Laut Aa Mere Sajaniya…

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Meri Biwi Kho Gayi… began with Maan Singh Khurana big business man in the field of Construction hot & dashing bachelor in town till he met his love of his life & got married to Geet Khurana 6 months back. He who rules the whole world is ruled by his Geet. But his worry started when Geet got missing one day… and he got to know that she was kidnapped by some Chindi Don… The don demanded 500 cr and Maan got ready …Maan gets worried for her and her safety while on the other hand Geet, enjoyed being captive.. ordering goons something or the other…Maan searched Geet and finally found her whereabouts … Maaneet met ..and got lost in the jungle… They decide to spend the night there… But in middle of the night Geet found something strange and out of curiosity she followed something.. then got lost in the graveyard… Maan got to know about her being missing yet again and started to search her …After a lot of searching he spotted her near water and takes her back to where they had set their tent… But this time Maan got angry on her …Geet was upset of his behaviour ..his ignorance…But soon got pacified with her manaofying him… And then He decided to get out form that jungle kind a place… Both started to move but just then Geet remembered that She forgot her camera-which she took with herself in the night for clicking picture’s, there on  the rock. So, she turned and went to get that … leaving Maan again to crib for her being missing…For one more time… Meri Biwi Kho Gayi Phirse. 

Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi

Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi Phir Se

Maan Singh Khurana, one of the leading businessmen in this present era; had luxury of all happiness in his life except one that was his lady love. He was not someone who would compromise for the anything in life. Everything around him moved according to his wishes but then he should have known that change is the only thing which is constant. This would be the very day things started to change for him. This is the very day he met Geet. His and only lady love.


He wouldn’t have been in the plaza mall had it not been the very important meeting regarding the new project. The meeting went way beyond the schedule and now even the mall was up for closing. He skimmed through the doors of the mall to reach the exit. When something unexpected happened, he never expected to witness such a sight here. A girl in jeans and crop top was holding large canvas photo frame and arranging it in a gallery which was set to open next day. Even he had got the invitation for the opening ceremony but wasn’t interested at that time to attend but now he was already reconsidering that thought.  He remembered the owner’s name on it. “Geet Gupta…was she her?” He thought.


The girl was in her own world arranging her articles for the next day. Each photo she hung was analysed thoroughly about its placement. There weren’t any helpers around which clearly meant that she was the owner and who wanted things her way. He didn’t know when he stood behind her. He didn’t know from how long he was observing her. He wasn’t the one who would give away to the temptations but today that was irresistible.


Few of her tendrils had come out of her pony tail and were playing on her forehead but she wasn’t distracted from her work but someone else was getting disturbed by it. He wanted to push them aside as it was a hindrance for his adoration. A gentle breeze made him look at the sky making him realise even the stars didn’t match the brightness which he witnessed in her. The most punctual had forgotten he had passed his dinner time or to say precisely the world around him. Suddenly he was reminded of some lines from an old song which he used to think as rubbish but then it suited him aptly now.













Love, his mind alerted him at that word but then his heart was lost beyond his control. It is true that if you get a small thing you wish for more. He wished to witness more of it too. He wished to be invisible so that she wouldn’t find him staring at her. To his luck the lights went off reason he gauged it to be the closure of the mall. The guards might have missed looking at this side of the building as this was supposed to be inaugurated next day only. Whatever may be the reason? Now he stood watching her in low light and he could now clearly hear her complain to God.













He thought the lyrics of this song was apt for him as he was unsure of what will be her reaction when she notice him here and moreover he was also unsure when she would be his. Only then he could be at tranquilty.  Nevertheless when his heart was busy analysing the unsurety his sensible mind pitched in to lead through the fogged path. Advantags of being a businessman, he knew how to tackle the hurdles of life instantly. Only facing her would end this uncertainity. What would happen at the most she would reject but he had everything in him that would make her his. Why would there be any hurdle? If she can’t be in his home then he would shift into his. His love has led him to this stage; it would only let it lead the way to reach her.












