Pyaar Ke Liye

Maroon and cream curtain adored the windows at the right side and light was penetrate slightly through the balcony doors at the foremost corner; while the whole place was illuminated with scented candles; jasmine flowers left a pleasing fragrance everywhere. But the person in that place was far from all these aesthetics around. Only thing that ran in that mind was the disappointment, pain and the hurt witnessed in those eyes, which always had so much love and care. How could I give pain to the one whom I love so much but we hurt the person we love the most because we believe that we have right over them not only to love them but also to hurt them. I came out of my world when I heard the person who stood leaning over the door frame maybe dressing room. “Thinking about me”. Well I couldn’t look into those eyes which still had that hurt. I didn’t have to reply as this was yet another figment of my mind, which was the same I have been witnessing from past few days.

Part 1

A room where light was faintly lit a figure clad in a white salwar kameez was lost in the music which played; her angelic face was gracefully portraying the emotions; In sync with the rhythmic bol of the music composition her body joyfully embossed poised stance while her trained hands gladly took form of mudras as per the bol, the jingle of anklets in her feet was marking its presence and giving tough competition to the music itself; as the music started to increase its tempo her whole form was also swaying in the same melody. Her face showed the bliss she felt when she took every turn, the music & the jingle of anklets lost its volume against the Thap of her feet as she elegantly moulded herself to the tunes. Birds chriping sound from outside joined her harmony to wakeup the sun to bless the world with his warmth. This was the same routine she followed from past 20 years, with just slight difference before she used to be only a student & now a teacher also to all the small kids around. She sat in the middle of the room calming her self to breathe normally for sometime or may be more than sometime, lost in the beat of her heart. And as usual Mrs. Prasad sent some or the other person to bring her back to this world & to help her in the day to day work to attend to all the kids in the Vatsalya Orphanage. VO was her responsibility as that was found by her parents, which became her home once they left her alone in this big world, she wouldn’t leave a stone unturned if need by. Then would be losing herself in books all around her, she couldn’t help being lost as she was the assistant to the librarian in the City Central Library. Being her she did get ample time to study & learn more about dance through the collections available in Library & also bit time to earn some money by giving small articles for newspapers & magazines. And this bit of amount was used for her self while the remaining she spent on VO’s expenses.

Looks like today it isn’t her day as nothing was happening as normal, first she was late & missed her train then while she was waiting for next train she bumped into an old friend Ms. Kavya, who happened to remember & recognise her even after so many years. She even informed about the alumni meet happening next week, well this was some good news though as she could get a chance to get some donations for VO. This made her miss the train again & reach the library late by an hour & as usually the Librarian was not there & today the inspector came for a surprise visit so now she is given the duty to butter this lady. But had she ever stop fighting no… And today also she didn’t leave any chance to work out things in her way. She had kept all the records & cards all up to date and organised so she could easily calm the lady and to add the cherry on the cake was her pleasant smile, which could melt anyone in just seconds.

When she was busy with the inspection a young guy met up with the librarian regarding the restoration work of the CCL. After an hour long discussion with librarian. He started to go around the place to inspect in depth the attention he should give to each & every corner of the building. It was a huge building with racks of books stored based on the categories which will be moved to one place to help the workers to work freely & also not to trouble the users of this library. While he was scrutinizing the place at one side & thinking the outline of his plan; his eyes caught the beautiful sight of slender figure; lost in carrying a large number of books to the large table placed in the side corridor where only one person was sitting. He wondered was she planning to read those many books now while she is not even able to hold everything in one place properly. From him it looked like she was a student & the matron bossing around her. He stood there for a moment more to see a slight smile playing on her lips on successfully gaining appreciation from her matron. He walked away when his assistant came with the layout plans of the building & got engrossed in his work.

She felt like someone is following her, even after looking around for a long time she couldn’t find who was that as the library was having more hustle & bustle today, reason of which she was unaware of it. Putting aside those thoughts as she had other things to worry; so just started to complete her remaining work & wrap up for the day. Still didn’t fail to catch a glimpse of one person who was looking at her & felt something not right with that look. She stormed out to reach back home to complete her scheduled article to be sent to the publishers; deciding to inform them about the delay she stopped in a bus stop to search a mobile from her bag; that’s when she alarm to find the same person in front trying to come close to her that too when the stand was deserted. She moved away & continued her work, while he followed her steps & asked her to come with him. Even after warnings when he didn’t stop his advances; she regretted for not having any stilettos and gathered all her strength to stomp her foot on that guys legs & left the place; while the guy struggled to even move his leg properly.

Before leaving he wanted to take a quick look to that girl again but looks like she had left before itself. He got back into his car & sat watching the view of the CCL at his right, analysing the architecture while the sun had smeared a red hue on it. He settled his seatbelt to move out, when he heard a sound other side of the road and witnessed a girl in blue jacket was being misbehaved by a guy. He was about to move out to help her but stopped witnessing the scene.

Part 2


He reached his home late that was not a new thing but couldn’t hide that smile that was playing on his lips. Two ladies who sat there gave a surprised look to each other indicating what this is for. Looking at them he was reminded of the morning incident and just left from there to the place where it started. He was in his tracks relaxing his muscles from the day long work. Broad shoulders flexed to exhibit the strength hidden in them; biceps bulged as his hands and forearm took alternative opportunity to strike on the wooden practice stand. Every thrust into the stand accompanied along with it a groan from his m shaped lips. Once satisfied he stood in front of the exercise instrument giving back to it while he started to pull the strings of the weights back and forth with his firm hands while his chest expand and contract in sync with the movement. The sweat gave a shining effect to his herculean body. His mind went back to the moment which had transpired at the time of this exercise.



She had come to him running and wanted to give his favourite black coffee. He took it with a dazzling smile as 2 of the most special things were there in front of him. One his black coffee and 2nd was this girl for whom he could do anything to keep her happiest. But his smile didn’t last a second as he had his weird tasting coffee & spited out the very next second it reached his tongue. “What happened, is it too hot, did you burn your tongue; take it slowly it is best coffee you would have ever tasted” She replied. “This is the world’s worst coffee I have ever tasted what you have done with my black coffee” was his reply. “I just improvised it with adding ginger in it. This is my special innovation for you”. He was shocked …”Innovation… from now on you are not allowed anywhere near my black coffee & this is final”.


His revive was broken by the sound of anklets and he just ignored it but she didn’t lose hope & tried to gain his attention. After sometime the sound faded; he wondered what happened but didn’t wanted to go behind her & check. Before he could think anything else his legs followed towards the strong smell of coffee which hit his nostrils. Just outside his gym on the side table was the fresh cup of black coffee, which he took without any second thought and sat on the couch to cherish every sip of it. When he finished it he heard the sound of anklets again but his complaints was satisfied with cup in his hand which brought million dollar smile on his face. He gestured her to come & sit next to him; which was obliged in the next second. “I am sorry for morning, this is one of the best coffee” saying so he moved to his room to freshen up for dinner.



She was on cloud nine hearing praise from his mouth; she was jumping, dancing & ran to the other lady who was watching the duo with a big smile. “Maa, Maa, Maa… He praised my coffee”.  “Yes… I told you… He will cool down soon”. It was a quite dinner with the elder lady whom both addressed as Maa well actually grandmaa but they called her Maa only as she look after them since very young age was complaining about the huge number of girlfriends which he is handling. One or the other reasons he will be in news. But as usual that didn’t matter to him; he just left after the dinner to his den.



Once in his world he took out his book which he has been successfully hidden it from everyone’s eyes & started to record that 3 beautiful things he encountered in that day. One was the scene which was witnessed by him in the library girl with her matron not to miss that smile. Second was another girl in blue jacket who dealt with that guy where he couldn’t miss her leg replying him for his advances. Last one being the twinkling eyes & the smile on these two ladies in his home when he praised the coffee. This book had those moments of his life which he always cherished. Be it his parents, grand parents, sibling, cousins, friends or be it any unknown outsider. All those who made a place in his heart did make there presence in this sketch book. Yes he never wrote about them but just drew them here, only he knew who they are & what they did to hold a place in his heart.

Once treasuring them he went back to old memories, he stopped at one such pic where a small girl around 10 may be had tears in her small hazel eyes. Those tears were bigger than her eyes; she had fallen in the middle of the stage in the drama happening in his school. And everyone around there was just looking at her. He had rushed to help her stand & get first aid as her knee was bleeding very badly. Even after nursing her wounds those tears had not stop; he didn’t know why but it had really pained to see her like that. He wanted to put a smile on that face but didn’t how to, he wiped those tears from his fingers but still that didn’t stop. Told her not to cry but she wasn’t listening to him. He was also small kid how could he know to make her smile even when she was in pain. But he is Maan Singh Khurana who is determined to complete this task. He fished his pockets to find a chocolate there to his luck it was her weakness. He sat on his knees in front of her and said “If you stop these tears I will give you this chocolate”. Mention of chocolate made her wipe her tears & look in front of her; She grabbed it in next second but struggled to open it. He pulled it back from her with that the tears were also making a come back; giving a smile he opened the pack & gave her to get the dazzling smile back on her face.

Part 3

She came back cursing him who dares to mess with her but the moment she entered the VO premises, her home she calmed down. There was something in here which gave her peace, may be coz she felt her parent’s presence which gave her all the strength she needed to face this world & carry on all her responsibilities. In her abode, she had plenty of things to deal with her articles which had to be sent which she called as her homework while she helped the kids there with there homework, played, enjoyed & had fun with them.


While playing a small little girl had a fall and started to cry, she ran to nurse her. All of them sat around her trying to cheer up, but that little girl had different plans up her sleeves. In between her sobs she asked her di “when will chocolate prince come and give me a chocolate”. That was enough for our Geet to know what was playing in this cute little devil & she replied “chocolate prince will come and by chance if he was busy then would send some to deliver the chocolate to the wounded girl but only if you had fallen really not for a planned one.” The little girl couldn’t do much but agree her drama for the chocolate. All retired to bed trying to think different ideas for a skit that could be staged in alumni meet.


But sleep was far away from those eyes as time was less & work was more. She had to plan, organise, and execute everything correctly at a place where she had also performed once before about 6 years back, that was never intended to but was compelled by that disappointing face. They had planned a western dance from there college for the intercollegiate competition but when only two days where left the lead girl who was supposed to support him had a accident & couldn’t move her hand. Doctor advised not to move her hand even an inch or else she had to forget writing. And to find a new lead & then practice was not a child’s play. Everyone thought that this time they would lose the trophy even before the competition.

The whole class had become silent mourning the loss that’s when she came and sat in the class & wondered why today class looked like a mourning place. She silently wished for everyone’s safety and holding her breath asked one of them the cause of this. When she told the reason she left out a huge sigh that gained the whole attention towards her. But even she was Geet ready with a solution it may work or not that’s secondary but solution is what she always had. So was this time she explained them about her plan and almost all were looking at her like an alien. How could she even think of finding a new pair in this short time & achieve the excellence in the performance & win in it.

She suggested she could do Indian classical dance while the other could do the western as planned before. It was not a plan which everyone welcomed but it was better to try then quitting. She asked for the song and sat there listening to it while many just left the place as they considered this as flop idea. After about two hours she got up did what she thought could best fit the music.

He was really impressed with what she came up in such a little time both worked together changing the order of the turn they will take. At the end it was decided that she would take the initial one minute then he would follow for the next minute and in the last both will do it simultaneously.
And on the D – day, it came as a shocking to everyone as none expected them to perform with the standard which outclassed the previous planned skit. His steps matched the beats as her payal matched with his steps. His moves met with the tempo while her turns were in line with his. Everyone was spellbound as they even forgot to end the record at 3 minute. Geet, as usual she forgot to stop until she could beat the music itself. Once he looked at her seeing her dancing even he didn’t stop. But song did finish to break everyone’s revive and to applaud the magnificent pair which was a cynosure to them.

That had a long lasting effect on everyone’s mind and soul. Geet clearly remembered his face that had glow at the time of receiving the winning trophy. He used to speak only when asked and when it was required. But still he was a known face in the college. It was only two days when she had known him, spent some time with him. When ever he said his name there was pride in his eyes & also in his voice, so was in his name Maan. Hope one day we will meet again may be in the meet.

OMG meet, what are we going to do, think Geet think, come on you have to come up with a unique idea again. Still thinking about idea, him and her good old days sleep took over her while there was a smile which played on those lips.

When both were happy remember things of past but were unknown to the things which would unfold the next day. What destiny had stored for them. As much happiness that was knocking into there life even the pain was accompanying them.

Part 4

Geet had taken an off for the day to teach the kids, they would be practicing on there own this evening. She was busy for the first half of the day finishing off the backlog work and during lunch she could spend some time with her colleagues who had so much to tell her. Hot topic was the duo boss and his assistant. Poor assistant was being ruthless treated while the boss was enjoying his plight. “How could someone be heartless?” “All bosses know only to exploit there subordinates”. “That poor guy was actually limping”

Having enough of there gossips Geet asked “Who are these guy that you all are discussing so interestingly”

Didn’t you see the architect the other day of the inspection said Vijaya

She would have hardly seen something else other than work replied Jaya that too even before Geet could open her mouth

I will tell you in detail exclaimed Vijaya and started “This guy is taking care of our CCL’s restoration work; he came with his assistant for measuring & planning the layouts and don’t know what else he was doing. Yesterday morning his poor chap came late by just 5 mins & for that he had receive a lecture for 15 mins by his so called boss, he had his ankle twisted so was limping already, but boss made his life a living hell. He was standing almost 2 hrs hearing his boss even after knowing about his pain in ankle & this man coolly sat there ordering him. Unfortunate guy was running all round the library for almost whole day it felt to me like he was given punishment in army to serve 100 rounds of the ground. At the end of the day he wailing with the pain but that brutal boss didn’t here even a single plea. I had to call a cab for him in the evening so that he could go to hospital. You know he could hardly lift his leg, don’t know how he must have dragged himself. I thought of even give a peace of mind to that boss.”

