Meri Biwi Kho Gayi Phirse

Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi Phirse


Maan set the tent & camp fire, both were happy to be together after a daylong roller coaster. They took their own sweet time to prepare their food as often they both were getting lost in each other eyes. Then they started to feed each other & also feast on the features of the person in front of them. By the time the ended with the feast the moon & stars made their presence in the sky. Maan couldn’t wait to just lie down with Geet in his arms & consol his soul that indeed she was next to him.

Everything was wrapped & the bed was set; waiting for the couple to be lost in their world. Geet settled herself next to him not leaving anything in between them while he had other plans. His fingers slowly made their way on her back gently making patterns; he knew even that was not required; his slight touch itself was enough to make her dance to his tunes. Her reaction for his advances was just like ripples you notice when a pebble is dropped in calm water. His gaze went to her almond eyes which was dropping indicating her tiredness with the adventure she had. That made him thinks Why to leave the cosy bed in his mansion and take her here in this hard ground & that to when you are clinging to one another in a sleeping bag.

But the temptation in his arms was hard to resist and his lips did the honours of adoring that drooping eyes. While her hot breathe fanned his chest and next his attention was taken by nose. She slightly parted her lips anticipating his next claim and with this thought itself her cheeks turned red but he surprised her by taking the cheeks next. Only to hear a disappointed “ummm” from her this guided him to bless the crock of her neck. In turn she twisted her lips making him chuckle at her cute antics & claim them.After a long time when both realised air is also required to survive they parted slightly & Maan brushed his lips on her forehead before taking her on him & whispered “Sleep well Geet… It was a long day”.

She was in a deep slumber when she felt something was moving on her legs like fingers and murmured “Chodiye na maan…. Muhje neend arahi hai”. But to her dismay after legs now it was her waist & next it was on her stomach “umm Maan” moan escaped from her lips. Somehow she managed to open her eyes half only to be stunned. Sleep left her drooping eyes & now her eyes were wide open. What took her attention was the petronum, a rabbit petronum which was sitting on her. It looked so cute & adorable, she can sit & watch her forever, suddenly realising she should capture these moments in her friend; her camera. But alas that was far & safe in the bag pack.


Now she was scared to move as if she did that then she would lose this spectacular sight to capture. As if the rabbit heard her thoughts it jumped on Maan; grabbing this opportunity she ran to get her camera. Rabbit was frightened with her sudden movement & started to run far away from them. Geet just followed the light trail & ran to get the snaps of the rabbit. While the rabbit was all set to give a tough time to our Geet running from one place to another. It was not hard to follow; hard was to get those pics as she was breathing heavily with running and couldn’t steady the camera even after trying different settings that she could think of.  And whenever she was left behind or lost the way rabbit gave its glimpse and they were back in the chase again; after a long run she came to a place where she could see everything as if in daylight. She was left thinking how that was possible when she again saw the rabbit dissolving into bushes of Simbelmynë plants.

[IMG] [/IMG]

Those flowers gained her attention; she plucked a flower and inhaled the aroma of it.  That actually made her dazed for a while; she kissed the flower and pinned it to her hair and sat on the rock to analyse the surroundings while she catch up with her breathe. The next second she witnessed something which she could never have dreamt of. Lights started to emit from all sides of those bushes where rabbit had vanished. Frightened she stepped back but her eyes were struck to the illuminated place.

A small boy no no not a boy what is it no… who is he … Is it true… No it can’t be… But he looks exactly like him.

“Thank you my lady… You freed me from this grave…”

“Did I… Is this a grave yard…”

No but this is where I was buried by Harry Potter and his friends. I got my freedom 2nd time once Harry now from you lady. May I know the name of the person who let my soul free. I had always wished to be in this world & serve every kind soul here.

Geet jumped in front of him & she introduced herself “Hi Dobby I am Geet Maan Singh Khurana… but you look different now…”

“Yes now I am only a ghost not a house-elf…”

“Geet I would like to take your leave now. The gates of Hogwarts will be closed at sharp 6, so I have to leave now to reach on time.”

“You will leave me here in the middle of the forest and in the mid of night. What if a lion comes and kills me.” Asked Geet feeling scared of this mystique place now. Who knows if she waited here more she may encounter many other species here.