One side Maan was contemplating his options while Geet was busy cursing her fate. “How could I forget to look at the time? The mall is locked up, lights are off and gallery is still not set. Tomorrow is the opening, am I going to welcome everyone in this condition. Where are those decorative candles, I could have used that now but only if I managed to get hold of it. Babaji help me.”

After couple of attempts she was finally able to manage to search them but without the lighter or a match box it was of no use.


“Babaji, you helped me to find them. Now how do I light them up.” She cribbed looking at the ceiling.


Maan smiled as he heard her complain and thought to face his future. He took out the lighter from his pocket and slowly started to light the candles which were spread out infront of her. Geet looked at the sole light which was diminishing the darkness in the room. Geet was startled out at first but then she thought some one else was still here and the mall people had not yet locked it. Hence she can always ask them to wait till she arranges the gallery.


“Thank you. But you could have switched on the lights rather than using my candles. It was for tomorrow’s decoration.” Geet said confidentially. “Great, now that you have lightened few it is enough for me to look at the arrangement. It would look exactly like this tomorrow too. Remaining I would arrange it morning. Now you can close this shop too. I will leave now.” 


Maan was shocked at the audacity of this girl. Correction it should be his girl. She thought him to be a worker of this mall. But then he can always spare her this time. Offcourse he wouldn’t do that in future. (Author’s thought: But who was he to decide about that.)


Nevertheless Maan composed himself and smirked in his typical form as he said “And who are you to order that.”


The reply from Maan made Geet to observe him keenly. The light was still dim and he was glowing in the golden light. Now that she saw him there wasn’t an iota of doubt about him being the new personified handsome man. Then her eyes caught his attire, that wasn’t of any mall uniform and finally realisation dawn upon her. He wasn’t what she had thought off. And that also they are struck in the closed mall here.


She panicked as she packed her bag, unknowingly brushing her fingers with the fire of candle. She gasped slightly at the touch of hot fire drawing Maan’s attention towards the wound and Maan stretched out his hand whilst calling out loudly “Geet…” as if it burned him more than her. In a blink of eye he stood right behind her and took her fingers in his. He closed his eyes to etch these in his soul. Though the gap between them was not even a millimetre and he could see her but he wasn’t able to feel her.


There was something a miss; as if Geet was there but still not there with him. Just then he could here a faint sound of someone saying “prabhu … prabhu…”


He tried to feel Geet, who was infront of her but he felt someone taping his shoulders and again heard the slight voice again “prabhu… wake up… prabhu….”


Maan opened his eyes only to see a bright light blocking his vision and some guy waving his hands in front of him.


He looked around to realise where he was? His new driver was trying to wake him up but why did he had to. He didn’t wish to be alone away from Geet.


“prabhu…here have some water…” driver passed a bottle of water as he woke his master from some deep slumber.


He had to be calm and execute his plan efficiently to get his Geet back in his life forever. Maan wanted to end this hide and seek once it for all. Right now what he had to do was to wait for her return.


“prabhu… Chota maunh aur badi baat … If you don’t mind can I ask something” Driver asked whilst Maan just nodded approving him to ask.


“prabhu … you seem quite disturbed, if you want you can share it with your servant.” Driver requested.


“I was just worrying about Geet, she hasn’t returned yet. Has she gotten into some trouble again is what I am wondering.” Maan expressed his worry in front of his driver.


“prabhu… who is Geet??” he asked.


“Geet… She is my life; without her Maan Singh Khurana, the big shrewd businessman to the outer world is nothing.” Maan said and thought in his mind “From the day she came into his life; it has become more enthralling not only because she brought so many colors into his shaded life but also he had turned into a contended men not to forget the spice she added before and now it was extra spice.”


The driver gave a confused look to him whilst Maan gave a smile & proudly said “She is my wife Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana.”