The Jaya said “You… Giving piece of your mind… You wouldn’t be able to speak a word in front of him … You were just drooling over him with jaws open”.

As if you didn’t… barked Vijaya

Rolling her eyes seeing these two ladies sorry sorry Aunties Geet calmly replied “You were all cursing him just a second ago.. N now fighting for him”

“Well he is a hot boss but also rude, arrogant, merciless and you can add also those adjective in that dictionary” added Jaya

Oh really then where is he today…enquired Geet

Don’t know may be taken off as his assistant would definitely be on sick leave and no one to do his work was all that Jaya could think off.

“Well if we all sit here for a moment more then don’t know about your hot boss but definitely our boss will bark on us” said Geet as a matter of fact.


I wanted to finish off the measuring part today & give attention to other sites too. Every where things were moving behind schedule and here his assistant is not on time. He felt desperate need to calm down but how he couldn’t think of any ways; suddenly he remembered the glimpse of the smile he had seen a day before. He had not seen her face clearly but still he could feel a connection yesterday and searched for her at the same place but she was not there. Then thought to look around for her in the library but may be I am searching too early as I couldn’t find her anywhere.


I came back to my place only to find my assistant Rajesh coming towards me that too limping. I understood who was responsible for his state as I had seen him stumbling to walk after that lady had stabbed him & in turn twisting he must have twisted his ankle too. Anger rose to a new height thinking my staff could do something so disgusting. This time he has to face MSK’s wrath; first I bombarded him for being late he made an excuse of his injury there too he didn’t mind lying to me. He thought he could fool me, so I purposefully made him stand for hours while I sat & explained to him each & everything in detail, asked him to do all the irrelevant things, made him run for small small things, didn’t let him to have his lunch or a breather peacefully. At the end of the day I warned him if I again noticed these things again the consequences will be worst & left from there.


But my rage was not something which could be calmed so easily & my irritation was quite visible in my home too. They knew how to get me back to normal, so did my little devil came up with her new innovation. I was so glad that it was not on my black coffee. But something worst this time she had thought off; she brought a chain at one end it had a stand where she placed a lit candle. She asked me to see only the light of the candle after a while she started to swing the chain but when I moved my neck accordingly to follow the candle I was stopped & asked not to move my neck but only my eyeballs should follow it. She was happy that I did what she asked me to & that did relax my nerves too. Be it how much kiddish I wouldn’t mind doing it for her. I met her when everyone left me; she is my life for whom I gathered myself after my parent’s death 20 years back. Even she was alone there crying; I couldn’t have let her there just brought her home & said maa she will be here in this home. She had not only obliged but also loved her, now everyone knows her as MSK’s sister Netra Singh Khurana.

Part 5

She came running down the huge steps of the library with a bag hanging on her right shoulder while her veil left the trail of her direction. Wind carried the smell of the wet mud indicating the approaching rain towards her. It was late evening and the road which lead to the entrance had trees on the either side. She had just stepped the last step when the rain quenched the heat of the earth and the drop sound ignited her to play with it. How could she leave this opportunity? She discarded her bag under a tree and played swirled with it.

Arre aankh se boond gira koi

Chingari ka tukda jala koi

Umeed ko aag laga zara

Sehra ki pyaas bujha zara

Ghan itna baras ke galne lagoon

 Mai paani ke upar tarne lagoon

Behne de mujhe behne de mujhe

 Behne de mujhe behne de


He had to collect those files and had driven himself to the library hoping that was still open. Car stopped in front and his attention went to the girl in white dress descending the steps. How much he had searched her yesterday and today when she was in front of him. He couldn’t do anything but stare at her without blinking his lashes. Now he saw her twirling under the dark clouded sky between the green trees. Even the lighting and thunder couldn’t deter her passion to stop.

Behne de mujhe behne de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behne de

Behne de ghanghor ghata

Behne de paani ki tarah

Saagar mein jaa girna hai

Behne de nadiya ki tarah


He so wanted to capture this moment from close and his legs followed their own accord. As he neared her he could no longer see the happiness but there was only pain while she danced there forgetting the world around. There were tears freely rolling down her checks. His heart ached to see a strong fighting girl in vulnerable condition; he would have returned had he found the smile on that face but not when those tears adored her face. Next what happened was that he could have never dreamt of.

Shart lagi hai mar jaane ki

Jeena hai toh pyaar mei

Dil kahin bhi ho mera

Jaan rakhi hai yaar mei

Behja behja hai saagar ka kehna

Behja behja hai nadiya ko behna


Rain was the only thing she could remember of that night. Every time it rained it pained her; why could she not remember anything is what she always questioned. She started to move her hands and legs faster breaking the path of rain. She had always felt peace in dancing but today that was far away from her. She could have broken any minute and fall on her knees but before she could reach the ground she was pulled into the something hard.


Patte se tapakti boond ki awaaz sunai di thi

Nadiya mei tapak aur gum ho ja

Beh gaya beh gaya jo reh gaya reh gaya

Beh gaya beh gaya jo reh gaya reh gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de



He saw her falling and next second he supported her & pulled into his embrace to protect her, to calm her, to eliminate all that her pains. Stroking slightly in her hair helping her to relax from the storm rose in her which he could feel with just a mere glance at her. He wanted to question about the battle happening in her; alas words couldn’t make its way. In moments he could feel her calming down but he was getting lost in it as even his heart could feel the calmness which emitted through this closeness. But is this calmness giving way to the upcoming turmoil or would last long enough to cherish it was the question.


Mera pal-pal ang-ang bhar diya

Tuney jaan pe junoon saa kar diya

Mera hai kya jo main haar doon

Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon


Her cold shivering hands could feel some soft wet fabric; hear the heart beats more clearly & loudly while she felt her hair being caressed & a hold around her back to support her to stand in place. Tears disappeared from those hazel eyes feeling the warmth in that chillness.  Suddenly calmness which was nowhere near her came back to her restless heart. Mind which was lost somewhere realised where she was & what she was doing. Opening those eyes and coming out the hold she looked into the eyes of that stranger tears clouded again to have lost herself here. Taking steps backwards to collect her bag & ran away to her home.


Doob gaye jo suna hai saare

Tere dere aate hain

Dil ki chulu mei bechare

Dubkiyan gotey khaate hain


He was startled with the sudden push bring him out of his world, facing the girl in front of him; what to answer her for his actions; why he was hugging her; intruding her life, when she was in her own mayhem. Before he could comprehend anything she was vanished in the darkness leaving him to think about his action today why he was searching her yesterday, why he forgot everything seeing her, why he invaded into her vulnerable state, Why he couldn’t turn back.    


Beh ja behja chal todh kinaare ko

Behja behja dhar le majhdhaare ko

Chingari udha ke raakh se

Ek boond gira ke aankh se

Chalne ka ishaara kar gaya


She ran from there not able to understand this calmness which she felt in someones arms. She could still feel the essence of him warming her. But how can she feel something like this from an unknown person. She blamed herself as it’s her mistake to have been there a wrong place and time. What would he think about me that he made such advances? No fault is mine to have been so susceptible to the rain. She decided she would be strong enough to overcome her pain and not let anyone take advantage of her state.   


Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de


He stretched his arms & looked towards the sky as if he would get his answers there; drenched in rain and also in these thoughts he turned to get back to his car but there was something under the tree which caught his attention. He saw a jacket fallen there must be of the girl, which probable must have fallen while running away from there. Jacket made him to think back what had happened a day before yesterday near the same place. Could she be the same girl.  

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de

Both drifted to away with different thoughts running in there mind; but one thing both somewhere knew that the after effects of this meet would last long.

Part 6

Getting back to normal was way too simple for these two souls as for each one of them it was others who were important than themselves Maan had his sister to replace his questions while Geet had bunch of kids who needed her attention. His sister was ready to complain for leaving her alone & enjoying in the rain but now the rain had stopped and also it was already late night so she couldn’t enjoy. He had to do so much to stop her complain & get back to his terms. Their Maa was the happiest person to see them together sharing such a lovely bond against all the odds they had faced.  Here she had to bear all the tantrums of the kids for being late in the rehearsals. She knew her ways with them just a bit promise & care took away all there protest. But they both couldn’t deny the warmth which engulfed their heart and a thought of how to face the other if they ever met.

Morning in CCL….

“Jaya, did you see that boss has got a new assistant today; another soul at his mercy.”

“Yes Vijaya, poor his subordinates. Did Geet come today, I haven’t seen her yet. And also let’s spy on him. He is working near Geet’s counter”

“Geet, you look so pale dear; what happened are you fine.” Enquired Vijaya.

“Just a headache” replied Geet.

“Why don’t you shift to my counter today. You can take rest there as there will not be huge crowd there.” Suggested Jaya

“So that you can check him out here right Jaya. Geet shift to my counter” Vijaya countered

“For whom are you both fighting today”

“Same boss Geet, didn’t you notice he is standing there blasting another assistant of his.” Exclaimed Jaya

Geet’s eyes were struck there finding him here. He is the one whom these two were cursing last time; so was he there to help me or was he trying to take advantage of my venerable state. Either way I don’t want to face him here. “I have an idea for your problem. Why don’t one of you take this position till lunch while the other can take post lunch” this way even my problem is solved thought Geet.

“Good idea Geet. I will be here 1st half. what if he shifts to some other place post lunch”. Came a swift reply from Vijaya.

Before anyone could object or he notice’s her she fled to the other corner of the CCL.


First thing when he entered the premises his eyes wandered towards that direction where he had found her last two days and instantly he could find her too. Sitting in her seat fiddling with some papers but what bothered him was that paleness in her face. Was she fine; why was she so restless last evening; he wanted to ask her; return her the jacket which he had bought with him but was hesitant to face her. What will she think if this was not hers? Lost in his misery he even had shouted on his new assistant for his silly mistake too. Adi is the one who has been working with me from past 3 years. I had to change the project assistant as Rajesh would only create trouble for me here.

He was still discussing the work with Adi when he sensed her moving out to some where else. First he thought is she leaving for the day but then found her going inside, so he kept quite. He sent Adi to collect some papers seeing everyone leaving the counter grabbing the opportunity he placed her jacket on the table & left from there silently. Now he didn’t had to worry about her reaction but silently wishing to see her smile again. He did try to check her later but was not successful to even get a glimpse of her.

Rather sending Adi, he himself went in to get papers & supervise the things so that he could find her but she hid herself perfectly behind the book shelf’s every time she found him coming her way.   


Geet came to her counter before leaving for the day only to find her jacket & bunch of roses kept on it. She was about go in search of him to show her what she can do if messed with her. When Jaya came disturbing her thoughts “Geet you are here librarian is calling, you meet him before you leave and don’t get struck in rain your headache will only worsen. OMG my roses Geet you will crush them all give it to me.” She pulled it from her hand & left.

“Sir you called me” Geet asked getting into the cabin while he was busy in some papers. “Geet, he is Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, you must have known from the duo that he is here to take care of our renovation work. Both can plan together and get things moving.”

World stood still for them when both were in front of each other. All day long they were playing hide and seek but now when they are lost in those eyes. Words defiantly didn’t made it’s presence. At the same time the librarian’s mobile started to ring…  

Kehna hi kya ye nein ik anjaan se jo mile

Chalne lagi mohabbat ke jaise ye silsile

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile

Jinko kabhi main na jaanoon

Vo humse hum unse kabhi na mile

Kaise mile dil na jaanoon

Ab kya karein kya naam lein

Kaise unhein main pukaroon


Breaking their trance they wondered was that any way concerned with them. So close they were yesterday and today even though she knows his name he is far away. He knew her; wanted to be with her more & end this hide and seek. So he talked to the person who can make her close to him.



Part 7 

After the introduction Geet moved out still avoiding the confrontation with him but still muttering curses under her breath to have been forced.  Anger was rising in her for losing into that moment with a heartless person. She was packing in a rush to leave for the day before she loses her temper. Only a step she had taken away from her place when she heard “Geet” her name that her legs froze at the same place. After a while she took a deep breath calming her self and gathering all the courage to face him & question him for his actions.

She turned around to see him advancing towards her in small calculative steps; she wanted to run away from there but didn’t back off & stood there but when he was not stopping; she waited for him to come as close then she will show him with whom he has messed with. The instant he was close to her reach she planned to stomp her feet as hard as possible and in a split second raised her feet but was surprised when he successfully saved his feet from any harm. Her eyes & mouth opened wide astonishing her were the next set of words he spoke

“I know you are strong but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it by hurting me. Did you really think I would not know your move.”

“What do you want? Why are here?” asked Geet all set to fight him

“Project Geet … did you forget so soon” Maan replied smirked

“But now I am leaving; we can talk about that tomorrow.” She replied and walks past him but was stopped by her veil caught in his hands.

 “Geet… I….” he was searching words to explain his action the day before.

“Why are you stopping me; Why are you behind me; what do you need from me; I have to leave now.” Geet told while looking at time.

“Yes, before it starts raining again today.” He seconded her decision.

“I don’t want to give any chance to anyone to take control of mine ever again.” Replied Geet.

“Geet … You were about to fall. I just supported you & when you were shivering I just cocooned you in my embrace to sooth you; I don’t have any other intentions.” Replied back Maan pulling her to face him.

“You want me to believe this; hugging any stranger without any wrong intentions is not a gentleman’s action” answered Geet

“I am no stranger Geet”

“Oh… Yes we were just introduced to one other by Mr. Patil. But we are talking about yesterday not today” Added Geet

“You didn’t recognise me but I did.” Came his reply shocking Geet

“Who are you?

