissful moments that she felt was just her dream…  she again falls back on bed n closes her eyes everything flashes back as a film…

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey

Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday

Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan

Khule hain jo pal, kahe yeh nazar

Lagta hai ab hai jaage hum

Fiqrein jo thi, peechhe reh gayi

Nikle unse aage hum

Hawa mein beh rahi hai zindagi

Yeh hum se keh rahi hai zindagi

Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho

Those blissful moments were not real but just a beautiful story around all those things which had happened in her sister and brother’s wedding. She had heard her mama explain Rajji those wedding rituals… and her cousins sharing the alarm trick… And the man who helped her in the dream was just a fragment of her imagination. Even after several tries she couldn’t remember anyone like him. She opens the door to the balcony as the new zeal settles in her heart…

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey

Ude, dil ke jahaan mein khwabon ke parindey

Oho, kya pata, jayenge kahaan

Kisi ne chhua toh yeh hua

Phirte hain mehke mehke hum

Khoye hain kahin baatein nayi

Jab hain aise behke hum

Hua hai yoon ke dil pighal gaye

Bas ek pal mein hum badal gaye

Oho.. ab to, jo bhi ho so ho..

Its time to put those dreams in action, so what If the person didn’t exist in real; he will live in me always. All the love and attention she carved for in her life was so engraved in her mind that it came back to her as a dream� It was so required for her confused heart to get certain things clear and to see through the mist about them. He wasn’t wrong; had I spoken out my fears and desires I would not have to ever suffer my loneliness… nor would I have to hide myself from this world…my family would have heard and will always stand beside me…He came in my dream to set me free from all my inhabitations and change my whole life.

Roshni mili

Ab raah mein hai ek dilkashi si barsi

Har khushi mili

Ab zindagi pe hai zindagi si barsi

Ab jeena hum ne seekha hai

Yaad hai kal, aaya tha wo pal

Jisme jaadoo aisa tha

Hum ho gaye jaise naye

Woh kal jaane kaisa tha

Kahe yeh dil ki jaa udhar hi tu

Jahan bhi leke jaaye aarzoo

Oho, ab toh…

Jo bhi ho so ho..

Life has given me another chance to make my dreams come true. I took time to realise the value of everyone in my life. This dream had the magic in it to make me love myself; but now there is no turning back, no matter what it takes now I will face this world without any hinderance & will mark my place in it. Feeling lite after like eternity she just closes her eyes to find that face; who has imprinted his mark on her mind, heart & soul.

Rano who was watching her… was amazaed to see the changing emotions in her face shocked, sober, happy & then calmness on her face & final as if achieving the goal she had a different glow in her face which was never seen by anyone

R: Geet puttar… tu teek haina… tab se dehk rahi hoon ajeeb tarase pesh arahi hai…

G: Having plastering a large smile … Mama.. maine na ajeeb sa sapna dekha… tab se I was just remembering the same

R: Acha yesa kya tha sapne mein

G: I saw myself in future… I was like… blah blah… non stop chatter box hogayi shuru…That dream did help her open up to her heart to everyone and come out of her shell

R: Kal maine ladhke ki baath kya ki… tune sapne bhi dehkne shur kar diya… my daughter is ready to move in to next phase of her life… mann mein kuch uljan thi ki tum tayar ho ki nahi… par ab koi uljan nahi rahi… sapno ki duniya se bahar ajja… kal bataya tha na ki is weekend ko ladkhe wale arahe hai…hum chathe hai ki yeh ristha hojaye…

G: Mama… aap se ek baath bolu…

R: haan puttar bol na

G: muhje abhi shaadi nahi karni… I was really happy in my dream but I am not sure ki I will be same way happy too in real too… we don’t know what’s in the store for us… meri zindigi ki baag daoud main dusro ko soupne se phele kuch pal apne liye jeena chati hoon… kuch phechan bana na chati hoon…us sapne ko khud sach banana chati hoon…