“But prabhu…” Driver started to question again when Maan interrupted “Why are you calling me prabhu?”


“prabhu… There isn’t anything which you don’t know but still you are asking. Nevertheless I am only your servant, so what ever you ask it is my duty to answer. Prabhu, you may be known to the world as MSK but I know your true identity; you are Lord Rama, I didn’t even miss a single episode Ramayana when it came in television. I had waited every day patiently to watch the fresh episode and even I hadn’t missed any repeat telecast. I know I am nothing like your real brother Laxman but since I have his name. I am your servant as well.” 


Maan looked shocked at his driver and thought from where did Adi found him. Atleast he need to check if he hasn’t escaped from any asylum “Look Laxman or whatever; I am not any Lord just a normal human being. So get that crap out of your mind.”


“As you say prabhu…” The driver said obediently. But his face clearly showed his confusion but then he cannot go against his master either so kept them to himself. There were numerous doubts which he wasn’t able to comprehend but mainly it was only two questions which were troubling him too much. First why didn’t his prabhu accept his true identity and secondly the most important why did he say that his wife is Geet and not Sita?


When Laxam was busy in searching the answers to them Maan happily dived into the memories of past the day he met her.


The moment Geet felt him behind him she was mystified as many unknown feelings started to creep into her unknowingly just as if a touch had pave way to the restricted area of her heart. So intimately that even she wasn’t aware that it existed previously. She was shrinking into a nut shell as if he would consume her. Geet pushed Maan away from herself She shouted at him “Stay away from me; you are infectious.”


First Maan didn’t hear what she said as he was busy taking her finger in his to sooth it but the touch made affected him and her eyes captivated him to forget the world around him. As slowly those words sank in he smirked widely and was back to corner her more.


“So you get affected with my presence, tell me do you get goose bumps when I touch you.” Maan whispered into her ears as he drew a line with his finger on her arm. “Do you feel someone doing a somersault in your stomach when I pull you into my embrace like this?”  He asked her cornering to a nearby wall.


“Who are you?” Geet asked gulping her saliva as she batted her eyelashes innocently somehow coming back to sense from the bewitching land of the necromancer. Who stood in full form today to swallow her in a second? She wondered was today some special day like full moon or blue moon where in these necromancer appeared to entrap new slaves.


“Maan Singh Khurana…..” Maan said as he kept her captive in against the pillar. He slowly brought out a candle infront of her as he didn’t want to miss the golden hue on her.


“You look magnificent in this light” he continued to say. With those words said Geet eyes became big wondering.


“Leave me” She pleaded half with fear of unknown.


“Why should I?” Maan replied still trying to close the distance which was apparently not much. Against his heart wish he gave a little space for her to sigh in relief but that one moment was what Geet needed to break free from the cage and cast away from his sight.


She flees to collect her bag but was stopped by Maan as he caught hold of her shawl making her stop in her tracks. “Where are you running? The mall is closed.” Maan said pulling her back in place.


Maan was actually mesmerised with the surroundings. All these candles & its scent were only making the situation against him. As he forgot she doesn’t know him and didn’t realise he was forcing her on his tunes. A wrong step now would only give the mistress an upper hand in future is what he negated. The more he troubles her in his ignorance; he would have to pay penalty multifold for it ahead. The moment he said the mall is closed, a fear started to dwell in her heart that this man has planned all this to trap her here.


“Tell me where will you run now???” Maan said as his fingers raised her chin to look into her eyes.


She didn’t want to show her feared self to him more than that how much he affected her. If only she could react normally; she would have made his life upside down by this time. There was something which held her back & rooted her in this place. Rather than meeting his eyes, she looked a bit below and next second regretted it too as now her eyes wandered in all wrong direction. His features were embedding in her essence and also wanted to preserve them in her camera. But something in her stopped putting them for business purpose; she shied thinking inwardly as she wanted it for herself only.