“Maan..Maan Singh Khurana”

“Maan from college?” asked geet wanting to confirm it again

“Yes same Maan with whom you helped to win the trophy” said Maan while giving his cute smile.

That made Geet to look at him from top to bottom analysing how he has changed from last time they had met.

“You have changed a lot, I really couldn’t realise this is you only. You know the two aunties who work with me were checking you out.”

“Well I noticed that but I choose to ignore them. That’s the attention I get after building my muscles & this slight beard adds to that.”

“Oh. Yes I see you have gained lot & that beard makes you look like some heartbroken chap.”

Maan was getting offended by her talks & replied “Aren’t you now getting late”

That reminded her about the kids & there preprations, “oh Yes… I have to run now or else I will surely be slayed today.”  She turned & ran to leave when Maan suggested “Come will drop you; it might rain today also”

Rain word bought back that prickly sensation between the two. A moment of silence prevailed rememebering the events of the night as it flashed in front of them; a bit embarrassed but still contented at the reduced guilt of her heart brought a slight smile on her lips. Then realising the need of the hour she walks passed him replying “I will reach early if I go by walk”      

Anticipating tomorrow’s meet he closed his day at the serene feeling of having someone back in your life. He felt like celebrating this sweet moment & got some ice cream to fulfil Netra’s demand also.


While these two were sailing through these sweet emotions there was a storm rising for them. Long back four men dressed in black attire were sorting some old files in the store room as the new retirement of the partnership concern as brought the change of the location to there Law firm. These men were fighting to divide the cases which they will handle going forward. In this fight one important red file which held the storm which could shatter many life’s with it if that event didn’t occur within that duration got buried under the stack of files of one man.

But today after 20 years of that incident the new face of the firm ordered for a revamp of the whole interior these files caught the attention. In turn giving rise to team of 2 members to go in search of these people so that the storm that awaited could be minimise the effect of the rising blizzard but who could stop the impeccable destiny’s play to create a havoc in the life of many. But the point in discussion was the red file which was in front of them how to locate them delivers that news.

Part 8

Today morning seemed so refreshing but it had nothing to do with the gentle breeze coming from the balcony. A new spirit was there to go to office and finish the work. I was all set to leave when I received a call from Ajay and Jeet reminding me about the meet today. I usually avoided these functions as it would only hamper my schedules, it had taken a lot of efforts of maa to keep this company running in profits & even for me it had taken a long time to put the company on right track but today my friends were actually shocked to hear a yes from me as today I wanted to attend it.

So now I was driving to the meet than to my work may be there I would find Geet too. When I reached the venue everyone’s attention was on me. I could recognise many known faces as it had been a long time and my work never left me with any time for me to meet any of them. The face I was searching was still not found. I was getting excited to meet her here may be she is running late or was she coming here. What if she hasn’t taken leave for this. Or maybe she didn’t know about this at all. I could have asked her yesterday but what’s the use I myself didn’t remember.

Program started but still I didn’t see her. My eyes were constantly searching her but where was she. After a long time I concluded she isn’t here, well that conclusion only made my every second miserable. I wanted to go back to my work now, all the excitement had gone in the drain but then I consoled myself that I was here for my friends and not for her. It is easy said than done, next moment my BB beeped indicating a new mail. And I was back to checking my mails then what can be done in this 4 inch device.

It wasn’t that I tried to enjoy the programs but nothing could gain my attention for a long time. Next second I was out making an excuse of work to my friends but they did understand as my presence here was itself a surprise for them and had I spent the whole day of mine here then it would have been an eighth wonder for them.

With new zeal I made my way towards library but I was first welcomed by the empty seat at her station. May be she is with those ladies I thought. I expected her to come to me well she is assigned to assist me I am the boss here nothing wrong in it. If she doesn’t shows up then I can always summon her and show her who the boss is. After a long wait I enquired about her only to know that she is on leave and for reason was not disclosed to me. That left me in the pool of questions.

Was she ok?

Was she ill?

Yesterday she looked fine. Looks like everyone is testing my patience today that even Adi took half day leave and the work is not moving in desired speed.

My day had ended with a foul mood and to add my misery even Netra & Maa had gone to some relatives wedding & were going to spend a week there leaving me alone in this big mansion. Alone was not the issue, problem was how to calm my anger with no one to distract my thoughts from Geet.  


“Geet you look really happy what is it, how was your weekend meet, did you have fun or was just busy the kids” bombarded Jaya on Geet the moment she entered her work place.

“You forgot to take breathe in between. Anyways my weekend was superb had fun with the kids, Mrs. Prasad was saying we got lot of donations too so that was a rocking & successful show.” Replied Geet

“Uff nothing can change you, that was your alumni meet didn’t you meet any old friends, didn’t you hangout with them, you must have met them after such a long time” asked Vijaya leaving a sigh

“Whose said I didn’t, after the performance Mr. Prasad took charge of the kids & I was having fun with all the friends. We had a whole day of blast, just like how we were there in college days forgetting everything for a while.”   Replied Geet as she was having a million dollar smile plastered on her face.

“Now you are acting normally. Lucky you had fun yesterday & now also will work with that hot boss, but be careful he is more rude & arrogant than he looks. Yesterday He doesn’t even look at us, as if we don’t exist.” Complained Vijaya

“Think of him here he shows up” Showed Jaya towards the big doors.

Geet was excited to work with him as she will be a part of something big. So she bid bye to these two ladies and went in his direction.


Two men dressed in black formals got down from their bikes and red file in one of them hand to visit the officer in charge of this place. On enquiry they were led to the chamber of the incharge. The duo put across the issue in hand only to witness the lost and broken look on the OIC face. But think of the matter in hand she was enraged and was ready to even kill them for bringing this devastation on them.

Finally breaking the silence OIC enquired “where were you guys sleeping these many years. According to this you guys were to disclose this to us 3 years back.”

Mr. Mehra expired 5 years ago the person who was handling this case leaving this unattended. This file was submerged in store only, it was found yesterday evening and today we are here with the news. Look at the brighter side you have still another week to avert the storm.

What would have happen if these was not found. As none knew this can’t you do something so that this is submerged forever?

If this is not done now then life long you will be living in the uncertainty that any day could be last day here. We suggest you face it now than to run from this for life long.

It is not me who can take these decisions. Our fate now depends in the hands of Mrs. Mahesh Pathak and her grandson.

Who Mrs.Mahesh Pathak?  The Pathak family. She is now survived by her son Mr.& Mrs. Anand Pathak and 2 grand sons and a grand daughter. Offered one of the lawyer

Yes now it in their hands to help us save our lives. Give me your contact numbers will call after I speak to her.

With that these two lawyers made there way out of the place.

I have heard it is difficult to even get an appointment with Mrs. Mahesh Pathak. God save these people. 


Part 9

His anger rose on seeing Geet talking to those ladies without giving heed to his presence. Well he was unknown to the fact that even though Geet was with them her sense was following his every step from his shirt color to the papers in hand to the mobile in hand. She quickly made excuse of work & followed him.

“Hey Maan how are you” Asked Geet once she reached his temporary desk to handle the papers.

He felt delighted to see her fine & coming towards him but then his mind was clouded with the thought of making him wait for so long. The moment she came to meet him, he started to shout on her for being so irresponsible to her work. Any girl would have been in tears by now but she is Geet who was not going to fall for this accusations.

“Geet where were you yesterday. Don’t you know you have to report to me? You have to ask me before you take leave. Your one mistake could cost me heavy to meet the deadlines.”

“Excuse me… Why I should ask leave from you Maan I am not your employee, you asked for the help so that it is easy for you to complete this project soon. And what were you doing here yesterday when everyone was there in the meet. Oh yes I get it. You are too big a celebrity to visit your friend’s right.”

“You were there in the meet but I didn’t saw you there.”

“You were also there yesterday.”

“Yes till some kids show…then I came here.”

“Oh I was helping someone till that kids show backstage.”

Both broke into big laughter on realising the truth, both controlled there laugh once they become conscious of the stares of the people around reminding them about the decorum of the library.  This didn’t go unnoticed by the sharp eyes of the two ladies who decided to keep track of these two movements.

“Shall we get back to work” suggested Maan.

“Gladly but what should I do” questioned Geet

Maan began with his explaination of the project planned and how he needed her support in organising the library without hampering his or library’s.  


“Mam I need to talk to you urgently” came a worried voice on the other end of the line.

“What happened? Tell me.”replied the other lady

“Can you meet us today, this is really urgent.”

“I am actually out of station Vindhya we can meet when I return tomorrow.”

“Well I don’t know what to do? What will happen to us?”

“Calm down nothing will happen we will make arrangements to Delhi reach tonight itself” replied Mrs. Mahesh Pathak.


Unknown to the storm two hearts were getting close to one another. Everyday meeting for work was just becoming an excuse to see eachother, to be near, know & understand the other. Both were amazed to see the in depth how they spent their time for so many activities. Maan would always be busy in calls answering the queries of the projects he was handling to his employees & also managing the clients at the same time bring in so many ideas into the work to help in getting things to move on track. She watched him delivery work with precision & absolutely on time.


If he was good she was nothing less too, even in his busy schedule he didn’t miss following her routine being helping him when ever required or arranging the books so that they are easily accessible, reading through the literature of arts, making notes of them & preparing reports. He didn’t know what she would exactly do but still never were they far away from their view.


Everything was going really well until Ajay came to meet Maan in the library on some business proposal & was surprised to hear from Maan to visit him here & not in his office. Well he sensed something fishy but shrudged it off thinking about the workaholic nature of his. It didn’t go unnoticed by Ajay the constant follow of his buddy’s eyes on one pretty lady at far. There constant interaction through eyes.

 “Who is that pretty girl in green.” Asked Ajay when they were in the mid of some discussion.

“Geet” came the prompt reply from Maan getting caught in his friends trap so easily. But when did brain work when it came to the hearts job.

“When are you introducing her to us” questioned Ajay for keeping this little secret.

“Not so soon I don’t what to hurry up with these things.”

“Whom are you fooling Maan, I haven’t known any other girl you have noticed, but coming to think about that, there was one girl whom you did notice before in college. Right Maan. What was her name?” He started to think hard when Maan replied lost in his world.


“Geet… Geet… the same Geet…. Maan then what are you waiting for you should take it next level Man.”


“Atleast take her out, get to know each other well, understand what she feels for you.”

 “Will try”

“The great MSK saying will try.” Laughed Ajay

Maan just ignored his remarks and got back to work but actually he wasn’t thinking about the work but about how to approach her. What should I ask her or tell her. How will she react? Ajay left seeing him deep in thoughts. After a long time he decided to take her out for lunch tomorrow as Saturday’s are half day for them & that will give a very good opportunity to speak up to her.

He booked a place for a quite lunch for the two in a nearby place, as he knew she may object if that is too far from her place. And next big task in hand was to ask her out, he was feeling a bit. By now he knew her schedule so it was not difficult for him to find her in this huge library. He head towards the literature section where she was keeping a book in front of her but she was lost in something else and suddenly she was back into her book. May be she might have sensed my presence he thought.



“Are you free tomorrow, can I take you out for lunch” he asked hestating a bit.

She had a serious face making it difficult for him to read her but not impossible as he could see the glow in those eyes finally she smiled & replied “Yes but can we not go too far from this area.”

“Sure mam as you say.”



Part 10

There was a new zeal of happiness excitement and anxiety in the heart of both of them looking forward to the next day. Maan didn’t want to lose this opportunity and make use of it in full. But now the biggest problem was how to arrange a lunch date – flowers, gifts, cuisine which place would suit, whether he should place the order before itself or should he ask her to place it. Confused with some many things he decided to finalise one by one.

He made arrangements for there date booked a quite place very no one can intrude into their time surrounded with nature’s calmness. Where they could speak up what they have in their heart without any hesitation.

It was a small restaurant where each table was set in a way to give privacy to each family. A round table in the middle of each cabin with roses adoring in the mid. Curtains hanging at the four ends of the cabin so that one can enjoy the outside view while they had their time.

He arrived early to make sure all his specifications were met or not more than that he was anxious to meet her. He was so much excited about this that he actually cancelled his morning meeting anyways from afternoon it was kept free for her. Even thought to prepone this lunch date into breakfast date but then that was not reasonable too. 

He planned for lunch then a walk in the park next to it leading to a cliff of the small mountain where they could watch the city at one side and this same restaurant’s glory at the evening at the other side but what was more beautiful was the hue when sun leaves the sky and leaving its presence on every thing around it then he would drop her home. He guessed this much time is enough to express his view to her and to get her consent.

Till he had judged her, she does get affected with his presence. He had seen her watching him with that smile on his face, while he had caught her sometimes lost in some thoughts. When questioned she would have smiled and nodded her head in negative saying as it is nothing.

He had messaged her address of this place when she had refused to his request to pick her. He would have never obliged them but then had let her decide as he didn’t want to be rude. It was about time she should be here any time he thought but when he looked at the watch it was just been 5 minutes. “Why was this time not moving today” he wondered. Keeping his eyes fixed to the entrance. What seems to as an eternity he saw her walking in bit nervous he could guess that with her veil being crushed in her hand. She was curiously looking around the place scanning through the mass of people to find him. Just then he saw her walking towards the reception to enquire and in a minute he guided her to him. The moment she turned to the booked cabin he saw her watch him intently but then she got conscious with that gaze so looked down and walked towards the booked cabin…no no towards me he corrected himself. He waited for her to talk something once she settled on the chair but she looked around everything other than him. She had some water making him realise may be she is tensed with coming out for a date.

He tried to ease the situation with starting a conversation and asked her to order. But then she couldn’t even order anything as she just turned on the pages looking somewhere else.

“Geet… Geet” he called out

She looked upto him and replied in a low tone “I don’t know what to order.”

“Shall I order for both of us” Maan asked for that she just nodded slightly.