R: par puttar… tu ek baar ladke ko dekh tho le…

G: Nahi mama… agar une main pasand agayi tho… asa bana lenge… aur abhi main koi bhi jhooti umed kisko nahi dena chati… If I don’t try it now in future I will never be able to do it again… aaj meri mann mein koi darr ya kashmakash nahi hai… meri lakshya muhje saaf dekaiye derahi hai… aur use main hansil karna chathi hoon

Mohindar who was standing in the doorway listening to the mother- daughter duo all the while intervened: Teek hai Geet… Main aaj he ladke walo se baath karunga. You can live your life how you wanted it…

G: Thank you papa… she ran to hug him… finally to have all the love in her life…

G: doob tha huva insaan ko bus ek tinke ka sahare ki zarrurat hoti hai… aur aapne mera saath tama hai is mann mein ab baste hoo… main aapko yaha se kahi jane nahi doongi… aaj se yeh mann sirf maan ka… Thank you Maan for coming in my dreams, you made entry in my life & brought all the love which was meant to be mine…


J: Ma’am your next client has arrived

G: Thanks Jenny… guide them to the conference room… will meet you there

J: right ma’am

Geet enters the conference room and she extends her hand to greet the new clients

G: hello Mr. … stunned and words didn’t come out after seeing the person in front of her… same dark chocolate brown eyes… the same broad shoulders… same gait… how can she not recognize that person who was solely responsible for her fame and success today… who was … is… and will always be in her heart…

Geet control your emotions… That was just a dream… he wouldn’t know anything…nor will he ever feel anything for you…

M: Maan Singh Khurana… Hello Ms. Geet Handa… Have we met before… you look quite familiar?

G: Leaving a sigh… with a bit choked voice… she replied… no we haven’t… can we get started with the requirements.

M: Oh… Yes… we require your service in determining the feasibility of one of our projects…

G: Ok… provide us the grant. We will revert back after analysing the whole project.

M: It’s a government contract to build 10000 houses in flood affected areas… It will be built in 3 stages… foundation, super structure and then the complete structure. We need your assistance in assessing various statutory implications.

She could hardly hear what he was saying… She was lost in capturing all his guestures, that attitude which was oozing out in his words…

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi

Ik dooje se hue juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane

G: Babaji bhi kamal kar the hai… phele kehthe hai spane dekho phir kehthe hai woh sirf sapne ko chodo haqikat mein jeyo… aur phir itni sare khushi dethe hai ki samalna mushkil hojaye aur phir use sapna bana dethe hai… jab samal ne lagthe hai tab phir se use sapne se humare samane le athe hai…

Tumse dil jo lagaya toh jahaan maine paaya Kabhi socha na tha yoon meelon door hoga saaya Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya Jab haqeeqat mein use todna tha

Her whole concentration was on the man in front of her… how they had spent the time together in the dream… Though she came long way from that day still she could never part from his dream.

Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sabse anjaana,

do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Har ehsaas mein tu hai har ik yaad mein tera afsaana

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

She would spend her every free second in the same dream. She wanted to treasure ever second alas her bad luck tears were blocking her view… She so much wanted to be consumed in his spell and speaks out all those achieved in this past one year… How much she wished it was all true… par maang ne se thodi sab mil jata hai…

Sara din beet jaaye, Saari raat jagaye

Bas khayal tumhara lamha lamha tadpaye

Yeh tadap keh rahi hai mit jaaye faasle

Tere mere darmayaan hai Jo saare

Not able to bear the pain she made an excuse of important call and came out of those walls to compose herself… giving charge to her assistant Jenny to handle the rest of the formalities… Jenny was more than shocked as her boss never seemed so distracted… fumbling… and also so venerable… but kept quite seeing the client…

Ik dooje se hue juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane

Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sab se anjaana

Do lafzon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paaye

Har ehsaas mein tu hai har ik yaad mein tera afsaana

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

M: When can I get this report as my further decisions will be based on this?