 She thanked babaji as it was still dark and hid her sinful thoughts but again it was short lived as he brought out a candle from the next table to look at her more meticulously.


As the candle illuminated he could clearly see fear in those hazel brown eyes. “Geet…Why are you scared?”


Geet wanted to shout at him but alas all she could do was plead “Leave me…”


“Why??” Maan asks but Geet silence only makes him angered as why Geet refuses to reciprocate to his feelings. He who rules the world couldn’t get the approval of his own lady love. 


“I have to go home.” Geet pleads again.


Not able to see the tears which were about to flow he pulled his mobile out and in a jiffy the doors were opened by bunch of mall staff who even apologized for the oversight and everyone were out of the mall. As she walked towards her vehicle the clog in her mind slowly evaded making her realise he wasn’t that bad that she got scared. She only had to tell once and then they were out of the locked mall. Geet wanted to thank him and looked behind to know if he was anywhere near her but he was nowhere.


Absent minded as she was started to kick start her scooter but it was just testing her patience. She tried all the ways she could think of but nothing ignited the engine. Tired she looked up whispering Babaji…


That’s when a sound came from the scooter Vrrrrommmmmm. Vrrrrrrrooom. When she looked at the person who started it; there was only gratitude at Maan as he accelerated more to keep the engine in running. She heard him say before he turned away “Next time start turning on the lock before you kick start it.”

“Maan…” She called out from behind before he vanished this time.


His legs freezes as his name came rolling out through her lips.


“Sorry….I mean Thank you…” Geet spoke and Maan turned to look at the small smile which adored her lips now. Geet continued “Tomorrow is a big day and I am still struck here. Sorry and thanks again. It would be my privilege if you could join me at this big occasion for me.”


Did he needed that invitation Maan thought anyways he had planned to gate crash the opening. But now he was more than happy to get the open invitation. “Meet you tomorrow then.” Maan said before he signalled for his car.


“Geet…would you mind if I ask something.” Maan asked as politely as possible but only he knew what his mind was already dreaming.


Geet stopped her bike and she stood facing Maan; the open air only made her more confident to face him.


“Marry me?” Maan said without a second thought as if he was offering some project to the other party.


Geet looked shocked at Maan as suddenly from nowhere he is asking her for marriage whilst Maan took small steps to cover the small distance between them and Geet moved back till her back hit by a car parked nearby. “I am not faking Geet…I love you from the very first sight.”


Looking at the hesitance clearly written on her face; Maan’s face saddens a bit making her feel terrible. Geet realize that he stood by her and helped her when she was in trouble. But that didn’t mean she would agree for his proposal too. However Geet manages to think of a solution so that it doesn’t hamper his happinesss “Maan…. I would agree if there is a snowfall in my home.” Geet ran away in her vehicle leaving Maan baffled.



Laxman thought to take a round while his prabhu was busy in dyaana. He didn’t want to be an object of his prabhu’s wrath. Though he knew that his Prabhu is very composed person who wouldn’t get angry still he didn’t want to get into his bad books. His duty is to serve his master and hence thought to look for some food as in a while the sun would be high in the sky to announce the lunch time. And in this deserted place he had to find food for all the 3 viz his prabhu, matte and their servant himself.


While he was searching around the place his mind was still struck at one place why his prabhu addressed Maate as Geet not as seetha. After looking around for while he finally managed to get some fruits. And by looking at the fruit his mind also could think of one solution.


Fortunately this time also the answer was arrived at with reference to his television. He had watched Seetha aur Geeta the other day. And they looked alike so Seetha is equal to Geeta whom prabhu might be calling as just Geet. His small brain could only think of this best solution.


He collected as much food possible and came back to the car where his prabhu was busy in his dyaan and was probable even enjoying in it as a smile was plastered on his face. Laxman further thought he could ask for a raise in his salary too but the refrained himself as it was not even a week after his joining.