“You weren’t scared before I came out of the grave.”

“Well I was supper lost in rabbit. Oh yes rabbit can that rabbit give me company.”

“Rabbit… That can’t stay at one place for more than a minute.”

“Ok you help me find my way back to Maan, after that you can go anywhere.”

“But I don’t know where he is.”

“You know magic na then what’s the problem. In just a click I can be next to him.”

“Now I don’t have any magic left. But yes since you have freed me, you can wish for a boon which I can grant.”

“Only one can’t you make that 100.”Complained Geet

“You can wish for 100 but only one I can fulfil, so think wisely.”

With that Geet put on her thinking cap and thought I should ask something which is a boon to both Maan and me. So that we can be there for the other in the hour of need. After a long thought she said “whenever I or Maan are lost in our path make the other find the former and bring them on the right track in the shortest of time.”

“Ok granted. Now I would take your leave.”

“Thank you. But I am not letting you go before I take some pics with this camera.”

“Who knows I may never be able to see you again or not.”

“But what is the use we are ghosts nothing can catch us not even this camera.”

“Let me try may be my camera is capable to catch you won’t you fulfil my little wish. Geet asked showing the little with her fingers like a small kid.”

“No. I already told you I can grant only one wish.”

“Where are your manners? Don’t you know how to show some courtesy I should not have kissed that flower.” Shouted Geet on him.

“But I can’t grant this, my hands are bound. You only suggest what I can do.”

“Don’t treat this as boon but treat it as a request.”

“Ok as you say give it a try. Still I say it as a waste of time and make it fast I am getting late.”

“Sure how will you reach Hogwarts it’s so far from here.”

“Well this is mystical G1A forests these trees which you are seeing are also portals through which we can reach to dark forest outside the Hogwarts.”

“So can I come along with you to Hogwarts?”

“No only dead can use this way.”


And Geet started to click the pics and to Dobby’s surprise he was seen in those photos. Geet was so lost in checking the pics that she didn’t hear Dobby bidding her bye & leaving in this forest all alone. But when she realised she just sat on that rock waiting for her Maan to find her. She knew he will find her & that to now they are bound in an eternal bond of the boon.


While Geet was busy with making acquaintance; her Maan was going crazy searching his wife. He had woken up missing the warmth next to him & when he found Geet’s best buddy too missing he wanted to bang his hand for thinking to spend the night with her here in middle of the G1A forest. The camera craze which had helped him to find her became the cause for losing her here in this forest. Having no other way he started to search for his torch & started his expedition of find his wife as Uski Biwi Kho Gayi Na Phir se.

Now the bigger problem in hand was how to search someone in forest with no traces no trails as darkness had surrounded the place exactly the same way the darkness was filling his heart now. Fear was gripping him thinking in what situation Geet might be in; there could be wild animals in the forest who hunt at night times. What if it comes to hunt her, he couldn’t even want to think on those lines but couldn’t wander off that thought too. He closed his eyes to remove all those thoughts from his mind and a small smile stated to play on his lips as he could see her face & feel Geet near him. He started to think like how Geet would do & she would of thought about SRK’s song in this situation. Exactly same way even he did hoping to find her at the end of the song.

Whom to ask where she is; only things present in here was trees, plants, creepers, reptiles, wind, water, and even apes. Looking at place around where both had settled the tent he started his song asking them making puppy dog faces hoping to get answers.   

Gumshuda Gumshuda

Koi Hua Kahan Hua

Kal Tha Main Yaha Woh Bhi Thi Yahi

Main Hoon Phir Yaha Lekin Woh Nahi

Ho Kal Tha Main Yaha Woh Bhi Thi Yahi

Main Hoon Phir Yaha Lekin Woh Nahi

Gumshuda Gumshuda


He stood in front of a tree and started to explain her features to them along with that he continued to tell them his state without her. Apes saw him doing actions in front of a tree & joined in mimicking him. As if understanding his state the apes spread the news to everyone in the tribe. Suddenly as if getting some hope he was dragged by the apes to a direction. He saw them helping him to take the creeper to move using that swing & reach his destination.

