Pati Patni Aur Boss


Part 1

As I glance towards the time I realise it has been already been 30 minutes I have been waiting for my turn to come and still wondering if I am doing right thing or not. Should I really be here attending an interview in secret, unknown to my family? They are under the impression that i am out there for shopping that too in a town unknown to me. They wouldn’t have let me out alone at these times when my life is all set to change in just a month but I somehow managed to buy my genuine excuse.

Even if I got this job I wouldn’t know definitely whether I will be able to manage to make everyone agree & start working here. I had looked into so many companies when I came across this company “Keerti Designs”. One of the best places to work to get a boost to my career, well main reason for this company to grow is that what ever post you apply for you will have to undergo a frantic training and if they could prove there worth only then they would get on rolls into the company. If training is rigorous then selection is also not a cake walk, three level screening procedures: first are technical round, second is HR & third is an interview with the team head.    

I just hope no one calls me to find out where I am struck from past 45 mins and no known faces here to let them know about my little adventure here and saved from all the taunts from elders for thinking about work at such a crucial period of my life. In about another 45 minutes my cell will start ringing to enquiry where I am and why I am late. I just wish atleast I complete my interview within this time.  

With so many confusion, tension, nervousness and anticipation in my mind and heart & as my veil end being twisted mercilessly by my fingers I still somehow manage to compose my self as confident & portray myself as the best eligible for the post. To make sure my mind is calm and concentrated for the up coming interview I start going through my own CV so that I don’t blabber something which is not mentioned in it. When I was busy checking my document in the file I feel there is a sudden silence, with curious eyes I check around to know the reason when I hear a sigh from employees around and a bit murmur. Looks like the boss just left them at peace. Something are same everywhere be it a town or a big city like Mumbai.

To putting a full stop to my extra disturbed mind for a while my hazel eyes look around the decor of the office. I must say the office here is really big and classy. Elegance just reflects out from every corner. Cubicles giving privacy to each person while it still open for the superiors to review their juniors.

Another person just walked out of the cabin, when I would get my turn to get in. Looks like my Babaji is with me, I just shot a look upwards thanking him as I hear my name called for I brace myself and with a determined stance I step into the conference room for my very first interview in this city. When I walk in I see two men dressed in there formals and an elegant lady dressed in cotton Saree. I couldn’t stop myself from checking the pattern of the saree, making a note in my mind to check the stores for similar ones for my sister. She loves wearing cotton sarees, and she would really look more elegant when she would take lectures in her college. Ahhh what am I thinking?

I warn my mind to be alert anticipating there first question as one of the guy is verifying my CV and the other is trying to peep in to see my file, while the lady posed questions towards me about my background and experience in designing. The Guys too join her in questioning me some technical things. And at the end came the most expected one came from one guy who had his spectacles on. “You don’t know anyone here.” I look at him blank how to tell them when he continued.  “You don’t even have a permanent address here in this city and you are applying here. It would not be easy for you to leave in this city all alone.”


Well I could only reply with a small smile escaping from my lips. “Sir I am shifting to this city by next month and my family too will join me soon. “


“So if we give you this job you could make it only after next month. That will be a long time for us to wait for a post of a trainee.” The other guy with hazel eyes said.

“That’s the earliest possible date I could join from my end” I replied.


“Okay then, wait for 15 mins you will know if you made it to the next level.” the lady said.


I just wish them politely and make my way out to the waiting area. Even though the interview went well looks like they are wouldn’t be willing to wait for 2 months for just an assistant designer trainee. So my chances to get into this company are very less. Atleast I will have the satisfaction of trying my luck here. And If I get through this then there will be more hurdles in my way to cross over before I actually accept the offer from this prestigious company.


The secret behind this success of this company is many & one of the reasons was the employee force they had employed. They had many ways to make sure there were no loop holes inside. And one of the filters to keep check was the key personals who very responsible for unbiased execution of the work was unknown to the outsiders and that was on every successful trainee who would get into the company the person who approved such appointee would get a monetary benefit which helped in maintaining high level of standards.


Here inside the conference room discussion for the prospective employees was going on in full swing. One said this guy would be suitable will the other said another lady is. Finally they had 10 of them short listed for a single post. Each one of them had to select 4 of them but since as 2 of the contenders were chosen by both the guys. The count came to 10.

Sasha the elegant lady in saree spoke “Adi (the guy with spec’s), so ball is in your court reduce it to 4 we will select the 2 out of them for training.”

“Sure I will do the hard work, you both keep the butter.” Replied Adi

“Don’t be sad Adi, you will get a one atali batali delicious 1gm butter free from my end” Replied Arjun(hazel eyes guy)

“1gm butter will not be enough for me itself what will I take for Pinky.” Complained Adi “You both better go & ask Jenny to send one by one.”

Fortunately I made it HR round which was the easiest for me but looks like I quoted very high the guy had his eyes came out with the shock I could see it even through they were covered with the spectacles. Now I was damn sure I couldn’t work as per my wishes here. With gloomy face I make my way back to the waiting area where many were feeling happy. That actually made me feels worse than ever I was just trying to buck my spirits back when I heard my name as being selected for the final round. I actually check with the lady again to make sure whether I have heard it all right or not.

I went in again for more questions to be thrown my way & at the end when I was told that I am selected & that ma’am informed that I am getting this opportunity looking at my potential & ability to excel and the most important was I would be appointed only if I manage to complete the training program.

I give a big smile to them to have won the first battle, offcourse now I had a bigger one to face my family’s approval. I gladly thank her & make my way towards the reception to collect my offer letter.

A young lady stood in reception area, I enquired here for my letter. She cheerful picked up the white envelop with Kreeti Designs mentioned in erratic style stamped at one end & handed over to me saying “Welcome aboard Ms. Geet Mehra.”

Part 2

Today when he had visited the office in the morning his own office felt like a market as interviews were going on for his designing division. This division is really creating a huge problem for him now. To much of job hopping is seen in that division and getting a good designer is also is becoming difficult. Recruitment charges itself is increasing need to think of reducing that. If things go on this way inhouse desgining division should be closed is all he could think of.


But one thing always pleases hin that is once he enters whole office becomes silent and if someone minutely hears then they may even hear the heart beats of his employees. He just loved to maintain this atmosphere and why will he not as that would only make them work efficiently and thereby increasing his company’s worth.


Once in his cabin he checked his calendar and reworked on it as there were many unexpected changes that would have to be done. He had planned for more work for all his employees for coming days. It will be a test to see who all could actually make it as it was the time of need. New project was going to begin in next month and the designs were to be finalised with the clients plus 4 construction sites were at the verge of completion and his absence at these time would make things worse. So he was in verge of moving things in faster pace.


Once he assigned some of the jobs to his assistants he left to ensure his site works are going on in steady pace. He had such a busy schedule to keep up that he didn’t even bother to glance over the persons who were present in his office today. He just hurried through his mails reverting which were necessary to keep the machines running in site while he left his office.




Adi, Sasha and Arjun were sitting in the canteen sipping the hot piping coffee remarking on today’s interview sessions.

Sasha probed Adi “what does you instinct say would pass the training session the small town girl Geet or the pretty city lad Aayush.”

Before Adi could remark Arjun interfered “why you are asking him it is the boss who would decide not him.”

“Well I was just questioning the caliber of our Sharma Adithya Sharma our inhouse Bond James Bond.” Sasha replied to Arjun

“He is not a future teller but a dreamer who wished to be a secret agent.” Countered Arjun

Suddenly Adi stood up to leave when both noticed him & questioned him “Where are you going.”

“My coffee is done, so I thought its time for me to leave.” Adi replied

“Ok, lets not fight & just chat” suggested Arjun

“Thanks or else I will have a head ache.” Sasha replied

“You both don’t get tired of fighting.” Questioned Adi

Both smiled said no simultaneously & all the three had good laugh after a long time. Sasha & Arjun were best friends from college and would always make fun of people and today’s target was Adi. Everyone will think they are fighting seriously but they would actually pull a third persons leg.

“On a serious talk Arjun, why did you selelct this lady Geet. We could have got on many other candidates.” Sasha enquired.

“Now use your brain Sasha, right now we don’t have much work for another month as you know our boss is going to be on leave so why bother overselves with extra staff, extra headache and also she being new to the city she will definitely work hard. Her grades are good and consistent too so she will explicitly will clear the training.” Arjun replied

“She would cost less too.” Added Adi

“Is that’s so.” She replied “Okay come on lets get back to work our boss could come back anytime now.”

“Adi tell her boss is busy extremely busy in his personal work so he will not be able to give time to office for till next month end. So just relax.” Arjun just comfortable sat sipping his coffee more leisurely. “Actually I am planning for a trip next month anyways we would be going for the boss’s wedding right nearby there is good resort we could always enjoy our time there.”

“Arjun, are you mad we will be going to attend his wedding not for vacation.” Sasha said

“It is his wedding, what are we going to do there. Don’t worry I will plan it everything.” Assured Arjun.


Unknown to these three their boss was back 15 mins earlier to the office and not finding the mangers in seat for more than 15 mins even after conclusion of the interviews enraged his already high anger to new heights as he had to complete so many works before he took off from the office for one month after this week.


I don’t believe this is happening with me I, Maan Singh Khurana who never changed my ways is compelled to take a month off from office that to when so many projects which were in pipeline should be started. No one dare to force their decision on me and I would never let anything effect the position of my company. One month leave well that was for his family but for him that would be only 15 days as he had already set his planner in such a way that that all the emergency meetings which is going to save him from everyones cribbing.


He had planned all his works in such a way that his work would stretch to next week which were all important and thus reducing the headache at the home. And after the functions & travels some more essential work would arrive, thus my last week off will be conclude according to my wish.


But he needed to keep all these things secret from his staff also as a little clue of his stratergy can make his plans to backfire which Maan Singh Khurana can never let that happen. All his attention now was on assigning the works to his staff in that manner which would lead hassle free functioning of this company in his absence. Well he had more works in his plate has his approval meant more new work to his subordinates which they can complete without his intervention. 


Once he saw his managers back in there seat he called for them to enquire about the today’s interview.

“What happened to today’s interview hope this time you three selected a good resource not like last time the useless ones whom you three thought as deserving and wasted my time.” Maan said looking furious about there last performance.

“No sir this time we have got the right candidate who could build us new dream castles. They will give a new dimension to our company.” Arjun started praising the candidates as he knew how to impress his boss with words. He will agree only if he is assured of the companies’ best interest.


With that Boss Maan singh khurana let his staff to wrapup for the day but not before he gave list of works they need to handle for the coming weeks. And once he they left he plunged into his files until he got a reminder call to leave to join the left out shoppings from his family for his wedding. 

Part 3


It’s been 15 days of marriage and today also I stand where I stood before trying ways to put my words across him about this letter. So frustrating it is I have rehearsed so many times from the day I got it but every time either I forget how I wanted to convey or someone comes and I am forced eat my words. He quite understood the apprehension at the new place with new people but still when I couldn’t quite convince my own parents who know me from so long how would these unknown people would understand my view.


I had tried to convey to my parents 2 years back that I would want to work in a place where I would make a small niche of my own not where people put you under a protected shell. You can’t share your views openly nor could you actually accept with them but then still you keep quite thinking you know the best for you. If everything we learn is only best when would we know what is good or bad, our thinking would be whatever we do is best. I had wanted to be on my toes but was pushed under the shelter of my papa’s friends company thinking that way I stayed protected.


From past one year they were looking for my suitor and my 3rd interview my status was changed from single to fiance of my patidev. We met at quite a few occasions before our engagement also for shopping of clothes & rings; and one of the brief coincidental things when he had come to visit a nearby place for a conference & I had gone to buy some accessories for my dress. Then we had spent a little time over a coffee in the cafe shop that evening.


And once the engagement was done he had passed a gift pack to me attached to it was his business card as well. This led to the start of little talks & also an initiative to understand each other. I feel a bit guilty that I couldn’t share it with him even after so many days. Initially it used to be what are you doing today types of talks then when the preparations started we used to converse about the happenings of each other house kinda of we built the gaps where the parents were having hesitation to discuss it with the each other.


He had cleared everything about his schedule and where we will go and for how many days. We had hardly met and hardly talked after engagement all thanks to his busy schedule and my turmoil about how to tell them what I wanted. When I had gone for the interview I so wished to inform him but I couldn’t gather courage to do that.


Arjun was the incharge of the planning the trip as he was sure we would even attend the marriage & also enjoy our time at that place. Boss had given as plenty of work to complete even in his absence and to make it to the wedding itself with that schedule was difficult but there was a sliver lining as boss will not return just after his wedding but after few days which will give us enough time to keep the schedules. As he was known for his travel plans here we were Adi, Sasha & Arjun with our families aboard to vacation in the name of boss’s marriage.

When we had reached the venue we were welcomed by big big board designed in vibrant flowers indicating the aura of the respected families. On the board was Maan Singh Khurana weds Hamsa Nandi. We hardly were present for the function as we were more interested in going to other places than being here in the crowd but this same crowd helped us to escape from the venue. But even after escaping from there one person’s eyes did caught our little run away mission & that was our boss, who is ready to grill us with the questions on projects which were assigned to be finished in his absence. We could only hope that atleast now his mobile may ring & he is asked to go back to his home but looks like till now this lion is not tamed to be under someone else control.


I sat on the bed caressing the sheets remembering him while my eyes went towards the frame which my friends had gifted me no… No our wedding my fingers lingered on design etched on the edge of the frame. There was no picture within the glass frame, I pout looking up complaining to my babaji “Why is it happening with me? My wedding pictures & that is still not with me. If someone visits our home what will I show who is my pati dev, he is always busy. You know na how we spent our time half of the time he would be only thinking about his work. Ufff please making him look at your favourite kid”

“You know babaji I even have decided which snap will go into which frame. In reception I was dressed in pink choli and he was in his black suit. He had held me with his one hand on my waist while my left hand rested on his shoulder and right was placed right below the rose which is tucked beside his heart. And making everyone clear to move out he is mine.”

I was looking up and complaining to my babaji when I felt something soft touching my back of the neck which supported me to rest and continue my nagging “where was I, yes our snaps but more than that this problem exists. Babaji tell me give me a single opportunity to tell him about this letter.” I keep the frame & take the letter in my hand.


“What is there in this letter that you want to show me?” He asked taking the letter from my hand

“You came, when did you come? I will get you some snacks & tea.” I try to make an excuse & leave but was that a easy task to get away from him that too without his wish as he held my hand pulling me back and pushing me into the balcony and he stood blocking my way as he pulled out the letter from the envelop. “Babaji, please make sure this is not my last time I am talking to you; save me today; just once for today. I will not ask for anything more today.” I was so busy with murmurings that when I looked back to see his reaction he was not at all present in the room.

“Geet you are gone today, Babaji” I look up again “I told you not to give letter to him directly atleast you should have talked to him but what can I do if he took it from my hand. Don’t you remember what mama had told you:

“Geet, you will have to think about others before your own self. You will be the daughter-in-law, where everyone will look up to you, where you will be expected to handle everything perfectly. I have no doubt that you will excel and win everyone’s heart but for that you should just stop all your childish acts.”

“Even mama knew where I will fall short & that’s what happened. Geet see what you have done. Babaji, don’t make my patidev mad on me please.”I shoot out prayers again before heading towards the kitchen to get his chai.


 I came out from my room thinking about the letter in my hand & straight away entered the place where I always get solace & also solutions to my problem. My thoughts came to halt when I heard the lady in front of me speaking “What happened? Where are you lost son? I didn’t know you will remember me after your marriage too?”

“Maa, what are you telling, I will always come here even if you want it or not. And don’t tease me, I am not in the mood” I replied while I lay comfortable in her lap.

Next moment I felt something cold touching my scalp & how could I not recognize that my maa was applying oil while massaging to cool my over burning head of mine. She enquired “what the problem, did you fight with Geet.”

Before she could say anything else I pass the letter to her & the immediate response came from her “You don’t want her to work.”

“Maa, I always wanted her to stand like how you were to Dad, leading our company as co-MD along with me but here she wants to work as a trainee in Keerti designs.” I complain to her on non fulfilment of my dream.

“Beta, we started a small business so it was easy for me to help your Dad from the beginning but now our company is a large one which she may not be able to handle this without required experience. And our own staff would not be that co-operative when you start giving importance to your wife when she isn’t that qualified to manage them. Therefore I suggest let her acquire the knowledge about how things works here in Mumbai. And once you think she is ready you both can work together.”

“Oh, Maa you are life saver… I will inform Geet now only.” I started to leave but was stopped by Maa.

“I guess you don’t have to tell her.” I was surprised why she stopped me, that is when I heard Geet speak. “Thanks Maa.”

I turned back to see her all dazzling with that smile on her face & a tray with 2 cup of tea in her hand which I took happily while I settled back next to my maa but not before winking at her unknown to my first lady love.


Part 4


Training was not an easy task as all the heads were hell bent on completing their task from me as I was having a little more experience in designing than the other trainee.  Seeing these heads eating my head I was actually getting lured by my patidev’s offer of joining him as co-MD but that would only mean I have to lose my dream of creating my niche.


Well it is not the mistake of these heads also as they have to report to their MB. First I was surprised learning the new designation as MB then understood it was Main Boss but I felt that more suitable would Mad Boss. I don’t why he loads more work on his juniors even before they complete the work in hand and on top of it he doesn’t give us enough time to understand the requirement.


I had sat in my cubicle trying to figure out the design which I should incorporate in my present assignment when I was distracted with a call;

Hello… I answered.

Geet come to boss cabin now… Sasha summoned me.

Today I am way to happy to hear that my immediate head Sasha called me in the cabin of our MB, I was excited as well as expecting to get praise for the flawless & unique design which I had designed it on yesterday evening only. But in my anxiety I forgot babaji would not have laid my path without any obstacles.