He noticed that she is still not comfortable, her beautiful hazel eyes held some confusion in it. He tried to speak with her but she was unusually quite and tensed, her replies in monosyllable was making him nervous to speak up his heart. May be she is nervous with this entire date thing Maan concluded. Chuckled within he thought the girl who could beat up anyone was scared of a date.

Gathering all his courage Maan called her Geet Geet… but she was looking at all the places than him. He took her hand which she had kept on the table & nudged her to look at him. She turned towards him but didn’t dare to look at him straight into his eyes. “Geet I wanted to tell you something, I know you are not comfortable here; you can share it with me.”

“Maan oh… I mean… I…” she couldn’t speak anything from where would she start she wondered.

 Maan had never seen her with loss of words, she was even struggling to even speak as if she dreaded something but what could that be.  He gave her a glass of water so that she can calm down; he spoke again “Geet you know why I called you here not for just lunch, but I wanted to tell you something more” Seeing her still quite he continued “Geet we have been friends from the day you had come in to our practice session and had solved our problems in just minutes. I still cherish the way you had just swept me away and those 2 days when we had practiced together. That day I hadn’t understood that feeling but when I saw you the other day in the rain I realised what I feel for you is something more than friendship” Hesitantly he continued “Geet I wish to take our little friendship into next level. After hearing me can you now tell me what’s bothering you?”  

In response to his confession she couldn’t tell him anything tears were freely poured from her eyes. Those tears scared him; he thought did he hurry up with the relation. He came next to her cupping her face in his hands and made her look into his eyes to know what was running in her mind but she just closed her eyes making him wondered why is she crying bitterly. Finally after a while she composed herself & pulled out from his grip “Maan off all the people I never thought you will every think of me like that. I always considered you as a friend but today you made me realise you are no exception.”

“Geet you can give a chance to us.” He added hopefully

“I am getting married this week Maan.” Saying this she ran away from there leaving baffled Maan.


Part 11

I’m a strong person, but every once in a while, I would like someone to take my hand and tell me that everything’s going to be alright. Today I wished my mother was there with me so that I could have confined my feelings with her and she would have guided me, but things never happen as planned. I never gave thought to what Maan is for me he was just a friend from college, yes he was special didn’t know why but he was. And when I had overheard Maan & his friend’s talks the other day and got to know what he felt for me that was the moment I had questioned myself what I feel for him. Do I also love him, is he the one who could be my life partner with whom I could share every deep secrets of my life.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t know when Maan came to me but when I realised I just looked into the book hiding my confusion. I wasn’t surprised when he asked me out well even I wanted to give this thought a chance, he is really a good guy and somewhere even I did want the same. So I readily agreed with his offer that smile on his face was really marvellous, his eyes held that spark of gaining some lost treasury. The small walk from library to VO was a long one today as I just comprehended what I really want in my life. Am I ready for that phase of my life, but then it looked so appeasing to just think about them as together. She could feel him around her the instant her mind went back to the day when he had taken her in his embrace; she could just melt in those arms loose herself in them. Tired of thinking so much she just decided to go with the flow of the things.


But her heart was fluttering with the thought of having lunch with him; she was grining at herself like a fool, she just wanted to dance feel the music & well her imagination had no bounds. She ran to her practice place and switched on the music, the one which was her favourite she could not have stopped after hearing that beautiful piece of music either. She was swirling as per the beats lost in that happiness when she just stopped to see him watching her leaning to a pillar folding his hands across his chest with that smile playing on the lips. She thought it as a dream & closed her eyes for a second and indeed it was her dream as he was not to be seen. Shaking her head she again lost herself in the music it turned in to a slow number that’s when she felt a cold hand pulling her into his embrace her back glued to his chest while the other hand cupped her cheeks and both swaying in the music. As the song went on he made her turned into him; his hands didn’t leave her to go far away from him, he turned her lifted her moulded her into him and she just obliged every intiative he took. She didn’t even know when she gave him this right to rule her; it just was not in her will to stop herself melting to his wishes. 


Music came to a halt that’s when she opened her eyes to come to reality that she was indeed dreaming about Maan. He was no where here, he didn’t even know where she stays then how would he be here. She hit her head coming out of her dream world; it felt so real him around her. A slight blush adored her cheeks just thinking about her wild dream, she couldnot even dance without him in her thoughts. So she does really love him is what she concluded bring a lot of excitement for tomorrows date. The word date itself made her blush, now how was she supposed to wait till lunch. Forget about the lunch how is she going to spend this night sleep was no where near her. She pouted & complained to her babaji how time is going to pass now. She checked out all the dresses in her cup board and rejected almost everything for one or the other reason; nothing could actually please her with every dress she only thought what he would say to her, will he like her in this. What she had not realised is how ever she dressed up it was her own individuality was what had made him notice her, like her & love her. She had drifted to sleep after a long time.


Morning she just wanted to run to the library so that she could get her love’s glimpse. She had just stepping out of her room when Mrs. Prasad summoned her, for which she only cribbed to her babaji looking at the ceiling & twisting the veil in her hand “why she has some work for her that too morning itself.”  Geet entered the office to meet her but along with her was another elegant lady dressed in cream silk cotton saree both were discussing something & kept quite when they saw me. I went near them to see who she was I was surprised to see Pathak aunty here. It had been a long time she had paid us a visit; she did seem to have grown so many grey hairs. I greeted her and they both made me sit & told me the problem in hand, I just felt like someone just took the life out of me. They both asked me what my decision is; they couldn’t have taken anything without my consent too.

How was I supposed to say no to them, it was the last resort nothing else could have been done now other than walking the path which was laid for me. I could have never built my dream castle at the cries of so many of them. It was them whom she had it all these years how can she not think of them put her self before them. There happiness is what she always wanted; every saving of her was spent for them. Nothing else ever mattered her not even her happiness, her wish. She didn’t have to think but readily agreed to the left option & walked out of the office. If it was not her reminder which she had set only to make sure she didn’t forget to miss in her excitement she would have forgotten about the entire date thing. Now she knew what she had to do.

Part 12

She left the VO to meet Maan supposed to be her date, first date even the last one too, how she wished he had not loved her. Till morning she was thanking babaji for bringing him in her life and now she was wishing the contrary. Thinking of morning she was reminded of the morning conversation.

Geet sat there all confused why she was here between them but sat quietly as they would have not called her without any reason that’s when Mrs. Pathak started Geet you know how this VO was formed. It has its own story.

There were two girls one Sunitha and another Mamatha both were very good friends from school days. They used to spend there maximum time together. They were termed as friends only because they belonged to two different families or else they could be said as sisters. Both were lucky as they had two families, they got everything double love care gifts home parents. Both as a team were the best, individual they had there own issues but they never had trouble since the other would help in overcome that issue.

Ever happy thing comes to an end exactly the same way these two were separated from one other. How much painfully the separation may be there was happiness too reason was Sunitha had started a new phase of life. Being in same city they used to meet but still the distance did come in because of time and now both had different priorities. 5 years had gone by but Sunitha didn’t have any kids which was affecting her mentally. Years passed by but still it was Mamatha was the only one to whom she could open up. At that time she was a new married one. It was not an issue which both could have sat and solved it still Mamatha gave her the emotional support at that time. 

There was nothing wrong in Sunitha or her husband doctor had said that but still the wait was something which Sunitha could not bear. They had even gone to orphanage to adopt but that was not approved by Sunitha’s husband so the pain only increased.

To protect her from break down Mamatha diverted Sunitha to seek divines grace. It was in one of these visits did they were sitting at the steps and that’s when Sunitha had mentioned how unfortunate I am that I don’t have anyone who can call me maa. How I wished I had so many kids. I cannot go against his words I cannot adopt them but one day I want to build a place where all these kids would get a home.

That day Mamatha had decided to help her fulfil this dream.

In midst of helping Sunitha, Mamatha had got her share of wish but how could she to tell this to Sunitha she was scared for her reaction. But when news had reached her, she was the happiest and started to leave in her happiness.

Things changed drastically for both from there on as kid was expected in one family. As the time passed Sunitha also got the light to cherish her dream.

With the bundle of joy in both of them arms they didn’t forget to build a place for those children who didn’t have parents. Sunitha had a girl and Mamatha had a boy.

Sunitha used to always tease Mamatha that had she delivered her prince before itself then she would have had her princess too earlier without this much wait.

Mamatha was nothing less in teasing too she always replied that she will keep both of them with her only.

On asking how she can do that, she used to proudly say my princess will be my daughter in law.

One day Sunitha had put her wish to open a orphanage to her husband for which he had said that building it is a big responsibility that would require huge capital but today he has not saved that much. Sunitha didn’t lose hope here but told her plan to Mamatha & then the plan was set. Mamatha’s family were to provide the land & Sunitha’s family decided to build the home there and also to take care the functioning of the homage.


Geet wondered why the history was revealed to her now; she had never known her mother had a best friend then where is she now did she leave her the moment her mother left this world. Were all those words of care & love just a myth. It was not she ever expected that anybody who had known her parents will be with her but knowing someone was there too close to her mother had never visited her did hurt her.


As she was heading towards the restaurant her foot just stopped thinking the pain she was going to give him today. She sat outside in the park gathering all the strength to face him. But it is said than done; she closed her eyes and let those tears out of her silently. She felt someone sitting next to her and pulling her in to a hug, even with those closed eyes she could feel him consoling her with just his presence but she knew that this was just another illusion of her heart. She smiled at her self that with every emotions she could feel him. He could never part himself from her, hurting him will her heart too but he is the only one who would cure this pain too.


Once she felt light she looked up to his face which was just as calm and smiling at her as usual not to miss that admiration on seeing her. Finally when she gathered to face him in real, she stood up but her heart her maan jerked her veil to stop her when she turned to look at him he just nodded his head for a no indicating her not to let go him but she just walked letting her veil slip out of his hands.

Part 13

Geet had broken his heart brutally and also her’s too but that was all worth it. She could not have sat there in front of him & put a brave face; she had to get away from him but was that really possible he resided in her. For her he lived in her, every breathe she took held his scent, every step he was with her don’t know when he just became a part of her. The look in his face told her the story of his hurt heart, the pain she just injected into it, disappointment on facing rejection of your love that too without giving a chance haunted her. She wanted to run away but that would have not solved the issue in hand, how much time can she just look herself in her room but that only reminded the morning incident.   

Everything was going on smoothly; the VO was built and was even managed well until that dreadful night which took away the happiness of everyone. It was raining heavily while Sunitha and Mamatha along with there family were returning from a day long trip and had met with a bad accident. All my kids just left me at once had it not been for my grandchildren I could have never been able to overcome the grief.


When Mrs. Pathak was telling her grief Geet was getting that glimpse which she still remembers the rainy night which devastated her life. She was too small but still remembers that one sight of blood mixed with water flowing on road & she couldn’t know what to do but just cry witnessing that. Every time she notices the rain flowing away this was the thing which haunted her.  She only knew her parents died that night but never did she know that her mother’s best friend’s family also left this world at the same time.  


“Geet you would be wondering why we are telling you these things now” said Mrs. Prasad

She just sat there expecting something worst because her instincts said to her that it was just the beginning of the storm. Mrs. Pathak gave her the red file which she had study today morning when she came to VO. Geet got curious seeing that different file in front of her & opened it to find out those were the land papers of VO.

“This file was to be given to us 3 years back when you turned 20 years but the lawyers who were handling these have messed it up & now we are left to face the catastrophe.” Said Mrs. Prasad


Those papers said that the land on which the VO is given on lease and would expire on the 23rd birthday of Geet. Her hands shivered to go on further & read it but that was necessary to see the solution overcome this issue. She went ahead & read that there were three ways which could be chosen. One was to pay the extended lease instalment payments before the 22nd birthday, which could not be possible as she was turning 23 in 3 days. Next was to do nothing but let the government to take over this land under compulsory acquisition scheme where in they will be given a amount for it but that was also not possible as the amount will be received only after 5 years of the transfer, where will they go in 3 days.


Before she could read further she thought about the lifes that were depended upon this orphanage. They were 46 members in this orphanage ranging from 6 years to 20 years, girls, boys & other 12 members who used to take care of the proper functioning of this. In just 3 days all the 58 of them would be left on street. Just because of me what is it with me turning to 25 that all these 60 odd people would loose the roof off there head.

She turned to next page to receive the biggest shock it said that only way to avert this was her marriage with Mamatha Aunt’s son that too before she turned into 23 years of old. Was this a joke, how was she going to marry someone else; she is only Maan’s but how can she let these many people suffer for no mistake of there’s. She had make the last call & accepted the fate that was already laid in front of her and that was what she did accepted the left option.

“I am ready for the marriage you can make all the arrangements” said Geet


Maan sat there numb and devoid of all the emotions as he saw her retreating figure. What was he supposed to do now, should he just believe her words? Had she said a no a day before when he had asked for the lunch it would have been justified but now when she came here accepting his offer for this lunch. Or did she felt it was just a lunch and nothing more to it was another question in his mind. Was he wrong in reading her feelings towards him; was he just a friend for her. He cleared the bill and thought to follow her but he didn’t even know where she stayed, he had to speak to her. He tried reaching her but she never picked his call, dejected he entered his mansion and was greeted by Netra. She made him sit next to him and started to tell him how was the days she spent, her talks which usually made him relax was also not giving him the peace his heart needed. Finally he asked “Netra, where is maa.” She replied “Maa has gone to meet her friends & their kitty parties. Leave her, you talk to Me.” but then she got a call from her friend & just left him there to ponder upon the issue which was heading no where. Just as he thought his mind will burst out with all these things he saw his Maa coming back giving him the little hope that everything would be fine.