J: Sir… we usually study and report it in a day’s time

M: well I don’t have that much time… You can charge me more for the express service.

J: we don’t take up such kind of service but still I would check with ma’am.

Geet who was just outside hearing there conversation came in.

G: Mr. Khurana… We will do it on priority basis and you will have it in another 2 hours.

M: that will be really great… I have some work near by… will see you in 2 hours…

Geet not wanting leave any chance to fulfil her hearts desire: Mr. Khurana… we can finish it much faster If you could join us in the compiling the report… it will save our time in searching and understanding of your project…

M: in that case… we should work together

Maaneet start working on the report together with Geet stealing glance of her Maan from corner of her eyes…

Sametime her mobile rings…

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Hearing the ringtone both look into eachothers eyes… Her eyes were telling same words and depicting the pain she is feeling… while his eyes could read her every unsaid word and calm her with just his gaze…

They were brought to reality with another round of ring. Both felt awkward and she just excused from there picking the call…

G: haan Papa… boliye

P: puttar thuje yaad dilane phone kiya ki aaj ghar jaldi ana… ghar main mehmaan anewale hai…

G: Ji papa… kuch urgent kaam agayi hai… jithni jaldi katham hojaye gi utni jaldi ajaoungi…

P: teek hai puttar…

G: tears formed at the corner of eyes to spill out…get a grip over your heart Geet… This was supposed to be happening… It’s only his appearance all those words he spoke was all there in your heart… jo mere mann mein hoti hai wahi unki suban pe reh thi hai…You can’t be week not infront of him…

Geet comes back to seat with full concentration as it’s her Maan’s project… she didn’t want to get anything wrong… she was all set to impress him he being the client will come back to her for next projects too…how could she even think to leave such a chance to meet him again and again… Maan was amazed at the girl in front of him her dedication in the work was the first thing which he noticed… She prioritizes the work to according to the need of her client…

G: Mr. Khurana… here is your report… go through it… if any changes you want… let me know

M: Thank you Ms. Geet… sure you did save my day…

She missed a beat on hearing her name from that m shaped lips…

G: Pleasure is all mine.

M: your fees…

G: Nothing… Well it’s the first assignment and you yourself were involved in it…

M: But… Geet cuts him

G: May be next time…

M: You are stubborn… If you change your mind then you can send across the bill to our office… then I will take your leave now…

And the next second he walks out of her life or only from her office was all she could ponder about.

G: Geet… jaldi karo ghar jana hai… phir se mehmaan anewale hai…

G: Jenny… meri gaadi service se agayi kya…

J: abhi tak nahi ayi hai

G: Ok just inform them to delievery the car to my home…

J: par ma’am aap ghar kaise javogi

G: cab haina…

J: ohh… ma’am if you don’t mind can I ask you something…

G: Yes

J: Are you ok… you were quite disturbed in the meeting…& you are leaving early too

G: Nothing dear… Just guests are coming so I am leaving early… Just take care here I will move…

Just as she turned around to move out she bumped into someone hard…

G: oops sor… words stopped from her mouth as she realised the person infront of her…

M: I forgot my file here…

G: Must be in my cabin… I will get it for you…

M to J: You know how to get to xyz area…

J: That’s where ma’am’s home is… she knows the signal free routes too… she can guide you… even better you can drop her & she can show the address for you…

G: Mr. Khurana… your file.

M: Thanks Geet… well I need another favour from you…

G: ummm… favour… you just have to mention it…

M: I need to reach xyz location… & Jeeny informed you know a shortcut

G: but I am actually in a hurry to leave to my home

J: ma’am you can show him the way & sir can drop you there as it’s near by to your residence.

M: That’s great…Ms. Geet shall we

G: Ok.

In the car:

M: So Ms. Personal Navigator which way should we move… Geet’s eyes became wide hearing him in that way & her mouth turned into a big O… Maan chuckle when he saw her cute expression. And Geet had a contened smile on her face seeing that cute smile & was lost in that smile. Maan saw her expression change while he also lost himself in that smile of hers. And when their eyes met which was full of love the whole world around them stopped. They were falling into Unfathomable Ocean to search the answers to their questions.