I knocked at the door once before entering into the cabin to witness all my happiness going down in the drain as I actually got to know the reason of the summon.     

Boss, she is Geet who did the … Sasha stopped right there when she saw Maan, the boss raised his anger filled eyes communicating to stop her.

“So you are the one who did this design.” Boss asked in his grave tone which actually made my heart to skip a beat not out of love but fear.


“Yes…” I managed to reply


“Do you know what you have drawn Geet, do you think it is your dream which you are designing a hawa mahal floating in air without any strings attached to it.” Boss screamed out on me but here I wonder what was the mistake in it?


Then boss continued to show me what was wrong in it & asked to get it corrected right now. I slowly collected the papers rolling to take it to my seat to complete it.


“Where are you leaving?” Boss questioned me. “You can complete it here itself use the board at the corner in the cabin.”


So I started to settle all the papers on the board while I heard Boss warning Sasha for not repeating the mistake again before she was asked to clarify on some paper work. I guess she had received her due regards from this mad boss before I was summoned.    


“Babaji what was my mistake if Sasha missed to point out the same when she checked it.” I cribbed to my babaji. But I didn’t know how I missed this basic thing which would have led to a very big loss but luckily it had been the same MB who identified it just before that was sent to the client for approval.


I was still thinking on how to start it without much correction when I felt warm as if someone was staring I was about to turn back and look if something is wrong when I sensed a warm hand come from nowhere which actually startled me but Boss was so serious & working on the project drawings. I thought to move a bit to enable him to see things clearly as I would be blocking his view nevertheless I didn’t want to be rude either so I slowly thought to give him space without being noticed, I had just raised my one leg when I felt his another hand taken a eraser from other side, he stood caging me as if I didn’t exist and here I was the bird who was struck in those strong bars though hands in this case.


What to say him first he is boss, next he was so involved in his work that he is not able to see anything but his drawings. “Babaji help me.” is all I could say looking up at his direction when I heard my boss shout in my ears.


“The board is in front of you not pasted in the roof.” That’s when I look at him who stood atleast a foot away now from me. I wonder was I dreaming, as he went back to his seat.


New designs were to be sent to the client & when I, Maan Singh Khurana saw them prepared by the new trainee I was impressed but when I went in studying the structure in detail I found the basic itself was not followed properly. Being a new person such mistakes happen but what are the heads for. Wasn’t it their job to take care of the work done by their juniors? And to top it not even accepting the truth that she has missed reviewing the work.


What can I do other than warning a senior & also having a quite a few experience with our KD. But I will make sure both the head & her junior have a tough time in here atleast till they don’t change my opinion on themselves. I gave the due warnings then instructed them about next action. While my attention was on the work it started to waiver on the direction of Geet who stood showing her back there by blocking my view to the drawing board. I was trying to see if she was doing it properly or not however my gaze couldn’t stop from analysing her creamy back which was peeking through the curly hairs and those smooth long arms. My eyes followed the length of her arms and when it reached till elbow my eyes went towards the small waist which was glowing in the light behind the thin fabric of the saree.   


Thoughts didn’t stop there as my fingers itched to stroke them atleast once. Next second I was standing right behind her to accomplish that wish but just then Geet murmured something under her breath which brought me out of my trance.

“What the hell was I doing?” I questioned myself “Why was I thinking all these here? All these marriage things had corrupted my mind.”  But I can’t just back off why I stood here, so without any delay I took the pencil which lay at the bottom stand of the board while my fingers slightly gazed the fabric of her saree & started to complete the remaining part before I settled back in my seat in my attitude.


It looks so serene to watch that smile on Geet’s face her hair tried every bit of its work to hid the small curve of her lips while she slept. She has turned into something which I had never thought off as my dreams had confined to what I had seen in my home. I had only thought my life would be how maa and dad’s are, how they were a support to each other, how they completed one other’s wishes. Hence I had wished Geet would work in Rajnish Creations beside me taking our company to new heights nevertheless in these six months she has moulded herself in many ways be it helping maa in morning chores or working extensively in office or delight of being one everything has bought smile on this rosy lips of hers making my heart swell on gaining the most precious pearl in my life.   


If I have made her happy in a place where everyone is unknown to her then I have succeeded to make a small place in her heart but I would be blessed when she would come to me with her small small problems instead of cribbing to Babaji. I remove her hair which had fallen on her checks as I caress the smooth expanse more than a little. And I see the instant response as she curls into me that’s what I want from her as her babaji may not hear her every word or fulfil her wish but I would do hear her and fulfil them.


Most amazing thing which I fell for her was she has her own way to win every heart and also fulfil her wish. It had taken tremendous effort for me to stop her calling me with ji or suniye ji. It felt sweet but I wanted to hear my name from her lips. What happened that day was:

“Geet … You know I want you to say something for me…” I was determined to get it done today

“What do you want me to tell ji?”

“My name…”

“How can I …”

“Why? Do you believe my life would cut short if you all my name…”

“No… But what will elders think that I don’t respect my patidev…”

“Ok then you can call me here within these four walls of this room.”

“No… That is more difficult to manage … What if my tongue slips your name in front of anyone…. No… No…”

“If you don’t call me by my name then I wouldn’t allow you to leave this room tomorrow morning, then Maa will think that what a bahu I have got  home who can’t even get up early.”

“Ji you can’t do this… Please patidev ji.”

“No I will definitely as you haven’t left any other option for me.”

I turned and held her in my grip but didn’t react to her attempts…She tried many ways like sneaking her fingers into my shirt or trying to mesmerize me with her charms & her pouts but this was the golden chance to make her speak my name out how could I leave that so easily. I made my heart hard… My brain constantly recited my mission in hand.


“Please let me go, my love, my sweet heart, my honey” She continued to bless my ears with all kind of sweet names while she snuggled more into me but her rattling didn’t end. “My darling, my love, my Prem… only mine.”


I couldn’t have done more than agreeing to her words “Yes, your’s and only your’s Prem.”

Part 5


6 months and there wasn’t much change in my day to day activity but yes with everyday I was loaded with more work in office in turn my cribbing to babaji also increased. My training period will come to an end this week & today I am hell nervous what will happen. I just prayed to babaji to let me keep my nerves cool as with this nervousness things would go wrong.


Morning too I took a cup of tea to my prem exactly the way I do it nowadays, he would be busy with his planner and arranging the documents which he would have got home to complete it. I replaced his planner from his hand with the hot cup of tea with a small smile playing on my lips and he took it every so sweetly a sip that’s when I saw a tiny flinch in his expression but then he was back to normal. I enquired him what happened through my eyes but he just nodded for a no and handed back the cup to me & took the planner from my hand made his way to towards the dresser to get ready to the office leaving me confused.


I saw him getting ready while he showed the time reminding me that even I am getting late to office. So I make my way out when suddenly the smell hits my nostrils I check again the cup in my hand had coffee and not tea. “Babaji why do you always make me land in mess, then what happened to the Tea I made” I ran back to kitchen to check that thankfully my MIL has not come in to get her coffee. I don’t know by the end of this week what all things will go wrong with me. Even prem is behind me to join him but then what will happen to my dream.


I slowly settle my things once I reach my seat, open up the documents which are supposed to be completed when my attention is taken by envelop having my name which is kept on my table. I take it out & read it only to be surprised to see as was my confirmation letter welcoming me into KD officially, that was my second step into creating my space here. I wanted to jump & scream with my excitement but then already my light up face was raising eyes of Minal, my colleague who just came in.


“Hey Geet, what’s up, you look quite happy; what’s the good news” enquired Minal

I wanted to inform prem first about it before I break this news to anyone and mere thought of him would bring red hue on my cheeks. I was brought back by Minal when she nudged me and she continued “Is it confirmed.”

I wondered how she got to know it so soon. “Yes, was I so evident.” Replied Geet

“Look at your face it say’s all your story. But you look worried too” Replied Minal proudly on accomplishing of getting her guess right.

“Yes, I don’t know what will he say when I will tell him about this.” Geet put front her hesitation.

“You want it right then even he has to agree with you. But Geet didn’t you guys discuss this before.” Minal enquired.

“Well he didn’t agree first but then his mother made him agree.” She stated the truth.

“Then you better tell him & get this sorted out, early you guys discuss this it is good for you.” she advised wisely to Geet.

“You are right Minal, I will tell him first thing now.” Saying so Geet took out her mobile from her bag. But all her excitement was drained when her prem’s mobile was not reachable. She dropped her mobile on the desk & said “Minal, I will talk to him later.”

Then she pulled out her bag to get some money “I am planning to distribute sweets today to everyone.” Geet said feeling excited.

“Geet, what are you doing? You shouldn’t tell these things now at the initial stage, better you wait for some more days then you can.” Said Minal

“But it is already confirmed na Minal.” Geet replied as she felt little disappointed at being stopped.

When Geet turned to start her work suddenly she heard her boss’s voice talking in his bluetooth attached to his ears. Everyone were back to there work with all their focus on only thing did boss noticed how sincerely they were working. But one had other plans she had to thank him for giving her this happiness.

“Minal, you sort this thing; I will just go to boss & thank him for everything.” Said Geet

Minal held her hand and made her seat back during which some papers on the table fell and instantly Geet bent down to collect them but how could Minal let that happen when she knows what was her state “Geet, why are you doing these things, I will get it for you.”

And Minal got to see the confirmation letter in her hand when she was collecting all the papers. “Geet, see this is a good sign, you don’t worry even your husband will agree with you. This is just the beginning see this would be a stepping stone of your life. This letter should have been received by you last month according to the date typed on it itself but see its timing it came now to increase your happiness.”  and continued to ask her confusion “But Geet why do you need to thank boss for it.”

“He is the reason for this big happiness.” Geet stated the truth & left to speak to Jenny (sec of Boss) to check his schedule, while our Minal was more confused with how was he responsible for Geet’s happiness.

“Jenny, how is boss placed today.” Geet enquired.

“Geet, don’t ask he is here for just an hour and is struck in extremely tight schedule.” Replied Jenny.

“What, Gayi bhaasi pani maine. But why is he here just for an hour.” Geet asked.

“Well he was not supposed to be here today as 3 site visits were planned but some designs had to be altered so he is back here and in an hour he will be off to sites.” Answered Jenny.

She came back to start her work place but peace was somewhere far away from her & as the time lapsed her restlessness only increased and our Minal was trying hard to keep Geet’s nerves cool when her own mind had confused her a lot.

“Geet, cool down talk to your hubby in the evening. Everything will be fine. Too much excitement at these times is not good for your & your baby.” Minal tried to sooth her anxiety.

Geet was all shock to hear the last word. “Minal, what are you saying. My baby” And now she understood what Minal meant from the beginning. “Hey Babaji, did you see what all she imagined about me. Phooli si bachi hoona aapki aur itni jaldi meri bachi ajayegi tho usko maine kaise samal sakhongi.”

“Geet, then why you were so happy & then you were blushing too. Oh you were happy about your confirmation and I thought… sorry sorry” Minal replied after realising her own assumptions as wrong.

“It’s okay Minal, let me catch boss & convey my thanks to him.” Geet replied.

Just then Geet saw Maan moving out of his cabin & she ran behind him to express her happiness but he had moved into the lift and was busy with his mobile. She ran a little to get into the lift before it closes and that’s when Maan saw her in the lemon yellow saree which complimented her skin & pulled her as she stumble into him just in time before the door closed behind her. With the sudden pull she looked scared with her eyes closed and hands clutched him in fear. His long fingers shoved the strands which was teasing him as it said see I am close to her than you.

“Geet” came out of his mouth which along with the cold metal which touched her back brought out of her fear to meet the dark black eyes of his but again the world stood still for them.  

This time it was the sound of the lift indicating them to part away before it opens up.

“Thank you” was what she could speak out before the door opened & he strides away but not before his long fingers caresses her checks and smile on their faces.


Part 6

From today I am assisting Sasha in designing and she being a broad minded lady welcomed me and my ideas. We hadn’t been into any informal chats yet but definitely some day we would then I could find out where she gets those patterned cotton saris. Well I had only a month more to find that as my elder sister Rajani’s birthday is approaching fast. And I had to gift her some of those saris to her. Only one issue was here that was time, it just flees here as your hands are so occupied with the work that with the start of the day you will find the night too. No mercy is shown even if you are short of breathe or short of spice in life.

Tired of these modus operendi I thought to lighten up everyone’s mind. And the very first person who needs to taste this medicine was our own MB. But how the next was question and as they say where there is a will there is a way. And one good opportunity to play awaited for me.

“Geet… I need a favour from you, fill these details and complete the formalities I need to rush for a briefing.” Minal said as she was hurriedly picking all the drawings and notepad.

“But what are you filling…” I questioned

“I will tell you later. Please fill it up before the window expires.” Minal sprinted away leaving me behind to crib about mad boss who will blast her if she was not punctual.

As I started doing Minal’s work, my brain just gave a marvelous idea it was the blind date site and I filled in all the details for Minal and also another profile of our dearest mad boss. And now I just have to wait for the already mad boss to erupt on finding my little twist. It didn’t take more than few minutes for the eruption also as all of them could hear the voice of our boss roaring at people who called. Well his reaction was also justifiable as in his profile I had specifically mentioned as only boys, girls excuse. The whole office was actually lightened up with talks as each one of them had there own speculation about the new fuss about the boss and his irriated calls.


Client was in dire need of presentation and I hadn’t still reviewed them. So Arjun, Adi and Minal were waiting for me in the conference room and as Minal started to lay the drawings my mail box started to flood with mails and the same time even my phone started to get numerous unwanted nonsense calls. At first I was patient but when it increased I couldn’t hold back myself from blasting them.

Once it can be a mistake but then these many times can’t be a coincidence. Taking this matter up I asked Arjun to finish the discussion and I came back to my cabin to check the source of my new trouble.


The first mail said thank you for registration Mr. MSK, then someone had done this deliberately as all the details in the profile was correct. To find the culprit was not a big task to the well known MSK…


First thing first I checked the CC TV coverage to know any suspicious activity. But everything was normal and then I checked the video of the time when I received the first mail.


Second thing which I checked was the report from the IT department to known from which computer system accessed the said website… It didn’t take more than a few minutes to know who was behind it.  It was Geet… I marched out to show everyone I am the boss here and nobody dares to defy’s it.

“Geet…” I screamed out her name.


I was shierked out of my thoughts as I heard my boss roar out my name.  He marched in towards me as a hungry lion ready to pronounce on the poor deer. I gulped in as he called out my name again with whole staff witness the commotion.


I felt like running away from there but the intensity with which that dark orbs looked at me numbed my legs. If only I could have kept my gaze locked with his for few more seconds I would lost track of my own as drowning into those depths was not difficult. That would have invited more trouble for me so to save myself I had only one option that was to bow my head and listen. And all I could do was metally cursing my luck to have lost the scuffle without even raising a finger.


His words were like daggers slitting my heart, how can someone be so heartless. I had only intended to relax everyone from being a machine. May be my timing was wrong; indeed very wrong as he went on declaring his work load which is still impending his glance over them. And I am being so silly to have wasted his precious time. My vision was getting blurred as tears started to form in my eyes hearing him unleash his frustration of work on me.  I could feel the anguish in that voice like I let him down which slit through my heart resulting in more grief. Against my will a drop of tear made out of my eyes but I managed to rub it off before making it evident. That’s when I heard a more determined voice of him declaring the verdict.


“Sasha get the x, y and z files ask Geet to finish them of today. It seems she has plenty of time to waste. Lets us utilize some for our work.” Maan declared his verdict and within seconds 3 bulk files were in front of Geet while he continued “I need the sketches for all the 3 projects on my table by tomorrow morning and you are not taking any help from anyone. Hope I am clear with it.”


Geet could just meekly nod at him as she was wondering who was she to read all these files understand the requirement and also think a design for them. Invariably her head went towards the roof complaining to her babaji. Typical Geet sharing her troubles with her babaji even before trying to think of a solution. But she was brought back to reality with her boss’s thunder.


“What are you all looking at? Get back to work.” Maan said looking at the crowd which witnessed the show. And with his one word everyone was more concentrated on the work rather than the things around them. His gaze went towards Arjun who had come out of the conference hearing Maan roar. However it looked like Maan wasn’t ready to spare anyone today.


“Arjun… Is the file ready for presentation?” Maan questioned him glaring.


“Almost Boss…” Arjun said gulping in while increasing the temper of Maan.


“I need that in 15 mins on my table.” Maan roared again before he left to his cabin.




It was 30 minutes past 8 and neither her son nor Geet, her daughter-in-law showed there faces yet.  And as if hearing to her plea, she was graced by her son’s face walking in while speaking on his mobile.


One look at his maa, he knew there was some trouble as worry was written all over her face.


“Maa what happened? You look really pale. Where is papa?”  He had a long list of questions for her while he looked around to find his Papa & Geet.


“Where were you guys? If you both had plans to stay out late couldn’t you give us a call?” His Maa complained then continued. “Now where is Geet? Why is she taking long time to come in?” Maa looked behind trying to find Geet behind her son.


“What Geet is not home yet?” He questioned and before he could hear any answer he was already calling Geet’s mobile.



Here in office Geet was all engrossed in the file x. Page after page were turned while she made note of the important details in a notepad. She turned another page when some sound got her attention. That was the sound of her mobile vibrating under some papers. Quickly she got hold of her mobile only to hear a frantic voice of her husband.


“Geet where are you? Did you even look at the time?” He started his grilling session.