Part 14

Same moment Mrs. Pathak got a call mobile was in front of Geet she looked into the screen it said Vikram Pathak. She passed it to old lady who had a million dollar smile on her face & she exclaimed “That’s my grand son”


“Vicky I have good news, guess what that could be.” Mrs. Pathak spoke the moment she spoke to him


“Dadimaa what is this you are not even asking me how I am, how my trip was or telling me how you are. Did you take your medicines today? How is your BP nowadays?” complained Vicky


“Forget all those and guess it.” Excited dadi replied


“Dadimaa you are telling as if you just saw your daughter in law and fixed the marriage too in 2 days.” Vicky replied as his dadimaa was really worried with marriage topic.


Mrs. Pathak just muffled her laugh and replied “you hit the jackpot son.”


“Dadimaa is that really true, you got me a partner. It is not a joke of you both ladies right.” asked Vicky


“No Vicky it’s not a joke we will soon have someone who would take care of us just like how my daughter used too.”


Vicky just rolled his eyes, seeing his dadi starting the old debate daughter vs. Daughter in law. He thought he should not let her see sans bahu serials. And also wished that who ever will be the new person in his family should not have to hear these taunts.


“Vicky, are you hearing me you should be in home by the time I reach home. There are so many things that should be taken care.” ordered Mrs. Pathak


“Dadi are you really serious marriage in two days.” Asked Vicky shocked


“Meet you in another 2 hours in home, there I will tell you everything in detail.” Said Mrs. Pathak and went inside to decide others things.


Mrs. Pathak came back to speak with Mrs. Vindhya prasad about the wedding arrangements.


Mrs. Pathak we have another problem in hand after 3 days is the auspicious day that is on Geet’s birthday on same day we have organised for a samuhika vivaah for some of them in the temple and we have made all the arrangements for it. We can’t be in two places so we thought of arranging Geet’s also there only.


Vindhya we know time is very short and both are getting into a relation without knowing each other also, they too need time and we also. So we will go ahead with the wedding now and when they are a bit comfortable then we could go for reception and announce there wedding to the world. You know how media people are behind us for each and everything, that event will actually help us doing things in a peaceful manner.


Geet sat all gloomy alone in her room trying to make her believe with the reality when she heard a knock on the door. And two girls came in even before that could be answered

“Geet Di we are here to get ready. You are getting married; i am very excited we will have fun” exclaimed Mahi from orphanage.


“You start preparing the packs; you can talk along with it.” Commanded Riju the other one


“Yes Di… as you say… Geet Di you didn’t tell the name of our jiju…”asked mahi trying to tease her.


Geet without any emotions just replied Vikram Pathak. But the pain which she was feeling at the mention of some other person name was unfathomable.


Unknown to these thoughts the two girls were busy in discussing on the make up stuff that should be applied on there Geet Di. For them it was marriage of there Di, they wanted to contribute there share of efforts to make sure she looked nothing less than an Angel.


Geet was made to sit, while these two girls started to do facial to her and trying to probe why the marriage was arranged so early as Mrs. Prasad had not mentioned the real reason for the hurry. They wanted to know more about the groom. Geet Di, did you meet jiju asked Mahi




So you must have seen his snap… show us also… pouted Mahi




“Then how did you say yes” asked confused mahi.


“I trust the elders to decide for me.” Replied Geet.


Mahi was still not convinced about all this. Looking at the turn of events Riju suggested why we don’t search for the snap in net. They are from a very eminent family we will surely get a snap.


That just lit Mahi’s enthusiasm and she ran to start the computer system as by now Geet was asked not to move nor speak anything as that will hamper their hardwork.


Mahi was just dumbfounded seeing a hot jiju. She wanted her Di to know too but she was adamant enough to go with elders wishes. She got an idea and started to describe his features to her.


Di jiju is about 6 feet tall.


Geet thought Maan is 5’7″

Mahi continued Small black eyes

Big dark black eyes in which she can drown herself

Short hairs

She wanted to thread her fingers those thick hairs

Clean shave added Mahi

Geet could only imaging how it would feel when she would trace her hand on those L shaped stubble & those lips in m shape.

Di Jiju has built muscles too, look at his biceps…

That just brought in the memories of her hug how she could still feel that thudding heart against her chest. Geet had not given a thought at that time but when Mahi mentioned them she could only imagine how that would feel when her hands will stroke those well built muscles. She could feel the heat rushing through her veins, this uncontrollable desire to see him & experience this desire.

When it became irresistible she told her mind to stop playing games with her wasn’t the fate enough that even her mind & heart are not in control of her.

Geet yelled stop it almost scaring poor Mahi.

Riju thought maybe Geet di is not comfortable in speaking all those things & even Mahi is still young who did not know where she was leading this to. So she let Geet be alone to calm her senses & pulled Mahi out with her.



Part 15

Night before the day of wedding when everyone had slept but for one person sleep was far away from her eyes. She just stared into the photo of her parents standing in front of them, complaining them that it is unfair how they could think of making so many lives depended on her marriage, they are her only family she is ready to burn herself to light there lives. All those memories of her life in this same home just flooded in front of her eyes. When her emotions were too high to control within herself she took assistance of her dance her every move depicted her disappointment, helplessness. She complained it is unfair unfair but who was there to listen to her plea. They made her a doll in the name of the love which her heart is paying now for.    

Ek lau hai sau parchhai hain

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Aankhon ne aag barsaai hai

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Chahat ki zara koi poochhe

Duhai hai, Duhaai hai

Keemat kya dil ne chukaai hai

Duhai hai, duhai hai


Tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollable; her face showed how wrecked state she was turned into. She couldn’t blame the family now she is living with nor could tell them about her condition. It is unfair on her part. She no longer wished for any thing only cry at fates play.


Apno se koi shikwa nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan

Apno se koi gila nahi

Bas duhaiyan, duhaiyan

O.. o..Hothon pe koi dua nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan


She had gone through so much to live in this world followed her heart’s wish still abided by the rules of this society, it was not first time they were in a situation where she had to live in anguish but never was she in a phase where her yes or no made live of so many of them. She desired to come out of this only if he was there to get her out of this where there was only happiness, friends & love, his love, where in every moment life had a meaning, love ran in her veins.  



Bandishon mein jiya kiya

Jiya kiya main to

Ranjishon mein jiya kiya.. aa. aa.

Yaaron mujhe le chalo, le chalo

Le chalo tum wahaan

Yaaron mujhe le chalo tum wahaan

Ho jahaan har khushi, dosti pyaar ki

Ho jahaan zindagi har lafaz mein basi


She fell on the ground sobbing when she felt a hand wiping off her tears; even with close eyes she could sense it the person who did that. She didn’t want to open her eyes as she knew the moment she did that he will no longer be infront of her. She wanted to get out of this cage, wanted to run away where she could be free from this burden. She never thought letting go was so difficult this heart will remain devoid of his love. As she decided her next course for freedom she left to her room, one thing which still didn’t leave her mind was it is unfair. It is not fair. Unfair  


Ab main chala hoon wahaan

Jahaan bas rihaai hai, rihaai hai

Khaali rahegi jagah

Jo dil mein banaayi hai, duhai hai o..



Geet sat with all the girls’ ready waiting for their call to go to the altar composing herself looking as calm as possible not giving away the inner turmoil going on in her heart. Some girls came asking everyone to move to the altar where their respective grooms were waiting for them. Geet led the whole lot of brides, she descended from the steps as an angel dressed in light pink lehnga, she was an epitome of beauty everyone eyes were struck on her and her eyes were not even looking at anyone but the ground. She could sense him around like a shadow but as she neared to the altar that feeling only increased, it wouldn’t have taken a second to search him & be in his embrace but she could not fail at the last moment.


Vicky saw the Angel from the heaven; they would make a heavenly pair. He had waited for this moment to come in his life. He was already getting naughty ideas to trouble her, how he would make her laugh. He had so much to say to her, he was excited like a small kid to give report to his mother about the day’s achievement.


Mrs. Pathak watched her to be granddaughter in law descending she could only remember her kids wish to see this pair getting married, turning the friendship into relation making their bond powerful. Her one of the problem will be solved with this marriage. She always feared who would take care of her grandchildren after her but having Geet her problem is solved because she trusted the values of her Sunitha’s blood.


There was another pair of eyes who watched her every Move, her every hesitance with every step towards the altar. He could feel her coldness even when she was far away from him. But still he was mesmerized with her this look too. No matter in which mood she was he could only love her. Yes he loves her till the last breath. As she moved towards the groom his heart was beating fast.  what could he do she was not even looking at him nor anywhere as if it didn’t matter what or who were around her.


All these thoughts of everyone came to halt with the sudden commotion happening when some one objected “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”


Mrs. Prasad got scared with the abrupt interferes from someone as she had witnessed Geet’s state last night. Did Geet have someone else in her life and had she just sacrificed her life for this Vatsalya Orphanage. If it was true then they were not wrong in hiding the last clause from her. As it said in case of death of either of the pair by the time Geet turns 23 the land could be saved by payment of lease. If this was known to Geet, she wouldn’t have thought a second to choose that path.


Geet didn’t want any interruption in this ritual but wanted to end this as soon as possible as her will was breaking she feared if it prolonged a bit more she might quit this fight and ran away from here putting others in spot.

Part 16

Everyone’s attention was on the person who raised a voice against this marriage. He came under the scanner of inquisitive peoples eyes but the man stood there determined not to let the others win over his intensions. Before he could speak anything his mobile beeped indicating an incoming message, seeing the name on the screen he couldn’t ignore it. When he read the message he was shocked beyond words. But then he composed himself and continued with his demeanour and with confidence he repeated again “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”  


When he was repeating those words panic began to settle in the altar, all the ladies started there gossip doubting the integrity of the bride as a man was objecting it which in turn enraged groom & its family. While the next set of words actually bought more confusion “Yash cannot marry anyone other than my sister”.

Who is Yash? Questioned Mrs. Prasad.

“My sister loves him and I can not let him marry anyone else” replied the intruder.

“There is no groom whose name is Yash” replied Mrs. Prasad checking her register

“He might have given some other name to save himself from us.” Suggested the intruder

“Okay you can check every groom face” suggested Mrs. Pathak.

Vicky asked his friends “Make sure this intruder leave this premises as soon as possible. I don’t want any interruption in this marriage.”

The intruder checked each & every person present there to find Yash & to his bad luck there was no Yash in this hall. Before anyone could say anything else he expressed his sorry to everyone present there left with heavy heart to find his sister’s love.

Once this unwanted person was bid bye there was no obstacles for this marriage. Mr. & Mrs. Prasad did the kanyadanna handing over the responsibility of Geet.

Geet sat there numb just following every order blindly but to her dismay she could only link Maan with every ritual. She came back to reality when she was adorned with vermilion in the partition and what else could she do other than close her eyes and surrender. She could feel the cold metal touch her neck binding her in the shackles of this relation. Like that cold metal even she became cold to everything, she didn’t know what was happening around her nor did she want to feel anything. 


There was a little happiness of saving the lives of so many of them. A lone tear still made is way from the corner of her eye onto his hand which he was pulling out after tying the mangalsutra around her neck. When he looked up to see another drop of tear all set to fall from her closed eyes and her lips curved showing a small smile. He was confused but this was not the time to question her either he should have faced her before or when they will be alone but definitely not now, he had to wait for her response.


Manzilon Pe Aake Lut-Te Hain Dilon Ke Caravaan

Kashtiyaan Saahil Pe Aksar Doobjate Hain Pyaar Ki


She stood in a room where maroon and cream curtain adored the windows at the right side and light was penetrate slightly through the balcony doors at the foremost corner; while the whole place was illuminated with scented candles; jasmine flowers left a pleasing fragrance everywhere. But she was far from all these aesthetics around. Everything was done; this marriage was done, but the new problem was in front of her these aesthetics were scaring her. How could she just give in to someone else other than her love, if getting married was piercing her within then this was burning alive.  Now she had to live in this darkness until she chooses to back off this life.


Only thing still ran in her mind that was the disappointment, pain and the hurt she witnessed in those eyes, which always had so much love and care. How could she give pain to him the one whom she loved so much but we hurt the person whom we love the most because we believe that we have right over them not only to love them but also to hurt them.

She came out of her world when she heard him again saying “Remembering me”. She could see Maan again with his hands crossed over his chest leaning on the door frame of the dressing room. She said to herself No this just another illusion. She didn’t move nor responded just stood there looking at him only drowning in the pool of guilt which she was already in & struggling to come out of it. She didn’t had to reply as this was yet another figment of her mind, which was the same she had been witnessing from past few days. When she couldn’t bear the acquisition look anymore on his face she closed her eyes and repeating in her mind please go please go please please.

She was startled with some ladies barge into the room. Her first reaction was to look at the direction where he stood and was glad that he was not there. What an irony she needs him and still doesn’t want him here. She was led to the large decorated bed and was helped to settle there comfortably. One of them pulled her veil so as to cover her face full properly. They tried to give some advice some tried to tease but when she didn’t react to anything but sit like a doll devoid of any emotions they gave each other a disappointed look at each other and left her alone to face her husband.

She sat there wondering….

Kyun pyaar ka mausam beet gaya

Kyun humse jamana jeet gaya

Har ghadi mera dil gham ke ghere mein hain

Jindagi dur tak ab andhere mein hain

Andhere mein hain, andhere mein hain



Part 17

Mrs. Prasad spoke to Mrs. Pathak after all the rituals “Thanks mam for helping us save our home & accepting Geet as her grand daughter in law mainly for believing in Geet even without knowing anything about her.”

“Geet being Sunitha’s daughter itself is enough to accept her into my family Vindhya.” Replied Mrs. Pathak

“Maam I have a request, this marriage all of a sudden would be too much responsibility on so can just be little lenient on her ignore her mistakes.” Asked Vindhya.

“Geet is my grand daughter now, so you don’t have to worry about her now I will make sure she is comfortable with us.” Assured Mrs. Pathak.