G: Will he be same like my dream Maan or not?

M: What I am reading in her eyes is true?

A horn from the car behind breaks the eyelock & both feel awkward for getting lost.

G: Ji hume chalna chaiye…

M: Kahan… for a sec he was couldn’t understand what she said… that voice was music to his ears…

G: Ji… shocked

M: Composing himself … you need to tell me the route…

G: Ji aap age lijiye main bata thi hoon

M: Phele seatbelt tho phenlo…

Geet turns & pulls the belt to fix it into the hook in the process brushing his arm, she pulls back her hand as the small touch sent fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach. Maan wondered why that hesitation was, lost in the same thought he pulls the gear to roll the car into the drive. Next second she fell into him making both surprised how that happened only to notice the dupatta hooked to his watch. 

Maan’s phone rings…

M: araha hoon yaar… thodi shanti rahkna…

M: nahi haina… samay se phele jane ka natija yahi hoti hai

M: Teek hai main thodi dhere main waha pounchtha hoon…

M: bye… n cuts the call

M: Mera cousin ka call tha… Bade papa, Bade Mama aur Dev sab gaye hai ladki dehkne… bohat utawala horaha hai

G: Ji… waha kiske ghar…

M: Mr. Mohinder Handa… then realising Handa… aap une jante hai… aap

G: She cuts him… meri papa hai… tho jo rishta aya hai woh inke cousin ka hai… babaji… aapko muhje tang karna bohat pasand haina… Geet cribs to looking up to the car top.

M: Oh then you can guide me easily… waise who is the lucky girl…

G: In a cold voice… Me… And turned towards to the window to hide the lone tear that was trying to slip from her hazel eyes

M: Shocked… maan puts a sudden break… making both to jerk towards the dashboard

G: aap teek tho haina

M: Haan… sorry woh…

G: Koi baath nahi… Shukar hai babaji ka kisko chot nahi lagi…

M: iski yesi awaaz… yeh shaadi karna chati hai ya nahi…  

G: Yeh kuch bol kyu nahi rahe hai… ine kuch farak padtha hai ya nahi… Babaji madat kakro na please…

Rest of the drive was silent as both were lost in their own thoughts… they reach Handa’s residence… Both Maan & Geet enter the house together.

Mohinder: Arey dono ek saath agaye… Maan beta aye… betiye… Geet puttar tu ready hoja jaldi…

G: Ji papa… She glanced over everyone then silently moved inside…

Mo: Ji maaf kijiye ga woh Geet kuch kaam main phuss gayi thi… isliye dhere hogayi

M’s Badepapa: Koi baath nahi hai… woh bus Dev ne thoda jald bazi kar raha that ho hum sab waqt se phele agayi…

Dev was embarresed to have been caught like this…

M: aur woh zarrori kaam humara hi tha… Badepapa…woh Govt. Project ki report tayar kar rahi thi…

M’s BP: Geet ne kiya… abhi se humare kaam mein madat kar rahi hai… Kadam se kadam milaiyegi humare bahu…

Everyone were indulged in the random talks until their attention shifted to the sound of the anklets & bangles announcing the entrance of their wouldbe bahu while Geet eyes were downcasted as if trying to search a needle in the grass below descend down the stairs dressed in a gorgeous purple saree; hairs tied in a plait with some tendril were left hiding the clear view of her face; a small delicate pendent chain adoring her neck complimenting the white skin; while the earrings dangled & occasionally kissed her cheeks. Those pink petals trembeled as if appearing in front of the examiner for a viva. Every moment was minutely observed by a pair of eyes there by imprinting in his heart. Mesmerised in the simple yet elegant beauty infront of him that everything around him ceased to exist. He was brought back from his revive when his cousin nudged him & was embarresed to be caught in his act. Once he wanted to look into those hazel eyes which was an open book to him, where he could clear his doubts.