“Oh my dear swami, calm down, I am still in the office working on x file. And don’t you know how to check time that you are calling me to know it.” Geet replied while she glanced over her watch to inform him the time as “It is 9 only…what already 9? I thought it is just six now. Minal did ask me while leaving but I thought I would finish looking into this file in another 30 minutes and would leave office. Oh you are already in home; I had planned to prepare snacks for the evening. Maa would be waiting. Today we had to try masaledar vada, you know all our planning went in drain.” Well Geet would have continued with her cribbing had she been not interrupted by her hubby dear.


“Geet, pack your bag & come down. I will be reaching in 5 minutes.”


“What you are driving while speaking to me?” Geet enquired him showing her anger but quietly did pack her bag.


“Who said I was speaking… I was only listening to my wife’s cribbing.” smirking as he stated how much quite his wife is.


“Now where are …?” before she finished her question a car stopped right infront of her and the front door was opened.


“Continue your cribbing in the car.” He said as she settled inside the car.


But the memories of the day had not left her mind in mid of all these talks and she had her bag full with files. How can she disobey her boss be it however impossible task to satisfy his requirement; she has to give it a try; push as far as possible to get it correct. Citing her zeal down and withdrawn all of a sudden; he thought to peep in to her mind but then she leaned against the window and closed her eyes may be feeling tired and hungry also. However he smirked again as he had more plans to divert her mind.


Part 7


Silence was surrounded around me. Neither he talked nor did I want to. I just closed my eyes to get some rest but back of my mind all the day events and the design for the project was what still running in my mind. Suddenly I felt a tug on the shoulder where my Saree was pinned which I surged it off thinking it must be accidental tug but then it was happening every now and then. Everytime he changed the gear I would feel that tug reason my saree’s pallu was between the gear handler and his hand. He was testing my patience apperantly which always ran out of stock in front of him, my husband. I turned towards him to give a reply when he shifted the gear again and the sudden pull made me fall on him.


“I didn’t know I will be rewarded like this if Icame to pick you.” He said with that smile on his face which only increased my irking feeling.


I abruptly got up and settled correctly with buckling the seat belt which Ihad earlier missed. But couldn’t stop answering his question with vex “why do you care? Do you even know what all I went through today? You didn’t even call me to check how I was all day?”


Before Geet could continue he interrupted saying “what you do in office is not my concern wifey. Yes, if someone is troubling you tell me I will take care of them?”


“What if it is my boss?” Geet questioned having one of that naughty smile as she could get even for today’s trouble.


“Then it is even simpler to deal with.” He replied with a smile which confused Geet.


“How can that be simpler? Came an instant reply from Geet.


“You leave that boss of yours and join my company as co-md.” Was his reply with a wide smile on his face.


“You want me to give up. Just like that even without trying.” Geet asked little disappointed with the words of her husband.


“Geet if you have decided not to listen to me then why do you ask. However tell me when was the last time you actually followed my words?” He mocked at her.


“No I am not a rebel but then with you I turn into one.” She innocently accepted what was happening with her somewhere guilty to have heard those words from him.


“I can help you if you are willing to build a dream castle but not if you are trying to dig your own grave.” He said as there talks turned suddenly serious and also bringing quite distance between them.


Seeing her gloomy made him more guilt of vanishing that glitter off her eyes. He only wanted to put smile on that face; happiness flourishing out of her is what he wanted. Then to think about it, if he was able to take that happiness out then he was the only one who even know how to bring that smile back too. One of her weekness was she was very ticklish a slight brush over her waist would make her dance. That was it; he deliberately changed the gear in a way that he had to brush his elbow over her waist. Geet shifted more towards the door giving him plenty of space to drive without those touches but what can she do when her husband was hell bent to make her laugh. After some unsuccessful attempts the car did echoed with her fits of laughter as his fingers made its way on her waist.


“Pl….Please stop” Geet pleaded but then how could he ever stop that laughter.

“Promise me you will share with me everything that’s going on your mind” He whispered into her ears as he had already leaned over her placing a kiss over her forehead.


But then his mind was fast enough to turn naughty as he slided his finger over her arm to rest it just above her heart as he again whispered “And also in your heart.”


Both were ready to dive into some other world when they were brought back with the loud sound of horns of the vehicles, making them realise they had just stopped in the traffic signal and now it was there turn to move.


“Prem… we should move…” Without any delay he rolled over.


“Geet… you didn’t answer me…” He asked Geet as she had turned silent again.


However he forgot he was asking Geet, who will never easily accept other words without any hanky panky but definitely she was back to her naughty self as she asked “I was just thinking if you could complete my 3 project works tonight.”


“Only 3, I could easily do that but if tomorrow your boss asks you to do presentation how will you manage.” As stated earlier he did saved her how she was digging her own grave here.  


“See this is how you help your wife.” Geet pouted and started her complains “Babaji he never listens to me. Always he does what he wants and then will say I… Geet never follows him. He always likes me to be in trouble.”


Same time Geet felt him poke her shoulder as he opened the door for her and said “Geet, I don’t mind staying the car for the night with you but Maa would be worried for you, so can we go in.”


“Did you see babaji, still he doesn’t leave a chance to taunt me.” Geet again complained.


And before Geet could say anything more he just took her in his arms as he walked into his home. He was worried not because of her blabbering but she had some many things lined up for the night and she was not understanding the depth of repercussions if she failed which he never intended for her. It would be his failure not hers.



Once they were inside Maa had been relived to find her children safe and sound. Everyone had there dinner early and Geet was the first one who ran to her room as food entered her stomach so did her brain started to work making her realise she was yet to prepare the designs for her so called mad boss. And he wouldn’t mind slaying her with his words or even with his that look which makes her tongue tied.


Geet’s patidev entered their room only to witness his wife drowned into the files while she was scribbling the some things in a note pad. He called her “Geet…” but then as his expectation she didn’t even move he actually wondered did she even hear him. Shaking his head he slowly went behind her, made himself comfortable behind her on the bed and leaned over her shoulder to look at what she was looking deep into.


He slowly slided his hand next to her waist and took her notepad without making his presence noticed. Looking at the scribbling of Geet, he wanted to bang his head. Without realising where he was sitting he said “what do you think you are doing?”


Geet was startled and fall back only to get herself safe in her prem’s arms. “You scared me.” she complained as though it was said in normal tone the proximity between them was so less that she got scared.


“Why are you wasting my night with all these papers?” He questioned Geet.


“What… I am wasting your night…. here I am tensed how to finish the drawings but rather than helping your wife you are telling me that I am wasting your night.” Geet told him feeling very bad at the situation she was struck at.


“Then what else should I do, you are neither working on completing the project nor letting me have my sleep.” He said as he took the papers from her hand. “Actually after looking at these notes, I think you would be a very good Secratary.”


Geet looked at him shocked to hear him say something like this after doing her interior designing degree. “I am an interior desginer not some secretary.”


“Then why are you drafting the minutes of the projects rather than designing” He said pointing out the right way.


“But we actually do it this way. First minutes then draft after that final design.” Geet said her usual procedure that they follow.


“Situation now is different; if you want to follow those methods then it will take a week to complete these many files. Good luck for that and since you have plenty of time keep all these things aside and come let’s sleep now.” He said yawning.


“If that’s what wanted, I could have designed 2 projects by now.” Geet said but as she looked her tired husband she continued “You sleep, I will join you in a while. Tomorrow at 10 I have to handover these, so I have plenty of time left now.”


“Okay, if you could manage it, I would get some sleep. Let me help you settle these in study.” He replied while picking up the files for her.


Mean while Geet was busy with settling the bed for his sleep. As he came out of study to complete atleast one design for the night ends for her. And to her surprise, drawing board was set, all the necessary equipment set for her use. Who else could think other than her prem. A sticky note was attached to it which said: Make it fast…. I need you next to me ASAP.


Part 8


Geet grabbed her bag, files and not to forget the most important designs which she designed almost all night that too troubling her husband. And today she was very late that breakfast was skipped, helping her mother in law with packing lunch had to be omitted, coffee chat with the news update with father in law was let to pass over and the most precious time with her husband while taking out his things for the day was left out as she had slept longer than her usual time today.


She pressed the elevator button four times in a second but that was actually testing her patience level as that was taking its sweet time to get down to her level. Rather than waiting she thought to take the stairs while she prayed to her babaji that let her reach the office in time and let the day turn into a pleasant one. Nonetheless even before her request reached her babaji and he could grant her a wish; bang….she directly collided with the trouble itself.


Her toe got sruck in her own saree making her trip and bump into a person as all her files fell off from her hand, somehow she stabilised herself by taking the support of the wall beside her.


“Babaji, you didn’t hear my plea.” Geet murrered but that was quite audible to the person in front of her. “Can’t you look and walk, you made all the files to fall and now you are not helping in picking the files.” She went on cursing and as she got up picking the last file her mouth was left open looking at the person in front of her who stood with his arms crossed over his chest.


“Boss…” She said as a little fear was gulped in.


After staring at Geet with those big eyes which clearly showed his anger as he said “In my cabin now.” and walked into the big doors of the office.




In about 15 minutes Geet was back in her seat after the review of her designs; reason of her early departure from her boss’s cabin only made her fury. Without a second delay she dialled the number of that person who was responsible for her problems today.


In the first ring her source of trouble her hubby took the call of Geet and asked “Hello…. Geet… what happened? You are calling me today?” actually he was shocked to receive the call from her for the first time. She never did disturb him during office hours before.


“What happened you are asking me? Where were you in morning? Why didn’t you wake me up? Because of you I had to skip my breakfast and now I am hungry. How am I supposed to work with empty stomach?” Geet started her complains.


“Geet… I know you have a very busy day ahead but you looked so cute while you slept that I didn’t had the heart to wake you up. And morning I had an urgent meeting so was away early itself. But how did Maa let you out without having breakfast. I am sure you must have cooked some story to her. So only she let you go without.” He said clearly knowing the tricky mind of his wife.


“Well, this time I used the terror named boss name to even scare Maa that she had to let me go.”  Geet said proudly blaming everything on the boss.


“Geet… only you can do such a thing. So what are you doing now?” He asked Geet laughing off her mischief.


“Now… oh yes this reminds me, why I called you? Last night when I made the designs I wanted to show you them first and not only that I had specifically left some basic lines for you to draw it for me. But by the time I finished with designs you had slept off, so thought to show you in morning you but then you had disappeared and as I was very late that my attention was not on the design and its incompletness of it. In that hurry I showed the same to boss just the way with those mistakes making his anger to reach much higher notch. And now I am completing those mistakes as before I could explain anything I was showed the door.” Geet said as she was placing the drawing sheets on the table.


“Geet… I told you to speak up and not just simply listen. How will he know until you don’t actually convey your view?” Geet heard his advice.


Geet was still busy with her call and the designs when a loud ring next to her caught her attention. And the same time she heard her hubby ask her “Geet is that your extention phone ringing?”


“Oh yes it is.” She said and pressed the speaker button as her hands were already busy with pencils & stensils to hold the receiver and she spoke “Hello…”


“Geet… where are you… How long would you take to complete them? I have many more appointments to deal with.” Maan’s voice echoed in whole room.


“On my way boss, I am just pulling the sheets out of the boards.” Geet said and disconnected both the calls.

Without a second delay Geet knocked the door of boss’s cabin. After continuous review finally first design was finalized after what 3rd review by boss. He would point out one or the other portion and would ask to correct them. After the second review of the design boss even asked Geet to do the final trimming and shading part along with some of his suggestions on his drawing board in his cabin to save time.  Well that was not at all surprising as many times during the review employees did use them.


“Prepare the presentation for this design and present it before me tomorrow.” Maan said


“Okay boss, shall I arrange the next design on the board for your review.” Geet asked as she noticed boss was packing his things already.


“Other two designs…. They are already finished and moved to archives. Find them from there and compare it with your drawings. Understand what all you have missed. I have some site visits today so check with Jenny and get yourself a slot in tomorrow morning for reviewing this presentation. Along with that I need a self evaluated report with your designs against the archive files. So next time before planning any prank you will remember to pay more than you dig for others.” Maan said as he left his cabin with his winning smirk on while leaving a stunned Geet.




Geet reached her seat baffled of what happened in the cabin. She spent almost half a day on understanding things and so much energy went on thinking a design, drawing them accurately was not a child’s play either and more over she missed so many things for this which held so much of importance over this work. She forgot her daily work and family time for these which were not even glanced once.


“Geet… Come lets have lunch. It is already late.” Jeeny called out breaking the trance of Geet. Without a word Geet followed Jenny while she heard her say “Geet…don’t play pranks on boss. You just are lucky that he left you with only work or else only god would know your fate.”


“You knew those files were completed ones.” Geet asked as she understood they knew the truth.


“Yes… but then we were not allowed to speak against boss.” Jenny admitted.



Geet just kept all those things aside as she concentrated on the presentation God knows what will happen if she didn’t prepare them on time. Again today she immersed herself in the project file and Minal came to call her while leaving “Geet… it is 6. Come we will move there is a rally planned today at the xyz road so traffic will be diverted in an hour. You will get struck if we don’t move now.”


Before Geet could reply her mobile rang apparently she had not kept that on slient as her husband had persisted. Name flashing always brought a smile on her face no matter how anger or disappointed she was a smile never failed to form on that lips.


“Where are you Geet…?” He asked.


“Where else I would be? Still working in office itself.” Geet replied.


“Okay… pack your bag and come down in 5 minutes.” prem replied.


“Yep see you in 5 minutes.” Geet said and turned only to find Minal with a teasing smile.


Looking at the glow on Geet’s face Minal had guessed whose that was and the moment Geet saw her she replied “You aren’t joining me today also then.”


Geet nodded while she packed her bag without any delay. And both left the place together while Minal didn’t leave a chance to tease her as prem was coming to pick Geet. But there was no time for Minal to wait for him as the traffic diversion would start in a while and she had to reach home before that.


As Minal left a car stood infront of Geet waiting for her. And without a delay she sat and started her Ramkatha to eat her husband’s head. She went on narrating each and everything pin to pin so that he gets irritated but that was his wish to hear her just like she said everything to her babaji. Knowingly or unknowingly she just was fulfilling his wishes.


Part 9


The clock was about to scream announcing the time as 5 but even before that could break the silence or even before the eyes could open his long fingers was already to stop the alarm while his other hand went in search of his wife but then there was none beside him. In a second his eyes opened and in the next blink he heard a screeching sound of washroom door giving way to the mist to cover his view but he could clearly hear the harmonious humming coming admist of the mist. And in flicker he was on his toes drawn to the white mermaid while his fingers pulled those hairs which were tied up in a bun leaving behind a streak of droplets on the floor.


“What’s the hurry today…” He whispered into her ears standing right behind her.


But words were struck in her throat as his fingers were running on the rim where her sari was tucked and was turned around to face her husband inchs apart from meeting the serene delight but that to wait as there was a loud knock on the door they were brought back to reality and were miles apart from each other though they stood infront of each other.


“Bahu…Get ready and come down before Kavya comes.” Said her lovely mother in law Keerthi Khurana.


After this interruption, Maan had rushed to follow his routine while Mrs. Maan Khurana was getting ready to appear as elegant as she is. In about 30 minutes Maan was all set in his study designing some project as today he had thought to miss his scheduled exercise as today he would be bound to be struck in his home. A house arrest to be precise, Yes the Maan Singh Khurana was today pushed into a situation where he couldn’t instruct as it was his mother’s direct. And more importantly it was for his wife as Kavya Saxena wouldn’t accept anyone so easily nor would leave a chance to taunt for silly things.


Twin sisters by name but not by nature as they both were contrary to each other. Keerthi was sweet and witty; she knew how to handle people smoothly without hurting others while Kavya was straight forward who had the gut to tell anything on anyones face. Resulting in Keerthi being liked and loved by everyone where as Kavya was left out of the herd. Everyone welcomed Keerthi with open hands and was a centre of attraction, once the topic of Keerthi started it never used to stop until the day ends, which turned out to be a gap between the sisters and as the days rolled by Kavya’s envy only increased.


Maan was very close to Kavya and Disha to Keerthi initially but then as they grew up and these sisters didn’t meet up for a while as Mr. Saxena shifted to Delhi making Maan turn more towards his mother Keerthi and also became independent. While Disha still held that warmth towards Keerthi, which added more fuel to Kavya’s envious nature.


Today was the first interview of Disha with some business man in Mumbai and that was the reason why Maan was forced to be present at his home today. At the same time there was an important project presentation to be given to the investors on the same day. Files, presentation and budget everything was ready but who was to handle the investors. Boss, Maan was busy with his family and neither of the things could have been postponed.


It was on Keerthi’s persistence that Kavya & her family were there in Mumbai today while the business was important to Keerthi Desgins and in turn to Khurana Constructions too. Maan was in a double fix as today what were he chooses he would be at the loosing end. And only option Maan could think was he connected with the investors through the video conference and then the deal could be fixed there while the Kavya Maasi wouldn’t hurt anyone on the family either as he never left. He could always explain an hour break with some sleep or bath.


Very soon it was time for breakfast and both families arrived on time. One side sat Mr. Saxena with his wife Kavya Saxena beside her was their daughter Disha Saxena while at the other side sat Mr. Khurana with his wife Keerthi Khurana at right while Maan sat to his left. Men sat there discussing the affairs of the business while ladies were getting updated in their lives while the young siblings were involved in there own world when suddenly Kavya announced quite rudely “Keerthi, is your bahu planning to kill us by making us starve. Where is she? Don’t tell me that she doesn’t even know how to cook or to even serve us properly.” Which earned quite a few glares from the corners of the tables but none replied as they knew it would only agitate the fuss than reduce it.


Taking the cue Keerthi thought to check up but then stopped as the she saw the breakfast was being rolled in a trolley. She got up to help in serve but then another taunt was ready from Kavya “See I told you, Hamsa doesn’t even know how to serve also that’s why you want to help her. Right Keerthi.” And then she turned towards Disha and said. “Disha, Why don’t you teach your Babhi how to serve breakfast? I suggest why don’t you even teach some cooking too while we are here.”