“Well I guess you don’t have to hide anything with Geet about the last clause nor fear what if she choose death over this marriage.” spoke Mrs. Prasad.

“I will make sure all these details will be known to her but not now. Infact I haven’t even told about the land case to even my grandson. I just told him that it is his mother’s last wish to see him married with her on this specific date & he just obliged. I didn’t want him to show any pity on Geet & marry her. They have to know each other let them choose what they want to share with eachother” mentioned Mrs. Pathak

There conversation went on with discussion of the case & the following legal proceedings and formalities which has to be followed next. This conversation was heard by none other than Maan Singh Khuranna, who was way beyond shocked to hear so much his Geet had to bear & he couldn’t help her. He knew there was a miss but still he didn’t do anything but after hearing the talks of these ladies he was sure that she was forced into this marriage may not be by any person but the situation led her to accept this marriage. What if she chooses to part away as the problem is solved now.


 Geet locked the room in which she was asked to stay making sure no one interrupts her in her work. She held a bottle of poison in her one hand and was looking for something around. On the study table had a small notepad and a pen, without a second wasting she started to write her last testimony on that expressing the reason for her death & what will be the state of her estates after her demise. She loved someone else whom she rejected only to save everyone but she can’t hold herself more in this pain of hurting her love betraying her heart wish and wants to end it as soon as possible. She couldn’t be his than she can’t be anyone else’s too.

She also asked sorry from that man whom she married but had not even cared to see him face to face, reason was simple she didn’t even what to involve him in her life issues but she was compelled by the situation to save the Orphanage but even now he can move on in his life after her death. Now that the Orphanage is saved, she can peacefully choose to leave this world.

With that she opens the bottle & gulps down the entire poison to free her soul from this pain for ever.



Vibration of his mobile brought him back to the reality; it took a minute to realise that it was just his imagination. He told himself Geet is strong and mature enough not to make any of these kinds of acts. She would not choose a cowards path to end this but will endure the pain. But still his heart didn’t allow him to keep quite and stay there. He has to sneak into the room to see what she is doing. It’s going to be tuf to go undetected but he has to manage to pull this without any disturbance.


He waited till the right time and then sneaked into the room only to witness Geet standing all lost in thoughts her look told him she wasn’t happy with all these things happening around. He was glad to see her safe and sound nothing like what he had thought was happening here. He stood against the door crossing his arms around his chest waiting for her to look at him but she made no efforts to know what is around her after a while he thought to gain her attention so he spoke “Remembering me”.


She looked at him but reaction was not what he had thought of; she would either run into his arms or she might scream and gain attention of others or just pushing him out of this room. She didn’t do any of those but stood numb there; her face reflected the pain. He couldn’t look at her so broken with layers of tears coming out of her eyes while she didn’t make any efforts to move. He thought to comfort her pull into his embrace but he backed off when he heard some noise of ladies coming into the room so he went inside the dressing room attached to the room.


Geet sat on the bed as the ladies suggested her; there teasing didn’t even effect her as she didn’t know what she was supposed to expect from this marriage. Person whom she has not seen or knows eachother, it was not only her fault but also the grooms as even he didn’t initiate to know her; she could only conclude that even he was compelled into this marriage.


Geet turned her heart into stone and thought to move on with the relation as she couldn’t give happiness to Maan but that wouldn’t mean she should betray her husband. She has already given pain to one and didn’t wish to give that to anyone else now.


She was in her own world of thoughts when she heard the click sound of the door announcing the arriaval of her groom. There was slight shift in the bed making her aware that he sat next to her on the bed but she didn’t dare to lift her head. Slowly he took her veil off from her face and placed it on her head but she didn’t want to move even an inch. Next his attention was taken by her jewellery which was off her in no time; her jewellery was added on the side table while his lips gave a return kiss at the place from where it was removed.

His lips were not leaving an inch to of her skin. Then what followed was something even she had never thought of lost in those kisses “Maan” came out of her mouth halting the passion which was overpowering his mind. Moment those words were spoken she couldn’t do anything but to close her mouth with her hands and lash out more layers of tears from her.

Part 18

It is easy said than done. Moving on with someone else other than your love is not possible in her case. She was just proven wrong with just a touch she could only feel him around and her heart’s contentment was on her lips too.

He backed off at the mention of his name from her mouth; he never intended to make such advances but her cold demeanour was scaring him nor did she react on seeing him before nor did she make any efforts to know the surroundings. She was sitting like a doll placed in a fair on whom games where played on.

“Look at me Geet … Look at me” he said in a heavy voice.

The moment she looked at him her sobs only increased and she in no time was in his arms. Even if it was her imagination she needed his warmth to reduce her guilt and pain. Maan came out again from her mouth while she hugged him like a baby scared to loose her favourite toy.

“Geet … Geet … Why are you crying” He questioned again.

“I am here Geet, don’t cry.” he tried to console her but she was nowhere to stop her cries.

He separates her from him; held her face in his hands to make her look at him. A look at him also couldn’t reduce her sobs. He was running out of options to stop her cries, he couldn’t see her like this.

At last he could think of only thing which actually had broken her trance before too. He kissed away those pearls which came out of her eyes. Slowly bringing her out of the guilt and getting lost in his world. His kisses were slow wanting to leave its mark deep down in her heart. He started to give attention to those eyes which had confined so much of precious pearls and those soft cheeks which had the marks of her cries & that did melt her. He came to those trembling lips which just were only having his name.

He was still contemplating whether he should continue or not when her hands held his back pulling him more into her breaking last strand of hesitation in him. He took in her inviting lips into his making her feel the love he had held for her from a long time. She responded with the same favour as she had longed for him and then all these issues created fear in her and then she imagining him everywhere made her believes the depth of her hearts wishes. She poured in all her love in that kiss. His hand made his way on her waist pressing it hard increasing his passion. When they felt they were out of breath they parted but he didn’t stop devouring her.

His hands made his way on her pulling her dhori giving him more access on her white skin which was too much of temptation for him to resist. With no time they both were free from the obstacles both mentally & also physically to feel eachother like never before.

He laid beside her in the aftermath of there love. She turned towards him resting her head on his shoulder while her hand held him over his waist. There was silence on both ends feeling the peace of having the other on their side. This silence also held amity before the upcoming strom hit them; both had gone ahead with the other but were the problems sorted out or were the happiness really there for them is what a thought they skipped to ponder about.

She placed a kiss on his arm while settled her head back on his shoulder & said “Maan … I love you”

Her words did soothe his aching heart but also brought back their last encounter when he wanted to say those magical words to her. His heart had been on the receiving end of the brutal denial of her love. He turned to look at her; she was resting herself in his embrace. It hurt him to see her give into his demand that to when she didn’t even know whom she married to.  He pinned her under him anger oozing out of his every action, while his hands held Geet’s hand hard enough to pierce her skin while he questioned her which pierces her soul “Whom do you think you got married to?”

She was ready to take his anger but the next set of words which he uttered made her numb to all the emotions all over again. The pool of guilt in which she was saved a while ego was back to pull her deep within & this time she could never come out of it also.

Maan left her, giving time to let her absorb the things happening around to come to the terms of present situation.

Geet could only cuddle up to the corner of the bed covering herself with the sheet. There was no tears anymore, wasn’t she enough burden for giving pain to her love that she went ahead making a mockery of her marriage her life too. She sat there don’t know for how long thinking about it was not just the heart which broke now but also her soul was crushed beyond any repair.  All she could think of was “How she going to face anyone, she is staying in there house and being with her love on her wedding night.”



Part 19

Maan didn’t want to hurt her in his anger so he turned away from her but unknown to him his words were giving her the same. He continued his questions “You have any idea what I felt when you refused my love. How easy was it for you to just push me away and walk away saying you thought me as a friend only but Geet that is not truth you didn’t even term me as your friend, if you had then you would have atleast invited me to your wedding. Did you feel I would become any obstacle to your wedding? By the way where is your husband I could say hello before I leave and tell him today you suddenly realise that you love me and not him.”

His mocking made her reply “I thought you are my husband.”

Maan turned back to her & pinned her to the bed rest “Oh… really then why did tears made their way when your partition was filed” while he took her mangalsutra tied around her neck in between his fingers as if playing with it and continued “why did you turned cold when this chain was tied to your neck. If you really loved me and were marrying me then you should have been happy & smiling not filed with tears & regret.”

She didn’t know how to tell him but it was not the time to be silent “I only knew that I was going to get married to Pathak aunty’s grand son & his name is Vikram Pathak. It didn’t matter to me what he is or who he is. Only thing I was sure was that it is not you whom I am going to live my remaining life with. Then how am I going to be happy with all this so called marriage, it was just a compromise from my end.”

“You could have always refused to marry him at first place forget about refusing you didn’t even bother to tell me that you even liked me nor did you try to fight for our love.”

“I had to for saving all the lives of Vatsalya orphanage depended on this wedding. I would have never fallen silent if it was not for everyones lives at stake.”

“You could have atleast let me know about all this issue so that we could have come up with a solution.  But no you had to take the decision on our lives & get away from me. Or is it that you never trusted my love.”  Maan questioned.

“I took the liberty to take decision on both our lives and walk away from your life. That was the best option for us for everyone. But now I don’t know how to face everyone after… ” she couldn’t continue.

“After what Geet… ”

“Maan if you didn’t marry me then why you did get close to me like this.”

“You didn’t leave me a choice Geet, I stood infront of you but you were so ignorant of my presence that I had to do something more than just wait for you to come of your own world.”

“Maan tell me the truth, don’t scare me you married me right” pleaded Geet

“What do you think Geet I would have felt to see you sit in that altar & become someone else’s.” He took her hand placed it on just above his heart “It hurts here Geet to see you go away from me, it hurts to see your tears falling from your eyes I could still feel them on my hand which fell when I filled your partition with my name making you, marking you as mine. I could never let go my love. I will never let go. I took the liberty to take decision on both of our lives and walk together for all through the life.”

His words brought only tears in Geet eyes but this time it was of happiness & not of pain. She hugged him shedding the pearls finally reducing burden off her heart. As the weights of the guilt was washing away the love surfaced to calm both their wounded hearts. After a while she spoke when reality hit her “Maan I got my happiness at the cost of ruining the lives of my loved ones, they are the only persons for whom I had always thought to live for and I have myself destroyed there lives & built my dream castle on them. I am not worth of your love nor any happiness they all will be startled on streets and I would not be there beside them to save.”

Maan settled her in the bed while he trailed his love to comfort her. It pained him to look at her defeated look “You don’t have to worry Geet.” He wanted to hide her from all the problems never let any shadow of pain on her.

“Yes, I have to as we can’t save that place there is no solution to save it. All there hopes were on me & today I failed to protect them. That’s my home, my last possession related to my family I don’t want to lose it. I couldn’t handle one responsibility properly” Geet cribbed hiding her self in his embrace.

“Geet nothing will happen to any of the things which is yours, I wouldn’t let anything wrong to come in your way.”

“I never lost my fight but this time I really don’t have any choice. I can do anything to protect them.”  Geet was still blabbering while her mind had already started thinking on what else options can be used to atleast to give them shelter. Whom she could contact to search a new place, she decided if she couldn’t save the place atleast she could provide an alternative solution for there stay.

“Geet” Maan called her when he felt her silent suddenly but then realised she had fallen asleep. She looked tired but still there was a glow after all the ups & downs they had faced in 3 days. He let her sleep as revelations can wait till she wakes up tomorrow and drifted to sleep soon having her in his arms.

Part 20

Geet stood in the middle of the room but only one thing surrounded her darkness but she was not afraid of it, she was used to this place she never needed light to see through this place it was engraved in her. She could feel the warm breeze on her face while drums beat fell on her ears making her want to dance on those beats. Even in that darkness she didn’t had a sense of fear but a sense of happiness, a smile playing on her lips. But her happiness was short lived the moment she sensed the smell of the rain coming her way. She had to run away from the rain which brought so many sad memories to light but to her dismay she could not even move an inch. Something so strong had gripped her that she was unable run away from this rain, this pain of hers. Tears were just at the brim of her eyes when next second she felt a kiss on her forehead and not the rain drops   & her restlessness disappeared in thin air.

It also broke her sleep she had always woken up with the rain consuming her or with her running away and there was only pain & loneliness but today she held the containment of being in the arms of her love. She was still sleeping on him; his arms protectively holding her safe in his embrace. His breath fell on her face tickling her senses add to her misery was the beats of his heart so close to her ear that she could hear till eternity. She could only think how far this man has immersed his essence into her that everything has his mark. Even her loneliness was not there; she felt a kiss on her forehead; her eyes weld up with tears of joy for having him in her life. How could she even think of living without him.  She held him more securely wanting to hide in him. Instinctively his sleep got disturbed & he pulled her in more comfortable position to sleep but then he couldn’t have slept seeing tears in her eyes.

“Geet” He called out to gain her attention concern was quite evident in his voice.

Sensing his concern she wanted to erase his worry & replied “I love you Maan. I Love you.”

Feeling her high with emotions he thought to light up the mood “You are crying because you love me” He made a hurt face.

She pouted hearing him say that wacked him and continued “you are supposed to say I Love you too Geet.” And wriggle to get out of his grip. But was that really possible…

“Ok. Ok. I love you too Geet. Now tell me why these tears are flowing now.” He questioned while wiping them off.

Sensing his action she too replied “it is all because of you.”

“What did I do now?” He got worried

“You mere presence is enough for these joyful tears to flow.” She replied happily teasing him.

Hearing her okay he wanted to get back to his sleep as it had been days he had peaceful nap. “Let’s sleep Geet we can talk tomorrow; there is still time for dawn.”

But Geet had other plans “No, before that you have to tell me everything.”