M’s BM: Geet… idhar aaye… humare puttar ke bagale mein batiye… hum bhi tho dehke ram milayi Jodi kaise hoti hai.

For which Geet just shied & sat next to her would be husband. Younger one commented Arey mere babhi ek baar aapne hone wali pati se nazar milaye tho sahi … bhai kitne bechain hai aapke ankhon mein dub jane ko… & in return earned a glare from the elder one… Please babhi aap bhai kho itna na tadapavo… for which Geet turned more red & slowly raised her eyes to meet the impatient eyes which were eager to know the state of her mind… those hazel eyes had a twinkle of happiness of achieving the forbidden quest. Both had a sigh of relief seeing the acceptance in each other eyes…

Two brothers discuss something which couldn’t be heared by anyone & the younger one departs unnoticed. Suddenly all the place turns dark & everyone start to panic. Geet moves to check but is stopped by someones pull. At the sametime a light get focussed on her… she covers her eyes to hide from the light; next second she feels someone taking her hand into his but failed to see anyone in front of her as that person was on his knees with a ring in his other hand. She was dazed to see thing changing around her and also bit scared what if it turns out to be just a dream. But then her attention was caught by the voice

Geet humesha meri kawaish thi ki koi pari meri zindigi ki aaye aur har kadam mein saath ho… jiske saath rehthe hi har mushkil asaan hojaye… kuch sapne meri kuch uske dono milkar saach banaye… Humare zindagi ke har sukh dukh mein ek saath rahenge… Kya tum meri pari banogi Geet… Will you marry me Geet…

Everyone from behind whispher… say yes … say yes…

Geet with a teary eye: pinch me

What… uff yeh ladhki… yeh le meri nanad… Geet’s babhi pinch’s her…

G: Ouchhh…

Ab tasali hogayi ki sapna nahi haqikat hai…

G: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes & starts jumping in her happiness & hugs him forgetting the surrounding the man who proposed her. I Love You Maan… I Love You…

Maan reciprocates the hug saying I Love You too Geet…

Lights comeback with their confession making both embarrased that they are not alone…

M’s Papa: ab tho Ring phenade…

In no time he slipped the ring into her finger… & Rano passed a ring to Geet& she made him wear without any hesitation.

Mo: Rano sab ka moo meeta tho karvav na…

R: Ji maine abhi layi…

M’s Papa: Ab Geet humari huvi…

After exchange of sweets, all the elders were busy discussing the dates while couple was lost in eachother.

M: tumne koi shikayat tho nahi haina is risthe se… Whispered without gaining anyones attention towards them

G: Ji Koi shikayat nahi hai… her happiness had no bound as she could see the concern in those eyes for her

M: Phir car maine yesa kyu darraiya ki tum shaadi se khush nahi ho…

G: Maine nahi aapne darraiya muhje… aur tab muhje thodi pata tha ki ladhe aap ho

M: Tum ne socha ki tumare Shaadi Dev se ho rahi hai…

G: Haan aap baath hi yese kar rahe the ki Dev bohat utavla ho raha hai… Aur aapke mama papa ke bare maine nahi kaha na…

M: Mama papa mandir gaye the…

G: ok.

M: Tum yeh sab sapna laga…

G: Haan agar yeh bhi sapna hota tho… na baba na…

M: Yeh sab tumne sapne mein dekha tha…

G: Dekha tho tha… par yesa nahi… woh tho aur bhi khoobsurat thi…

M: Matlab…

Before Geet could tell him anything she is asked to serve everyone… & in a while his mobile beeps for a file acceptance request through Bluetooth… Seeing the sender name as Geet he accepts it to find a message.

In life you’ll realise that there is a purpose for every person you meet.
Some are there to test you, some will use you,
Some will teach you, and some will bring the best out in you.
And In my life you are the one who brought the best out of me.
Thanks for entrying in my life & to fill it with lots of love.


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