She was so busy in suggesting and ordering things around that she missed to see when her breakfast was served in her plate but then looking at the opputunity Maan commented “Maasi, why don’t you finish your breakfast then you might just get more energy to complain. Anyways it tastes best when you finish it while food is hot. You can eat as much as you want, don’t feel shy to ask more as my wife makes tasty food.”

Well that was enough to shut her mouth with plenty of tasty food for a while. But then with her stomach getting filled up Kavya’s brain too got more ideas to trouble Maan Singh Khurana.


“Maan, we were thinking why you don’t take us all for shopping now. Anyways we all are free till evening right.” Kavya exploded the new idea.


Maan who was already in splits as to how he would cover his absence now another problem waited for him. Neither could he accept it nor could he refuse it blindly and earn another set of taunts but had to dodge it cleaverly. Nevertheless whom was he trying to bluff as before he could formulate an excuse Kavya spoke “You don’t have to think so much to refuse my words Maan. It is clearly written on your face you don’t want to take us out.”


Kavya turned to her sister and spit her venom “Keerthi, look how much he has changed after his marriage definitely your daughter in law has done some black magic.  He, who wouldn’t think twice to stay in home even if we came here before stayed to welcome us but only to be beside his wife but can’t take us out for our happiness.”


“Enough not a word more Maasi.” Maan roared in anger.


“Look he is now even opposing me, definitely some thing is wrong with him.” Kavya continued to taunt turning disappointedly towards Hamsa.


“I am done here.” Maan left the table after looking at the pleading faces of his mother.


Looking at the retreating figure of Maan, Kavya turned her whole attention towards Hamsa, her new unguarded bait who was all set to run behind Maan to ease him from his anger but how can Kavya let that happen. The moment she moved to run behind Maan she was stopped by Kavya’s next set of words “Now you will run behind your husband, what will happen to us. Who will serve us and take care of our needs.”


That was enough to stop her from moving away from the table and take care of the Saxena family. None spoke anything else as every word spoken was taken wrongly and disbursed quietly to there respective rooms.


This was the opporunity Hamsa was waiting so as to check on Maan. Silently she slipped into her bedroom only to find it empty but the sound in next to their room confirmed the presence of Maan in the study where he was arranging for his conference call. She had locked the door not to let anyone witness what happens within.


Her hesitance was quite evident with her reluctant steps but she had to face him and atleast try to reduce the anger. She thought to call him but was stopped by Maan’s words. “Don’t disturb me now.”


“But…” She said still standing at the brim of the entrance.


Maan came up in front of her and said “Not now.” And closed the door of the study on her face.


“Maan…” was all she could utter before leaving that place.


Part 10


He didn’t want to close the door on her face that too when he heard his name from her like that but then he forced his attention towards the impending call which was buzzing to be picked up. Family will have to wait for his attention as right now this call was his priority.


Clients were right in front of him and without delay he started giving presentation. It was done by his subordinate Geet which he had reviewed and finalized. Over a period of time she had emerged as a shining star but yes she still tested his patience as always she would be on call and he will have to scream at her only then would listen to him.


Back to presentation, an hour passed by but there was still many details present in it to highlight. As the discussion started everyone was sure that what would be the conclusion. There was not a stone left unturn by Keerthi Designs that the clients could object and the deal had to be finalized in their favour.


Next issue came when the deal was to be signed but who was in the possession of those papers was not known to anyone as everyone was clueless about it.


That could have been postponed but then the clients were already to fly back to their place directly from KC. And one of the condition on which clients were okay with conference call was if the deal is cracked the papers had to be signed and first signatures would be from KC end so that they could carry a copy with them immediately.


Nevertheless when things were to happen they will that too without letting any obstacles to create its effects. Exactly the same way the file was brought out by Geet and she presented the file on which MSK had signed infront of the client and the deal was sealed off.


Once the deal was seized MSK was off the call and all the employees at the office let a sigh so that they can celebrate the deal without any boss banging on their head with work. Boss are meant to make you work till you fall and report them till you live.


Sasha came out of the conference room along with the Geet saying “Geet, you just saved the day for us. Did you watch boss face when you got that file. His face was beaming with happiness.”


“No need to thank me maam. It was even my hard earned sweat” replied Geet.


“Yes, it was all yours. Now you carry on I will manage the rest.” Sasha said. “First I need to check with boss about the next plan as the impending trip should not be cancelled.


“Okay, just let me know what is decided and if you need me just give me a call.” Geet said.


“Geet, why don’t you join us for the trip. It would be really enjoyable experience. We get this opportunity only once in a year.” Sasha said grinningly but Geet looked bit confused so Sasha continued “To rob the boss, he is paying for the trip.”


“Oh…but I will enjoy with my family…” Geet said having a bigger grim plastered on her face.


“This is also similar to family trip. We all are going with family. Ask your prem to come along with you. Even we all want to meet him.” Sasha said.


“Sorry Sasha… but my sister Rajni is coming too. She has holidays so if I miss this time then it will happen only next year. That would be too long.” Geet said.


Both would have continued for long had there not been a call on Geet’s phone and both went off to their respective work.



Here back in Khurana’s house Maan was very excited but then he had many other preparations to complete. His team was waiting for his orders before they all immerse themselves in party he had to add on to their responsibilities for next stage. In front of his work he even forgot that it had been 3 hours from the time he closed the door on the face of his wife. What she had to face and what were her worries when she was not even heard by her own husband.


Just moments after Maan shut the door; Disha came and took her “Hamsa Babhi, where are you… Help me in selecting the dress for the evening.”


With the talks going on in the room finally it was decided that everyone would visit the temple and then go to mall for shopping. Temple was on the uphill and lot of walking had to be done to reach the shrine as vehicles were not allowed till the shrine. This walk enabled the young ladies that is Disha & Hamsa to get more time spend with each other.  Hamsa showed the places around the temple too by the time the elders made it to the bottom of the hill. Kavya Maasi was so tired after this visit that she said the rest of the plan would be postponed to tomorrow. And anyways the evening meet was more important than roaming around the city.


Keerthi Khurana and Disha were having their usual chat in Disha’s room when Maan barged in asking for his wife and Disha replied “Bhai… even I am waiting for her. She said she would be here in a minute but it has been already been 30 mins and we are still waiting for her to start.”


“Okay, she would be around only… Anyways Maa I am very happy today. We got the deal.” Maan said. 


“That’s really good news. See with Kavya here you won a new deal.” Keerthi said irking her son.


“No maa it was not because of Maasi but it was because of Geet. She made the designs, Geet only prepared the presentation and today Geet brought the file too on time or else the deal was at the nick to be cancelled too.” Maan said having a delightful smile but that was short lived as at the exactly same moment Maan noticed Kavya Maasi standing right at the door and her expression clearly showed she had heard every word of his and her anger was clearly visible. But what amazed him was his wife who stood behind maasi and tears were freely flowing from her eyes.


“Maan…” Maasi screamed out of her lungs and anger was “This is not we expected from you. How could you? You are hurting your own wife. Look at her she is so sweet and innocent, how did your heart even allow in betraying this soul.”


“Maasi, what happened, what did I do and why is she crying…” Maan asked looking confused at these two ladies.


“What happened… you are asking me…okay I will tell from the beginning” Maasi started to tell why she is reacting like this. “You must have not known that we had gone to the temple and had planned to go for shopping which you were supposed to take us but then your wife said that Maan is tired, so for a while he would rest so why don’t we go to temple by that time even he will be free and can join us bit later. I was fine with that idea but then our bad luck that I was tired and my legs were hurting even to put a step forward so we had to cancel it but as usual none came to help me. Why? Because I am always harsh at everyone so none will come to my rescue. I know that is price I pay for my rudeness but then here she came to me when I was still struggling to apply the spray. So kind of her that she helped me even after my harsh tone at the table today morning. I thanked her and said you are perfect for our Maan as you have the patience to take his anger. You are lucky as even Maan loves you or else he wouldn’t have come to the table morning and avoid me along with the clashes. But the reaction I got was just heart breaking as she turned silent, sad, gloomy and I even saw a drop of tear in her eyes. When I probed her then she spat out that out Maan is seeing one of his staff. She joined his company quite recently and has achieved much more than anyone else could have. First she ignored it but then when she got to hear the constant talks of them and the praise he would do she was sure of it. I actually didn’t believe her at first and thought to expose her true colors infront of you all but after listening to Maan now I am sure Hamsa is not wrong in thinking what she said.”


“And the way Maan now was giving credit to his staff I am sure he is betraying his lovely wife and look at her. How much she should have concealed it in her. How could she tell this to her own in laws that their son’s play? She isn’t even able to cry freely.” Kavya continued while she engulfed Hamsa in her arms.


It was not even for a minute when she lost her consciousness and fell lifeless on the ground as Kavya couldn’t handle that much weight but couldn’t stop herself from taunting Maan as everyone gathered around her. “Look, what have you done to her? You have made your wife pregnant at one side and at the other side you love one of your staff.”


“Maasi… Not a word more I would want to hear from you on this. I know how to take care of my wife and also my loved ones.” Maan said in his heavy tone as he picked his wife in his arm and walked out of his mother’s room.


Part 11


Maan Singh Khurana marched into his office taking long strides while scream on of his Bluetooth indicating his awful mood. Without any delay everyone were portraying to be busy in their work and not lurking around so as to get in bad books of the boss. But one question was running in everyones mind who is going to save there head if got caught in wrong foot. Nevertheless there are some who wouldn’t keep quite at any situation same was the case of Minal, who went to Sasha maam to give her work update and also crib as her regular listener, Geet is on leave today.


“Maam, today MB’s mood is terrible along with it Geet is also not there in office today to save us.” Minal cribbed to Sasha as she showed her drawings for approval.


“Minal, even if Geet was here. How would she save you?” Sasha asked confused at Minal’s thinking.


“Well if Geet is here then half of the day MB’s attention would be occupied with her as either Geet would have kept some project work pending or would be busy with her husband calls grabbing quite a lot attention towards herself.” Minal explained.


“Poor Geet, she gets to face temper from MB everyday; let her enjoy this break atleast peacefully. A newly married working for so long would be difficult still she managed to excel under one of the tuffest boss. You just be careful and just do as the MB says in today’s review meeting” Sasha advised before dismissing Minal.



Here inside the cabin MSK finished blasting his assistants in call and as a usual practice dialled the extension to check with other project updates but as he dialled the number he realised what he did. A smile invariably spread on his face as that was Geet’s extension and she is not available in office for next 12 days. With the mention of Geet he was reminded of the things which unfolded last evening without any delay he dailed the number of his wife to check on her and as if she was waiting for that one call it was answered in first ring itself.


“Hello… I thought you were resting but look like you were waiting for my call.” Maan said.


“It is all because of you that I am caged in this room. Had you been a bit considerate about me then I wouldn’t have to be face thing like this.” Mrs. MSK cribbed to him.


“Now what do you want me to do? Here the project has to be started and my presence is very much needed but no you want me to sit before you as you are getting bored taking rest. You are supposed to be taking rest and till you are fine you would continue doing the same.” Maan said.


“But now I am perfectly fine there is no dizziness giddiness nothing.” She cribbed.


“Okay no dizziness but what about nausea, though doctor said it is normal but I am not taking any chance.” Maan declared his verdict.


“Please let me out from here.” She pleaded to be heard but whom was she requesting.


“We can speak about it when I reach home till then happy resting with your Kavya Maasi.” Maan ended the call as at the same moment there was a knock and Minal came in for the scheduled meeting.


And needless to say she heard the talks of Maan Singh Khurana with his wife and her smart brain analysed that very soon her boss would be promoted to new designation in life “Papa Singh Khurana”. She further thought it would be very good news to spread in the office and to keep up gossip mill running with more speculations along with this.



It was third day after the meeting success in which project was awarded to Keerthi Designs and Geet without delay had left alone to her maternal home to enjoy her stay with her sister and her family. Though it would be very memoriable for her there would be a slight pinch along with it as her parents would not be there when she would reach. They would have left for the wedding of some other relative which they couldn’t miss and at the same time they didn’t want to miss welcoming their two daughters for the first time after Geet’s wedding. But the two daughters had sent them off by saying they will have their siblings fun and they can take their own time to come back.


But when Geet reached the place she was left shattered as her parents had left the place a earlier and her sister Rajani has also not reached and was not coming as her husband family decided to go on different plan all of a sudden. Now in the big house of her parents she sat alone without anything idea what to do.


As her mind slowly started to work, she called her husband prem but then was surprised to know that his phone was out of reach that happens only when he is travelling in plane. Now where was he planning to go was all she could ponder upon. No other option left she called her every sweet mother in law for help.


“Maa…Your son is not reachable. Do you know where he is?” Geet said almost at the verge of crying.


“Geet, what happened? Are you crying?” Geet’s mother-in-law enquired.


“Maa…” Geet went on to explain her current problem in hand. “What do I do here alone Maa? My own sister forgot me.” Geet cried for getting struck in that big house.


“Geet… Your husband is also not in here. He will be out for another 6 days or so. Why don’t you come back?” Her MIL suggested.


“But Maa…my plans everything went in drain.” Geet continued to drop more pearls out of her eyes.

“Geet…donot cry Geet… does your crying solve the problem… will your sister come there now” Geet was again being cajoled by her mother in law. “Okay lets plan something else, you had mentioned the other day that your office people were going for a trip. Which place was that?”


“I don’t know, I never gave attention to what they were planning.” Geet said bit apologetically.


“Then find out where they are going… you might even get a chance to go with them if they still have a seat for you. Even you can enjoy with them, if not for family you will have friends to enjoy with.” She suggested.


“As you say Maa… but let me know when your son gives you call.” Geet said.


“Geet…. Don’t worry he will call you once he is available in network.” MIL said as she disconnected the call.



Geet after some more thinking she tried calling her Sasha maam to enquiry about a seat for her. Atleast she would be able to have a little peace with everyone around her. If her plans failed that didn’t mean she couldn’t rejoice seeing others happy faces.


“Hello … Maam… Am I disturbing you…” Geet asked as Sasha picked her call.


“Hey Geet… how are you? You must be having great time with your sister.” Sasha said.


“Maam…” Geet sniffed a bit to control her cry while she blurted out her side of the misery.


“Geet… you don’t worry we will have some extra seats in bus too. We can easily accommodate you. Girl… pack your bag and reach the bus stop at early morning at 4 at this xyz place.” Sasha said as she disconnected the call.



“Hello…” a crocky voice of man answered his phone call after a couple of rings.


“Your job is done. It is confirmed that Geet has left her parental town.” A low melodious voice of a lady replied at the other end.


“Good. Keep me informed.” He said with all smiles.


“But…” She said.


“Don’t worry she would be under safe hands.” He said.


“That is the only reason why I am helping you.” She said. “I don’t want even a single drop of her cry be wasted I would ask you the account of each of her cries.”


“So much calculation you need for her. Is she that important for you.” He said.


“Yes, very very important my son’s life is dependent on her.” She said. “And my son is my life. So very much important she is for me.”


“Okay I will take care once she boards the bus but till then I want pin to pin update.” He said and terminated the call while he thought “No one gets there way against me. I am Maan Singh Khurana and I will get what I want.” As he drew the drawers of his cabinet just under his table to extract a picture of Geet in it and a laugh echoed on its own accord.


Part 12

It was quite a chilly morning even birds would have not come out of their nest but the staff of KC were all set to ride on towards the trip destinations. Arjun had ordered for a luxury bus. That had large and comfy seats in it to have a hassle and stress free travelling. It came with only one disadvantage that was it reduced the passenger capacity but luckily there was no problem as the required and available seats was one and the same.


All the staff had agreed to reach one place so that it would be easy to start the journey and also at the early hours of day, even before the day starts they wanted to leave the town to avoid the hectic traffic. And as this was the trip none had to be pursue everyone at what time they had to start as they willingly came on time actually they were before the scheduled time.


Arjun was checking the arrangements before the started and supervising to keep the luggage, when he saw someone walking towards the bus with a trolley alongside her. When the person reached near them he saw Sasha greeting that lady. He went towards her to know who she is and why she is here and was surprised to see that she was none other than Geet. But why did she look so worn out, eyes swollen as if deprived of sleep or has she been crying. 




Geet walked briskly as not to miss the bus, she knew they wouldn’t leave without her as Sasha maam knew that she is coming but then she didn’t want them to be kept waiting. What if everyone was ready and waited for her only. It was better to wait then to make others wait for her. They were already helping her with the last minute request. She followed the way as Sasha maam had guided her location before hand and even at the wee light of morning hours she easily found the way and also the bus. All the people were moving in and out to get themselves settled. That’s when Geet could see Sasha maam coming her way to greet her.


“Geet… glad you came early. Everyone is already here so we can start in about 5 minutes.” Sasha expressed her happiness but when she could see the condition of Geet in the lights of the bus she asked “Geet… you couldn’t speak to your husband yet.” For which could only nod her head for a no.


“Oh my poor gal, cheer up may be his cell phone is out of charge or even the connectivity may also be not there. Don’t worry he would be fine cheer up. Smile baby.” Geet faked a little smile but remained silent as her heart bleed to be alone like this.


Both ladies got into the bus while Sasha searched for a place in the bus. Two seats were there in either side of the bus and plenty of space in between the rows so as to enable to incline the seats into a 3/4th backwards to lie down as a baby. The night journey planned shouldn’t disturb the required sleep to be energetic. All of them had settled themselves in the seats. It was only the first set of seats which were empty so Sasha asked “Geet settle in this row, take rest and some sleep.problems don’t get solve just straining yourself. What ever happens is all for good only.” Saying so Sasha left Geet alone and went to look for her family but Sasha still had to confront Arjun.