Now his next problem was how to wake his prabhu would he mind or not. Would he get anger for disturbing him? Well he could always try. After having enough battle he woke his prabhu and offered the food he had brought.


Maan looked at him and questioned him “How did you get them? There aren’t any eatable items available nearby.”


“Prabhu, what is unknown to you; Still I would tell you, before joining here as a driver I used to work in Ishwarchand Thakur’s (Amitabh Bachan in Waqt movie) bungalow as a helper. Everything was just fine until his son Adi (Akshay Kumar) got married to Pooja (Priyanka Chopra). From that day onwards my life took a u turn.” Laxman started to narrate his story.


“Why did Thakur’s tortured you?” Maan asked wondering what happened with him.


“No No Thakur’s are very good but the problem was Nattu bhai, Pooja’s father (Boman Irani). Till today I don’t know why he always keeps me away, to an extent that he runs the moment I am infront of him. Prabhu … do you know why? Can you please solve this puzzle for me?” Laxman hoped to get some answers today.


“First tell me you part of the story. I might figure it out for you.” Maan replied as he wanted to know what happened in Thakur uncle’s house. As Maan’s father knew Ishwarchand Thakur quite closely.


“I only know this much…” Laxman said.


“What is the connection between you finding the food here and that Nattu Bhai.” Maan asked again.


“One day unexpectedly Nattu bhai came home very happily and called me; I was very happy as today he didn’t make me run nor did he ran but was welcoming me in open hands. He said he would take me to the film studio where Master Adi was shooting today. I thought he is happy as Master Adi got his first break but I was unaware of the brutal thinking of Nattu bhai. When we went to the studio he said there is a dress code & pushed me into a room asking me change into a red suit along with a helmet. I followed his instructions but when I came out he was not there. I started to look around the place when suddenly someone in the same dressed pulled me into a plane. I was very confused as the plane took off, I was stunned as to where they are taking me. Before I could think of any thing someone pushed me off the plane but fortunately God was with me as others also jumped behind me to save. After a while someone caught hold of my leg; like that everyone made a chain to save me but the air pressure was too high & hence the chain was broken. What happened next was unknown to until I got the consciousness and was struck in the nearby forest. I roamed around here for few days before finally coming out of it. One day suddenly I saw master Adi in an ad.” Laxman said & suddenly started to sing.

Dekho Dekhe Ye Zamana

Panchi Uda Jaye Re


Ud Jaye Re Ye Dekho Panchi

Ud Raha Ye Pankh Failaye

La La La La La Laa La

La La La La La Laa La….

La La La La La Laa La

La La La La La Laa La…


Zameen Ko Chhor Kar

Wo Dekho Udd Gaya

Ud Ud Uddd Ud Ud

Uddd Gaya Udd Gaya Udd Gaya


Dekho Dekhe Ye Zamana

Panchi Uda Jaye ….



That was Hero Honda’s ad. That day I realised I was framed in that ad. So I left the job & came to you prabhu.” Laxman concluded as he asked the final question. “Prabhu… Now could you clear my doubts…?”


But to his astonishment Maan had dived back into the world of his Geet. For which Laxman could only crib “Prabhu… even you didn’t hear to me.”


After that day Maan made sure he met Geet every now and then. These meetings did have a reason but majority of them didn’t have one. But one thing was common in these meetings and that was Maan’s question “Geet…when will you give me proper answer?”

And Geet would easily dodge that by saying “I would reply the day we have snowfall in Delhi.”

Surprisingly that was the only day when Maan could scare Geet as later it turned out to be the vice versa of it. She made sure to treat him as a friend, one day she might change her prospective but that was definitely not today was what she believed.

As the days rolled by Maan was getting used to her rule over him or to be loved being ruled by her. There was one such occasion that was on cards which could make help him mellow Geet. Though it was unknown as to how much he would succeed in that plan nevertheless he could always give it a try by arranging a party for her on her birthday.He always preferred privacy so he didn’t invite anyone but planned a surprise party at her home itself. It wasn’t that difficult to break in as he knew her arrival timings everyday. Everyday in and out time was known to him.