“Geet I was ready to tell but you had to sleep at that time now I am sleepy go to sleep.” Maan replied while tucking her in his arms. He pressed another peck & pulled the quilt upon them.

Poor Geet wanted to hear everything but he was sleepy now, she tried to get back to her sleep but now it betrayed her. With no other thing to do she started mumble sweet music while making her fingers to dance on his chest according to the beats of his heart. She was enjoying thoroughly but Maan was having a tough time, he wanted to sleep & here madam is singing & giving him sweet torture. He waited for sometime thinking she will stop in a while but she was nowhere near the end.

In next second he pinned her on the bed and started to tease her with his looks. Here Geet wondered what happened & asked “I thought you were sleeping.” “I wanted to but you are not letting me do that.” Came a hoarse voice which was enough to create a fluttering sensation in pit of her stomach.

He started to nibble on her jaw line while she replied “First tell me how we ended together.”

He didn’t leave her but still managed to reply her “we were meant to be together.”

It took her time what he was saying “But how…”

“You were supposed to me marry no one other than me…” replied Maan while his focus was wavering on other things now.

“But … I had to marry grandson of Mrs. Pathak…” replied in between his tortures.

“So you did marry him only” replied Maan looking into her eyes.

She was shocked to hear that but then she wondered how that was possible “You are Khuranna not Pathak” replied confused Geet.

Just above her lips he mumbled “Who told you only Pathak’s can be her grandchildren’s….” Maan winked at her understanding her point of confusion.

“Then…ho…” before she could speak more he had closed the distance between. After what seemed to be time to feel some air they parted.

“You know who my mother is…?” Maan questioned resting his forehead on hers.

“If we were meant to be married from the beginning then you should be Mamatha Aunty’s son.” Replied Geet connecting the dots of the facts she has known till now.

“Smart girl, and who would be her mother.”

“How I would know” she replied still confused with what has her mother to do with this.

He smiled & replied “None other than Mrs. Mahesh Pathak, my nani maa fondly called by us as Maa.”

Realising the truth, Geet’s mouth opened as big O earning her a quick peck on her cheeks.

“That means Mamatha Pathak was her maiden name.”

“Yes.  She didn’t change her name after marriage she always preferred to be called as Mamatha Pathak.”

Part 21

Geet pulled him making him to look at her “You knew it all along still you let me suffer like this. Do you know what I had to go through reject my own love? To see you hurt because of me” She accused him for hiding it for so long.

He couldn’t see her in pain then how was he see it now “How I wish I had known everything from the beginning, then things would have been so different we never had to get married like this.”

“You are confusing me now” She complained

He wanted to clear the air “Where do I start from?”

“Start it from our lunch date, that’s when all this started. What happened after I left.” She asked.

He settled next to her & started “That day when I had came back home on our lunch date I was heartbroken didn’t know how to fix this. Only thought coming in mind was I cannot let you out of my life. I decided to talk to maa and ask her to speak to your family. The word Family made me realise I don’t know anything about where you leave, who are there in your family. Actually nothing. But fate had something else in store for us. Before I could ask my maa, she came and told me that my mama’s wish was to get married to this girl on that girls 23rd birthday (That is Geet). And that was just in another 3 days.

I wanted to tell maa that I can’t but then I dropped the idea to tell her anything and to deal this myself.  I had to find everything about you and your marriage details and a way to stop my marriage & that too faster.  I wanted to do this on my own, didn’t want to gain unwanted attention but time factor was there and I had to hired the detectives to find all the details about you and also about my hurried marriage. I could have easily asked Maa but I couldn’t have raised doubts in her mind for this marriage.

When I checked in library I was told that you were off for a week’s time for some personal issue. That raised doubts in my mind were you just giving me false reason to get rid of my proposal. But then you could have made any excuse why of marriage.

Problems were not getting any solution even by the detectives at the expected timeframe and reason i was not aware of it at that time but now I know why there was a delay in extracting information about these things were. Anything related to Khurana’s or Pathak’s could not be disclosed so easily. Time never stopped its pace actually it felt it was running in double speed so I had to plan for backups. Next morning the wedding was scheduled & still I didn’t have any info about you nor this wedding. So I decided to break this marriage in a different way I asked Jeet (Maan’s friend refer to part 8) to get a man who would cook up a story get me out of the altar.

Life gives us unexpected surprises. That day when I sat there waiting for Jeet’s men I saw you descending down the stairs head bowed down not even looking at anything not even at me. I waited at least once you will look at me but alas you didn’t. I felt your cold demeanour emitting even when you didn’t let a word out of your lips. I was still coming to the terms when I heard a man’s voice to stop this marriage. When I looked at Jeet he gestured that it was the man who was there to interrupt this, but now I didn’t wanted this disruption. So quickly I asked Jeet to cancel this arrangement with this intruder. Actually Jeet hadn’t seen you & Ajay was there and they made up this story of some guy, sister & all & left from there. And marriage happened without any other intrusion.

When you were taken to this room I was anxious to know what was running your mind; what was it that this marriage was to be held in such a short notice that’s when I got all the details from the agency that cleared my thoughts & then I overheard Maa’s talk & came to know about the remaining parts too. I couldn’t have waited to see you a fear gripped my heart what if you did something to yourself. I sneaked into my own room only to find you all lost & looking at things indifferently even my words didn’t affect you; that frighten me before I could come near you I heard some people coming towards us so I had to leave unnoticed. And then when I again came in here you know what all happened.

Actually this is all because of my father’s fear he made this clause in this agreement he never intended to give away any property out of the Khuranna league and this land is worth more than anyone can give away in charity. He never trusted people will take care without his supervision so always he would think to keep everything for himself. He always made sure things would be under his control even when he was not there. So he made sure this land came back to Khuranna’s with this marriage. If the age bar was not included he thought the kids could go away from his access. So he made sure we got married & land is also safe.”

He completed the entire story looking at the ceiling & their fingers entangled but still Geet didn’t utter a word and first thought what came to his mind was did his sleepy beauty resumed her sleep. But he was relieved to see her still absorbing the things which he has just finished. “Geet, I thought you went back to sleep.”

“Not when you were telling me all these things” She came towards him while replying back.

“What was that when you dosed off earlier.” He questioned her bringing her more closer to him, there breathes falling on each other’s lips.

“Well I was tired with last 3 days of tension & also …” She lowered her lashes while a red adored her cheeks remembering those close moments.

“So that means now you are back with your energy.” His voice came out more of a whisper making her raise her lashes to look into those deep black eyes which waited her one approval.

She closed that small distance between their lips approving his desire and submitting herself for another round of love. Taking the cue Maan made her moan his name till they had reached their peak.


Part 22


Sun made its way to the sky trying to peek into the room of the newlywed through the balcony. Maroon & cream curtains shone in bright sunlight giving a vibrant look. Scented candles melted, Jasmine flowers dried but still made its presence. Look, smell didn’t matter to the two souls which had fused into one slept in each other’s embrace. Peace & happiness filled in their hearts, but life can’t be so calm & stable. It is always with mad & unstable.

Exactly as these two were in a peaceful sleep others didn’t want to spare them with such a cosy treat. Just outside the room stood three people who wanted to disturb there calm & peace. Well they did deserve some fun after all the hard work. Everything was planned but now the question came who is going to bell the cat, for sure all the three knew one thing messing with Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna will cost them more but still all the three were ready to be mess as the hope of saviour was there in their life, Mrs. Maan Singh Khuranna. Devil was Mr. whereas Saviour was Mrs. Just adding a “s” can turn a devil into saviour. Taking the name of the saviour all the three jumped into the battle field with the mission only one ie trouble Mr. MSK.

Step One: Knock the door

Outcome: No response.

Conclusion: Step One Failed.

Step Two: Make noise but how??? Oh Yes… They have to play music. But again the question how? Ajay got the idea. All the three Ajay, Jeet & Vicky pulled up the songs that they wanted to play arranged it in the sequence. Playlist was ready for attack. The slim mobile was slid under the door while it was operated with the laptop which was synced. Within no time the song was played.

Chanda mama so gaye sooraj chachu jage
Dekho pakdo yaaron, ghadi ke kaante bhage
Ek kahani khatam to dooji shuru ho gayi mamu
Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, manu
Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re manu


Kitne sikke jode sabko yeh chinta hai
Jeevan hai ik bank pal pal ko ginta hai
Dekho apne pyaar ki saving javan ho gayi mamu
Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, mamu
Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re mamu

Outcome: Loud sound of the music broke the sweet sleep of Maaneet but both had different reactions to it. Maan was angry at that and wanted to kill that sound while Geet just snuggled more into him bit closing her ears with the quilt. Maan was trying to get out of the bed to find, when Geet had snuggled into him. This took away his attention towards her far away from the sound.


Here the three were left thinking what the result of their Step 2 was but the loud sound only made them wonder what was happening inside. So they had to stop the sound to hear whether any response is there from the other end.

“There is no sound inside” complained Jeet

“That’s impossible that Maan Bro not getting up at this sound.” Remarked Vicky

“Then why is it so silent.” Questioned Ajay

Like a bulb enlightened all there naughty minds started to think could that be the reason and next a change in the sequence of playlist was done.


“Geet, wake up I can stay with you all day night like this but if we don’t show up downstairs these friends of mine will grill us with teasing.” Said Maan trying to wake her up and also want to spare her from any embarrassing moment.

Geet slowly opened her eyes to watch her hubby cutely admiring her but what caught her attention was the song which was playing. She just hugged him more to control her desire. Neither of them wanted to part but if they didn’t leave now there was no turning back.

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin       Tera Nashila Badan

Baahon Ne Chhoda Nahin          Aankhen To Kholi Magar

Sapna Woh Toda Nahin  Haan Wohi Woh Wohi

Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka            Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi
Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin



Tere Gale Milne Ke                       Mausam Bade Hote Hain           

Janmon Ka Vaada Koi     Yeh Gham Bade Chhote Hain

Lambi Si Ek Raat Ho        Lamba Sa Ek Din Mile
Bas Itna Sa Jeena Ho       Milan Ki Ghadi Jab Mile

Haan Wohi Bas Wohi       Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka           

Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi
Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin


Conclusion: Unclear to all of them as they could not hear anything but yet again failed to trouble Mr. MSK and concluded Step 2 failed.

Before they could thing of Step 3 Mrs. Pathak came towards them and warn them not to tease the newlywed, dejected they left the place.


Geet & Maan came down after an hour to greet the members in family & friends. They took the blessing of the elders as the younger ones eased the situations with their teasing & making Geet comfortable in the new family.  Maan didn’t bother to give attention to the trio leaving them in a dilemma whether they were successful in troubling MSK or not.

Netra brought a cake to celebrate Geet’s birthday. None wished her yesterday being more occupied in the wedding but today they didn’t wanted to leave a reason to celebrate. She got gifts from each & everyone.

All sat together after the small party Geet asked “Maa, can I go and visit VO once today.”

“Sure Geet, You can visit whenever you want. Maan you can accompany her & also get her things shifted to here.” Mrs. Pathak replied. “Geet come I will get you some gifts to be given there.”

Both moved out of the crowd & once out of reach “Geet, I know this marriage was done in a hurry & you both were forced into it but I want you to make sure this marriage works. Not only because your parents wished this but also because they loved you both. It was there love that led them take such action & also fate has played a part in it too. It was all for love they held it for you guys.”

“Maa, you don’t worry. We will never let their love be disgraced. We will be happily living with all your blessings.” Geet replied.

“I knew Maan has accepted this but just wanted to confirm it from you. Confused how I got to know about his acceptance.”

Geet just nodded wanting to know this silent communication between the granny & her grandchild.

“Geet you are wearing those bangles which belong to me, I had given this one to Mamatha & one to Sunitha when they got married & today both bangles adores your hands means Maan has given Mamatha’s bangle to you which he treasures it. These bangles reached its rightful heir.”

Everyone took the other for granted but was only for one reason that was love. Maan took decisions to stop this wedding for his love. Geet took decisions to keep quiet for the love she harboured for her home & save it. Mamatha & Sunitha took decisions to keep there kids as one & bound them with love. Mr. Khuranna took decision for the love he held for his estates & to keep it safe under his name. Love what’s meant to be will always find its way.

Yesterday she was cursing her fate and today she is thanking the heavens above for this marriage. She couldn’t have asked for more than this a loving husband, who supports me at every step; a caring mother, who guides us the right path; a friend like sister-in-law, with whom all secrets can be confined and naughty brother-in-law, who lighten any burden off your shoulders. This new family has accepted her as she is & has no problem with her working with library or with taking care of the orphanage.

When she just turn around to look at their room, she could remember how they had spent all evening in arranging her things in their room more than arranging they would have ended up with something else had not been to the knock on the door by Vicky, Ajay, Jeet & Netra to help me settle or rather say wanting to tease us not only with their words but also with their presence.

I was still lost in them when I felt a pair of cold hands on my waist pulling me into his embrace. “Maan” came out of my lips as a whisper. “Yes… Geet, you want to tell me something.” I hear him say it in my ears. My mind was still processing his words when i felt myself in air. I just nodded not able to voice it as he placed me on the bed. “I can hear you all night, all day, every second of my life always by your side.” “Maan” That’s all I could speak as I closed the tiny proximity between the lips which was left. I sealed the pact to be his side every second of my life. What appeared to be an end was really a new beginning. Just for love… Pyaar ke liye…Sirf Pyaar ke Liye…


Maan sat in his room, no in their room working with his laptop trying to complete all his work as early as possible as he had to make himself free for his wife for this weekend. They are supposed to leave for a dinner date tonight celebrating their first anniversary of their meet in rain outside the library. This time he wasn’t nervous or worried about how to plan it, he thought to complete their interrupted lunch date only difference this time it is a dinner one.