“Sasha… What is Geet doing here???” Arjun asked and for which Sasha reported everything from the time Geet had called.


“Are you out your mind Sasha? We are having limited seats here? How could just ask her to join without asking me. Do you know we will now run short of a seat? Boss would be arriving with his family anytime and I had allotted the front seat to them. Now where will we give them a seat? You don’t expect me to tell him that boss you both can settle beside the driver in front cabin.” Arjun fumed on Sasha.


“Oh common Arjun, Boss never had turned up in our previous trips. What makes you think this time he would change his mind and will grace us with his presence.” Sasha mocked back.


“If you have forgotten let me remind you now he is no more single but a married, I mean a family guy. So he definitely would want to spend time with his wife and would come on this trip too. And he is in constant touch with me to know each and every details of our plan. To add another point he has kept himself so busy last week in work because he didn’t want to create any problem in the business flow. No tell me from which angle you want me to believe he would not be here.” Arjun countered back.


“But I thought he is busy because his wife is not felling well and must be under bed rest.” Sasha said wondering now was Minal correct or not in her prediction.  


“That I don’t know but now that you have created the problem you will be the one to solve it too.” Arjun said showing his hands up that now he can’t do anything.


“Arjun… don’t scare me. Just call boss and ask him whether he is coming or not.” Sasha requested him.


Arjun dialled Maan’s number but then it was unreachable “May be some network issue.” Arjun said. “Let me try again… and this time it did get connect but it was now engaged.”




Maan sat in his car a furlong away from the pickup point quite hidden from the eyes of this staff but he had his eyes set on the bus awaiting for his love to give his heart a bit peace. That was when he saw his car display board showed him that an incoming call awaited to be picked up. A smile came on his lips seeing that name on his screen.

 “Hello… Maan…” Lady on the other side spoke in her sweet voice which echoed inside the car as the mobile was connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth.


“Yes…what’s the latest update.” Maan asked his eagerness quite evident in his tone.


“She has reached xxx place which is near your pickup point. She would be on foot so will be on board in another 5 minutes.” She said making Maan to smile even more. He only knew how he was trying to be patient as he sat here and waited for her glimpse. While he was still on call he started his engine and came near closer to the pickup point to make sure he could see Geet. And it didn’t take a minute before Geet came dragging her bag behind her. He just wanted to go in front of her now and take her in his arms but then he had to wait for his driver who would drive back the car to his home.


“How does she look?” the lady asked


Maan who was so lost in her that he didn’t realise he was still on call and he replied too “As always Beautiful but…” He stopped when he realised he had spoken what was there in his mind aloud.


“Is that so… I should have been there to see that…” She said. “I am sure she would be tired of all the running she has done.”


“Not just tired even may be exhausted and also drained.” Maan continued what he had in his mind.


“It is entirely your mistake Maan. If you had spoken little earlier we could have saved so much trouble but no you had to keep your mouth shut.” She complained


“Common Maa… I had it in my control but no your daughter-in-law had to pull of that little stunt and make my plan go haywire.” Maan cribbed.


“Now don’t blame my sweet DIL. She did what is her right. You couldn’t have just imposed your decision on her without any proper explanation.” She supported her daughter-in-law.


“Sweet and your DIL don’t go hand in hand maa. Don’t you know what all I had to hear from your own sister? If your DIL was right in what she did then even I am right in what I did at that time” Maan said remembering what all had transpired after his confrontation with his Kavya Maasi and also quite sad how it had come out.


“Maan… I know what happened but then the problem was your hiding and not expressing what you desired. I am telling you again if you had spoken before itself all these things wouldn’t have happened and you would have spared many people with the despair. I would have helped you before itself. All I wished was to see you happy nothing else. Leave the past behind now go get your girl. I want my family happy not sad.” Keerthi said and hanged the call there.


Maan took out his bag and made his way towards the bus while he handed over the keys to his driver who just arrived. As he entered only dim lights were on and all of them had slept itseems, he wondered where Geet was, how was he to search her but before that he was greeted by Arjun in the bus and who guided Maan towards an empty seat and the bus started without a second delay.



Part 13


Maan sat at the seat where Arjun pointed; he wanted to settle next to window but then it was already occupied and that person had covered himself fully with the shawl not even leaving air to let pass inside that. Then why should he bother who was that & how they slept it was only Geet he had to worry about. He thought to check on her when he heard a little sob next to him. Oh how lucky he felt that moment the object of his desire was just next to him. Slowly he tried to remove the shawl of her face but she had held on to it so tightly that it was difficult for Maan to remove it without any noise.


“Okay if she couldn’t let him remove that he can always snuggle into her.” He thought and at a snail pace he inserted his hands into her waist and pulled the shawl making it cover both of them. Finally after some many days he had his heaven in his arms and drifted to sleep within seconds. Both souls hadn’t rested properly in past week so it was easy to drift into deep slumber.


It was time for breakfast and every other person was awake apart from Maan & Geet. Sasha wanted to wake up Geet but then if she tried even their boss can wake up. And if the boss wakes up that would automatically spoil the fun too. Who actually goes to trip with their boss? Even in this trip we will have to follow his rules. But if she didn’t then that would mean even Geet has to skip her breakfast. Poor soul had already suffered a lot. Finally with a ray of hope she asked Arjun to do the honor’s.


“No I am not going to be the scape goat.” Arjun said as now everyone would blame him if anything gets spoiled.


“Then what to do? Lets ask Adi to do it. Anyways he doesn’t know that boss is on board.” Sasha said.


“Good idea.” Arjun said and called Adi for help “Adi… can you wake up Geet. She is still in her dreamland…”


“Geet is here… when she changed her plan. Anyways she wouldn’t be in her dreamland but in her premland.” Adi said.


“Long story Adi..” and Arjun said in short what had happened with Geet. “First wake her up. She joined late by that time you had slept off.” Arjun said as Adi walked towards the front seats while these two followed him behind to watch the reaction.


Here Maaneet’s position had changed now Geet had rested her head on his shoulder and covered her hands over his waist and well hidden under the shawl was Maan’s hand which rested over her waist.


Adi went near Geet and was supposed to call her when her eyes popped out looking at the position they were in. And to add to his confusion was boss who sat next to Geet.


Looking at the shocked expression Arjun & Sasha followed him and even they were surprised to watch the position. But all the 3 knew that Geet was married to Prem and Maan to Hamsa. And owing to the stress both had skipped their sleep. So it shouldn’t be hard for both of them to be in deep slumber and these mistakes could happen too. None of them were ready to wake them & embarrass all of them in the end. So they thought to let them sleep maybe when they wakeup they wouldn’t be in this compromising position and don’t end up getting embarrassed. And even if they did it would be upto themselves only.


They turned back while Geet moaned “prem…Where did you go?” and continued to sob in her sleep missing her prem.


“shh Geet… sleep now I am here now.” Maan said while he pulled her more to himself and Geet felt Maan around her feel in deep sleep again.




It was almost noon when Geet opened her eyes and was happy to see herself safe in her prem’s arms. She was in no mood to getup now; all she wanted was to be like that for more time. Didn’t want to think what would happen when he wakes up so it was better like this. But then her little movements were enough for him to wake up. “Geet… stop day dreaming and get up now.” Maan said instigating her to fight and bring her out of the sleep.


“I am not dreaming but looks like you are.” She said indicating you can only win over me in dreams.


“Okay I won’t but can we have something to eat now. I am hungry.” Maan said eyeing her intensely.


Knowing very well what his hungry was she whispered in his ears “Mr. we are in moving bus. So you need to control your hunger. And for your stomach I will check what is left for us.”


Maan left her as it was necessary for Geet to have food. She had already drained herself and food at right time was needed to keep her healthy. And with the name of food he had plenty of it in front of him as Geet got a plate full of it for both of them.


“prem… look I found some left for us. You know all of them have slept again after their breakfast and these friends of mine forgot to wake me up.” She cribbed as she settled herself next to Maan and started to feed him in between while she filled her tummy.


“You have lost weight Geet… your Kavya Maasi would create more trouble if you don’t take care of yourself.” Maan said.

“Awww serves you right. If you ignore her like that then she would get mad and do things to attract your attention.” Geet commented.


“Now don’t start that, you both made me worry with your little stunt.” Maan said.


“Arey I didn’t do anything but just fainted.” Geet complained. “How was I to know what maasi would say.”


“But why did you start that play of Geet and Hamsa?” Maan asked.


“For the first time I called out your name and what you had to do was close the door on my face.” Geet said & turned away to look outside the window as tears made way for his act.


Now Maan fell in his own trap. He was scolding & now she became sad. Well there was only one way to get her back in mode that was to distract her in his way. “Geet… Geet…” Maan whispered into her ears to gain her attention but she just shrug off her shoulder and to push him back while she didn’t turn back.


“Geet… Look… Hamsa…” Maan said.


“I don’t want to hear anything.” Geet said looking out of window while her attention was fully on her prem to know what he is upto.


“Arey I was asking to look out there in lake. See there are so many hamsa’s roaming around it.” Maan said suppressing a laugh while showing out towards the lake beside which they were travelling. But then the situation was going out of his hand so he continued “Sorry… you know I was busy with the presentation right nevertheless I actually had to thank you too as you went to office and delivered the file on time. How did you manage that when Maasi was tagged behind you.” Maan asked trying to divert her.


“Well you underestimated your wife mr., Actually I took to the temple next to KC so it was easy to distract her and give the documents at the office.” Geet said all smiling.


“You should thank your granny for it. If she didn’t give a weird name for you, then you wouldn’t have acted like one.” Maan said adding more fuel.


“Now don’t say a word against my granny. What can she do at the time of my Namkaran she could only say Hamsa Nandi Sangeeta; owing to her age we should be greatful she was able to speak that much atleast and she named me like that only.” Geet said.


“Oh really, then how come you became Geet.” Maan asked even though he knew entire story but now she looked very cute reciting the story behind her name.


“I had told you that day.” Geet said making a baby face and getting bit offending “You didn’t hear me. Okay I will say it again. It is all thanks to my sister Rajani, she wasn’t able to pronounce my full name properly and hence she called Geet. Unknowingly everyone started to call me that & even in my official records it was Geet only.” Geet said.


“But then why did you people ask us to print Hamsa Nandi in our invitation and name boards. Maan Singh Khurana getting married to some Hamsa was so weird you see.” Maan said hiding that smirk.


“Oh hello… Be it any name. You were supposed to married to me only. And regarding that name goof up was planned by my jiju. He took revenge of all my pranks in their wedding. Look what he did many didn’t know my name also.”  Geet cribbed remembering what had happened in her wedding.


Her jiju had made sure none knew about this goof up. How cleverly he had taken up the responsibility and knowing his commitment to work none bothered to cross check it. In the end it was only Geet who had wailed more over this issue than for leaving her parents place.


Part 14


Maan sat behind Geet as she had turned towards window as she remembered her family but didn’t want to show it to Maan, but whom was she hiding from. Maan slowly let his fingers roam on her waist while his lips gave a small peck on her shoulder and slowly he moved a bit forward reaching her cheeks as Geet moaned prem. Even though their sounds were well covered up under the sound of the moving bus still it wasn’t save to go ahead and hence Maan questioned “Do you moan also in Hamsa Nandi raga?”

Lost in him she didn’t get what he asked but just responded “hmmm”.


“Really… Even your dadi used to do it like this only.” He added more trying to get her back in the mood.


The word dadi brought her back in the world. She opened her eyes as she tried to understand what Maan asked her “What did you just say…? I don’t want any joke on my grand parents okay. My dadu loved dadi singing that to one particular song which was in hamsa nandi raga which dadu named it as hamsa nandi sangeeta. And after dadu left this world and on my naamkaran she gave me that name.”


“I want a baby just like you.” Maan said lost in her wife but she turned red hearing him say what he wanted. “My little princess who would also speak cutely just like you and not to forget those expressions and actions you make while talking.”And went on describing about his dream family. “Geet… our 1st anniversary is nearing don’t you think we should promote our parents to next level.”


“Maan…” Geet said unable to comprehend what to say as she could only wish for the same but then they had to work on it too. “You don’t spend time with me nowadays always struck with one or the other work. 2 days not even a reply nor any call back.”


“Say it again… You called me by name… why don’t you call me always by my name then we both can think of a better solution for that work problem.” Maan said happily as he got a perfect chance to get his wish.


“Mr. when golden chance knocks the door you shouldn’t shut it. And now don’t change the topic. We are discussing more big issue.” Geet argued back.


“Then let me remind you, I asked you to join as co-md. You rejected that. I had so wished you handled things just like maa used to do. KC is at the top only because we give the adequate time to it. Maa took care of a part of KC Rajneesh Creations and Papa the other part Keerthi Designs. Both loved each other so much that they named their divisions name on others, so that they would never let those names down. If you had agreed to take care of RC and I would be left out with only KD we could have got more time for each other. And not to forget the long list of pranks you play in the office has only increased my work. I won’t let anyone harm my KC which my parents have nurtured with their love & hard work.” It was now Maan’s turn to get serious.


“I only wanted to cheer you up from the stress & tension. I never intended to hurt you.” Geet said as she wondered where would the talks head to now. They were here to enjoy and spend time together not arguing.


Just then Geet’s phone beeped showing a message from Minal. “Geet… wake up … Sasha maam said you are here and let you sleep soundly… and didn’t let me come near your seat as boss is next to you. If you are up come here we will manage the seating issue and enjoy.”


Geet thought it was better to give some time for to cool down their fight till both can see the things clearly in a calm mind. “I will go and meet up with others. They should be up.” Geet said as she walked past Maan leaving him to wonder. “What will he do now alone. When this outing plan was only for them to spend time with eachother?”




Geet had turned sad again and was unable to even be her crispy self due to her tussle with Maan. They did fight each other over the past months but then always patched up soon to but today it felt a bit weird because she walked out off the place before they could complete the argument. She would have been still lost in her thoughts had Sasha not noticed Geet next to Minal.


Sasha woke up from her sleep hearing the talks of Minal wondering whom was she talking to then she saw Geet next to Minal lost in her own dilemma. And said “Minal, why did you wake Geet up? I had told you not to disturb her.”


“Maam, I just messaged her. If she has woken up then she can meet me. I was bored of the silence so I had plugged in the earphones to hear some music.  I had so many things to tell her. We hadn’t got time to chat too because she went on leave a week earlier itself.” Minal said as justifying her action.


With the sound of these two chatting everyone around them started to get up. And in no time whole bus was in hussle bussle in discussing which game to play and what would be more enjoyable. Two groups were made Men & women and everyone indulged in making the other lose in the games. Place was less but when it was a question of game people just accommodate themselves in smaller places there by emptying plenty of seats in front.



But there were 2 souls who were away from all the enjoyment. One was Maan who easily refused the offer Adi gave to play as he didn’t want the staff to be bound their fun because their boss here and not to disturb him for a while as he wanted to relax alone today. Adi who sensed something else could be the reason said “Anyways you can join us bit later.”  Another one was Geet who was only physically present infront of them and her mind wandering around her prem.


Sasha was the first to sense the sadness in Geet as she wasn’t participating in any activity but looking at the mobile time & again. Where as Geet was waiting for a call or message from her prem.


“Geet… come here, why are you so dull. Are you already bored in this bus. I told everyone not to play this game but none heard us. Our dazzling Geet has turned into a gloomy one.” Sasha commented diverting everyone’s attention to Geet.


“No no I am fine you all play. I am just little tired of all the travelling.” Geet said dismissing the attention but Sasha was cleaver enough to know the cover up.


“Guys we will be right back soon.” Sasha said and asked “Geet… come I need to tell you something important.”


They came a little far from the group for some privacy. “Geet… were you able to speak to your husband. Did you tell him you are with us.”


“Yes… I spoke with him but we had a fight.” Geet said remember the little tiff which happened a while ago.


“You can share it with me. If you want…”Sasha suggested.


“No maam… we don’t let anyone else to come in between our fights. We will sort it out in some time.” Geet said.


“Geet… I will tell you something… you are indeed lucky one to have Prem in your life. Who would listen to you there are many who doesn’t even bother to hear what their wife has to say. Try not to refuse all his words, it would only hurt him. I may be crossing my limits but whenever I have heard your talks I have only heard you either complaining him about boss or refusing his wishes. Anyways you are clever enough to figure things out.” Sasha said so & left Geet behind to do the thinking.


Sasha maam said what was actually running in her mind but now the bigger task was in her hand. It was easy to walk away but now how to go back to her prem. Then Geet thought “He was the only one to whom she always goes to complain. Even babaji may miss to hear her but he wouldn’t. Don’t know how but even in this small span of their marriage he had that patience to listen to my complaints. Sometimes it so happens that I even doubt did he hear my talks or just let the receiver on and he would be in his world. And few times when I tested to get my suspicion clear he replied correctly too.” Then why to hesitate in facing him? With out a delay she held her mobile & moved towards her prem’s seat. Staff & their family was busy in there world to notice the little patch up of the boss & his wife.


Part 15


Geet stood a step away from the seat to know what prem was doing and the sight wasn’t any welcoming for her. The seat had been inclined as a reclining chair and he had stretched himself as if resting but she knew that peace was not anywhere near him. His legs were crossed and hands resting behind his head and eyes on the view outside but was he noticing even a thing out there was all she could wonder. Looking at him a small idea clicked in her mind. She thanked he hadn’t straighten the seats as now it gave them the privacy hiding behind more than the couple of empty seats and away from the noise of her friends play.