On that day Maan decorated the home and set the dinner table for two. He had been ignoring her calls from morning which he had never done earlier but then he was busy in surprise. It was 20 minutes past 10 in the night and Maan had been waiting from past 1 hour already. Geet usually made it by 8 but today she wasn’t here that did trouble him. Then he also knew she forgets to take a look at the watch when she was busy in her work. He further thought just like the day he met her in the mall.


Here in the mall Geet had wound up by 7 itself but she was not in the mood to go home. She didn’t wanted to be alone today so she visited every other street to keep herself busy. Whilst she cribbed “Babaji, out of all these days why Maan had to not pick her calls today itself?” She was already away from her parents and tomorrow on her birthday she would be alone too. Tired of walking she thought to finally crash the bed.


She methodically opened the door; however she didn’t want to have anything but to directly land in the bed so she didn’t bother to even switch on the lights or to change her dress. She was feeling extremely low because on her birthday there would be neither her family nor Maan. She chided herself saying “Why was she even expecting something from him? He didn’t know also.” Putting aside all the thoughts to rest she drifted into sleep on her bed next to Maan, who had also slept off while waiting for Geet.


It was somewhere in the middle of the night Geet turned and she felt a bit chill so she searched for some warmth and snuggled but in that process she felt a person next to her, she thought it is her Maa and murmur “Miss you a lot Maa…” But suddenly she realized it was not her maa as it was a hard and substantially heavy. “Did someone break into her home?” She wondered.


At the other side Maan’s sleep broke and he spoke “Oh fish….She is back…”


Next second she raised and pulled out a stick which was next to her for beating the day light out of the thief. She shouted at her high pitch “How dare you try to break into my home? Thief… What did you steal? Hand it over to me. What did you think lonely girl stays in this house and you can easily steal anything here? I would break your bones today.”


Geet went on scolding him while in between she didn’t forget to spill all the profanities she could think of in the middle of the banging marathon. While at the other end Maan was startled at the sudden hits he was getting that too for planning a surprise for her.


“Geet…Geet… Stop.” Maan tried to speak admist of the assault.


“Babaji, looks like he is a high tech thief” Geet thought and said aloud “You came in here after doing even back ground check. Today consider it as the last day when you would even think to slip into others home. Will you be quite if someone breaks into your home?” 


Geet’s words made him think; he would have killed that person for intervening into his space & here what did he do? Maan would have gone into his deep thoughts but then “Ouch…” Geet’s regular hits made him realize he needs to stop her or else he would definitely land in hospital. What will the world say if they come to know that he was beaten up by his lady love?


The yelp made Geet to ask “Did it hurt?”


“Yes…” Maan said and got a reply “That’s what you deserve.” And Geet continued to ponder on him.


He caught hold of her hand tightly and pushed her on the bed. After a bit struggle he pressed himself more on her to keep her caged and she was below him; his one hand closed her mooth to stop her rattling while the other searched the bed lamp on her side table. Finally which felt like eternity Maan enlightened the room which put a full stop to all her struggle.


The moment Geet saw that it was Maan who was infront of her; there was a sudden delight that she hugged him with full force. All her gloominess of the evening had vanished just in a second.


One the other side Maan was surprised when she hugged him all of a sudden that too just after receiving the hammering. He could feel her shaken self and a bit sob did escape from her mouth. Against his hearts desire he parted a little and looked into her eyes to see what the matter was.


“Geet….what happened??? I am here, you don’t have to get scared of me” Maan said wiping off the lone tear which was about to trail down her cheeks.


 “I wasn’t scared you thief but just glad that…” Geet stopped in mid as she completed the rest in her mind “you are there for my birthday and I don’t have to be alone.”