 He being not an expert in travelling using creepers fell some times, banged himself against the trees and was soaked in the mud & couldn’t catch his counter parts but learning things from them he too caught up with them like how they were copying him he was doing the same now. After a long while he could sense her scent as if she was very near to him, looking around the place he could only see darkness but his senses alerted him about her presence near by. Finding water in the oasis he found her sitting on a rock looking around and waiting for him may be. He was so happy to see her finally that he silently landed next to her & was lost in her. He didn’t make his presence felt just like another rock sat beside her in that little brightness soothing his heart.


She sat there waiting for Maan to come trying to distract her mind to pass time so that she might not fall asleep her itself. Suddenly she started to hear noises of some animals making her a bit frightened by that. Slowly she turned to the sound only to find two eyes staring at her intently in that darkness. For a second she was scared but then realising the owner of those eyes she could only blush forgetting the rest of the world. Still as his gaze didn’t waiver from her only made her lower her gaze but still she could feel the heat with that intense stare. She could only be saved by that look when she hid herself in the embrace of this man.


When she was safely hid in her armour she felt cold breeze hitting her making her to snuggle into him. She thought he would take her in his arms and walk the distance but was surprised to see herself moving so fast. She looked up and pressed her self more on to him scared to see him use the creepers to move. “Maan have you gone mad can we please walk. Maan Maan please” she pleaded making all kind of faces but he didn’t reply back or squirm to her complains. And what surprised her more was the batch of apes following them.


She complained complained and complained but only received an intent gaze which was from him which expressed the happiness, relief and full of love concern, a bit of anger. And not to miss the royal silence which actually hurt her. He who would atleast shows his anger was not even uttering a word.


Maan put her on feet once they reached there camp site. She tried to pull him so that they can sleep peacefully atleast now. But he didn’t accompany her, she felt her eyes wet with his ignorance and just tucked herself in that sleeping bag.


When she was lost in her own misery, he was searching madly something but when he didn’t find any he thought of making one now. And took some creepers in his hand checking there strength and some big big leaves. He tied the ends of the creepers to two adjacent trees making it like a swing and placing the leaves on them giving it a cushion like effect. Once satisfied he came back to her only to find her cribing to her babaji. He poked her on her arm but that didn’t have any effect on her. He tried again o receive the same result, seeing her not listening he lifted her as a sack and placed it on his shoulders and made her comfortable on the swing. She was shocked to be lifted like that but then was awed by the special swing on which she was lying. She pulled him onto the swing making way so that she could feel him as close as possible.


He didn’t as much as flinch with her wishes and obliged every bit of it. Finally to sleep in one other arms to witness something more surprising to her. “Maan why are so muddy” she felt her hand wet “Maan are you hurt”. She questioned but there was again the royal silence from him. By now sun was peeping out of his den to lighten the forest with his light. Geet got to see the full view of his state. He was bruised at few places and a cut in his right shoulder mud covered all over him and even her but he was sleeping as she was beside him brining the much needed peace to his heart after his night long adventure.


She frantically started to search first aid kit in the make shift tent & ran to him to clean & nurse his wounds. After applying the medicine she slowly blew air to reduce the pain only making him tug her into him & moan her name. He slowly opened his eyes with this continous assault of his personal sudector but still his anger was something which had not subsidised so he cooly ignored her & started to pack the stuffs which were all spread in a hapzard way. Sensing the condition he is in she ran behind him trying to making talk to her but was that so easy. No this time she had really scared him off to put him really tuff spot.

“Maan I am sorry please speak with me” she pleaded. “I promise not to do any such things again.” She made all kind of faces which would melt him. And finally it did melt him and pulled her to him “you are never ever going away from me” he declared. To which she only obliged giving him her beautiful smile. “Come lets leave from here we could reach home soon before the traffic starts.” Maan took all there things while Geet followed him silently when Geet realised in a hurry yesterday night she forgot her camera on that rock itself making her run towards that direction praying her babaji for the safety of the camera. Maan turned to see why she is so silent and was shocked beyond wits to lose her again in the forest looking up he cribbed “Babaji why can’t she be with me always rather than getting lost each time. Meri Biwi Kho Gayi Phirse.”

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  1. Maan ko na koi chain se baandhle na chaiye geet ko! !!
    Bichara business chod k lost n found department hi chala le kam se kam! !!!
    Abi tak to world famous ho jata! !!!

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