Geet poked on his shoulder gaining his attention towards her. Maan raised his eyebrow as if asking what now? Geet said showing the window seat on which Maan had sat “That’s my seat.” Without any word Maan uncrossed his leg to get up when Geet settled comfortable on his lap & rested her head on his chest. “This is my seat, where were you planning to go.” Geet said slightly raising her head while her hands were didn’t stop but started to play with the buttons of his shirt.


He held her securely to make sure she didn’t slip away with the jerks of the bus but didn’t respond to any of her talks or antics. It was just a start he knew and was waiting for the whole play to unfold. And as anticipated she continued “I won’t call you by name.” He wondered now what new reason she has come up to justify her theory. “You don’t want to ask me why? Oh I forgot you are not talking with me, then how will you ask me. Don’t worry I will tell you myself.”


Maan made a face as if telling her that’s so grateful of you. “Everytime I call your name I remember the stringent, rigid, tough and not to forget the big headed boss of mine.” She slowly looked at him if he was giving any reaction to it but by now he was used to her these silly names but that didn’t stop her from not irritating him. “And remembering some 3rd person in between husband & wife is not right so now onwards you are one and only my prem.”


She definitely saw a slight flicker in his action showing his displeasure in it. But then he was still stubborn and not speaking to her. She was little cautious in her acts too as they were out in bus and their privacy can any time be lost. It was time to take the fun little higher, “Still not ready to give in?” She whispered into his ears and his silence gave her the required challenge as she went ahead inching closer to him. Their faces were just an inch away but eyes were on each other. One was waiting to know how far she could take it while the other deliberately was taking it slow to know if he would give up now.


Geet closed the distance pecking slightly then when he didn’t react to it. She continued to do that again and again as if it was her favourite icecream sometimes pecking, sometimes licking and sometimes sucking. Even then when he didn’t respond but gave a weird look to Geet clearly stating what is she upto. She smiled, winked at him and replied “I have kissed away my anger from your nose now you can smile and talk to me peacefully.”


Her words did the magic but then still there was a little curiosity to know what else she would do if he is still did not budge. But the question was is he ready to experiment now, he looked out to know where exactly they were and the destination wasn’t too far. His thinking process came to halt when she made him look at her by turning his face towards her. “What are still thinking???” Geet asked.


Rather than answering he turned her so that he was on top of her & whispered “I would have gladly answered you but right now the problem is we are at the nick of reaching the destination abc amusement park. So you need to wait for the answers Geet.” With that he slightly pecked her lips before he got up to meet his staff and remind they are close to the destination.


The moment Maan said did she realise that till now she hadn’t even thought to enquiry where they were heading too. Now here attention went towards the placard, posters displayed to attract the public. This was on of the parks which she had visited before too and how can she forget how they were struck for hours in toll gate. She looked out to know exactly how many kilometres they were away from the toll, it said around 20 kms they still had to drive. Apparently she still has time to warn everyone and not waste time in toll gates.


Here Maan was happy that she was finally come back to him and things were sorted out but they can settle the score afterwards. He met all his staff & their family, he was surprised to see two girls next to Minal they were look alike. “What are your name girls?” Maan questioned. One girl said extending her hand “Hi…I am Anjali and she is Anitha my sister.” “Sweet name girls” Minal who was just sat there watching her boss sweetly smiling said “Boss, they are my two niece; they had holidays so they are accompanying me.” Maan liked chatting with these twins both were opposite to each other one carefree & the other bit introvert.


“Arjun… wish Minal hadn’t got these two kids with them. Geet could have sat next to Minal and both Boss & Geet wouldn’t have to get into any embarrass moments.” Sasha said to Arjun so that only he could hear.


“Can’t help it either these two twins are magnet to Minal. I requested both of them to shift in front so that Geet could settle next to Minal & all problems could have been solved but none were ready to leave Minal alone.” Arjun said.


There were quite a few number of kids too who were enjoying this little trip. Finally after that he said to get ready for the amusement park which was just few kms away. Kids or elders both would enjoy there and that was the reason why they had chosen this destination too.


Geet came all smiling and happy back to her real self and announced to everyone. “I know a path way which would come in another few kms from here from there let’s walk.” Everyone gave a weird look to her as almost everyone had kids along with them and getting them agreed to walk in an isolated place was not a good idea.


Arjun finally spoke up “Geet… we can reach the park easily in this bus. We will anyways have to walk so much inside also let’s not get tired before we enter the park. See the sun out there, it is so hot.”


“Exactly we will get tired if we go through this route as…” Geet was saying when Arjun cut her and said.


“Okay, who ever want to join in for a walk, let them go and who ever want to reach in bus, let them stay.” Arjun decided and everyone agreed.


But to Geet’s dismay none agreed to take the short cut path way, finally she turned to her prem as till now he had stood silent and was watching the whole drama.


“I am having cramps as I sat for a long time so I need a little walk to get them out. So I am ready to walk the short cut would you like join me Geet.” Maan said with a slight smile.


Geet was on the cloud nine as she heard his words. Wanting to hug him but then more important thing was to collect her bag as the path way was just a mile away. She collected her purse while Maan arranged what was necessary to carry inside the park and asked the driver to stop near the place.


“Geet… meet you at the entrance. We would buy tickets for both of you, that would save your time and we can enjoy the rides instantly.” Arjun said.


“Before you buy the tickets for us, give me a call Arjun sir. Who knows we may be inside enjoying the rides. It would get late you guys should move fast. Bye bye” Geet said while smiling.


Here Maan was noticing Geet asked “Geet, why are you so keen at taking this path?”


“You don’t know?” Geet questioned back but then continued “There is a highway toll gate where there would be huge traffic of about 1 km minimum. We would have gone mad in that snail pace moving traffic. It would take no less than an hour to cross that toll then they have to take a deviation towards the park which is around 15 miles. Last time when I had come along with my friends we had gone mad waiting. And we had heard few of localities talking about this route so we had tried this one while going back. This time it came in handy. Come I still know the way.” While Maan just followed her.


Part 16


“How come Geet become normal suddenly?” Arjun asked Sasha getting confused about Geet’s behaviour.


“All credits goes to me, I advised her and see the result.” Sasha said blowing air at her left fingers as if drying her nail polish and raising her invisible collar.


“What did you suggest her?” Arjun asked.

“Well, to solve a fight one has to bow down and i just asked her to do so there by ending the fight. Guess she took my advice to put an end to her fight with her Prem.” Sasha said.


“Okay, then lets get back to the game. Who has to take the next cue?” Arjun questioned and didn’t bother argue with Sasha as she was supporting the husband.



Here Geet tried to remember the way and was quite surprised herself that she still remembered it. She was briskly walking ahead as she didn’t want to mislead and get them self lost in this isolated place. A bright sun was dancing on them but that didn’t dampen her spirits. After walking a stretch she turned back feeling really happy as they would reach the park very soon that too before their friends while Maan who had a bag pack on his back was walking leisurely as his legs had still cramps but his eyes were on Geet to make sure she didn’t run away in her childish excitement.


Here she was so excited & look at her husband away from all the fun. He was dragging himself into this place. If he didn’t want to enjoy then why to get her here she thought but she was not going to let him go so easily. She ran back to him in a second but didn’t say a thing but silently followed a step behind him and Maan guessed she is definitely upto something.


 When Maan reached the spot till Geet had gone before running back to him, he stopped waiting for her to take the lead again but Geet was lost in something else so she collided with Maan.


“Geet, where are you looking and walking??” Maan asked in his stern voice.


“I was searching for a white hair on your head. Don’t disturb me.” Geet said seriously looking in his hairs.


“Geet… show me the way.” Maan said as he stood in front of the big tree and two pathways on eitherside was there.


“How boring you are… that’s why I was searching some white hairs. Uff babaji what did I do for this. Main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya haay haay buddha mil gaya” Geet cribbed looking up shocking Maan even more but soon recovered and thought “How the hell did he get this lady as his? Looks like he has to show this buddhi what her buddha can do”


Rather than getting angry Maan came behind her and questioned “So you think I am your Buddha??”


“Yes” she said and turned around slightly disappointed for not getting required reaction of his but to her surprise next second she was swept away in his arms. “You know, this is an isolated place.” Geet said.


“So what are you suggesting… you want me to complete what we were doing in bus?” Maan questioned innocently.


She made a face does she has to remind him and pulled him closer to finish off what they had started. He had pushed her against the tree as he took her lips into his. While his hands which were keeping her steady at her waist started to move upwards as her hands had already roamed in his hairs to pull him more into her if any left earlier though. A little space was given only when Maan felt they were out of breath but then his attention was now had been taken by the milky cream skin of hers over the jawline. They would have gone ahead if not the zooming trucks horn brought them back and Maan stepped a bit away to control his urges to stop. They weren’t that far from the highway nor was this a place to do things which they were heading towards.


“You always have to leave things half way??” She complained pouting but clearly knew they had to stop but it was easy to blame it on him.


“Why do you provoke me at the wrong time? We can’t do it here but tonight I promise you I wouldn’t leave you for a second.” Maan said as he corrected his hairs which were ruffled by her while she calmed her erotic heart.


“Tonight is ours, until then let’s concentrate on reaching the park first.” Maan said taking the bag pack which was waiting for their attention.


With no other interruption Maan & Geet reached the park. And first thing which Geet did was to call up Arjun and tease his decision to not follow her.


“Hello Arjun Sir” Geet said “Where are you? Did you cross the tollgate or not?


By now Arjun had realised his mistake and said “No Geet we are still struck in the traffic. Did you reach the park?”


“Oh Yes we are. Boss is already at the tickets counter. He asked me to check with you how many we need to buy.” Geet said trying to hide her giggle which is all set escape from her mouth.


Arjun counted and gave the number of tickets which had to be purchased which Geet conveyed it to Maan.


“How much more time would take for the bus to reach Sir?” Geet asked as she was eager to enter the park and play.


“I just enquired it with the driver, he said approximately in an hour we will be in front of our destination.” Arjun said and realised Geet had already lost her patience to wait that too when she was infront of the park moreover she was already not in her best moods but this win over some trivial issue has made her happy as she is in her crispy self so he suggested “Geet, why don’t you guys start with the rides. Once we are there we will call you then you can come to the entrance gate to hand us over the tickets.”


“Thank you Sir. Call Boss once you are here rather than me I would forget mobile once I am in the park. Boss has already got the tickets.” Geet cut the call even before Arjun could reply.


Geet led Maan towards the entrance while she told about their current plan. Maan could only smile at her childish excitement.


Morethan an hour passed Maaneet were enjoying the rides after ride while the bus just stopped infront of the park and Maan came out to hand over the tickets as Geet was busy in the ride and was not in the mood to come out that early.


As Maan handed over the tickets all the office staff along with family spread over the park as per rides they wished to ride first. None wanted to question where Geet was as they thought how to ask Boss about it. Minal who wanted to accompany Geet as her nieces were already in their world she was alone just like Geet was. So she set out to search Geet in the park. No use of calling on her mobile. And when she finally found Geet, the ground underneath her foot slipped.


Maan’s hand was on Geet’s waist as she leaned on his shoulder to walk straight. He handed a bottle of water to her as he said “Maan is the one next to you so better get yourself accustomed to it and ditch that prem, it doesn’t suit.”


Some moments earlier Maan & Geet were in a roller coaster ride and the speed & height made Geet little uncomfortable but as Maan was beside her and he insisted to go for the ride she agreed but as the turns & drops got faster & scary she couldn’t her scream and out of habit she called out prem aloud and grabbed his arm for support. At the end when they came out she was still bit dizzy. Maan held her and took to the near by seat and to divert her mind he spoke  “Maan is the one next to you so better get yourself accustomed to it and ditch that prem, it doesn’t suit.”


Needless to say Minal was lost in her new found secret that she couldn’t even enjoy the holiday. But she wasn’t the one who was going to give soon. If Geet is in trouble be it boss she will pitch in and help her out of it. By the time everyone finished the rides it was already night and so they finished there dinner and got themself ready to travel again. As everyone guided themselves to their respective seats all tired Minal pushed her two niece into front seat next to her Boss and pulled Geet next to her. 


Geet couldn’t say no to her friend and Maan knew their next destination isn’t far so he let her enjoy with her friends. And he was getting the company of two girls which was enough to bring the smile on his lips.


Part 17


Minal though pulled Geet next to her & it was more than an hour now still she was unable to form proper words to question her; what was that which was happening back in the park. Slowly Geet came to the topic of park, the rides she took. How much she enjoyed and how much she got scared at those certain turns and drops. Taking the cue Minal final asked “Geet, you were fine after that xyz ride. I was really at the verge of fainting.”


“I thought it was only me who felt like that and at that time Boss came in handy.” Geet said feeling a bit revealed.


“Geet… I actually heard Boss say about you ditching prem.” Minal said mildly still hesitant of the response she would receive.


On reminded of that situation Geet’s anger just rose to an upper notch and she warned “I don’t want to remember that. How dare he say some thing like that? What does he think of himself? He will order me something and I would just meekly follow him. I will do what I want. I am the Boss not him, atleast here. I can adjust with many things but not ditching and all. Doesn’t he know what prem is for me that he is just mentioning it and hurting me? How could he try to take advantage of the situation? I don’t want to see even him now.”


On hearing to Geet’s words Minal came to the conclusion that it is Boss who is atleast tad bit interested in Geet but why would he was also a question which was lurking in her mind? As per her understanding Boss’s wife is expecting and on that day when she had heard his talks with his wife. Boss was quite worried and also caring too towards his wife. Then why would he try to mess with any other women. That too Geet, who could spend all her day with only one word prem & only prem. Only option left is to keep him at bay just as Geet is doing now. But how can I not keep a watch on our Boss.


Wait a second what did I just do now. My two niece are sitting beside him. What if he try trouble them too. Poor girls can’t understand the dark side of this world. On getting that doubt she now wanted both her niece next to her. All her precaution towards Geet just flew out of the window and now it was only Anjali and Anitha whom she cared for. She wanted to push Geet back to her seat. Anyways she is a grownup girl and can manage boss. She has already shown that attitude towards boss and will continue too going forward if he tries to mess with her.


“Geet… you get back to your seat. Anjali & Anitha would want to sleep next to me as both would get scared.” She blabbered whatever reason she could frame in her mind. But to her disappointment Geet had slept off and that was when she noticed the time which showed she had been thinking about from past an hour or two.


Minal made way towards her niece to look for them. Nevertheless she was astonished at the sight; that was her Boss reciting a tale to them. Both her niece loved hearing to them before they went to bed.  This was a new facet of her boss. He can’t be that bad thought Minal and to form a bad opinion. May be there was more what Boss had to say which I didn’t understand. To think about Geet’s prem, Minal had always felt he is too good to be true as Geet say. He hears her every word without any complaints so understanding…No it can’t be real. Geet would be making it up.


Minal was still in her thoughts when the bus stopped abruptly declaring their arrival of the lodge. Slowly many got up and they woke the remaining people. Maan descended down first to check at the reception their reservation after all it was he who had booked the place for everyone. But not before checking at Geet’s direction. Minal was trying to wake her up. As he spoke to the receptionist and disbursing his employees to their rooms he waited for Geet but even as many got settled she was no where to descend from the bus. He thought to check on Geet and his legs moved faster as he wanted to known the reward he would get once Geet came to know his surprise. He entered only to witness Minal trying to wake her both niece at one end and at the other end she was trying to wake Geet up. And both were giving competition to one another in troubling Minal.


He moved towards Geet and spoke in his firm voice “Get up Geet or else…” he left the words in middle intentionally. She knew that tone of his that had more hidden meaning and that’s why Geet made a pouting face but opened her eyes to find her prems naughty smile. But Geet saw Minal behind Maan, who was looking at them curiously. So she quietly followed Maan making a face anyways she couldn’t form anywords with her sleepy head to answer him back.


Now that Geet was up, Maan moved towards girls and took Anitha in his arms and asked Minal to take Anjali in hers while Geet followed them with there handy bags. Maan and Minal were in front but Geet was left behind as she dragged her legs along side the bag. She didn’t even know where she was heading to. How many times she was on the verge of falling but some how she managed it.



She was very sleepy and the husband of hers was hell bent on not listening to her. The only bright side she could see was the comfy bed she could dig into in few seconds. But when did luck favour her when it came to her sleep. In these thoughts she didn’t know when she crashed into something hard as usually she waited for the pair of arms which would engulf her and all her troubles would cease to exist from that instance. But then she was blest with a weird mocking laugh.


“You proved me right Geet. The marriage didn’t change a thing. You are the same as you were.” Geet heard him comment while her heart leapt in surprising agility.


Geet stared at the person infront of her with wide eyes and wondered whether she landed at the right place or was she still dreaming in her sleep. But a slight pinch on her hand was enough to make her sleep to vanish in thin air. She jumped in her happiness and ran to hug her even squash the lady who just stood next to the person who laughed.

Arjun just came back after settling his family to check on Geet. Did she get settled with Minal or was just left wondering out was surprised and relieved to see that Geet was in safe hands. Now he need not interfere as she is in the best hands of her sister Rajani. He left back thinking he can have his family time without any worry now. As Geet’s untimely entry had kept him occupied.




Maan had not thought that his night’s plan can get affected with this surprise. He had left Minal’s room after settling the twins there. Once he was back at the reception; the over enthusiastic wife of his sat along with her sister & brother in law. Geet’s BIL did involve in ladies talks but his disapointment was also shown on his face which the ladies royally ignored. The reason was unknown to Maan, as it was the first time these sisters are meeting after his marriage. But time thoughts everything so was this as he understood that once these sisters get together they wouldn’t remember anything. Not even their husband.


Looking at the plight of Maan, Geet’s BIL took pity and said “Maan… These ladies won’t break for the night. Let’s give them the privacy to crib about us while we can sleep peacefully today.”