“I am not thief.” Maan argued.


“Oh really… then what are doing in my home at this time.” Geet asked sceptically. “Did your company get bankrupt that you started to the side business of stealing?”


“You are calling Maan Singh Khurana, a thief.” Maan looked at her with accusing eyes while continued to say “If I was really one then I would have first stolen the most precious thing here.”


Geet gave a confused look to which he replied “You”


“Yes… that’s why you have been ignoring my calls today.” She cribbed and turned to move back into the living room so that she can show him the way out.


Whilst Maan looked at the watch and thankfully it was just 30 mintues away for her birthday. Similing at his luck he started to sing


O meri soni meri tamanna

jhoot nahin hai mera pyaar

diwane se ho gai galati

jaane do yaar


I love you


I love you



Geet stood in her track just outside her room and she cribbed to her babaji loudly so that even he could hear her out “Babaji…you could find me only this old track record as my Romeo…” saying so she wanted to bang something on him when he changed his record to something different.


















He moved closer to her as he made his intentions clear that’s when he heard her say “Angreez chalegaye …. Inhe chod gaye…”











“Happy now…” Maan asked while continued next set of lines









Geet gets embarrassed as she finally could accept it to her self that he is the only one for her too.


“Hey-Ya,-Hey-Ya” Maan called her out of her lost self.









She knew he did think of her everytime and was a bit crazy too. Offcourse no one could beat her.





Maan finally concluded as he brought her into his arms. “You Are The Only One For Me….”

Geet felt something soft being showered on her. She thought it to be rose petals but when she opened her eyes to confirm it but then it wasn’t. As creamy flakes kind of thing was getting showered from above.


“Maan… OMG… my home…owner uncle would blast me but how did this happen. Roof ceiling must have cracked and now the paint was falling apart. See I could feel the sticky material on my arm.” Geet exclaimed.


“Geet… this is snow flakes.” Maan said stopping her.


“Oh then definitely there is a crack in the roof… Babaji my whole month earnings would go for this repair now.” Geet made a face as she was about to rush.


“Geet… Where are you going?” Maan asked.


“To get a shawal… it is very chill already and if this goes on the whole night then I would freeze in this chillness.” Geet explained.


“Let me switch off the A/c then you wouldn’t” Maan replied as he became concerned.


“Airconditioner…” Geet wondered “Then that means these are not real snow.”


“Offcourse they were just a part of your condition.” Maan said similing “So from now on you are mine.”


“Thank God. My roof is safe.” Geet said.


“You have more concern for the roof and not mine.” Maan cribbed as if it was his turn now.


“Now it is too late. I need to clear this up and sleep. Will you leave now?” Geet asked wanting to escape from his securitizing eyes.


“Not before we celebrate our day. Let me get the cake.” Maan said as he walked into the kitchen to get it.


Before Geet could think of understand Maan was back with a cake which read Happy Birthday on it. She was overwhelmed that he did know that it was her day. Indeed he made it a very memorable day.


Maan gestured Geet to blow the lights of the candle and wish for something and she obligied with it “I love you Maan. I want to be always with you.”


That was the night of a new beginning.



But today Geet was all alone in an isolated place away from Maan. She searched for her friend for more than half day there. Now after roaming around she had also lost her way out to reach to Maan. Unfortunately even her mobile was in her bag which was with Maan. She tried to look for any familiar clue around which she would have witnessed while reaching this place but then there were none and chances to reach safely back to her husband was diminishing. She had just yesterday told Maan that she wouldn’t drift away from him; this time he would definitely not be nice.


She was tired of walking around the same place again and again. She was hungry too now, with the word food she was reminded of the breakfast which she shared with Maan in the morning but at this stage she even wondered whether she would ever get back to that place. Today was the worst day for her as she was unable to see her friend and also was unable to get back to the safe arms of her love.