He was in the hurry to complete all his files which he had earlier planned to complete on this weekend for his upcoming meetings on Monday. He was engrossed in his files when he saw his wife moving into the dresser to get ready for the outing. She had seen him & gesture towards the watch indicating him to be ready on time. Well she had not known his plans that he had actually told her a time which was well in advance as he had this feeling that they are bound to get late. He chuckled at his thoughts & was back to his work.

He was so engrossed in the file that he didn’t see the time, but he was working in his normal pace still he didn’t get any reminder from his wife that in fact was little strange. When he checked it now it time had flew and by this time she should be out of the dresser cribbing him about being late but today this was not happening. Maybe today she needs more time thinking so he started to complete his little more work. He finished another file but still madam has not come out of the dresser.

No use in thinking as he can always go in and check but he didn’t want to go there as he truly wanted to go out not just get struck here celebrating in an altogether different manner. Now that he didn’t have any other choice he stepped up to get in and get his dress too for change.

“Geet what are you doing how much more time you are going to take to get ready” He spoke as he entered the dresser. What he witnessed made him stop his words in his throat.

She stood in her underskirt & blouse, red sari in her hand quite irritated too. Seeing him she pouted cutely and told “Maan this Sari is troubling me a lot. This is too short I cannot tuck in enough to tie it properly.”

“Geet wear something else.” He suggested as he didn’t want to stay here any longer making it difficult for himself.

“No, I want to wear this one only.” She complained looking at the sari in her hand thinking it might agree to her words & oblige by staying in its right place.

“You & your sari are one always showing tantrums.” He tried to tease her but she was in no mood to take them, he sensed that she might just spill her tears any moment. So he suggested her while picking his change of dress. “Try once again let’s see this time it might not show tantrums to you.”

He turned to other way & got himself changed but his wife was now getting more irritated with this & was in a verge to break her mood. Once he was done she asked her “Choose some other one.”

“No, you bought me with so much of love & I couldn’t wear it.” She replied looking down at her state.

“Okay, let me help you. Why is it creating a problem at the first place.” He asked

I told you “Sari’s length is short; I am unable to tuck in more than a quarter inch that’s why it is slipping.”

How he wished she had understood why this sari was short of length, but now he had to explain it her thinking about it he had a smirk on his face. He replied “Give me I will try.”

He pulled the sari which was already tucked in while he stood right in front of her with a gap not more than a quarter inch between them. “Geet come closer” saying so he pulled her more into him. Geet who was losing her patience said “How will you help me if I am on you.”

“Shh…” He stopped her placing his finger on her lips and next his fingers were replaced with his lips devouring every corner of hers. She was melting in his assault; her hands went behind his neck while his was in her waist both pulling the other more into them. Her hands were heading towards his hair when she felt his hands running on the rim of her skirt. She knew what was coming and as she thought in next second her strings were pulled but then what happened was something she never thought. He tied the strings of the skirt which was now below her navel; his hands were now back on her navel slightly pinching it with one hand while the other still made patterns. He broke the kiss for want of air & rested his forehead on hers. “Now shall we try it?” He asked. He got down on his knees placing a kiss on her navel while his hands tucked the sari in slowly making her pant for breathe. His hands skilfully worked on her while tucked in the fleets of the sari his fingers lingering at the rim for more than required. Then he pinned the pallu on her shoulders placing a kiss right behind her ears. She was already flushed and wanted to hide herself in him, he had never dressed her up till now. And doing that today made her turn more red enhancing her beauty.

“Stop blushing so much or else we have to cancel our outing tonight.” He whispered in her ears and her reaction to that was exactly opposite as she turned more red.

He steps away from her to check her from top to bottom & extend his left hand in front of her. She placed her right hand in his making a way out to their dinner date.

Car pulled in front of the restaurant bringing back so many old memories how an almost a year back they had suffered. Both were silent remembering what they had encountered that day when they were walking towards the entrance her attention went towards the park where she had felt him consoling her heart. Seeing her lost he nudged her raised his eyebrows asking what’s wrong earning himself a warm smile in return while she entwining his arms in hers. “I had spent whole 15 mins out here to gather strength that day and you know who console me that day.” She said with a large smile on her face.

“You were feeling me beside you even at that time.”   He asked her wondering she was so madly in love with him at that time itself.

“Yes” She replied smiling sheepishly.

“Let’s go in, we are already late.” He added with a wink reminding her of the reason for getting late.

There was no hesitation or any nervousness but held a little sadness of last encounter here, but now was not the time to remember them but to replace them with a new one. The arrangements were also similar to the last time but this time it was illuminated with lights all-round them.

They were led to their table, Maan pulled out a chair asking her get settled there while he brushed his fingers on her arms slightly while pulling out his arm off her hand but not before replacing a red rose to hold on to it. She was still lost in that rose when the food was served to them as Maan had pre-ordered the food this time he knew what his date liked. It was a wonderful time to spend talking all the topics from relevant to irrelevant. They were lost in each other eyes, forgetting the world around.

They came out of the restaurant hand in hand to get back to home when Geet suggested going for a walk at this moon lit night. Well this was the pending walk to the cliff of the mountain next to it. What could be more delightful than spending the night with your love next to you. Things don’t go always as planned & that’s exactly how did they encounter as drops of water started to pour from the sky above, Geet ran to take shelter nearby while Maan stood in the mid of the pathway spreading his arms welcoming the rain.

“Geet don’t run come here.” He said trying to bring her out in the rain. “See it is raining today too.”

Geet was finding it difficult to stand out there & not feel anything. She so much wanted to enjoy like him but the rain always brought so many painful memories with it. Before the rain drops fell on her face tears spills out of her eyes. She backed off till her back hit the pillar of the shelter. Seeing her non responsive he ran to her while she just cling to him pouring tears.

He had to bring her out of this sorrow, first thing she should remember about rain would be them nothing else. Good thing was they were alone at this time of the night and also raining so no one will come here giving the much needed privacy for them. Still in the hug he started to place kisses on her neck & shoulder making his way down, his hands kept her stable against the pillar, within seconds she was calm & feeling him as her hands went back to him pulling her into him. Slowly when she was still lost in his spell he moved her out of the shelter to drench her in rain. She was already drenched in his love that she didn’t feel anything other than him on her. His hands were moving on her waist which was heading above to quench his thirst, while her hands had made way to his chest feeling him & placing desperate kiss on his lips returning in his full favour.

They would have gone beyond that had she not felt him caress on her stomach that she had to tell him something that’s why she had asked for this walk. Now all her attention was to tell him that the rain didn’t affect her, she cupped his cheeks in her hand and said “Maan… Maan, I wanted to tell you something very important.”  She tried to gain his attention but he was still lost in her reaction as she was still soaking in rain but her eyes were showing the happiness not a sign of sadness in it. “Did she forget her pain?” He thought.

She placed his hands on her stomach & whispered in his ears “congrats Maan, you are promoted.” He didn’t understand at first but then realisation dawned upon him he pulled her in his embrace & whispered back “Congrats Geet, even you are promoted.”  As blessings of the heavens above the rain poured on them which brought them back to reality that they were standing in the rain. Both didn’t want to drench anymore & got into the cover, before her mind wandered over her past Maan said see Geet even our parents are happy with this news that’s why rain which was about to stop increased the moment you shared it with me. From now on whenever you see the rain, remember today not any other things. “Yes Maan, you are right, but today is special in many ways now, I wouldn’t forget that ever. Thanks Maan, for being with me.” With that they waited for rain to reduce Maan took her in his arms and headed back to the home.

After 6 years

What seems as bliss can change into a depressing too and reasons are many for it. First one is Netra’s engagement today she will be soon going to be married & leaving this home. I would definitely miss her, she has become more like a friend to me helping me to understand the needs of the family & sharing secrets of everyone to impress & win everyone hearts at the initial part of my stay here then when I gelled into them even I don’t have any idea. And in another 2 months she will be a newlywed bride, her groom Karthik is a well settled in his life.

Next reason is Riju, She is still not in talking terms with me, and well she is angry with me because she thinks I lied to her about getting married to Maan. When she herself didn’t know that it was her misunderstanding that she thought she is getting married to Vicky then how was she going to tell her that. She had tried so many times but she not only ignores her now but also doesn’t spare a look at her.

Last one is Maan, He doesn’t love me anymore, and just a week back we shifted Jiya, our cute 5 years daughter to the next room. But not one day did she woke up there, every night Maan would get her & both would snuggle into each other sleep peacefully totally ignoring me. Two three days I felt it so cute to see him miss her but now he is not letting her grow up alone. Maan would get her in night once I would have slept off, once even I thought she might got scared but the door was closed from inside so Maan would get her here every night. Okay she was sleeping before too here but she used to sleep between us not on him. Now also he sleeping on his stomach & Jiya is on his back.  Before she used to coming running to me for any problem now I don’t see her anywhere near me. Neither Maan love me nor does Jiya need me now.

She turned the other way hiding her tears & nowadays her sleep is also not with her, it always troubles her she would get up in odd hours and then sleep wouldn’t come at all how much ever she tried. She so much wanted to be in his arms so that she would fall asleep in his embrace, but now she can’t have the delight of him too. That’s when her eyes felt on the time, it was time to get up and carry on the preparations. So she left to get the things started for the engagement.

I was looking into the last minute things when I thought to check Jiya, the sight made my heart broken, Jiya ran towards Maan to help her with the dress. She used to come to me, looking at them I feel they make the world without me, more than happy together without me. Not able to stand there I made my way out to the hall. When I reached Maa was asking Riju to get the rings from Maan, well Maa did know about she being angry on us so she might be just wanting to help to cover the distance. Having no other choice she made her way towards our room. I followed her keeping a safe distance to see what she does, she knocked the door even the door was ajar to see Maan making Jiya ready for the function.

“Come in.” Maan said

“Jiju, Can you give me the rings Aunty was asking to get it from you.” Riju asked.

“Riju, it’s on the dressing table, you can take it.” He said.

“How can I? Geet di may not like me to intrude into her privacy.” Riju suggested.

“Why will Geet have any problem?” He questioned.

“She was not ready to tell me with whom she was getting married and today if she sees me then will not like it.” She replied

By that time Jiya was ready “Jiya, check what your mama is doing.” Maan said & once Jiya left he continued “Riju, you know I & Geet didn’t meet before the wedding nor did we see each other nor did we know each other’s name, it was just her misunderstanding which non thought existed. I thought you knew her more than this.”

“I am sorry Jiju, I never gave this a thought, when I got to know she lied to me I was just angry on her and didn’t want to talk to her, I thought she didn’t want me to meet you. That’s why I never came to meet you nor Geet di.” Riju told the truth while tears were pouring for hurting everyone with her action.

“No more tears, you need to apologise to someone else. Now get the rings from inside & give it to Maa.” Maan said walking out of the room to receive the guest for the functions.

Geet who stood outside hiding let her breathe now in relief finally she could manage to get this thing to her. Riju came to her saying sorry to her and their relation was back on track. Geet felt on burden off her. She so much wanted to run to maan & say thank you for clearing the air between us but then she was angry at him for ignoring her so she kept quite.

The function started with full zeal, Geet was very happy today for her, she sat next to Netra giving her company actually she would miss her more but then she had to move in her life too but her mind was going back to that one point that Maan & Jiya’s are distance from her & it was breaking her. She felt her head was heavy & she felt darkness surrounding her as she her eyes were drooping, she tried to keep them open & sit there but she that was just not in her will to keep them open. And next when she did open her eyes she was in their room, Maan all tensed rubbing her hands caressing her hairs. “Maan” my call made him look at me. “Geet, I know you won’t listen to me see how pale you have become, why did you take so much stress we are here to take care of everything. I even asked Jiya not to bother you. But no you are not going to hear to anyone right”

“I am sorry.” She made a cute face that would melt him.

“Let’s got to doctor, you need a complete check up.” He made his words clear.

“Maan all the guests are there here today. And we don’t need to go to the doctor now. It is fixed for tomorrow.” She told him.

“You took the appointment and didn’t bother to tell me.” He questioned her trying hard not to show his anger on her.

“You were ignoring me so I didn’t get any chance to tell you.” Geet replied in same tone.

“When did I do that.” Maan said confused with her allegations.

“You are ignoring me, how much I wanted to be in your arms but no every night you get Jiya here.” She complained like a cute baby.

“Geet, if you scare the poor kid she is bound to come to me. And I didn’t get her every night she herself used to sneak into the room” He cleared his stand.

“Maan, I am not that fool, how Jiya can come inside the locked room.” She cribbed.

“Oh gosh, Come I will show you.” He took her to the dresser where the cupboard’s backside there was a door which would lead to the next room. “I thought you knew this door. You know this how I had sneaked into the room on our SR night” He continued winking at her.

“I am sorry” she again told him for misunderstanding him.

“You know you are actions are reminding me about your mood swings.” He added pulling her into his embrace, that’s what she needed & he could gladly oblige that demand.

“Well even I doubt that, so only I took tomorrow’s appointment.” She said hiding herself in him.

“Geet, I have no problem to keep you like this. But I think guests need our attention.” Maan said.


Geet was in his embrace when they heard “Mama… how are you now” Jiya asked still peeping in behind the mirror of the dresser.


“Jiya, why are you sneaking in from here?” Maan asked


“Papa, No one was allowing me to come near mama, but I wanted to see how she is so I came from here.” Jiya told showing her toothy smile.


“Don’t worry your mama is all fine.” Geet assured her.


Geet understood Jiya got scared seeing her unconscious, she got down to pick her up but before that Maan picked her in his arms as she should not be carrying heavy things now. But before Geet could tell anything he took Geet in his embrace not to let her fell down.


“Come let’s go down.” She agreed  


“But you will just sit not run around.” He orders her, which she had to oblige without any argument while both were back in the ceremony.


Life is full of beauty.

Notice it.

Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.

Smell the rain, feel the wind.

Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.

Love is our destiny.

We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.


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