Maan didn’t know what to reply and only smiled but he knew he wouldn’t get any peace once he is alone. Nevertheless he got up and wished good night to the ladies in a gentleman way or say he let them believe it so. His clever mind had already made a backup plan to capture his wife for the night.


Part 18


Geet was in still blabbering something to her sister when her cell rang. She would have ignored it but then thought against it and attended it thinking Maan might need something. Before she could say hello she heard his meek voice “Geet… do you have any tablet for fever?”


“What happened? You are not feeling well?” Geet asked anxiously.


“Geet… I am fine, we were there in the water park in the evening time so may be a bit tired and body ache. I don’t want that to turn into a fever. So if you have a tablet then let me know where it is. I would take it; you need not worry about it.” Maan played with his words as he exactly knew his wife’s reaction. She wouldn’t wait for a minute and would be at his door step. And in next second there was a knock on the door.

“Now who is knocking at the door. Can’t a sick man rest peacefully?” Maan added though he knew who it was.


“I am knocking. Why have you locked it? How was I supposed to come in? What’s taking so long to open one door?” She cribbed as she was unaware of the deliberate delay.


“Geet… it is you… wait for a minute I will open?” Maan made sure she waited anxiously.


As the door opened Geet barged in to check on her hubby dear who stood taking the support of the door and lazily made his way towards the bed after making sure he bolted the door to avoid any disturbance.


“Geet what are you searching in the bags… come here” Maan called her to bed. “Even you played in waterpark, you must also rest or else you will be in the same state as I am. Come here let me check you…”


“I am not feeling any tiredness. Let me give you medicine, I have it in my kit.” Geet said while Maan thought wickedly “Good that she isn’t tired.”


“Here have this medicine, you will get deep sleep and then all your pain will vanish.” Geet said still not getting his play. But when she touched his hands to handover a glass of water, she jolted with the chillness as Maan had washed his hands in cold water. “You are already cold let me get you another comforter.” Geet said and tried to rush to get it but Maan pulled her before that.


“I want my special comforter…” He demanded that’s when Geet looked into his eyes and understood his plan. But still she felt what if it was just her overworking minds imagination. While she contemplated about what to say or do he switched the places and he was now over her.


Geet was now sure her prem was all fine and it was a plan to call her. He started his assault and now her mind was not in a position to think anything else but to feel the emotions which he awoke. They were both drifting to such a state where mind had no work but to rest. Both had missed each other for a quite a few days and today it was time for unleashing the captive beast in them.  The world got restricted to the one other.


Outside Rajani unknown to the things happening between her sister and brother in law was getting worried for Maan and his health and was also ready to barge in to help her little sister. This worry was actually trouble her husband.


“Rajani… Where are you going?” Shekar, her husband asked.


“I will go and give these medicines to Maan. Or else you go and give by that time I will get some soup for him.” Rajani said.


“But…” He was ready to explain it to her over caring wife about Geet not being a little girl anymore. But Rajani had flown from there in next second.


He was about to knock on the door but something in him said against it. The feeble sounds were heard making him realise that he was right and should not interfere. So he quickly made way towards kitchen where he had to make her understand.


“Rajani… there is no need of all these. They have slept off so let not disturb them. They need rest. Geet is big enough to handle these situation and they don’t require our interference.” He said.


Though bit dissatisfied Rajani didn’t oppose him and kept quite to check on them first early in the morning. 



At the first sound of the birds chirping Rajani used to be awake everyday but the restlessness for her little baby sister made her sleep only the wee hours of morning. So as a caring husband it was Shekar who was taking care of all the responsibilities of the guests.


Arjun was the incharge for today’s sight seeing plan. So he was making sure that everyone would be ready. He knew his boss wouldn’t join today because Maan had to be with his relatives. But when Geet wasn’t there he thought to enquiry her BIL or sister. But when he was unable to find anyone he tried Geet’s cell but it was unanswered as Geet had left that where she and Rajani were chatting last night. Shekar was the one who noticed Geet’s mobile and kept it safely.


Tired of trying Arjun was ready to leave her and move out for the day as he recalled Shekar’s statement when both sisters had met. “These two sisters would forget the time and keep on chatting. Today night these two would be busy in their own world of gossips.”


To confirm his doubt he saw Shekar & Rajani speaking to one another.


“Rajani… You woke up?”Shekar


“Yes…” Rajani said “Did Geet wake up? Or she was still sleeping.”


“She must be still in her bed.” Shekar said.


Hearing to those words, Arjun and other staff made their way out leaving Maan and Geet for different reasons.



Maaneet came out late in the morning to have their breakfast or say brunch as they had slept late after long night. On enquiry of illness both just said that he was fine but there eyes did had the spark of last night. To avoid being more interrogated, Maan asked for some nearby place to visit.


So all the four planned to visit some nearby place, after leaving the place they thought to go to an ancient temple which was nearby. There was a custom which was followed in that temple wherein women were supposed to cover their head with their paloo while men attire should be dhoti & shawl but when they are in shirt and pant they could enter if they removed their upper garments. (Note: there are temples which follow these customs in south India so don’t be surprised)


None had any problem until Geet realised some young college girls who were there for darshan. They were giggling at themselves; she ignored that initially as girls would usually do that but then when they were often looking at her husband. Her anger was at its peak, being in temple she was supposed to be having peace of mind but here there was unrest in her.


She thought of all the different ways to keep her husband safe from these evil eyes. Finally she thought to stand in between her husband and those girls but who was she kidding. They also shifted place to have an uninterrupted view. Her husband was irresistible with those any attire on and now he would be the end of it.


Geet was supposed to go round the temple but instead she was going round her husband. Which was being noticed by many now? And they were giving weird looks at her.


Rajani who looked at Geet warned her “Geet, look in the front it is not the time to play stand still Aarthi is going to start now.”


Geet made a face but then she followed as told anyways she was glad as Maan made way so that she could stand in front of him and see the Aarthi. Not to forget the glares which she gave to those girls.


All came out and then Rajani started to shout at Geet for what she was doing inside the temple. Unable to accept the reason behind it Geet silently kept listening to her. Where as her BIL Shekar who came behind with Maan after collecting the prasadam couldn’t control more at his SIL state but laugh out. While Rajani looked a bit surprised at her husband but then Maan kinda of guessed that it was something related to the thing which Geet was doing.


“Jiju… you are not telling anything.” Geet warned but he was not ready to leave a very good chance to corner Geet thought which she gave it on her own.


“You never leave a chance to corner anyone then how can I leave this golden chance?” He said while explaining the reason behind Geet’s behaviour.


Geet got embarrassed but then she couldn’t hide what she felt or did at that time was something not in her control. After a bit time everything stabilised and everyone were back in the jolly mood with pulling each others leg for the rest of the day.



Part 19


All staff members who went together at the beginning as a team but when they were back many had displeasure written on their face. On top were Sasha, Arjun & Adi as with so many people with them controlling become hard and they couldn’t actually spend quality time with their family members.


After a lot of thought Sasha came up with an idea “Why don’t we just let the families enjoy on there on and even we can concentrate on our own family. Less the number the trip would be more joyous.” 


“But many don’t know what is there to visit and how to go to each place.” Adi commented.


“We can do one thing, lets share our plan with everyone they can choose to cover them on there own in any order they may want to. With that we don’t have to wonder where they are and when all will assemble. Only thing is at the end they have to reach here and after 2 days we will leave which we can’t delay at any cost.” Arjun concluded.


“We can always have KC time in bus.” Sasha added.


So decided by the managers and also agreed by the remaining staff as it would help them itself. They can be free from some restrictions of managers along with that they can agree to family wishes and still abide by the mangers words.


On the way back itself everything was set and also discussed what would be next days plan. As it was too late Maaneet had moved to their room and hence none noticed which room they were in.



Maaneet had reached early from the outing as they started late they didn’t venture into far away places. Needless to say Maaneet had there quality time and unknown to everyone the staff were giving more opportunity to be together away from anyone known eyes for coming days too. Today away from all the stress and loads of work Maaneet had a jovial time outside and inside in their room too. Many unsaid words and actions before were said and shared; there were neither any call which Maan had to attend urgently nor Geet had any household matters or deadlines to meet.

Morning couldn’t have been any more blissful than it was. Maan and Geet had snuggled into the other beloved. After having a contended sleep they freshened up and ready for the days trip. Geet was the first to move out and check, she found the manager trio chatting when she came to the reception and wished morning to them.


“Maam… Can we go to the near by xyz water falls, that is magnificent at this time of the year.” Geet asked.


“That’s a good idea Geet.” Maan said as he joined them in the conversation.


Maaneet missed to notice the looks which were exchanged by the trio. They also had planned for the same but when boss himself was accompanying then all their fun was at stake. And none were ready to let go of the chance to be free from order from boss. That was a different matter when the same were felt by their juniors.


Arjun was the first to react and say “We had been there yesterday and we are planning to cover the other side of the area today.” Sasha left a sigh while Adi chuckled in his style.


“Oh…” Geet made a gloomy face at missing out opportunity.


“No problem, we will go on our own then.” Maan declared his decision.


In a second Geet’s face was just the opposite ie cheerful and she said “Then I will get the bag packed.”


 She stood up to go when Maan interfered. “Geet…”


“Hmm” Geet responded as he stopped to hear him out.


“Pack some food too.”  Maan said and just went out to meet Shekar who just entered the reception area.



“You changed the plan very smartly.” Adi said.


“We wouldn’t have been so comfortable in his company.” Arjun replied.


“Come let’s tell the revised schedule to others too. I am sure those who had planned for the waterfalls would change their course too.” Sasha said smiling.




Maan did understand that his trio managers didn’t want boss to interfere in their fun when next day same thing was recreated. He was actually pleased as managers planned effectively as to avoid the site where boss was to go and his plan used to be on Geet’s wishes. He took her to the place she wanted to visit; it was actually Geet who would show the places once they reach any spot. She had visited these places before her marriage and she was being the guide for Maan. Those were the initial marriage days of her sister; she even disclosed the hide outs her jiju would take her sister for some pleasant talks whilst Geet would have been busy looking at the surroundings. She usually used to get hold when they left her alone for a long time and tease them till no end.


Now it was her time to experience that phase of the life. And she was glad that Maan didn’t mind fulfilling these small wishes; which though were small but left a lasting effect on their relation. Love and understanding are the base which they were strengthening on.


Two days rolled just in a blink of an eye. The trip ended on a happy note. And things became monotonous as the days passed by. With the heavy work load Maan started to assign Geet big projects and left her to take decisions on it. After the initial snags things become easier for Geet and any issues which she came up were only directed to Maan. Not only juniors many a times even the Arjun & Sasha would come up with loads of work issues for Geet to solve it.



Everything was running well until one fine day Geet opened her mail box in the morning to get a surprise of her life. It was her promotion e-mail elevating her to the post of Managing Director of Keerthi Designs. Attached also was the performance appraisal by all the seniors. The proposal first started with Sasha being transferred to Rajnish Creations to support Arjun on the new big venture which they acquire and then Arjun suggesting Geet’s name as the new face of Keerthi Design later Sasha seconding it.

Geet knew why Maan attached the whole appraisal mail trail; it was to make her believe that she deserved the position and the decision was not influenced by her being Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Recognition which she always wanted. Today not only she proved herself worth but also could fulfil Maan’s dreams to see her along with him as a MD. But then unfortunately things were not easy as it seems as today she had to choose in between the two happiness of her husband. Yes, she had to make a choice whether to accept this happiness or the other one which was also way to important for both of them.


However the decision wasn’t that difficult either as she chooses to give the other happiness over and above this one. And she replied through mail displaying her gratitude and also regret in not accepting the post along with it went the resignation letter of her. Reason which she didn’t want to disclose and just kept it as personal.




Maan waited anxiously to for his wife’s response but was shocked beyond doubt on reading the content of it. The next second whole staff got scared as their boss was roaring at Geet. Nevertheless Geet was anticipating the same; even the managers were shocked at Geet’s reply. The news was already spread that Geet rejected the offer of being MD of KD but on what grounds she choose to leave this big opportunity was still under covers.


Once Geet entered the cabin whilst Maan pounce on her “Why Geet you don’t trust on me or my decision?” he asked pushing her to the wall.


“Ouch… don’t push me and also keep distance atleast there must be a gap of my finger’s length.” Geet said poking him with her finger on his chest. 


Maan looked confused at her statement and looking at her silent husband Geet thought to continue “I thought to accept your proposal but then I had more alluring one in my hand and also this much pressure is not good. So I choose to reject it.”


Now Maan wanted to pull his hairs out at the puzzle she was waving around. “First you don’t accept what is told to you and now you are arguing back at me.”


“Okay… let me put it in more clear words… In one hand I had the promotion letter which is your dream and in other hand also I had your other dream. Now the question was which one should I give more importance? I could take up both for few days but later on it is highly impossible to manage both. And in that tenure where I will have to choose the company or my… I mean our bundle of joy is what I want to avoid now itself. Obviously we both want to be with the baby. But in that time I don’t want your first baby to suffer.” Geet said elaborately.


Baby, the word was enough to making him bring the sky down to earth. They were on the path of next level happiness. He could only take her in his arms silently expressing his joy to her. The two most precious gems of his life were cocooned in his arms.


Geet had tears of joy in her eyes they would have been in there world itself had it not been the ring on his mobile.


Geet took leave and came out of his closed cabin wiping of the left over tears of her cheeks which were the only thing others noticed.


Part 20


Maan was in his call for a long time, he wanted to get through it as fast as possible but then this client was not letting him and he was definitely not in the mood of business today. He wanted to spend his time with Geet rather than with his mobile. One statement from Geet has already changed his addictive nature towards work; as the minutes ticked his patience was running out. But being the client he had to be polite; at this moment he decided to take the serious action and cut short his clients’ words and ends it sooner.


Next what he had to do was to book a place very they could have there own sweet time for a while. He wanted to say so much to her but then words were at short for expressing his happiness today. He didn’t have to think twice before arranging for a small dinner outing for the night. Booking, arrangements & menu was all fixed in seconds; he wanted all the things perfect and should be comfortable too.


He thought to call her over phone to pack her bag so that they can leave but then why to waste time in calling he would pick her up on the way and leave. Today he was in a hurry but that was unknown to others so if someone came by mistake also infront of him with some issue, they were sure to get fired by him.


Unfortunately today it was Arjun, just outside the cabin Maan was stopped by him.

“Boss…” Arjun called out.


“Not now Arjun…” Maan said.


“But Boss … in the xyz project we have come across a small hitch and tomorrow afternoon we have to present the designs to the clients.” Arjun framed his sentence quite well getting the hint of temper in boss’s voice but didn’t know his luck was not with him today. 


“I said not now…handle it however you can or else postpone the meeting.” Maan said rather should be termed as his verdict.


“Geet… come with me now.” Maan said it firmly but the staff felt that today their boss was up for something. They could only pray for Geet’s safety.


Geet understood the reason behind the frustration poured out on Arjun followed silently behind him. She knew he was not or to say never could get anger on her. Once out alone away from the confines of the interference he would be normal.



Maaneet made their way out and the gossip mill started to run in full swing inside the office. Everyone had there bit of information to share with.


One said “Geet got a letter of promotion.”


“She rejected it.” said another.


“Why did she do so?” someother asked.


“It isn’t easy to handle things here. Even Geet couldn’t handle it, did you miss to see the tears which she wiped when she came out of the boss cabin. I am sure something serious must have happened.” Added a person.


“Why was she crying?” Someone questioned.


“Offcourse Boss would have been unhappy because she rejected his offer.” replied the one who was questioned.


Speculations, debates and different conclusions were being drawn by each and everyone present in the office. Some did it openly but some had it with themself. But out there away from these ridicule discussion Maaneet were having their moments.


They entered the lift and in that moment did Geet try to calm Maan as she rubbed her palm against his strong arms. “You didn’t have to be rude to him. And from when did MSK started putting your work behind. This is your first baby right.” Geet said sweetly.


“Yes, that is but I even know it can flourish without much of my intervention. People out there are being paid to take care of it and they are trust worthy enough for me to handle this new life.” Maan said as he slowly cornered her to a side of the life.


“So atleast now I get your whole attention.” Geet said smiling at his acceptance.


Maan pushed away the strands as he rested one hand at the wall behind her and the other moved to feel the life inside her and whispered “I Love You” but then he didn’t exepct silence at those words.


There was ding sound of the lift heard to break the silence and then Maan repeated again those words thinking she wants to hear it again “I Love you” but Geet replied pointing her finger towards him and slightly pushing him away “I hate you” and walked away from the lift.


Here Maan stood wondering why Geet reacted in such a way but rather than wondering he thought to check with her and he followed her. Unaware that Minal had witnessed there little exchange of words and needless to say that she was shocked to no extent. Geet was waiting next to his car; actually she was even cutier with that little anger on her face. He unlocked the car as she gladly occupied the place ignoring Maan royally.


Maan was contemplating how to make her speak out as she was not responding to any questions now.

“Geet … how about I get you an ice cream and you tell me why you are angry” Maan thought atleast now she will spill it.


“See Babaji; he only got the news today and today itself he doesn’t even understand why I am angry. What will happen when our baby will be in our hands? I am sure he would forget even my existence.” Geet cribbed loudly enough to convey her reason.


Maan instantly stopped the car hearing her explanation. Was she the same women who took such a mature decision a while ago? She thought it was just for baby and not for her as his one hand was on her stomach. Well he didn’t have any other option but to clarify her unnecessary doubt. He stepped out and bought some icecreams which as expected did melt her anger. And now she was back to herself, the issue was forgotten as the ice cream dissolved.


“Where are we going?” Geet asked in mid of her ice cream massacre.


“We are going to celebrate at the abc place; a candle light dinner.” Maan said smiling. 


“Dinner this early?” Geet said as it was still 2 in the afternoon.