After roving for few more miles she came across a beautiful lake but alas she neither was in the state to cherish that nature nor did she have any equipment to capture it to cherish later. But then she was too drained so thought to rest for a while in the shade near the lake.


She was lost looking at the lake when there was a meek sound of crushing of dry leaves was someone or something approaching towards her was the first thing which came to her mind. There could be any dangerous animal that will be ready to make her as his lunch. Geet thought almost at the verge of crying “Babaji, I was asking about obtaining some food not being someone else food. Maan will I ever be able to see you”

She looked for some stones to hit them so that she could scare it away and save herself. But her patience was running out with the slow and scary self. The faster she escapes from this trap the faster she would be able to breathe peacefully. She swore that she would lock in her home for some time away from all the troubles.


Suddenly the sound became heavy; indicating that the uninvited guest was very near to her. She was ready to throw the stone when someone came running into her scaring her even more. But her scream made the other person even scarier.


“Who are you?” Geet was the first to realise and question at the person who was infront of her in a tribal dress is what she believed.


“I am your future husband.” He said.


“What?” Geet exclaimed as she looked at the fat guy infront of her.


“Yes…kudiye…I will marry you.” He said.


Geet thought she could take his help and walk out of this place. So she wanted to handle this person nicely and not instigate him and make situation even worse.


“What’s your name?” Geet asked.


“My name….Mama… or even mame. That’s what my Lucky calls me.” He said and came near her and whispered so that no one else can know. “To tell you the secret I keep forgetting my name too.”


“oh…What else do you forget??” Geet asked.


“Who said I forget things… I always win in memory test.” He said already forgetting what he acknowledged earlier.


“I don’t agree with you.” Geet argued.

“Why so?” He asked.


“Then show me the road towards highway.” Geet challenged.


“Which way are you referring too?” He questioned


“That grey patch road where big big color color boats zooms away. Even people sit those boats.” Geet tried to describe in a different way to make him understand.


“Oh that way I know I know…” He agreed very easily but that made Geet wondered will he be able to show the right path or not.


Anyways she didn’t have any other option to flow him. She could always give it a try. They both walked together for a long time along with speaking all kind of senseless things to kill there time. Suddenly she came across a place which she identified that to be the place where she and Maan had spent last evening. That lead was enough that she could find a way out of this jizsaw puzzle. But this Mama or Mame was taking into the woods which could lead her into deeper forest. She silently thought to dodge him and reach a way out.


And fortunately she did finally manage to do that and came to the place where she had left Maan. She prayed that he waited for her there itself and not ventured to search her in this place which was though isolated was easy to get lost.


Maan sat relaxed as he saw her coming running towards the car into his arms saying sorry for making him wait here and also for putting him under stress.


Maan was elated as at the end his Sajaniya did come back without his intervention. His plan to keep her friend hidden with him was sucessful. Now she would never run behind that.


After a while when things settled she asked


“What were you doing here alone?”


“Nothing much just was looking for some girls who could suit me but none could match according to my requirement.” Maan said unknown to the meaning she understood. “Some did look good but they were all a façade. They would run away in just a day.”


“What you were sitting here and looking for girls to date.” Geet said with astonishment.


“Arey… I was looking for secretary in” Maan said before she went on to beat him again.


“Really…give me your laptop I will check…” Geet asked.


“Take it but now the battery has died you look at it after reaching home.” Maan said.


Geet looked bit satisfied and agreed to look into it later whilst Maan looked for his driver Laxman and told him to take them home.


“Ji Prabhu…” He replied obediently.


Laxman then looked at Geet as if to know who she was and asked Maan “Prabhu… who is she?”


“Geet… My wife.” Maan said.


“But she is not Seeta then how can she be your wife.” Laxman asked puzzled. This only resulted in glares from Maan to Laxman and Geet glaring at Maan. This was the first time Ram (Maan) would get slay because of Laxman that to in the hands of Seeta (Geet).


Now who was to save him from his own Sajaniya…




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