“Yes, that is what I have planned, till dinner time your driver is ready to take you to any place you wish for.” Maan said.


With the cue Geet weaved a long list of things which has to be done till dinner “First we will visit a temple, then we will take sweets to home or else even better I would make some yummy delicious sweet myself and will share it with our parents, next we will have to pay a visit to the doctor also; actually it is too early to visit one but its okay no harm in paying one or two extra visit to doctor. You know at this time of the day at beach there will be no crowd so we can walk rather play in the water for a while.” Geet said giving a small chuckle whilst Maan kept on looking at her list. “Then…”Geet continued only to be interrupted by Maan


“Geet, slow down we have only few hours not a week that you are going on and on.” Maan said.


“I know we can’t cover entire things in half day but those are a part of the list of things which needs to be done. And I wanted you to know and now you do multi tasking drive us towards the temple and also hear the rest of my list.” Geet said.


“Temple…you should have told it before itself. Next to our office itself there is one.” Maan said.


“There I can’t go” Geet denied it outrightly. “Not until my delivery.”


Maan gave a confused look knowing her weird thinking. “Care to explain.”


“I want my first baby to be a boy. So I can’t climb the mountain, then how will I reach the shrine. Elders say when a woman in her pregnancy climbs a mountain she will have a girl baby.” Geet concluded.


“Geet, how can you depend on such things?” Maan questioned her. “How can your climbing mountain decide the gender of our baby?”


“I don’t know whether these things are true or false. Never ever had I got a chance to try before?” Geet said smiling sheepishly. “I don’t want too take any chances.”


“What if we have a baby girl itself even after this?” Maan asked her. “Would you not love her?”


“What are you saying? I would definitely treat her equally but somewhere I want a baby boy first. For next we can go for a girl, at that time I am ready to climb any number of mountains be it an Everest too but I have only one condition, you must accompany me there too.” Geet said as she rested her head over his shoulder.


Maan obliged her wishes as even he wanted a baby boy, with whom he could relive his life again.


Part 21/Epilogue


Geet continued with her work and slowly even her work load was reduced by Maan, though Geet wanted to support more but her health wasn’t helping her to take much of work. Off late she would get tired very soon; intake of food in regular interval also took her time. There were times when she couldn’t even sit for a few minutes peacefully forget about standing and drawing the designs.


One incident which frightened Maan to no end and put a restraining order on Geet’s entry to office was on the day when Maan had to present the final presentation to the new investors. Geet had come out of Maan’s cabin after handing him few of the work related papers of the project however she suddenly felt the pace of her heart sprinting on a 100 meters track and very soon would break Usain Bolt’s record. But then the heart took pity on Usain Bolt & reduced its pace gradually, thereby consuming most of her energy which led her to stumble in her steps which made way to the most dreadful event i.e she was about to collapse but invariably before any slip an underneath support stabilised her. As in sheer luck Maan had turned to witnessed her through his glass partition.


Though the nasty fall was averted but there was a deep impact on Maan of this incident. Rather than Geet it was Maan who was more shaken up as that was all new to him. And at the same moment when all these were happening Adi came to inform Maan “Boss, investors are here; waiting for you in the conference room.”


Geet who was back to her normal state spoke before Maan “Great, I will get the reports circulated.”


To which Maan clearly objected “Geet, you are not attending this.”


“Why shouldn’t I? I need to know what investors have to say about it only then can I proceed with next design works.” Geet said quite confused about the sudden restriction.


“You aren’t working on it anymore.” Maan said and addressed the next person in charge “Call Sasha, let her attended it as she would take over from Geet going forward.” Saying so Maan left in a hurry to look after the investors.


Maan noticed Minal entering the elevator with some reports to the meeting so he said “Minal…give this papers to me and be with Geet.” 

Maan whose attention was required at both ends let Minal take care of his wife for a while as he dealt with the investors. He also asked to keep his car ready as he would leave in a while.


Geet was yet to come in terms of the fact “How could you do this to me.” Geet complained as she felt a hand on her shoulder.


But to her dismay it wasn’t of Maan’s but Minal’s which led to the fall of that one drop of tear which was on the brisk of her eye.


“Geet calm down…” Minal said and before she could continue Geet had walked into her cubicle to pack her bag.


Minal who came running behind was shocked to see that in a blink of an eye Geet was ready to leave “Geet…” she said but before she could say a thing more Geet replied “I was anyways on the brisk of handing over my jobs, there are few more work left which I would complete it and send them over.”


“But…” Minal said but then Geet just gave a final look at her place before moving out of her workstation.




Maan introduced Sasha to the investors as the new lead to work on the project and said due to some family emergency he would want to postpone the meeting to the next day.  Though investors were not happy with the abrupt change in the plan but then understood as every other details of the project were laid out in front of them.


In few minutes Maan took leave only to meet Geet in the elevator who was ready to slip away from him but then who was she kidding. And as the elevator door closed behind them Maan spoke first shedding away the brave face “Geet are you fine…are you experiencing any pain. And what are you doing alone? This Minal can’t do a thing properly; she was supposed to be with you. I was about to call you we are going home. You need to take rest. I have told you thousand times to take rest properly but why would you listen to me? Haah…”


Rather than answering his question Geet bombarded him with questions “First tell me what you are doing here? You are supposed to handle my project right?”


“First reply me then I would answer” Maan got annoyed.


“No… first answer me…” Geet showed who is more annoyed.


But then the fight would have continued if not the doors of the elevator opened leaving them out of their privacy. Quitely both climbed into the car and as Maan led the car out of the gates of KC the arguements started to flow like water. After few turns and signals both had let their frustration cool down and started answering the other clearing misunderstandings air between them.


Maan stopped the car infront of their home when he said “Geet…it is time you take proper rest and care. I am more worried about the baby. I can take care of the office tensions but not a scuff on you two.”


“But it is just few more days as we had planned earlier then anyways I would be off of your office.” Geet said quite disappointed.


“For me…”Maan said.


“Anything for you…” Geet said agreeing to him and continued “Nevertheless any help, you know where to look for…”


“Offcourse…come I will give you a ride to the bed…” Maan said while passing a loop side smile to her as he picked her up in his arms.


“Only a ride…”Geet said as her fingers started to loosen the tie around his neck and slowly tipping off the buttons to unravel the afternoon delight all for her self. Needless to say what followed rest…




Minal was left to wonder what was really happening and only conclusion she deduced was Maan loved Geet but she rejected his offer (both love & promotion) and also left the job to have peace in her marital life. And even after that he has some soft corner towards Geet as he asked Minal to take care of her. Personally Minal didn’t like Maan because he was the reason for which Geet had to leave this office. In all these things she lost a wonderful colleague, senior and also a friend.


She wanted to speak to Geet and keep in touch with her but alas the work load with which her boss gave made it difficult to be in constant touch. Better late than never she finally got a chance on a day after about 2-3 months and was delighted to know that she gave birth to a baby boy a week ego. And now she wanted to meet the mother and the baby but how was they to ask for off or even to leave office early. As boss was nowadays very very rare to appear from past 2 weeks but wanted the work to be perfect. It was only through mails did he correspond even he was not reachable through phone. The previlege to speak was there only with the Arjun, Sasha & Adi and leave was approved by Maan himself at crucial times. He missing in office only left her wishes in abeyance.


But then she was not going to stop trying. Finding a way Minal went to Sasha and news spread like a fire about Geet and her boy. Many who were close to Geet wanted to visit but again the question was who would tie the bell around the cat’s neck. Luckily on the same day afternoon Maan came to office and Sasha took the lead for asking the permission.


Sasha was about to knock the door when Minal stopped her “Ma’m…”


“Yes…Minal” Sasha asked.


“Please don’t mention Geet’s name…boss would get angry and might not let us leave early.” Minal said.


“Hmm…” Sasha responded but then anyways she knew how to tackle the issue too.


Once inside the cabin…


“Boss…” Sasha said “Some of us wanted to leave office today 2 hours early. Actually we all are planning to go to visit Geet and baby.”


Maan was serious till now got a smile on his face remembering the cute buddle of joy.


Minal who was also present thought “Looks like boss still has interest in Geet.”


Hearing no response from Maan, Sasha offered “Boss… why don’t you accompany us?”


And next second the smile vanished as he remembered how Geet had threatened him to leave them and to visit office as Maan was not ready to leave his son. But then Sasha’s offer was so alluring, he can be with his son again…  And about Geet…. he can always explain his side to her easily.


Minal thought “may be Boss is scared to face her now.”


“Okay… I will come along?” Maan said and then continued to question about the projects going on.


Minal who was watching Maan’s reaction intently was shocked at the acceptance of Sasha’s proposal.


Geet had messaged the address to Minal of her parent’s guest house which was a bit far from the office.  After travelling around for 2 hrs they reached the place, Maan was driving alone in his car while others were coming in Arjun’s car. Everyone thought that Maan would follow Arjun’s car but to be on the safer side Minal messaged Maan the address which Maan didn’t bothered to even check as it was a message from an unknown number.


Both left the car outside the guest house. Everyone gathered at the entrance and waited for Maan to join them so that everyone can enter at once. And also they had to give some importance to boss right.


The door was opened and they were asked to wait in the hall as the servants would call up the Mehra’s. But at the same time Maan’s mobile rang and he excused himself to attend the call and went out towards the lawn to finish it whereas others settled themselves in the hall waiting for someone to show up.


In a few minutes Mr. Mehra, Geet’s father came to greet everyone as bit later Geet to joined all with the little one.  Minal was the first one to approach Geet to take the baby from her. Each one of them had one or the other thing to say when they saw the baby. Some enquired about the health of the mother & baby while some were advising them about the precautions to be taken.


For few moments everything seemed to be fine until Sasha who was cuddling the baby asked “Where is your Papa baby???”


In a jiffy Geet replied “Don’t take his name. I had to literally push him out of this home today”

Everyone was dumbfolded ‘Did she just push her prem, her hubby out?’


Adi gave his signature laugh and brought everyone else to reality. Sasha asked “Geet, you are a mother now, how can you do such a thing with your husband.”


For which Geet clarified “He wasn’t even ready to leave him for a second, he hadn’t touched any of his office work.”


Adi said “Its okay Geet, you don’t have to get mad. He is the Boss and he has made sure his subordinates are adept enough to handle situations like this.”


“Adi Sir, You will say like this but I know how everyone needs his attention, I can’t let anyone point their finger at him.” Geet said.


The conversation would have continued if the baby had not interrupted everyone and gained their attention.


“Geet, looks like he is hungry.” Minal said.


“No, he might need a change” said someone else.


“Or, he must be sleepy” said another.


“Let me have a look” said Geet as she took the baby inside.


That’s when Minal asked “Where did Boss go, he didn’t come in to see the baby?”


“He must be busy with the call, better I will check it once” Arjun said as he walked out.


“I think we should leave now, it is getting late too” Sasha said.


“But Boss” Minal said as she didn’t want to leave Boss alone here as she couldn’t deduce what all can happen here.


“Neither is he outside nor his car and even his cell his busy so must be on call too.” Arjun said.


Taking the cue all decided to leave but as Geet was busy with the kid, they informed her parents and took leave.


Minal had a relief as their boss had left without meeting them.


Geet put her baby to sleep and came back after a while only to know that all her friends have left. She thought to take a walk around in the mean time as she had to wait for her prem to show up. She wanted to tell him about the visitors who came today. As she strolled in the garden she heard a little murmuring voice. Since it was dark she hesitated to go further but then suddenly she saw some light and a tapping sound on laptop, that’s when she realised her husband was busy on the swing with his laptop.


“I thought you went to office” Geet said breaking his concentration.


“Well I was but came back soon and what are you doing here? It is time for your dinner right then why are you still strolling around?” Maan replied.


“Oh… I got late as Arjun sir, Sasha maam, Adi Sir, Minal and others had come to see us.” Geet said.


“Come to see us means, they left already.” Maan asked.


“Yes, even I didn’t get to say bye to them, it was getting late so left without informing me.” Geet replied. “Wait a second you knew they were here.”


“Yes, I came with them itself, but as I got a call from the client got busy with the work.”  Maan responded.


“Uff prem, they were our guests you should be the one to receive them.” Geet cribbed. “this is how you take care of guests?” she continued to question.


“Geet, I didn’t even want to leave you. I would have anyways left it on them to handle this project. It was you, who pushed me into the work and now that I have got involved I can’t get back out in the middle of the discussion with the client.” Maan said.


“That doesn’t mean you ignore your guests.” Geet said.


“Okay, next time I would keep in mind. And for your kind information our staff does understand my position and wouldn’t have minded anything.” Maan replied.


“Yes, Adi sir did mentioned that they will co-operate.” Geet said.


“See, I told you.” Maan said for which Geet could only agree while he continued “Geet, can I ask you something today.”


“You don’t have to think once.” Geet replied.


“Well, I wouldn’t say until you promise on our baby that you will do as I say.” Maan said it as he laid his trap.


“Now, where did that come from? You know I wouldn’t say no to you.” Geet said while she was sceptical about where was he leading this to.


“Okay then you are ready to hear me.” Maan enquired.


“Now, will you stop scaring me, prem” Geet said.


“There you go, you will call me by my name only.” Maan said and before she could answer he continued “You just promised on our baby.”


“You are not supposed to trap me like this.” Geet cribbed but knew there was no escape now but to agree to her husband demand.



Days rolled on and the baby was getting all the love and attention from everyone. But as the time passed the work pressure also increased for Maan. New projects pressure and absence of his better half in office was clearly visible to him but he couldn’t have asked Geet to work when their baby needed her all attention and rest is what more required to Geet than the stress of work.


One day it so happened that a project of two residential complex came up for intial presentation and both designs draft sketch were to be prepared overnight as the client was taking holiday for a month long & was in a hurry to kick start their work beforehand itself thereby amplifying the toil on Maan’s shoulder.  Though the competent staffs were present in his company last minute evaluation had to be done and also he being the one presenting it should know its content to its minute level. Continous strain to his eyes led him to a deep slumber in a jiffy.


Maan had no idea till what time he slept until he heard Geet saying “Shhh… don’t make too much of sound. Your dad would wake up, he rarely gets rest nowadays. So don’t make too much of noise.”

As if he would follow Geets words. His Dad name itself bought so much happiness to him that he started to giggle and call his dad in his own language.

There couldn’t have been any better way than waking up to the laugh of his kid. Maan looked at him and slowly made his son to rest on his chest. The small kid was more than happy to be on his dad. It was very less time that Maan spent with his son but still the very little time was a memorable one.

Geet tried to intervene as Maan was still sleepy but she didn’t have a say when the father and son duo were together.


Maan always lost track of time while he was with his baby’s but his both baby’s knew how to help him come back on track. Small one cried out as he had to be cleaned and the big one asked him to freshen up as the clock is not going to stop if you are playing with baby.


Maan sighed with his wife comment and his eyes fell on the laptop kept on the side table which bought him to reality that he was supposed to review two reports where as he fell asleep in mid itself. Time gone is gone, he started to hurry up with the things to obtain some time to analyse the reports.


He was in on his way to office when he opened the laptop to look at the reports only to get a sweet surprise. There was a file which had summarized the whole report to help him understand them very fast. Well he didn’t have to think twice to understand who was behind this. In no time his mind started working on present situation as well as future. What beholds for them was quite clear for him. May be time is right to take steps to higher levels.


That day the wait till evening felt like a far affair for him. He had so much in his mind that had to be shared with his wife that every second took hours to pass by. Finally his patience worned out as he made his way out towards his home. It was not just the success of these projects he had to share but also the long awaited dream of his would be true soon.


Geet was waiting for a call from Maan for a long time. She was trying to make her son sleep while she had lot to complain about. Heavens above was thanking their stars as Geet wasn’t complaining anymore to Babaji but the new ear was her own son. He must be thinking its better to sleep without a fuse than to here those complains.


“Don’t know what would have happened? Neither did he call me nor picking my call to explain him about the work I did for him. See Prajwal, your dad had to run away to office before I could tell him and now I am left wondering what happened? Did my efforts paid off. Let him come home we will not talk to him.” These were the last words Baby heard from his mother as he dozed off. But who was to stop Geet, her trail of thoughts was on & on until a hand covered that mouth.


“Enough Geet” Said Maan “Prajwal has slept long back. Whom are you talking to?”


“Really” whispered Geet against Maan’s hand as he gave a little space for her. But that little space was not given for her to speak but to let him cover hers with his lips.


Geet was taken by surprise but that’s not something she could ever resist and she responded with the equal valour. They wouldn’t have left that moment had they not required a little breathe to survive.



Three years had passed and she had not seen this building but today she was standing infront of the same premises where she had started her new life, her carrer, her work. She was an amateur at that time and now with the help of her husband, her Maan she will today take over charge officially as Co-MD of KC and MD of Keerti Designs.


She would have been lost in her thoughts when someone tapped on her shoulders. She without looking said “What took you so long?”


“I should ask you that, what took you so long??” said Minal. She was first surprised to see Geet in front of her then happy to have seen her old friend.


“Hey Minal, How are you? I could keep in touch with you. I was so occupied with my life that I could not get time to call up personally anyone.” Geet said feeling little bad.


“Well, I should say sorry to you. I always wanted to be in touch but life became too busy after you left. It is only from past few months that MB has made us relieved. You know how bad the situation was. He was loaded with so much of work and we all had to cope up with his extra anger which used to surface for ever small small things.” Minal said while she left a sigh of relief.


“Really, Then now there isn’t any overload of work?” enquired Geet as she was surprised to hear the repercussions of her Maan’s work.


“Work load and that too less is not a good sign for the business, Geet” exclaimed Minal and continued “New senior people are on board now to fill the gap between the top and lower level people.


“Meaning?” Geet didn’t get what exactly Minal was saying.



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